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PJ: "No green light yet"
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The Shire

Nov 29 2009, 2:00pm

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PJ: "No green light yet" Can't Post

According to a german movie website, Peter Jackson confirmed at a Lovely Bones press conference, that the first hobbit script has not been green lit yet and the second looks to be finished at the end of this or start of next year. Also he gave an update on shooting schedule, with shooting hopefully starting in the middle of next year.

Let´s see what happens on december 8th.


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Nov 29 2009, 2:48pm

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Very interesting.... [In reply to] Can't Post

A couple things we didn't know in that. First that the green light PJ mentioned over the summer has still not been given (though I think it will be soon since the first script is completed) and that filming has been pushed back from March 2010 to at least the middle of the year....

Thanks for the link, cedric!

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Superuser / Moderator

Nov 29 2009, 5:12pm

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Posted by Hsvfan: Shooting delayed to july 2010, according to Herr-der-ringe-film.de [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi from germany,

biggest german Lotr fansite herr-der-ringe-film.de states that they have secure sources, that the shooting of the hobbit is delayed from march 2010 to july 2010.
They dont know the reason for that, nevertheless they think it has something to do with the finincial problems of MGM.
Additionally they dont know if that delay will change the realese dates.

Heres the link for everone who understands german:

I hope my english is after seven years in school understandable enough Wink

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Nov 29 2009, 6:05pm

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It's as I feared... [In reply to] Can't Post

Warner Brothers is delaying the green light b/c it wants to buy out MGM.

MGM keeps getting forbearances to pay its debt, or at least provide credible proof that it can get a head start on paying its debt. It was supposed to go on the auction block in December, and it got a forbearance until the end of January. This is its 2nd forbearance.

Warner's wants to buy out MGM so all facets of TH production can go under one roof (and of course they'd get all the profits.) They think that if they did not do this now, down the road there'd be trouble, as MGM being the co-financier and foreign distributor, if it went belly-up they'd get sucked into its death throes and TH would be delayed as a result (never good for buzz. Remember James Cameron and Titanic.) MGM, on the other hand, has been making precisely the same argument to its creditors: that TH is a potentially extremely profitable investment and this is what is swaying the creditors to be merciful: if TH production is delayed or interrupted, it would damage the profits, so best to leave things as is. It's a horrible chicken-end-egg situation and I'll bet all parties at WB are getting really impatient and wondering how to make it stop. How do they get out of it and bring things to a conclusion?

IMO MGM, as great a studio as it once was, has been on life support for years and it is time to pull the plug. Its debts are so great that not even the library can save it. I never thought I'd be for any sort of backstage chicanery, but I'll bet several parties have ben triyng to facilitate MGM's demise and have so far been unsuccessful. (Nikki Finke has been great at covering this debacle. http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com. I hope someone can get this ball rolling...

As for the filming delay...it's not that bad (yet) As has been said, they're doing 2 films not three, and pre-production is further along this time. They're not starting from scratch. I was wondering how they were going to begin filming in March or April with a green light in December...I would NOT want the casting process rushed through. It's only a 3-month delay. Not 6. But I'll bet WB has asked Peter to contine to finance this thing (gone to him with hat in hand). And PJ has graciously said yes...but privately, I'll bet both he and Guillermo are steaming mad. This will not damage the production IMO, they can still keep the release date, but any further delay after the summer and it will. The bit about "completing the 2nd script" is just b.s. They can get that done, but while they have extra time to do that, casting is again delayed. (we hope not. But I think it will be..)

Which leads me to Dec 8. Why did WB give us a Dec 8 date if they already knew that there was going to be no green light? The forbearance was supposed to expire in January, so they must have been sure they were going to be in negotiations to get the studio anyway. If there is to be no green light, then just *what* are supposed to be hearing on Dec 8? Is that delayed too?
But *of course* they'll say nothing right now. They want to leave us hanging in the air while the buzz goes out...MadMad
I just think they're feeding us b.s. right now so fans and the media won't get any negative buzz...that way, Dec 8 may quietly come and go, like so many other dates have...

