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MORE Thorin Thursday Fan Art!


Jun 23 2016, 4:46pm

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MORE Thorin Thursday Fan Art! Can't Post

I don't know if this will become a regular Thursday thing, but whatev, hopefully people will like this. I picked up all of these on DeviantArt.com; sorry but not sure who the artists are (really need to start noticing that!). Anyway, first up:

Thorin with Bilbo, what could be better than that?

Why, Thorin coming to visit several years after the Quest, that's what could be better! Oh, if only!

Moving on - so I picked up a reprint of the Hobbit graphic novel a few days ago, and I've been flipping through it. I must say, I find it hard to tell Gandalf, Thorin and Balin apart, since they all have long, white beards. Makes me really appreciate (not like I didn't already) the effort PJ & Co. went to, to give each dwarf an individual appearance. Of course, I know that not everyone agrees with me - some would have like to see Thorin looking older, with a much longer beard. Well, how about THIS:

Oh, and what a King Under the Mountain he would have been, if only PJ had tweaked the ending a little! I really love this artwork, and clearly it's a reference to the younger Thorin and his smaller, braided beard:
Okay, it's not fan art, but still a really nice pic! Speaking of the younger Thorin, here's a nice one of Thorin after the battle of Anza-whatsitcalled (never can get that straight!).

So, hope this makes your Thursday a little better!

Proud member of the BOFA Denial Association

Grey Havens

Jun 23 2016, 10:37pm

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Very nice! [In reply to] Can't Post

Smile So many fine artists out there!

And of course, it never hurts to be reminded of that million dollar smile...

Happy Thorinsday Wink Heart


Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

The Shire

Jun 24 2016, 4:48pm

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Thanks for sharing mine! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm the artist of the penciled, long-bearded, battle scar, raven crown King Thorin. :D



Jun 24 2016, 6:39pm

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Are you the same as.... [In reply to] Can't Post

the CGriffith who did an awesome review on Thorin's WETA ring - yeah, now that it's sold out at WETA, I decide I want it....CoolEvil

The Shire

Jun 24 2016, 6:42pm

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WETA ring [In reply to] Can't Post

I have a WETA Thorin ring, and I did a review of sorts on my (same-named) blog, yes! :D I love that ring! And I've had a lot of compliments from people when I've worn it too. Many didn't even know what it was... they just liked it!

(This post was edited by CFGriffith on Jun 24 2016, 6:45pm)


Jun 24 2016, 7:26pm

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How about some other kinds of art? TGIF!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh, after seeing this, you can talk to me about "real fans".....Cool

Box art:



Cosplay art (this little picture doesn't begin to cover the AWESOMENESS!!!)


Leather art (Totally awesome leatherwork, worth checking out! Norse/Celtic stuff OMG):


Work of art.......

Can't ignore a Force Majeure Force de Majestic....

force′ ma•jeure′ (mæˈʒɜr, mɑ-)

n. 1. an overwhelming or irresistible force. 2. an event or effect that may be considered impossible to control or anticipate. [1880–85; < French: literally, superior force]

You know, like having a movie character cause you to lose sanity, and BE HAPPY ABOUT IT. Look, let's face it, Thorin's hair alone is off any of those weather charts.....Shocked


Jun 24 2016, 7:34pm

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And so..... [In reply to] Can't Post


Who's dah 'wee ASMUS elf den? Momma's gonna make you your own wittle trone, yes she will.....



Jun 24 2016, 7:37pm

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Cool - thanks! (: [In reply to] Can't Post

It looks wearable - thought it would be too huge, but looking around looks like WETA made it reasonable. I love that they used real stone. Seems like Hobbit Shop and other places still have it, so I put it on the list.
Love the dwarf aesthetic PJ came up with!Smile


Jun 24 2016, 8:41pm

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The one with the long, white beard? [In reply to] Can't Post

That pic is so AWESOME!!! Yeah, I really need to start paying more attention to the artists names. I've got zero talent for that sort of thing and when I see some of this artwork I just totally geek out over it and forget about everything else - SORRY!!! But I'm glad you pointed out my error, you deserve credit for that big time.

Btw, have you ever done (or considered doing) artwork for self-published books? Like covers, or maybe a map? I'm in the market for someone who can do that, PM me if you're interested!Cool

Proud member of the BOFA Denial Association


Jun 24 2016, 8:50pm

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You BET he's GOLDEN! [In reply to] Can't Post

Gotta love it! And of course, the handsome actor who played him:

Oh, yesssssss!!!HeartHeartHeart

Proud member of the BOFA Denial Association

The Shire

Jun 24 2016, 10:23pm

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:D [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you! :D I mainly just wanted to say it was a nice surprise to see one of mine included :D

I'm pretty much "retired" with art these days. Spent so much time self-publishing/freelancing... talk about major burnout, and it didn't make me happy at all (in fact, before The Hobbit movies came out, I seriously wondered if I would ever draw again, which is sad as I'd done art all my life). So now I just have fun with drawing Thorin fan art these days. Best Wishes!

(This post was edited by CFGriffith on Jun 24 2016, 10:24pm)


Jun 29 2016, 1:37am

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These are some amazing fan arts [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for sharing

"Se mais pessoas valorizassem o lar acima do ouro, o mundo seria muito mais feliz."




