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TORN Exclusive: Guillermo Del Toro departs “The Hobbit”
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May 30 2010, 10:45pm

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TORN Exclusive: Guillermo Del Toro departs “The Hobbit” Can't Post

Guillermo Del Toro announced today that he is no longer directing the two movies based on J.R.R Tolkien's "The Hobbit", but will continue to co-write the screenplays. Out of respect to the legions of loyal Tolkien fans, both Guillermo and Peter Jackson wanted to break the news to The One Ring first. They are both committed to protecting The Hobbit and will do everything in their power to ensure the films are everything that the fans want them to be.

"In light of ongoing delays in the setting of a start date for filming "The Hobbit," I am faced with the hardest decision of my life", says Guillermo. "After nearly two years of living, breathing and designing a world as rich as Tolkien's Middle Earth, I must, with great regret, take leave from helming these wonderful pictures. I remain grateful to Peter, Fran and Philippa Boyens, New Line and Warner Brothers and to all my crew in New Zealand. I've been privileged to work in one of the greatest countries on earth with some of the best people ever in our craft and my life will be forever changed. The blessings have been plenty, but the mounting pressures of conflicting schedules have overwhelmed the time slot originally allocated for the project. Both as a co-writer and as a director, I wlsh the production nothing but the very best of luck and I will be first in line to see the finished product. I remain an ally to it and its makers, present and future, and fully support a smooth transition to a new director".

"We feel very sad to see Guillermo leave the Hobbit, but he has kept us fully in the loop and we understand how the protracted development time on these two films, due to reasons beyond anyone's control - has compromised his commitment to other long term projects", says Executive Producer Peter Jackson. "The bottom line is that Guillermo just didn't feel he could commit six years to living in New Zealand, exclusively making these films, when his original commitment was for three years. Guillermo is one of the most remarkable creative spirits I've ever encountered and it has been a complete joy working with him. Guillermo's strong vision is engrained into the scripts and designs of these two films, which are extremely fortunate to be blessed with his creative DNA".

"Guillermo is co-writing the Hobbit screenplays with Philippa Boyens, Fran Walsh and myself, and happily our writing partnership will continue for several more months, until the scripts are fine tuned and polished" says Jackson. "New Line and Warner Bros will sit down with us this week, to ensure a smooth and uneventful transition, as we secure a new director for the Hobbit. We do not anticipate any delay or disruption to ongoing pre-production work".

The Hobbit is planned as two motion pictures, co-produced by New Line Cinema and MGM. They are scheduled for release in Dec 2012 and Dec 2013.

The Mysterious Calisuri

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The Shire

May 30 2010, 10:49pm

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This is good news!!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Now, PJ can take the seat himself!
I never saw him as the right man to do the job.
OTOH, he's right to depart: years in NZ and not even a green light!


May 30 2010, 10:51pm

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Guillermo's Departure... [In reply to] Can't Post

Guillermo's Departure... Edit | Delete | Quote | Reply To This Post
WOW - I don't really know what to say. My only hope now is that Mr Jackson himself decides to pick up the reigns. GDT is truly the only other person I could have imagined making this film happen.

I personally totally understand why he's choosing to leave since he has a massive slate of other films to make so all I will say is Good Luck and thanks for the work you've put in...

and on an entirely selfish note - It may also have bought my new super agent some more time to get me cast! so YAY for that...

Confident that the project will still happen and in the right way. In Peter we must trust...Don't despair people - I have faith.

x : D


May 30 2010, 10:55pm

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This is making me incredibly sad :( [In reply to] Can't Post

Not so much because I worry who they will ask next (I DO worry, but not too much) -- but because I cannot think of any one director I would be happier with than Guillermo whose films I have admired ever since I first saw Devil's Backbone all these years ago.

I was very much looking forward to seeing his vision come alive and I only hope they will come up with another director who has a strong vision and and is able to use Guillermo's work in a good way without trying to simply copy his or PJ's style. That is a very tricky thing and I very much believe it would take a very experienced director to handle it. The only one who comes to my mind right now would be Alfonso Cuaṛn, friend and co-producer of Guillermo who has shown that he has a singular filmic handwriting in the past.

This is very sad news for me - still, I believe that sometimes something good can come out of a crisis such as this. I have my fingers crossed for Guillermo, for The Hobbit and its new director!

Raptos a diis homines dici ...


May 30 2010, 11:01pm

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Wow! Sad, but I wish him luck [In reply to] Can't Post

I think the thing that makes me the most sad about this is that this had nothing at all to do with the creative team, but is sheerly because of the greenlight delays. Argh. I hate the business end of showbiz. :(


May 30 2010, 11:04pm

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horrible, horrible news. [In reply to] Can't Post


TORn member formally known as ryan1976.

The Shire

May 30 2010, 11:31pm

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Guillermo's been wonderful to us, this is heartbreaking!/ [In reply to] Can't Post


May 30 2010, 11:47pm

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I cannot belive it... I`m in Shock ! and very very very sad =( [In reply to] Can't Post


Sorry for saying that, but I had to punch it out of my heart!

