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Would you name your kids after Tolkien characters?
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Poll: Would you name your kids after Tolkien characters?
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Nov 29 2012, 4:16pm

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Would you name your kids after Tolkien characters? Can't Post

I recently picked up a book, Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey. The author was born long before the movies, and I have trouble believing it's a name that existed before LOTR was published, so I'm guessing that it's a Tolkien book fan naming their daughter for a great character.

Would you seriously name your child (pets don't count) after a Tolkien character, and if so, which one?

This is my first poll, so I hope I did it right. I tried to pick major characters, but of course, feel free to add others.

(This post was edited by CuriousG on Nov 29 2012, 4:17pm)


Nov 29 2012, 4:26pm

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Elanor [In reply to] Can't Post

I dont think i would give it as a first name as im sure when people found out it was after a character in Middle Earth - Sam's eldest daughter i imagine they would get teased.

I do know an Elanor though and she was great so it also helps form a positive feeling with a name.

But for a middle name i would if the woman i am having a child with agrees.


Nov 29 2012, 4:38pm

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Middle names [In reply to] Can't Post

Great point that I hadn't thought of. I would be reluctant to use a lot of names from Tolkien for a child's 1st name just because they would sound odd to most people, though I suppose everyone has heard of Legolas by now from the movies, so that might be a safely recognizable one (the nickname would be Lego, which could be cool, even with the confusion with Lego blocks.)

But I'd be freer with middle names: I wouldn't name a son Hurin Jones, but Tom Hurin Jones would be fine. As for 1st names for boys, I figure Beren would work since it doesn't seem too unusual, and Varda for girls.

"Elanor" serves a good dual purpose since it's a Tolkien character, and I've seen lots of women spell their names like that anyway (instead of Eleanor).


Nov 29 2012, 4:45pm

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Sure! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd never have kids, but if I did, I'd have no problem naming them after LotR characters.

Beren and Luthien make great names. If you want to be a little bolder, Arwen, Galadriel, and Eowyn are also quite nice. Aragorn could be pretty risky, but interesting.

In my opinion, the worst name you can give a child is a boring, common name. There's nothing worse than being just another John or Jennifer. Yes, I know many people disagree with this view, and they are largely the type that have kids, alas.


Nov 29 2012, 4:56pm

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Risky ones and nicknames [In reply to] Can't Post

As I thought about it, it seems the fewer the syllables, the less risky the name. So Aragorn and Galadriel seem like they'd have more people looking at you with a puzzled expression than Beren and Arwen. But other short names sound odd in English no matter what: I'd avoid Frodo for that reason.

The longer the name also means it's more likely to be shortened to a nickname, so Aragorn might become Gorn, and Galadriel become Gala or Riel. I wouldn't want my kid called Gorn; it sounds unpleasant somehow, like an expletive. "Gorn! I hurt my foot."

As for reverse nicknames, I work with a man named Sam and sometimes call him Samwise. I'm not sure if he gets the reference or not, but he doesn't mind that I do, since it sounds flattering on its own.


Nov 29 2012, 5:13pm

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Whenever I call someone "Sam" online, I always hear it in Frodo's voice. [In reply to] Can't Post

Likewise, in Song of Fire and Ice, I always hear "Sam" (Samwell) and think of Elijah Wood's Frodo saying the name as well. I wouldn't be surprised, actually, if Samwell was named after Samwise Gamgee.

I think Aragorn would be a risky name. If the kid is tall and has the right personality, they could own it, but it'd be a hard name to live up to. And no, it doesn't have a good shortening. "Arrie" wouldnt be great either.

Arwen is probably pretty safe though, thinking about it. Kind of like how there are a number of real life Adrics of a certain age. (Dr Who)


Nov 29 2012, 5:46pm

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It certainly sounds fine so long as the child isn't teased for it.. [In reply to] Can't Post

Sadly in this world people aren't as friendly as one would hope...you might get away with Merry, but something like Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf or Legolas would be asking for trouble..

That said I don't see any problem with naming pets after Tolkien characters (If I ever have a chocolate labrador he'll be called Radagast!)Laugh


Nov 29 2012, 5:56pm

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Love the name Elanor [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd forgotten about it somehow, but I do want to name a daughter Elanor. The great thing is that most people would assume she was named after Eleanor Roosevelt, so it wouldn't be too out of place.


Nov 29 2012, 6:16pm

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No. [In reply to] Can't Post

By the way, that isn't an option on the poll. Considering the options you suggest, a more appropriate title would be "After which Tolkien characters would you name your kids?"

But still, my answer would be "none" - even if Sam is a normal name, Samwise isn't.


Nov 29 2012, 8:18pm

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I don't see why not! [In reply to] Can't Post

Morgoth Gandalf is a far more epic name than Daniel!

The question is ... Would my partner let me name my children after Tolkien characters?

The answer to that ... Is no!


Nov 29 2012, 8:28pm

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The secret to success in relationships is [In reply to] Can't Post

to give your partner a nice, shiny ring, and then bend them to your will. Okay, that would be creepy, but it worked for Sauron. (If a kid was named Sauron, wouldn't that get shortened to "Ron"? "Sow" would be problematic.)


Nov 29 2012, 8:45pm

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We've mutually agreed on Sam [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd just scribble "wise" on the birth certificate really quickly! She'll never know muahahaha!


