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Nov 6 2007, 5:20pm

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Frontpage of TheOneRing.net Polls Can't Post

TORn is always looking for good polls. If you have one to share, and would like to have it appear on the main website, please reply to this thread. If you poll is chosen for the frontpage, we'll add a reply to your suggestion with a link where you can see the results.

Rember, unlike the polls here on the boards, frontpage polls are limited in scope. Please try to keep the number of options to less than 15 and keep them short and simple.


The Mysterious Calisuri

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Nov 6 2007, 7:20pm

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Hobbit Action Figures [In reply to] Can't Post

Poll Idea:

If the Hobbit movie is made, and thus the Hasbro LOTR/Middle-earth action figure line is restarted, which action-figure based on a character from "The Hobbit" would you most want to be made?
  • (young) Bilbo Baggins
  • Gandalf the Gray (Hobbit version)
  • Elrond (Hobbit version)
  • The Great Goblin
  • Snow-giant (across the valley the stone-giants were out, and were hurling rocks at one another for a game... )
  • Gwaihir the Windlord (Lord of the Eages, who while in the LOTR trilogy, never got an action figure...though the Fell Beasts DID. Perhaps a "Bilbo riding Gwaihir" analagous to the "Fell Beast with Ringwraith" toy)
  • Gollum (Hobbit version....with rock cave playset!)
  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • Fili & Kili (the two young dwarves)
  • Balin (the old guard dwarf)
  • Bombur (the fat dwarf)
  • Gloin (Gimli's father)
  • Bifur, Bofur, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Dwalin
  • Dain II Ironfoot
  • The Elvenking Thranduil (Legolas' father...as played by David Bowie!)
  • Legolas (Hobbit version....a retcon originating from Tolkien himself, logically)
  • The Stone Trolls (Bert, Tom, William)
  • Roac the talking Raven
  • The Thrush
  • Bigwit (Bilbo Is Great...Who Is That?!?!)
  • Smaug (proportionately scaled to 6" action figure line!)
  • Warg Chieftain (the big gray one when they're holding their assembly)
  • Wild Were-worms from the Last Desert East-of-East (I don't even know what these look like!)
  • Spiders of Mirkwood (in battle-set with a Bilbo figure and "dwarf cocooned in spider-silk" accessory (like the Frodo that came with Shelob))
  • Bard the Bowman
  • Master of Laketown
  • Beon the Skin-changer


Nov 6 2007, 7:23pm

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Which Elven House would you be serving with? [In reply to] Can't Post

I noticed that the Harry Potter fans have a lot of fun deciding what "house" of Hogwarts they'd be selected for/want to be in, and I think LOTR's elves provide a bit of a parallel for Ringers to play with.
  • House Feanor (ruthless and cunning, like HP's Slytherins)
  • House Fingolfin (all around noble and brave, like HP's Gryffindors)
  • House Finarfin (peace-loving and gentle, not warlike, like HP's Hufflepuffs)
  • The Sindar under King Thingol (I guess like the Ravenclaws from HP; pretty smart and willing to fight)


Nov 6 2007, 7:27pm

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Should Legolas appear in the Hobbit? [In reply to] Can't Post

Should Legolas appear in the Hobbit:
  • No, it wasn't in the text
  • Yes, Tolkien invented the character of Legolas after the Hobbit was written as a way of linking LOTR to the Hobbit, but retroactively Legolas should appear in it. I don't care what capacity he appears in the film.
  • Yes, and Legolas should be a major character, stealing the scene during battle-sequences
  • Yes, but he should only be a moderately-sized character, filling in for when "nameless Elves" or "Thranduil's lieutenant" talk during the book
  • Yes, but he should be limited to a small cameo
  • Legolas should be in it, and David Bowie (who wanted to be Elrond but didn't get the part) should be cast as his father Thranduil!


Nov 6 2007, 7:30pm

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Should a "White Council" scene be inserted into the Hobbit? [In reply to] Can't Post

The White Council and the attack on Dol Guldur take place "off screen" in the books, but should they appear "on screen" in the Hobbit film, to allow more already-loved characters (like Galadriel and Saruman) plus new ones (like the other Wizards) to appear in the films?
  • Yes, I really want to see Saruman and Galadriel again, plus maybe Radagast, and viewing the entire "Hobbit Prequel duology" (Hobbit plus Appendix film) as providing more well-rounded setup for the vast plot of LOTR, it would be a good opportunity to explain more backstory elements about the overall mythos and "global affairs" in M-e.
  • No, it didn't appear in the text, and might eat up a lot of screentime.

Registered User

Nov 6 2007, 7:33pm

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Poll Idea [In reply to] Can't Post

Poll idea:

Whis is yuor fav Tolkien artist???

-Tolkien himself
- Alan Lee
- John Howe
- Ted Nasmith
- other


Nov 6 2007, 7:36pm

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Should the Hobbit film invent more female characters? [In reply to] Can't Post

We all heard the complaints that Arwen was expanded for FOTR because they needed a prominent female role in a big "Hollywood" film, and Eowyn doesn't show up until TTT. Even then, LOTR has few major female characters (besides Galadriel, etc.)