You`re Wonderful GDT, We will miss you, I think we`ll never have another director as warm and humble as you...


"The World is Changed, I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air"

The Shire

May 31 2010, 12:06am

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Even the sad goodbye.....faith [In reply to] Can't Post

Wow! I'm out in othe projects (and cannot finishing my experience here, in TOR) and...this.

Well, I don't want to sound cynical but.....it's the best decision and I'm very happy for Del Toro and even The Hobbit. Del Toro's Hobbit would be awesome. We all know that. But spendng six (or more) years in a project that depends on a studio that is going down...well, that requires a bit more than patient. And, as an artist, having my "next" project for 2013 or 2014....Well....Del Toro let the fans a screenplay in collaboration with Jackson and Walsh and something of a vision. But it's a very, very promising filmmaker who was top of his game back at 2008: too sad for us waiting THAT MUCH for another GDT because he can truly make a coherent and big body of work with Shelley and Simmons materials. Great news for Del Toro fans.

As for The Hobbit.....Peter Jackson is the man. Now is his turn. It's his LoTR. It's his Tolkien New Movie Canon. And we've see him jump beyond the drama (The Lovely Bones) and the comedy (his early years) so a Hobbit adventure based on a more Frighteners meets LoTR tone would be easy for him. It's the end of his incredible fan-hearted journey. The other name is Alfonso Cuarón: has helm the best HP movie to date and seems comfortable working with big projects and is friends with Del Toro. Has a great style and seems a man that slightly adapts to the project.

The financial troubles of MGM have caused all this: Del Toro wanted to be shooting a year ago and not leaving. But Del Toro's work has now options of continuing as a very exciting and personal journey through his artistic and literary influences and The Hobbit can be just reassigned or helmed by Jackson, the man who bring back Tolkien and who defined the definitive movie look of the Middle Earth.



Superuser / Moderator

May 31 2010, 12:07am

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Arrrrgh!! [In reply to] Can't Post

I was worried this might happen! I had become so used - and intrigued by - the idea of Guillermo's version of The Hobbit that this development is a blow.

I'm very glad that GDT is staying on with the script, and good on him for taking charge of his destiny and going on with his other projects ... but part of me selfishly thinks this news is a bit stink. :(

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Pipe Dream

May 31 2010, 12:32am

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WHAT?! [In reply to] Can't Post

I knew he couldn't be able to stick around. He's got way to much other stuff to do. I still don't think PJ will do it though. Say goodbye to the updates too. Unsure
I bet the whole project gets bumped at least another year...if not two.

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May 31 2010, 12:47am

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Why do I feel [In reply to] Can't Post

This is the beginning of the end for The Hobbit movies. Gee thanks to all you hedge fund noodleheads with your greed. You have just killed your only golden goose and are now left with nothing.

Eärendil The Mariner
The Shire

May 31 2010, 1:17am

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Well, I'm back... [In reply to] Can't Post

Had to comment on this sad news.

I completely understand Del Toro's reasons and support him, but I can't help but feel extremely sad that it had to come to this. I hope it is a warning sign to those who can get the wheels moving for these films to actually happen because any delays will screw up the entire project and lose them all of the money it was certain to make worldwide.

But I don't think Jackson will do it either, although anything can happen at this point...

Cad Monkey
The Shire

May 31 2010, 1:20am

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So very sad [In reply to] Can't Post

Unsure I cant quite believe it. I really feel for Guillermo above all our obvious disappointment as fans of these movies. Who will MGM find to replace him? Cant believe they'll find anyone who was as inclusive as Guillermo, who understood the fans and even posted here as a fan himself. Where do we go from here?


May 31 2010, 1:20am

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Really sad about this [In reply to] Can't Post

FrownThis is a shame, and it is all MGM's fault. Guillermo gave us so much of himself. I am very glad his vision will live on in the scripts.
Though I'd love for Peter to direct, I somehow doubt it. Whoever they get better be the same caliber of person that Guillermo and PJ are.

It's a sad day for TORN, and a sadder day for Tolkien fans. Godspeed Guillermo! May all your new projects succeed beyond your dreams!

Tol Eressea

May 31 2010, 1:45am

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Terrible News! Fare well in your future endeavors, Guillermo! [In reply to] Can't Post

Site is crazy, completely frozen. So much traffic. I finally managed to enter, so I wanted to write a smll message, knowing Guillermo will be able to read it.

