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WINNERS NOW POSTED! - 'Show us Your Hobbit Pride' Giveaway - Celebrating 70 Years of the Hobbit!
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Oct 1 2007, 9:26pm

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Gandalf's been working out! [In reply to] Can't Post

And he's wearing a spandex shirt to show it off! I like it! (He could play on my fantasy football team.)

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Oct 2 2007, 4:19am

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Thank You Bilbo [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you Bilbo Baggins
for the leaving of the Shire,
the scary trolls, dwarfs of old
and a dragon breathing fire.

For mountains measured majesty
as eagles winged the sky
leaving wolves, their teething growls
in a forest forged by time.

For cities named by men
and battles yet to tame
Grey Wizard with a walking staff,
a Hobbits guessing game.

Thank you Bilbo Baggins
as you became my friend
for giving me the pleasure
of going "There And Back Again".

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Oct 2 2007, 3:30pm

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Entry for the Hobbit 70th celebration [In reply to] Can't Post


I have never used a discussion board before, so I hope this reply actually works. I have enjoyed visiting TORN for several years and have even met some of you. I thought I would officially enter my homemade version of Frodo from the films. Although I had no idea about how to make this, I eventually did. It took a whole year. He is 2/3 hobbit size - 2-1/2 feet tall and has a bendable skeleton. I made everything from scratch - except his ring - Sauron made that... My biggest thrill was seeing Elijah Wood's reaction to it - he said it was beautiful and he signed it on the left leg! I thought this photo would be best to show the scale - tit shows myself and two Frodos. This little guy dwells in my living room with all his hobbit-sized furniture and mathoms, left to him by Bilbo. I hope I upload the photo the right way.

Thanks. Jackie Cannon
(the one who owns the 38-foot ROTK banner from the TORN auction - it is my living room wallpaper!)
Attachments: jackie_frodo_lg.jpg (35.7 KB)

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Oct 2 2007, 5:25pm

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Sam's Garden [In reply to] Can't Post

Sam's Garden

His orchards were heavy with fruit juicy and sweet.
The vineyard’s nascent nectar ripe in the heat,

Vegetables of every description and kind,
Root, leaf, and stalk, seed, heart, and rind.

The children were busy with picking, peeling, and shelling.
A bounty they had for canning, pickling and jelling.
The extras the lads would cart to market for selling.

Of meats they never had reason to lack,
But t’was the earth’s dirt-born treasure on the table they’d stack.


Oct 2 2007, 7:43pm

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Question. [In reply to] Can't Post

Great entries folks, but I have a question: the entries have to be about The Hobbit or can be related to the Lord of the Rings too?, I ask this because the contest is to celebrate the 70th aniversary of The Hobbit, so I thought all entries should be related to that book.

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit...

White Gull

Oct 4 2007, 6:38pm

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Oh, that's beautiful.// [In reply to] Can't Post


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Oct 5 2007, 3:05am

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Well...this doesn't really qualify as an entry... [In reply to] Can't Post

It's quite over the word limit! But in honor of the Anniversary, may I present, for your enjoyment:

On the leporine characteristics of Hobbits

Hobbits must be related to rabbits, and may possibly even be a type of rabbit.

Tolkien, of course, denied this vehemently. In Letter #24 he states, “Nor indeed was [Bilbo] like a rabbit. He was a prosperous, well-fed young bachelor of independent means. Calling him a “nassty little rabbit’ was a piece of vulgar trollery, just as ‘descendant of rats’ was a piece of dwarfish malice - deliberate insults to his size and feet, which he deeply resented.”

But was this a mere insult? Why is Bilbo constantly compared to a rabbit, throughout The Hobbit? Consider:

- Hobbits are hole-dwellers, in their natural state, as are rabbits.

- The words “hobbit” and “rabbit” have two-thirds of their letters in common.

- A rabbit-eared bandicoot is called a “Bilby”.

- From Chapter 2 of The Hobbit, “Roast Mutton”, we have the quote referred to above:
"’P'raps there are more like him round about, and we might make a pie,’ said Bert. ‘Here you, are there any more of your sort a-sneakin' in these here woods, yer nassty little rabbit,’ said he looking at the hobbit's furry feet; and he picked him up by the toes and shook him.”