Dangit, I wish I could be a ghost and invade the offices of these people, and haunt their dreams. I won't officially say this project is cursed until the filming is delayed again..and may that not happen. It's getting harder and harder to maintain any Gramma-like optimism here!

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Captain Salt
Tol Eressea

Nov 29 2009, 6:15pm

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Well that's depressing! [In reply to] Can't Post

So much for casting announcements and spoiler pics, ETC in the coming months. Let's hope this doesn't adversely effect the release dates.


Nov 29 2009, 6:23pm

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The only thing... [In reply to] Can't Post

that really concerns me right now--and it is a huge concern--is if this is delayed any more, then they will lose their cast. How many actors have been putting their agents on hold, as they wait to see how this turns out. The agents--and casting agents for the other projects these actors would be committing to---have been very patient. But they can't go on delaying forever.

Nine Finger Frodo
The Shire

Nov 29 2009, 7:48pm

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.. [In reply to] Can't Post

This really sucks, I can't say any more than that. Frown

Stairs of Cirith Ungol


Nov 29 2009, 8:23pm

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If you are right, and you do make a plausible case, then I am relieved. [In reply to] Can't Post

My fear was that the studio had objected to the draft script and insisted on changes which GDT et al resisted and that compromises had to be brokered and that the delay was due to that process and the subsequent compromising of the script.

My major fear was the insertion of some romantic interest. A long legged blonde bimbo for Bilbo? (Sorry folks the sentence just came out) or Thorin??? For some reason I could tolerate Bard with a wife or future wife so long as she didn't get any of his major speeches (and it was done well).

I have this horrific fantasy of a studio executive pointing out to the "creative arm of the enterprise" (That's GDT et al to you and me) that at least one romantic liaison "would provide proactive market potential for our targeted demographic going forward".

I'm so pleased that it looks like it's just money. If that's the case then there's still a chance that I'll get a film I'll enjoy seeing. That is if I survive long enough. I do want Ian McKellen to be Gandalf and, as you say, if it takes a while for them to sort it out he may, like me and Ian Holm and Christopher Lee, find Anno Domini catching up with him before they get their acts together.



Nov 29 2009, 8:45pm

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I really, really hope.. [In reply to] Can't Post

I really hope this doesn't effect the December release of the films. I know it's silly, but the films being released during the holiday season is very important to me.

I wonder if they will move to release both films in 2012, since it's now fairly common to put out consecutive movies in a series just 6-8 months apart. Maybe it'll be part 1 in May and part 2 of December of 2012.

I certainly hope not, I definnitely prefer the december release schedule for both movies. We'll see what happpens.

TORn member formally known as ryan1976.


Nov 29 2009, 9:40pm

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I do too. [In reply to] Can't Post

December is the "traditional" release date for Tolkien adaptations, just as May was Star Wars month, and as Thanksgiving is now probably going to be "Twilight" timeTongue. Plus, anything other than a Dec release for both films will kill any Oscar chances, andyou can bet that's another reason WB is so concerned. They relalize they don't just have a megafranchise here--they want to get a lot more of what New Line had: awards prestiege. (Personally, I think a BP or script win for G is unlikely, and under the old 5-film BP framework a BP nom wold be unlikely, since TH is more of a "fairy tale" with talking animals and suich, but with 10 BP slots, a BP nom is much more likely.) Do a "2-part release" like Twilight and HP 7 are getting, if the first fiilm comes out sny other timeframe than Dec, and that would send the Academy a signal that it is not meant for awards, that WB is treating it like a normal tentpole franchise.

As to my above post...I wish I could say I was right, that it's "only money" and not any dissatisfaction with the script...I think that's right, b/c if they are starting the 2nd script they have a green light on the first one. As to a love interest for any characters, Bard is okay (in fact he'll have to be fleshed out, with a family at least, we know nothing abouthim.) But don;t worry, PJ and G would not do anything stupid!

What we really need is Kristen Thompson's take on this..I hope we hear from people in the days after tomorrow, after the Holiday weekend! I think I just gained a gray hair in the last 4 hrs!CrazySlyUnsure

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Nov 29 2009, 10:21pm

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We all know what a financial disaster that turned out to be [In reply to] Can't Post

They think that if they did not do this now, down the road there'd be trouble, as MGM being the co-financier and foreign distributor, if it went belly-up they'd get sucked into its death throes and TH would be delayed as a result (never good for buzz. Remember James Cameron and Titanic.)