"The Hobbit" book has essentially no female parts or even speaking roles, beyond crowd scenes in Hobbiton, the Elvenking's fortress, and Lake-town.

How should the film handle this?
  • Make some previously male characters female
  • Insert an entirely new character that Thorin & Co. encounter on their Quest
  • Do what the book does exactly, and do not try to artificially create more female roles
  • Do *essentially* what the book does, but during crowd scenes in Hobbiton, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Lake-town, etc. make female-crowd members more prominent, giving them more throw-away lines to shout, ultimately not changing the "overall" story

The Shire

Nov 21 2007, 11:30pm

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What would you be willing to pay for yet another DVD edition... [In reply to] Can't Post

... this time with those "cut" scenes attached? (Houses of Healing &c)

$10 per film.
$15 per film.
$25 per film.
$40 per film.
Wouldn't bother.
Whatever it takes.


Dec 11 2007, 5:11pm

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It's Christmas. What gift can the elves give you? [In reply to] Can't Post

A seat on the ship to Valinor
A ring of power
The Evenstar Jewel
An elvish cloak
A strand of Galadriel's hair
An Elvish blade

For Gondor!

Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 19 2007, 11:48am

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The Official Announcement is in, but the eternal question still looms. Who should direct The Hobbit & The LOTR Prequel? [In reply to] Can't Post

1. Peter Jackson - The only right person for the job
2. Fran Walsh - She filmed some of the most delicate scenes in LOTR, so The Hobbit is right up her alley
3. An "unknown" director from Jackson's camp - One of the 1st or 2nd unit LOTR directors
4. A director like Sam Raimi or Guillermo Del Toro

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Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 19 2007, 11:53am

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Are you satisfied that Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh will executive produce The Hobbit & The LOTR Prequel? [In reply to] Can't Post

1. Yes, I'm ecstatic
2. No. As executive producers, Pete and Fran will have little control over the films
3. No. I will only settle for PJ as Director
4. What does "executive producer" even mean?


Jun 22 2008, 8:56am

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How so incarnated, the current poll? (week of 6-16-08) [In reply to] Can't Post

The poll I'm referring to, specifically, is "How would you like to see the non-humanoid characters in 'The Hobbit' speak?", but it can go generally for the other recent frontpage polls too.

I don't see this poll listed in this thread anywhere -- infact, it's been inactive since December last year. I looked for it to be in one of the recent open threads under Pollantir, but didn't locate it anywhere.

What prompted me to look, and ask, is I wanted to comment on the current poll. I think it is missing an option, something like, "Talk the way Tolkien descibes them." Because he does present different ways of talking for different creatures and things.

So, I'm wondering if all polls get a chance for comment prior to posting? Or whether some, many, most or all are what I call (when my boss asks me why did I do that?) an "executive decision"? :)

Thanks for your time. Sorry if this info is already illuminated elsewhere. I did make some attempt to find the answers on my own first.

The Black Knight Always Triumphs!!

-mwirkk :)

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Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Aug 7 2008, 3:11pm

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Happily surprised this morning [In reply to] Can't Post

When I saw my own poll on the front page. Very cool :)

My art site
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NARF since age 8, when I refused to read the Hobbit because the cover looked boring and icky.

ring master
The Shire

Jul 9 2009, 1:24am

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My Post Please [In reply to] Can't Post

I would like my post "Attention All Gamers!!!" to be on the frontpage. I'm new so don't be reluctant to correct me or whatever thanks.WinkSmileWink Oh yeah... was I not supposed to put in on the Pollintir first? OOPS...

Help to stop the dark lord!
Ring Master

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film fanNo.7

Aug 17 2010, 12:56pm

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an idea... [In reply to] Can't Post

Which "main" Tolkien books have you read?

-The Lord of the Rings
-The Hobbit
-The Silmarillion
-Unfinished Tales
-The Children of Hurin

But if the fornt page poll can't do multiple answer questions then the question could also be:
Which is your favourite Tolkien Book?
So there's an option, and sorry if I missed any of the other popular/main tolkien books.

You know you're cool when...
-You have a nerd-spasm just because you walk by your Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVDs.
-You cry at the end of return of the king even though you've seen it about 13 times.
-You check TOR.n for updates when you should be doing your geography project.
-You would rather have Richard Taylor's autograph than Merryl Streep's.
-You doodle Treebeard in the margins of your math homework.
But if that's what I'm like... well than too bad for normal people!


Jul 31 2012, 5:23pm

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the 3rd (somewhat)Hobbit film [In reply to] Can't Post

Just post the "3rd Hobbit film" poll so PJ could notice it and have his head examined.


Sep 5 2013, 2:49am

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Which host city should be chosen for the 2020 Olympics? [In reply to] Can't Post

Poll choices:
Madrid, Spain
Tokyo, Japan
Istanbul, Turkey

Registered User

Nov 7 2013, 1:43am

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David Bowie as an Elf [In reply to] Can't Post

Yes, David Bowie should have a cameo in the Elven world-isn't he actually an Elf?


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