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Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:28am

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Favorite Scene from the movies [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene was always the scene from the third movie, during the battle for the white city. The witch king has just mortally wounded Theoden, Eowyn comes between the nazgul and her uncle, and the witch king says that no man can slay him. Eowyn says, "I am no man" and stabs him in the head.

I always liked that part of the series because it showed some nerve on the part of someone who wasn't male. Additionally, it shows that a strong, independent person can accomplish much by not following the rules-she wasn't even supposed to be in the battle.

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Mar 25 2010, 5:30am

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favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene would have to be the Gollum vs. Smeagol dialogue in the Two Towers after which Smeagol emerges triumphant and alone.

I've always sympathized with Smeagol for some reason, so to see him come out of this fight a free being is always exciting. The enslavement he was suffering from is no longer, and it could be construed to be an analogy to our current condition of sinfulness. Freedom is at hand for Smeagol as well as us.


Mar 25 2010, 5:30am

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Impossible to pick just one! [In reply to] Can't Post

... But since I must ... I think the moment in Moria when Gandalf says: "Let me risk a little more light" and he reveals the grandeur of the Dwarrodelf. The way the music swells ... makes the breath catch in my chest even today. Gorgeous.

"In Hollywood the screenplay is a fire hydrant. And there's a line of dogs around the block." -- Frank Miller

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:31am

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My Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

Really so many, but the one scene that always gives me goose bumps is the end of the Two Towers when Gandalf comes back with the Rohirrim, The music is so beautiful and the light blinding the evil is very spiritual. I also love all scenes with the elves.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:45am

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too many to choose! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hard choice! The opening to the Two Towers was brilliant--taking the Gandalf/Balrog scence and showing us what we missed first time around. But I think my favourite (hard to believe no one else has mentioned yet, but there are so many great scenes) has to be Gandalf and Pippen's talk in Minas Tirith, where Gandalf says "death is not the end..."--incredible hope in the midst of despair--the change that comes over Pippen is played perfectly.

From Canada, so ineligible for prize, unfortunately. Unsure

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Mar 25 2010, 5:49am

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So Many To Choose From! [In reply to] Can't Post

I have to say that the scene outside of Moria after Gandalf's fall is my absolute favorite. It's just done in such an excellent way that you feel the pain of the other characters and how much of a loss Gandalf was. The acting is incredibly superb all around, the music almost brings tears to the eyes (thanks to Howard Shore), and the location used for the scene is truly beautiful. Everything comes together to make it a very poignant scene.


Mar 25 2010, 6:09am

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My Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

I have so many, that I'm going to use one that hasn't yet been mentioned: the simple scene of the Three Hunters running after the Uruks who have taken Merry and Pippin. Like many scenes, this captures the love and determination of the Fellowship. It also shows the grandeur of Middle Earth, and, I have to admit, it's where I fell in love with Legolas.

Second place goes to Gandalf and Pippin discussing death.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:11am

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Opening Prologue Scene: Battle of the Last Alliance [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is the opening of the massive battle scene of the War of the Last Alliance at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring.

It is the epic feel of it with which you are plunged into a massive battle that captured me. The sweeping aerials and billowing smoke from Mount Doom. I knew, seeing that scene, that I was indeed going to be able to go to Middle Earth. The Orc close ups, the orders yelled by Elrond, the first line of armored Elves with their massive weapons swinging to meet the charging forces of Mordor. Yes, I think that is my favorite scene.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:32am

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Noro Lim! [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is when the Nazgul chase Arwen on horseback. It makes me want to grab one of my horses and gallop every time, and is the best horse chase scene I've ever seen. Amazing. Those are some great riders!

"Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." -- Percy Shelley

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:33am

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My favorite scene..... [In reply to] Can't Post

Just to keep this short and sweet....

My favorite scene would have to be during the Amon Hen scene in Fellowship where Frodo is hiding from the fellowship and after a confrontation with Boromir he runs into Aragorn. Fearing that he would also try to take the ring Frodo tries to run away from him, but Aragorn proves that he is the strongest of them because he let's Frodo go on alone.

This was a very touching scene to me because it showed how the ring could corrupt them all and shatter even the strongest of friendships/fellowships and that Frodo felt that this was a burden that only he could bear. I also loved how for a moment you could see the conflict within Aragorn, but in the end he knew what must be done...."I would've followed you....to the very dark of Mordor."

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:37am

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I also agree with dnardi... [In reply to] Can't Post

Sam's monologue at the end of The Two Towers was a very touching scene. The very heart of LotR.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:43am

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My Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite moment has to be near the very end of 'The Return of the King,' when Gollum dances briefly before fallng to his death. I like it, because it fully illustrates Gollum's intense obsession.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:48am

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Favorite scene--Bree [In reply to] Can't Post

I chose Bree because it is here for the first time the quest of the hobbits actually intersects with the larger quest to save Middle Earth, personified by Aragorn.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 7:02am

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"But no living man am !" [In reply to] Can't Post

While a few come right into mind, it's quite easy for me to select one that really stands out. My favorite is the scene in Return of the King when Eowyn defeats the Witch-king. I actually have most of that selection memorized, and find myself thinking about it when there is something difficult or daunting that I have to do. I was even fortunate enough to find this scene cast in pewter at a Renaissance Festival, and keep it right on my desk where I can see it as a reminder about what bravery really means. I still remember when I first saw the trailer for the Return of the King films. When the scene of Eowyn casting aside her helmet played across the screen I started crying. It touches me in a way that no other scene from any other book ever has.