Yes, what a buzz kill all the delays and cost over-runs turned out to be! Titanic was such a financial flop!


Needless to say, I understand what you are saying, I don't disagree with you. But I couldn't resist poking this statement a little bit, given Titanic's status as the highest grossing movie of all time.

It's possible that the Dec. 8 date is still valid, and that will be when the greenlight announcement will be made. PJ just said that it hasn't been greenlit yet, not that it won't be greenlit soon. Or, as you said, that date could pass with nary a word said. Fortunately, we'll know in nine days.

'But very bright were the stars upon the margin of the world, when at times the clouds about the West were drawn aside.'



Nov 29 2009, 10:46pm

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LOL [In reply to] Can't Post

Somehow I *knew* someone would point that out to me...CrazyTongueLaugh but it's so easy to laugh after the fact. I wouldn't have wanted to be James Cameron in the autumn of 2007...nor would I want to be him now, in the lead-up to "Avatar."

Seeing as LOTR had the same Oscar luck as Titanic...I wish we could say that this was good luck.. but I take the opposite view: the production for LOTR went like clockwork, barring the fact that a lot had to done in a very short amount of time.

Recently I expressed concern on DelToroFilms.com about Guillermo's weight. I was joking with Parker and I ended up saying that maybe Guillermo simply wants to follow PJ's weight trajectory, so his luck would be similar. Like PJ, he'd assume Bombur-like proportions while filming his Tolkien adaptation masterpice, nearly kill himself in the process, then go on to win a bucketload of Oscars and vast commerical success, and then be "the king of the world" in Hollywood, free to do as he pleases, and just as rapidly he'd lose the the weight after that.:)

Yeah, Voronwe...I just hope it isn't another waiting period for a day that just passes with nothing. False alarms...we've had enough of those.God, I wish I could know just what the heck is going on...

(This post was edited by Sunflower on Nov 29 2009, 10:52pm)

Wandering Ranger

Nov 29 2009, 10:57pm

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Am I know the only one who [In reply to] Can't Post

is getting thoroughly hacked off with all this waiting with nothing confirming. Once the Tolkien case was settled I would have assumed the news would become more concrete and things would start to move along with news coming in as and when available. Now it seems things are going slower than ever! Going all the way back to the pre-LOTR days does anyone remember the rumours circulating that PJ would follow up the trilogy with The Hobbit. Then him and Shaye fell out and he wasn't gonna be involved at all and then GDT came on board and a heck of a long time later he was finally confirmed. Remember last Christmas when we were promised some update on Bilbo casting at Christmas which, having heard PJ speak at comic con, was never going to happen in a million years as the scripts were still being prepared. Then we get this December 8th thing which, the more I think about it, the more I don't think it will be anything special in fact it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be another red herring to keep the fans occupied. It won't be casting without a greenlight and if the thing isn't at least part way there to being greenlit it aint gonna happened in a week.

Sorry if that sounded too angry and irate but I am getting reaaaall cheesed off with this waiting game with either no news or news which turns out to lead nowhere. </rant>

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Nine Finger Frodo
The Shire

Nov 29 2009, 11:11pm

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Since.. [In reply to] Can't Post

filming the Hobbit would take approx. 350 - 400 days, is it plausible that, considering GDT will begin shooting in July 2010, he will be able to wrap up the first movie say December 2010/January 2011 (6 or 7 months)? Could this be enough time to release the first film in December 2011 ánd continue working on the second film? I would say it is possible, especially considering the fact that they have all that knowledge and things going on already.

Stairs of Cirith Ungol


Nov 29 2009, 11:12pm

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I'll wait to hear it from [In reply to] Can't Post

Peter or GdT. I'm not saying I don't believe it was mentioned at a news conference; but both gents have been good about letting us know what's going on as soon as they can... so I'll wait until I hear it from one of them to despair or become vexed. *drums fingers on table* But the wait is getting pretty old ;) *twitch*


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I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

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Nov 29 2009, 11:14pm

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Oops...I meant "the autumn of 1997" [In reply to] Can't Post

And Gramma, I'm going to start twitching too, like Mother Horta, if this keeps up much longer....