Nov 29 2012, 8:50pm

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Do you mind if I ask a question? [In reply to] Can't Post

You don't have to answer if you'd rather not, but here goes. You've mentioned your partner many a time. I know different people use that term for different things, so I thought I'd ask what you meant by it. Is she your girlfriend, fiance, wife, or none of the above?


Nov 29 2012, 9:36pm

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I'm offended! [In reply to] Can't Post

No, I'm not really. I wanted to scare you a little! Tongue (Did it work?)

I use partner for girlfriend simply because it sounds more professional. I interact with a lot of people who are considerably older than me on a daily basis. Partner just sounds more professional when it crops up in conversation.


I like how you included none of the above.Wink


Nov 29 2012, 10:31pm

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Didn't work! [In reply to] Can't Post

You're too nice of a person to get offended that easily, which is why I went ahead and asked, lol.

Thanks for answering, though. I wasn't sure what you meant by it. And I included none of the above in case I missed a category somehow Angelic

Tol Eressea

Nov 30 2012, 6:23am

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Kind of a moot point for me, but still a fun question [In reply to] Can't Post

If that boat (having kids) hasn't sailed yet, then it has at least pulled up anchor and is making ready to sailTongue But if I had a child, I might consider one of the more obscure names from The Silmarillion. I love the names Tolkien came up with, but I wouldn't want a child to go through the teasing that would likely accompany being named for an elf.

Tol Eressea

Nov 30 2012, 6:27am

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I've never met an Adric [In reply to] Can't Post

but I did meet a Teegan once. I asked her if her parents were Dr. Who fans; she had no idea what I was talking about. Laugh But I bet they were. Wink


Nov 30 2012, 7:54am

Post #18 of 101 (2550 views)
I'll just have to try harder next time ;-) / [In reply to] Can't Post



Nov 30 2012, 2:03pm

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No... as well [In reply to] Can't Post

I was happy to find family names for my kids.

The have a hard enough time with their four names. You'd think no one in history ever had more than three names.


Nov 30 2012, 5:41pm

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Depends... [In reply to] Can't Post

Isn't this more of a "yes" or "no" question? Anyway, Galadriel seems like a perfectly fine girl's name, but I'm not sure that my wife would go along with it. Few of Tolkien's male characters have names that are very suitable for modern use.


Nov 30 2012, 6:52pm

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Peregrin would actually be a good name. [In reply to] Can't Post

You didn't include it in the poll, but I think Peregrin would be a good name for a kid. Would it sound too aristocratic, though? Likely to be shortened to "Perry" rather than "Pippin". In addition to the connection to a very solid and inspiring character, it also would be connected to some of the most beautiful and amazing birds who are incredibly athletic and acrobatic fliers. And it sounds relatively "normal" but probably is pretty rare.

I think I might have just sold myself on it... but as I said before, I have no plans to ever have kids.


Nov 30 2012, 8:12pm

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I met a child named Peregrin... [In reply to] Can't Post

...when I worked in an early childhood program. He was a small toddler and his mother told me his name. I chirped right up.. "Oh.. he's named after..." and she interrupted me to finish, "the bird." I just kind of when, 'oh...' and thought, 'yeah, right'. His dad wanted that LOTR name and you hated it and now you're not going to admit that it's really a geek name. lol.

I saddled my sons with a couple of unconventional choices of mine. I figured having an unusual name that followed them throughout their lives wasn't something I needed to add to that.

But, without realizing it, I did give both of them androgynous names. Kind of. My oldest son is named after his grandmother but the spelling is masculine. It would have been the same name with a feminine spelling if I'd had a girl.

And my younger son was given a masculine first name but we intended to call him by a nickname that was androgynous. He took it upon himself to always introduce himself to people with his full name (even at preschool) so the nick is really a family nickname only. But I gave him that full name so that he wouldn't be saddled with the more informal version as an adult if he didn't want it.


Nov 30 2012, 8:45pm

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Names from Middle-Earth [In reply to] Can't Post

There are beautiful names that Tolkien use to create his characters. I've nothing against naming a child with a name such as Galadriel, Eowyn, Sam(wise), Arwen ect. But one has to consider that his child will bear that name forever (unless he change it by laws) and if he has no liking to the origin of his name, he might begrudge it or by ashamed of it (especially around teenage). That's a very important point to consider, you may dearly like Tolkien's work but that doesn't necesserely mean that you son/daughter will. Even as unlikely as it seems, you may put a burden on him.

(This post was edited by sam90 on Nov 30 2012, 8:50pm)


Nov 30 2012, 8:52pm

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That's great! [In reply to] Can't Post

Was the kid born before or after the LotR movies?

When naming a kid something you think is unconventional, just make sure it really is. The last think you want is your kid to have a common unconventional name, like the Caitlyns and Bellas.

But I do think we should speak of "saddling" kids with boring names. Of course, I haven't put my money where my mouth is and legally changed my name yet, though I do use a name of my choosing among friends(both irl and online), only using my given name among family and coworkers.


Nov 30 2012, 8:56pm

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It's the same for me Magpie. [In reply to] Can't Post

The L in my name is the masculine spelling of a conventionally female name. It was also my Grandfather's name - I never met him, so my Mum wanted to name one of us after him.

I don't particularly like it though. Crazy I tend to remove it from anything where I have to fill out my name. I must like it enough to include it in my username!

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