Now, a Troll would have known (and eaten) many different kinds of animals; why did he select “rabbit” as his assumption, for what kind of animal Bilbo was?

- From Chapter 6, “Out of the Frying-Pan”, we have Bilbo’s actions as he tries to climb to safety, and a mention of ‘holes’:
“And Bilbo? He could not get into any tree, and was scuttling about from trunk to trunk, like a rabbit that has lost its hole and has a dog after it."

- And this one, in which he compares himself to a rabbit:
“Soon another eagle flew up. ‘The Lord of the Eagles bids you to bring your prisoners to the Great Shelf,’ he cried and was off again. The other seized Dori in his claws and flew away with him into the night leaving Bilbo all alone. He had just strength to wonder what the messenger had meant by 'prisoners,' and to begin to think of being torn up for supper like a rabbit, when his own turn came.”

- From Chapter 7, “Queer Lodgings”, it seems that the sharp-eyed eagles also see a resemblance:
"’Don't pinch!’ said his eagle. ‘You need not be frightened like a rabbit, even if you look rather like one. It is a fair morning with little wind. What is finer than flying?’”
(And these Eagles know their creatures: “But eagles have keen eyes and can see small things at a great distance. The lord of the eagles of the Misty Mountains had eyes that could look at the sun unblinking, and could see a rabbit moving on the ground a mile below even in the moonlight.”)

- From Chapter 17, “The Clouds Burst”, why is the word “rabbit” used, rather than, say, “carpet”?
"’You! You!’ cried Thorin, turning upon him and grasping him with both hands. ‘You miserable hobbit! You undersized-burglar!’ he shouted at a loss for words, and he shook poor Bilbo like a rabbit.”

- Chapter 1, “An Unexpected Party”, shows an interesting relationship between Hobbits and rabbits in sports:
“If you have ever seen a dragon in a pinch, you will realize that this was only poetical exaggeration applied to any hobbit, even to Old Took's great-granduncle Bullroarer, who was so huge (for a hobbit) that he could, ride a horse. He charged the ranks of the goblins of Mount Gram in the Battle of the Green Fields, and knocked their king Golfimbul's head clean off with a wooden club. It sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit hole, and in this way the battle was won and the game of Golf invented at the same moment.”

And here is a most important piece of evidence! I had concentrated on the instances where the word “rabbit” was used; but there are other words which refer to the same creature. I now present proof, that Bilbo Baggins is, indeed, a rabbit. From Chapter 7, “Queer Lodgings”, Beorn, that being most knowledgeable in animals, states this fact:
“Next morning they were all wakened by Beorn himself.
"’So here you all are still!’ he said. He picked up the hobbit and laughed: ‘Not eaten up by Wargs or goblins or wicked bears yet I see’; and he poked Mr. Baggins' waistcoat most disrespectfully. ‘Little bunny is getting nice and fat again on bread and honey,’ he chuckled. ‘Come and have some more!’"

Now, can there be any doubt, of the rabbit-like nature of Hobbits?

In conclusion, allow me to present the American Heritage Dictionary definition: "hob’bit (hob'it) n. An imaginary creature resembling a diminutive human being, having some rabbitlike characteristics, and being naturally peace-loving, domestic, and sociable."

If it says so in the dictionary, then it's got to be true!  Wouldn't the Professor agree?

"Only I hear the stones lament them: deep they delved us, fair they wrought us, high they builded us; but they are gone. They are gone. They sought the Havens long ago."
(Avatar pic: The Calanais stones, Isle of Lewis)

"It struck me last night that you might write a fearfully good romantic drama, with as much of the 'supernatural' as you cared to introduce. Have you ever thought of it?"
-Geoffrey B. Smith, letter to JRR Tolkien, 1915

Tol Eressea

Oct 5 2007, 4:30am

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My entry. Hope you like it! (195 words) [In reply to] Can't Post

Few things ever move us in the furthest corners of our souls. It is then and only then, that we are compelled to share, to learn more, to create and to dream.

A kiwi director once introduced me to an Oxford scholar. He was a visionary man, who left his talent, his ideas, passions and vast knowledge recorded in paper and ink. They were ready to be shared with the world, and to transcend time.