Eowyn is obviously afraid, as anyone in their right mind would be. But her love of Theoden, and her need to do some good in the world supersede any doubts or anxieties she feels when facing such a dark enemy. It's really something we can all learn from, and something that I keep close to my heart.

This is where we finally get to see Eowyn emerge as the beautiful, strong, and courageous woman that she is. For so long she had been trapped, and freed from those bonds she is a something to be hold. She is a true heroine.

The Shire

Mar 25 2010, 7:21am

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Blu Ray Giveaway - The Passing of Boromir [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene in all of the film trilogy is without a doubt the Passing of Boromir. Sean Bean's performance is fantastic. You get to actually see his noble defense of Merry and Pippen. The dialog, Viggo, the score...everything makes this scene work flawlessly. It is the combination of Boromir's last words and getting to see his last stand that, I honestly think, makes this one of the scenes in the film that manages to surpasses Tolkien's prose. I'm not one to cry at movies. I never have been.... this scene still chokes me up. It's gotten me closer to crying at a film than anything else ever has. And it is because of that, that I think it is one of the best death scenes to ever grace celluloid. I can't wait to see it in HD.

-There's no charge for awesomeness

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 7:45am

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Favorite scene in Trilogy - at the Pony [In reply to] Can't Post

I love when Strider comes out of the shadows at the Prancing Pony and you know things are going to get interesting, and the action starts.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 7:47am

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LOTR favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene in LOTR: The Return of the King is the Coronation scene when Aragorn is finally crowned king. I just love the happy ending when he and Arwen are finally reunited and then they all bow to the hobbits. It is just a great, happy part of a very serious movie.

The Shire

Mar 25 2010, 8:14am

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I really love that scene where... [In reply to] Can't Post

... everyone countes equal. You know, even non-US citizens? If it wasn't for New Zealand, this forum wouldn't exist, this movie wouldn't exist, and MGM wouldn't be worth as much as it is now. Nor would WArners, or NewLine.

So come on already - give everyone a fair go at the glittering prizes...

- Jack Machiela, Wellington New Zealand, capital of Middle-earth

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 8:20am

Post #44 of 360 (33115 views)
Charge of the Rohirrim. [In reply to] Can't Post

I've always loved the charge of the Rohirrim at Helm's Deep. It always struck me pretty meaningful that Theodon knew he was probably going to die, leveled his head and charged into the midst of it. The actual charge down the slope usually almost gives me goosebumps, not sure why but the video coupled with the music is genius.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 8:29am

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My Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

In LOTR FOTR, the scene where the fellowship is climbing along the path out of the cloven vale of Rivendale to the majestic sound of Howard Shore's score "The Ring Goes South" (track 11 at the 1:15 mark on original motion picture soundtrack CD!) and the film is slowed while showing a close-up of each character.

(This post was edited by marcuslaw on Mar 25 2010, 8:30am)

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 10:03am

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My Favourite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

Has to be the dawn charge of the Rohirrim towards Helm's Deep. The climax to an intense Zulu-esque battle that perhaps surpasses the Battle of Pellennor fields.
"Rohirrim - to the Keep!"

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 10:56am

Post #47 of 360 (34389 views)
My Favourite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

For me, it is the Charge of the Rohirrim at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in ROTK. Gives me the willies everytime I see it, because it is pretty spot-on as how I imagined it when reading the beloved tome.

As with everything else, it's the thought that counts.


Mar 25 2010, 11:11am

Post #48 of 360 (34004 views)
My favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

For its sheer visual strength and atmosphere, my favorite is Gandalf's battle with the Balrog.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 11:19am

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My favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

The scene where we see Edoras for the first time, with the music highlighting the scenery. One of my favorite pieces of music from the trilogy, and some beautiful scenery.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 11:47am

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The scene that stands out the most when I think about it..... [In reply to] Can't Post

My mind took me directly to the scene at the end of TFOTR when Strider sets out to find where Frodo went off to.
He discovers that Boromir had tried to take The Ring from Frodo, and tries to comfort Frodo and calm him down.

I like to call this scene "The Death of Strider/Brith of a King", because in this scene he shows the full-spectrum of Aragorn!
Kindly and Kingly in trying to calm Frodo down and assure him that he is there to protect him on his quest, but then, when Aragorn sees Sting glowing brightly, he tells Frodo to run and immediately enters battle mode!

He takes out Orcs left-and-right and mostly single-handedly until Legolas and Gimli show up at the end to help with a little cleanup.
And then after running towards Boromir and his Horn of Gondor, he wipes the floor with a few more Orcs and then calms back down again to Kingly-mode to ease Boromir's time of suffering/

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