Jun 30 2016, 9:32pm

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Since it's Thursday again.... [In reply to] Can't Post


LEGO art!!!Cool


Jun 30 2016, 11:05pm

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WOW, thanks! [In reply to] Can't Post

I was trying to get a project finished before the weekend, so was too busy to do my usual net-surfing at work. Totally LOVE that Lego art! I also like that Fili & Kili pic, and Thorin with his Oakenshield & bracers - such detail!!! Nice find!

Proud member of the BOFA Denial Association


Jul 1 2016, 5:01pm

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*Smiles* [In reply to] Can't Post

Glad you like them!

Happy 4th to the U.S.-ers....and since I can finally get to MY garden....

LOL. Love yah, ThorinCool!


Jul 15 2016, 11:39pm

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Vacation LAW [In reply to] Can't Post

Nope, not Thursday. TGIF!!!!Cool

Yum! I love boardwalk food!Cool


Jul 17 2016, 3:04am

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EPIC Hair Moment could make anyone re-think! [In reply to] Can't Post

Indoor hair!

Outdoor hair!

That amazing, tousled lookEvilHeart

Or silky smooth look - very nice!

And let's not forget the nephews!

Can't get more #majestic than that!

And full hunter mode!Wink What could be better?

Why, all three of them, in a majestic, epic hair charge!!!

Proud member of the BOFA Denial Association


Aug 5 2016, 2:18am

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And another Thursday.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Because there's no such thing as too much Thorin. Ever.Angelic

Gorgeous paint job on these 'wee models!

Artist: Spardamaeda on Deviant Art

Artist: 11syphuama on Deviant Art

Artist: Cro-gall on Tumblr


Aug 17 2016, 4:02pm

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And on a Wednesday.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Not sure if this is an elf, but IMO it would be awesome....

More awesomeness in cross stitch....


IMO gorgeous - Thorin's halls....


And ridiculous gorgeousness....


Apparently done w. a photo filter? which I am definitely gonna have to try at some pointTongue....I think it's free.....
Prisma - Art Photo Editor with Free Picture Effects & Cool Image Filters for Instagram Pics and Selfieshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prisma-art-photo-editor-free/id1122649984?mt=8


Aug 24 2016, 4:47pm

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And on another Wednesday... [In reply to] Can't Post

*I don't always put up images, but when I do, there's usually pics of Thorin..."Angelic

I'd give the artist for this one credit, except the listed name strains TORn standardsEvil - oh, well, sure folks can find it online....Angelic


Huh. In the midst of the *frenzy* over a questionable release of an overpriced "gift set"Unimpressed, as usual the fan community steps forward. Just love BOFA Fix-itsCool and here we have nice scene from the unreleased footageEvil - the alternate BOFA endingWinkCoolAngelic, as a stop-motion video project! Srsly, that *glorious* shot w. Thorin standing over Azog's body has me heading over to Calenders.com to get the 2017 calender....


And as shown here, when Bilbo runs to the wounded Thorin in horror and then puts his arms around Thorin to help Thorin stagger from the ice, and Thorin is gritting his teeth from the pain, and Bilbo even manages to joke a little and reassures Thorin that the crazy Radagast saved Fili and Thranduil did some weird elvish thing and was looking after Kili - I tell yah, I just lose it. Every timeCool. Like when Bilbo start saying something about the Arkenstone and Thorin says something rude in Khuzdul and that he's going to personally hammer the stone into confetti and if Bilbo could forgive him and take him to Dale, because he doesn't even want to LOOK at any gold and to tell Bard to get his people and just help themselves to as much gold as they can carry and give Thranduil those stupid gems....and Bilbo saying there's nothing to forgive only as long as Thorin promises to STOP being so bullheaded and brave, he can't stand the stress, and there's not even any Old Toby or TEA around to calm his nerves with which makes Thorin laugh a little...

And then when Beorn picks Thorin up and Thorin is saying he won't leave his friend and then Beorn just scoops up Bilbo too and tells Thorin that no, "it's too cold out here for little bunnies" and carries them from Ravenhill muttering about the stupidity of other races compared to his animals and Gandalf comes and does some magic thing and has that knowing smile *sob* *sniff* *sob sob*.....AngelicCoolWink

And finally, another superb portrait of the jaw-dropping Mountain King, because it's the middle of the work week which could use some #Majesty. And HAIR.


Credit: Artist x-Celebril-x

IMO totally outdoing themselves with this one - IMO just gorgeousHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

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Aug 27 2016, 6:11pm

Post #21 of 21 (4259 views)
And on Saturday... [In reply to] Can't Post

While I was *PROCRASTINATING*....Cool

Credit: Cro-gall on Tumblr


Hmm...these are kind of dark...and it IS the weekendCool, so....

Gotta love Fan-ficSmile - I ALWAYS thought at SOME point the dwarves would have given Bilbo some pointers
about his "letter-opener" - *sigh* all those little character moments that we never saw...Frown

Fili and Kili have stuffed Bilbo into dwarf clothes for unknown reasons...I am SURE this takes place after BOFA,
when the dwarves are cleaning Erebor up and even Thorin, back to his old self (the softy that he is) is working side by side with his Company....Angelic

And finally, since weekends are a good time to be a "crafty Ringer"....


I want this. So much. It's one of the best sculpts I've ever seen of Thorin, tho maybe the fingers
are a tad thin for a dwarf. Then again, this is apparently a miniature bust OMG.

I want this even tho I can't paint TongueTongueTongue and 1/9 scale? 1:9 mm scale? isn't all that big - I suppose I could wash it all
cream color and just leave it as "fake stone"....gorgeous, anyway.Heart


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