I was invited, and I honoured the invitation. Suddenly, I was transported to a magical realm called Middle Earth. It was a place where no matter where you were, whether it was a hole in the ground or great halls under a mountain, you actually believed it was real. And in many ways it was.

A life’s work has inspired many in as many different ways. It all started with a hobbit that went to a lonely mountain, and back again to the comfort of his hobbit-hole. It grew to be the greatest myth of our time.

Thank you for making us dream, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. What a way to do the best with the time you were given!

Let it be heard! We want Jackson for The Hobbit!

(This post was edited by Compa_Mighty on Oct 5 2007, 4:31am)

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Oct 6 2007, 3:39am

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An entry [In reply to] Can't Post

Just for fun, I shortened that post to a 100-word poem, with a different conclusion:

A Hobbit’s not a rabbit, so the good Professor claims;
But in the text itself, Bilbo’s called by rabbity names!

Bert says this “nassty little rabbit” tried his purse to steal;
Bilbo feared he would be rended “like a rabbit” for a meal;

An eagle thought him a frightened rabbit just before their flight;
And he was a “rabbit that has lost its hole” when Wargs attacked at night.

Thorin shook him “like a rabbit”, and Beorn called him “little bunny”:
But would a rabbit smoke a pipe, or steal from dragons any money?

No - thus, rabbits can’t be Hobbits!

"Only I hear the stones lament them: deep they delved us, fair they wrought us, high they builded us; but they are gone. They are gone. They sought the Havens long ago."
(Avatar pic: The Calanais stones, Isle of Lewis)

"It struck me last night that you might write a fearfully good romantic drama, with as much of the 'supernatural' as you cared to introduce. Have you ever thought of it?"
-Geoffrey B. Smith, letter to JRR Tolkien, 1915

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Oct 7 2007, 12:19am

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Entry-barrels out of bond [In reply to] Can't Post

Fanart, pencil drawing

(This post was edited by Rochon_Methestel on Oct 7 2007, 12:23am)

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Oct 7 2007, 5:06pm

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Poem Entry: The Death of Smaug the Golden [In reply to] Can't Post

Circling in the night sky, Bard could see,
the shadow of the Fire Drake as it passed in the lee
of a tower destoyed. And as he stood and watched,
a thrush alighted upon his shoulder. Amazed,
he perceived that the thrush was speaking,
guiding his hand and eye to slim hope fleeting.
There upon the breast of the Worm,
lay a patch uncovered by armoured scales firm.
To this Bard guided his bow
saying, "Arrow black, bring low
this dragon and be true to me.
May the wind lend you wings to fly free."
The quivering bow did send
forth to rend,
with fated ebon dart,
the beast's beating heart.
Piercing deep through shielded skin,
to the heart the arrow did win.

A bit long. Sorry.

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Oct 8 2007, 1:55am

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Hobbit Pride Entry [In reply to] Can't Post

I thought I'd give it a shot and submit a wallpaper. Laugh


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Oct 8 2007, 3:35pm

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Art & poetry... [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh, thank you!!! I always thought it is much harder to write something, than to draw :)))


Oct 10 2007, 3:27am

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I present the folkdance, "In the Shire" [In reply to] Can't Post


When I first read the categories for this competition, I knew I had nothing to contribute. None of them fit my interests or skill sets and, although I could do something just in the spirit of the event, I knew it would be quite overshadowed by the greater talents on this board. I don’t have a huge ego but I have some. So, my first reaction was, this isn’t a competition I can really enter.

But, I have been learning to think outside the box. What are my interests? Where do my talents fall? The answer came quickly. Folkdance. I have participated in a variety of British Isles folkdancing for 20 years, have taught dance for 5 or 6, and have written a dance or two. (My favorite was one done in commemoration of the year 2001 called, “Awry in the Sky or Hal Says Goodbye” to the tune of Daisy, Daisy...)

So, here is my contribution to the Hobbit Competition. I am pretty sure it breaks multiple rules. That is for you to decide. I can’t draw. I can’t write tunes. The essay subject didn’t speak to me. I dance and write dances. So here is the folkdance, In the Shire. The tune is traditional. The basic dance figures are traditional. The lyrics and dance arrangement are by me. More info on my resources at the bottom of the post.