I'm terribly sorry this dream job could not come to completion. It is very sad that in this world, lawsuits, debt and money can come between a creative man and his craft. This is coming from a person who is making and will make his living in finance. Finance and economics should work to promote human well-being, realization and manifestation of human qualities, such as creativity and art, not the other way around. That said, this is the way our world works, and it's no use in sulking and pointing fingers. Things like this happen. All that is left is being grateful to you, Guillermo, for all the hours spent in a passion that I can now safely say we share, for having the courage and determination to ostentate the banner of fans all over the world, and moving forward with such great project. Guillermo, thank you for sharing diretcly with us, for being so open, and truly making us part of the journey. Henceforward, don't look back, sleep and walk through life doing you did all you could for the project, and that when it finally comes to completion, we, the fans, will reconize, aknowledge and thank you for your print. I respect your decision because I know time is not unlimited, becauseI understand how we, Mexicans, live this kind of things as a family, and the scale of priorities we have. I am incredibly proud that a Mexican has made this kind of work, it gives hope to our fellow Mexicans who live another reality, and don't think we can make it in the highest spheres of international recognition. Thanks for your time, effort and sacrifice, cherish this time, as you have said you have, and move forward knowing you have earned the respect and admiration of legions of Tolkien fans. I assure you your future will continue to be bright. All the best!

For Peter, who I know will also get the message, hope you can take the reins. If you don't, mak sure we Tolkien fans trust you will make a great choic, the same as you made the right one with Guillermo.

Fellow TORnsibs, let's look forward, the road goes ever on and on, let's count on the fact that a great movie will happen, let's support whoever takes the helm, and let us make sure that Guillermo's print in Middle-earth is not forgotten or overseen!

Here's to Del Toro becoming the Irvin Kershner of Middle Earth!

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May 31 2010, 1:51am

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Sad, and angry, and worried [In reply to] Can't Post

Sad: I'd just begun to get used to and look forward to what GdT could add to The Hobbit, a story we all love, and the film franchise that has been so important over the last ten years. Losing that feels like something has died that hadn't quite had the chance to be born yet.

Angry: I'm mad that political grandstanding, money grubbing and infighting on the part of movie executives are responsible for this. Not creative differences, not a change in focus, but what looks like greed to me. I'm angry for Guillermo. He put a lot of himself into this project, in good faith, and he's gotten screwed over.

Worried: This is a big loss, and it's going to make it harder for the Hobbit movies to go forward. Even with all the trouble there was getting it greenlit, the project was still seen as valuable - one of the most valuable properties MGM still had. The value has definitely been lessened by losing Guillermo, and throwing it all up into the air with no confirmed director might make it easier for skittish suits to kill the whole thing, perhaps for a long time.


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May 31 2010, 1:52am

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GDT LEAVE [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
Now, PJ can take the seat himself!
I never saw him as the right man to do the job.
OTOH, he's right to depart: years in NZ and not even a green light!

Malveth The Eternal

May 31 2010, 2:00am

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Over For Me [In reply to] Can't Post

For me, the likelihood of this film being any good just died. Unlike many people, I don't like the Peter Jackson style. All that pointless excess, tasteless mugging & grimacing for the camera, one tear rolling down a cheek in close up - worse than anything in the most primitive silent film - I could go on and on.

This news ruins the whole project for me. I just can't bring myself to care.

Best of luck to GDT - I'm looking forward to Mountains of Madness & Frankenstein.


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Forum Admin / Moderator

May 31 2010, 2:08am

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I'm very sad for Guillermo [In reply to] Can't Post

Who's devoted so much time and energy to this project.

And I'm sorry that we're going to have to wait so long to see these movies!

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May 31 2010, 2:10am

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I fear [In reply to] Can't Post

That this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many people who have labored on this project with the hopes of one day getting a paycheck. How many of them will now bail and go to other projects leaving The Hobbit a skeleton with little hopes of recovering?

Forum Admin / Moderator

May 31 2010, 2:12am

Post #22 of 167 (15755 views)
My feelings as well. [In reply to] Can't Post

The Hobbit has a different "feel" from that of LotR, and I had been looking forward to seeing GdT's craftsmanship.

I'm glad he will be finishing the script, but to lose his translating that script to screen...Unsure

{{{Guillermo}}} Thank you, sir, please know that we understand, and will miss your presence as director.


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"It struck me last night that you might write a fearfully good romantic drama, with as much of the 'supernatural' as you cared to introduce. Have you ever thought of it?"
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Arwen's daughter

May 31 2010, 2:14am

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Sad news [In reply to] Can't Post

I'll be eagerly waiting for more news as they start looking for a new director. I enjoyed seeing GDT's enthusiasm for the project and I can't imaging trying to find someone with the same child-like wonder for dragons and trolls.

I hope GDT's other projects prosper.

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Leviathan's Bane

May 31 2010, 2:14am

Post #24 of 167 (16388 views)
Couldn't have said it better Compa and Ataahua... [In reply to] Can't Post

...Thanks, Guillermo, for all the hard work you've already put into this film without it being greenlit. You are indeed devoted to your art!

May the hair never fall from your feet!

Growlithe the Grey

May 31 2010, 2:17am

Post #25 of 167 (15783 views)
This is awful. [In reply to] Can't Post

What a sad day. Guillermo, thank you for the time and effort you've put in. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Best of luck in all your future projects - I'll be watching.

As for MGM, [insert extensive string of expletives here]. Way to ruin a can't miss project, you idiots. Now who knows what will happen. Only if PJ decides to direct will I have any hope, and even then, I'm still upset that Guillermo had to be hurt in all this.

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