The Dance: In the Shire
This dance was a simple dance. Simple fit the Hobbit’s approach to life. But simple also meant that children and older folk could dance along with those Hobbits in the exuberant tweens. It also meant a Hobbit that had imbibed a little too much ale could still join in. The figures were often modified to suit the individual or the couple. With a child, an adult might offer a hand rather than an elbow for Verse 3. Hobbits in love might kiss on the lips rather than the more polite air-cheek kiss. Fancy stepping might impress a young maid. Some wore bells on their shoes or around their ankles so that their steps made tinkling noises. Many maids tied ribbons around their wrists, as well.

The basic figures—dancing round in a circle, dancing shoulder to shoulder, hooking elbows and dancing round your partner, and dancing into the center and back—have survived today in both English Country Dance and Morris Dancing. Morris dancing also retains the bells and ribbons, although modern teams attach the ribbons to their legs or arms.

The tune for this dance has also survived time and was collected under the name “The Triumph” by Cecil Sharp for his book, The Compleat Dancing Master. Like many dance tunes, there were lyrics sung either during dancing or alone during parties.

Song Lyrics
Underlines mark the syllable that falls on the ‘down’ beat - like any good folk song, scanning can be tricky.
Dashes indicate a run of quick syllables

Dance Notes for each line in fancy brackets { }
Formation: Everyone finds a partner then all hold hands in a big circle. After dancing one verse with this partner, each person moves on to find a new partner to dance the next verse with.
Step: step-hop-step-hop – one step-hop notated as SH

VERSE 1 {everyone in a big circle holding hands}
Morning breakfast then e lev-en-ses
And at lunch we eat some more
With our tea we’d like some crump-ets-please
Filling up corners - not a chore
{for VERSE1: large circle moves clockwise - dancers using 16 SHs}

CHORUS 1 {partners facing each other – some looking clockwise, some looking counterclockwise}
In the Shire {Clap own hands together twice on the down beat}
In the Shire {Shake right hands with your partner twice}
In the Shire we all love to eat {giving a handshake hold with right hands, partners dance past each other and on to the next person using 4 SHs}
Every party {Clap own hands together twice on the down beat}
That we go to {Shake left hands with this new person twice}
Always makes a Hob-bit-feel-replete {giving a handshake hold with left hands, dance past this person on to the next, your new partner, using 4 SHs}


VERSE 2 {new partners (now called ‘partners’) facing each other – some looking clockwise, some looking counterclockwise}
Southern Star or p’rhaps Long bot-tom-Leaf {using 4SHs partners dance toward each other so that right shoulders come near each other}
Pipeweed tamped down in the bowl {using 4SHs each person dances backwards to place}
From a pipe that’s clamped be tween-my-teeth {using 4SHs, partners dance toward each other so that left shoulders come near each other}
Aromatic smoke rings roll {using 4SHs each person dances backwards to place}

In the Shire {Clap own hands together twice}
In the Shire {Clap your right hand with partner’s right hand twice}
In the Shire we all love to smoke {giving a handshake hold with right hands, partners dance past each other and on to the next person using 4 SHs}
Nothing gives us {Clap own hands together twice}
Greater pleasure {Clap your left hand with this person’s left hand twice}
Than to set and puff-amongst-the folk {giving a handshake hold with left hands, dance past this person on to the next, your new partner, using 4 Shs}


VERSE 3 {new partners (now called ‘partners’) facing each other – some looking clockwise, some looking counterclockwise}
Violets, Pansies, Roses, Mar-i-golds
Good tilled earth and planted seed. {using 8 SHs, partners hook right elbows and dance around each other}
The finest mushrooms ‘round, or so-we’re-told
Share a basket without greed {using 8 SHs, partners hook left elbows and dance around each other}

In the Shire {Clap own hands together twice}
In the Shire {Partners kiss right cheek twice}
In the Shire we garden with delight {giving a handshake hold with right hands, partners dance past each other and on to the next person using 4 SHs}
Every Hobbit {Clap own hands together twice}
Loves to hear that {kiss left cheek with this person twice}
Someone thinks his Garden’s looking bright {giving a handshake hold with left hands, dance past this person on to the next, your new partner. End with all in a big circle as in the beginning -- 4 SHs}


VERSE 4 {everyone in a big circle, holding hands}
Laughing, singing, dancing, hap-py-times. {Using 4SHs, everyone dances into the center of the circle}
In peace and quiet, our hearts lie. {Using 4SHs, everyone dances back from the center into the larger circle}
We might tell tales or make some merr-y-rhymes.
But from adventure we will shy. {Using 8 SHs, everyone dances into the center and back}

FINALE CHORUS {Everyone swing their new partners*}
Elves and Dragons they’re for big-ger-folk
Cabb-a-ges-and taters suit-a-Hob-bit well
No need fixin’ a thing that is-n’t-broke
In the Shire, for ev-er-we-will dwell

{swing means to take hold of your partner and twirl around in whatever manner pleases you until you are delightfully dizzy.}

The dance: circle, side, arm, date from the first published English Country Dances by John Playford in 1651. Kissing was very popular at that time. Cecil Sharpe took all the kissing out in early 1900's when he collected dances and tunes. Although the circle/side/arm configuration was common, especially in the 17th Century, the chorus part was what delineated one dance from another. I have drawn from the tradition of circle/side/arm... and the use of clapping and kissing. But the dance is original to me. It is - in to modern sensibilities - insanely easy. But it suits the theme, I think, to keep it so.

Step hops were common, especially for certain areas of the England. Although bells and ribbons are used by Morris Dancers, their use here is inspired more from writings in the LOTR than real history.

The tune: “The Triumph” is tradtional and versions are utilized for English Country Dance, Morris Dancing and Scottish Country Dance. I used the melody as heard on the recording, “The Compleat Dancing Master” by John Kirkpatrick & Ashley Hutchings. Because I had no way of conveying the melody other than through the use of this song. I uploaded an mp3 of two times through the verse and chorus to my site. CLICK HERE They are singing their own words which you will have to ignore. But the melody is strong and simple so I think you’ll get the idea.

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Oct 10 2007, 4:06am

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Tookish Wedding [In reply to] Can't Post

"...it was often said that long ago one of the Took ancestors must have taken a fairy wife..."

Hello everyone! I thought I'll share one more of my Hobbit-inspired illustrations... It is based on the "fairy wife" passage from the first chapter of "The Hobbit", however, it is not really an illustration to "The Hobbit", as such an event never happened... I just thought "what if..." and started drawing :)))) Since this is not really connected to the book itself, I decided not to use the actual quote, but rather one of the Tolkien's earlier draft versions of that sentence - which I found somewhere here on theonering discussion boards... Enjoy!


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Oct 10 2007, 8:22am

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Hobbit Pride Contest "Movie Poster" [In reply to] Can't Post

I hereby enter my beloved picture and place it in your ever-so-wise care. Keep it safe. It has been a pleasure designing it for the likes of such noble company as yourselves.
Attachments: The Hobbit.jpg (167 KB)

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Oct 10 2007, 1:24pm

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Hobbit Poem [In reply to] Can't Post

A hobbit is nothing if not a memory
Of how we as children used to be
If only we kept things believed in then
Rolling hills and twilights dim
For in the places where once they did abide
A Nameless darkness now resides
But still we hope for days of light renewedAnd bliss to spring from where the dark once grew.

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Oct 11 2007, 4:34am

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The Hobbit Poem [In reply to] Can't Post

In a tiny hobbit hole
There was a homely little soul.
He would meet a wizard of great stature
Who convinces him to become a treasure snatcher.
Our unlikely hero discovers many a great thing
Including a sword and a magic ring.
Into Lonely Mountain he does sneak
To steal the treasure in the keep.
Smaug takes to the sky
But an arrow forevermore stills the dragon’s cry.
A battle occurs when five armies collide
But the good guys can not be denied.
The hobbit returns home with his wizardly guide
But yearns to see more of the outside.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Oct 11 2007, 12:41pm

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Bilbo's Birthday Present [In reply to] Can't Post

‘Twas many-a-night since the ship had departed the Grey Havens, and on an evening, Bilbo found Frodo sitting upon the deck. There Elrond played upon his silver harp, while Galadriel softly sang; but Gandalf gazed silently into the West.

“Frodo, my lad”, Bilbo called, “I meant to give you a Birthday Present, but it slipped my mind. Anyway, I suppose it’d suit you best in the Blessed Realm.” He sat beside Frodo and gave him his mithril vest. Frodo smiled lovingly as his forgetful old uncle rested his head against his breast.

“My dear Bilbo”, he whispered suddenly, “130 years, and I have never given you a Present.” He reached into his pocket and took out the Lady’s Star-glass, but Bilbo had already nodded off to sleep. He placed it in his hands and wondered as it blazed there in the light of Eärendil’s Star, now very close to the Earth.

“I love Bilbo dearly”, he said imploringly, “I wish he becomes the most famousest of all hobbits”. The twilight lifted for a moment, the grey Ship arose, the Seas of the Bent World fell before it, and the winds of the Round Earth troubled it no more.

"Crows and Gibbets! What is the house of Eorl but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek and their brats roll around on the floor with their dogs! You are but a lesser son of greater Sires."


Oct 11 2007, 2:20pm

Post #45 of 85 (31549 views)
More than Meets the Eye [In reply to] Can't Post

In a hole in the ground
Past a door green and round
A grown Hobbit did live
Who was quite inactive

Though this one Halfling here
Dreamt of sword, shield, and spear
With a Tookish desire
For the dang’rous and dire

This Hobbit got his fix
Thrown in a Dwarven mix
On a burgling mission
He found his commission

Before the end can come
Lies one little mathom
He found a great, lost thing
A precious magic ring

Worn on hand he is gone
Brave Bilbo the icon
When it comes to this guy
There’s more than meets the eye


Oct 11 2007, 2:26pm

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Welcome, Lausus! [In reply to] Can't Post

Your little ditty put me in mind of the folks in Bree saying: "give us a song, Master Hobbit!" I could see Frodo standing on the table singing your song instead of "The Man in the Moon!"

Nice touch! Stick around awhile, and feel free to give us another song.

For Gondor!

Forum Admin / Moderator

Oct 11 2007, 5:37pm

Post #47 of 85 (31052 views)
Wow! This is fascinating! [In reply to] Can't Post

...and something to try at a moot, perhaps! Smile

*copies* *saves*

Thanks, Magpie!

"Only I hear the stones lament them: deep they delved us, fair they wrought us, high they builded us; but they are gone. They are gone. They sought the Havens long ago."
(Avatar pic: The Calanais stones, Isle of Lewis)

"It struck me last night that you might write a fearfully good romantic drama, with as much of the 'supernatural' as you cared to introduce. Have you ever thought of it?"
-Geoffrey B. Smith, letter to JRR Tolkien, 1915

The Shire

Oct 11 2007, 9:07pm

Post #48 of 85 (32259 views)
My Entry: Half The Height [In reply to] Can't Post

Half The Height

Half the height, but not the soul
Are hobbits from the land, the Shire;
Against Nazgûl, dragon, wolf, or troll,
The Halflings fight, and so inspire
The “larger” folk to do great deeds;
Big trees may grow from smallest seeds.

Bilbo was the most well-known;
He broke the code of hobbit kind.
A Perian prince without a throne,
A rugged man, and yet refined.
By Gandalf’s will he travelled far
To places where no hobbits are.

His tales have reached the world of Men,
A journey there and back again.

Gnothi Seauton

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Oct 11 2007, 9:08pm

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My very own entry [In reply to] Can't Post

Here is an Ent! (duh) I figure it isn't directly related to the Hobbit, but it is kinda close.... I just had a random inclination to draw one, so here you go!

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Oct 12 2007, 12:01am

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Hobbits [In reply to] Can't Post

I have never written a poem before so please dont laugh. After I finished I had like 123 words so I cut out the last verse. The best verse was the one I cut out but it needed the Third verse to make sense snd of course the third needed the second and so on and so forth. Dang, writting poems isnt as easy as it sounds!

Hobbits are short for a variety of reasons
It comes by the way of very short seasons
They labor all summer, spring and fall
just to sit by the fire and drink to it all

Stubby little legs that are plumb full of power
Just so they can lift a giant pot of flowers
Pansies and daisies in a neat little row
Scarecrows and glittter to frighten the crows

A party they hold for any reason at all
Everyone comes unless thier too tall
Gayly they frolick under the giant trees
The barkeep and servers kept busy as bees

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