(excuse me while I go cry into my vanilla eggnog right now...Unsure but I guess it's okay if we cry together....Evil)

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Sr. Staff

Nov 29 2009, 11:45pm

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Sounds right and one interesting change [In reply to] Can't Post

When Jackson spoke at Comic-Con he said clearly that once one script was finished the would project the budget of the second film from what was in the first. Clearly that has changed.

A lot of what Jackson has been saying lately didn't fit in with everything we know but this news does fit.

Based on absolutely nothing I can point to, I think the MGM thing plays a part here as well.

Not good news but not surprising news.

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The cake is a lie

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Growlithe the Grey

Nov 30 2009, 3:13am

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casting [In reply to] Can't Post

The only thing a delay will do is weed out those actors who aren't dedicated to this project. With assurance from PJ and Guillermo, I'm sure that an actor would know that the project isn't at risk of being scrapped. A few months, even 5-6 months, isn't enough to make someone pass up a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of something like this. If an actor does move on, then maybe they weren't the person for the role in the first place.


Nov 30 2009, 5:40am

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Are you sure about that? [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
Warner Brothers is delaying the green light b/c it wants to buy out MGM.


The bit about "completing the 2nd script" is just b.s. They can get that done, but while they have extra time to do that, casting is again delayed. (we hope not. But I think it will be..)

Del Toro has said (if I recall correctly) that he doesn't want to cast Bilbo (and presumably not too many other people) because he wants the potential actors to have the opportunity to read the finished script before deciding whether or not to take the role. I think this is very reasonable for both the director and actors as it will help head off any issues the actors might have with their characters right at the start. I'm not sure why them saying they have to finish the second script is BS, either. The two films are being envisioned as parts of the same whole (along with LOTR), so they may very well want to have both scripts finished before casting and again I find this reasonable.

I certainly wish that we'd get more news sooner, but I'm not going to complain about the filmmakers taking their time. Maybe it will result in less last-minute scrambling of the sort that happened with LOTR.

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Nov 30 2009, 7:05am

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Wails and screams [In reply to] Can't Post

Nooooo. Nooooo. Let it be not so! It's. . . It's. . . (quotes scream/singing of Patti Labelle) "Like a baaaaaaaad dream!"

"Hear me, hounds of Sauron, Gandalf is here! Fly if you value your foul skins, I will shrivel you from tail to snout if you step within this circle!"

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Nov 30 2009, 9:52am

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Then why.... [In reply to] Can't Post

would PJ go and make all sorts of public statements about timeframes for completing scripts and why were we even given a March/April beginning of filming date at all? When he was discussing the script at Comic-Con he didn't say "the entire script will not be completed until the spring of 2009 and casting likely won't begin until then." Or he could have at least said something along the lines of "we aren't sure if the studio will approve of our first script, so we have to wait until we get aproval on that and then we can begin the 2nd, after which we *May* get the green light" etc. He sounded very sure about things, and it's not like PJ is one to float dates and false information. It doesn't sound to me like he was just throwing out "info" to keep us placted. He is always very honest. It sounds to me like they had a schedule for this thing and for whatever reason, it was pushed back.

March/April starting of filming corresponds with the NZ seasons. It sounds as though Guillermo wanted to get 6 monts of indoor/studio shooting done during the inclement fall/winter NZ months, and the last half of filming outdoors in the spring/summer when the weather was clement. This type of delay would disrupt that smooth process, esp if the films are being shot out of order like LOTR was.

As for the cast...."we'll see who dedicated they are/winnowing out of the ones who don't want it" etc. It isn't that simple. Some actors, such as Ron Perlman,are involved with TV series and if you signed papers months ago committing yourself to the 2nd season, say, of a series that is garnering good ratings and critical acclaim (like Perlman has done for Sons of Anarchy) it isn't sp easy to pull out of that. Esp if they gave their agents an end-of-filming date/month for TH based on a March 2010 beg date and with a yearlong shoot, they could calculate when they'd next be availble, LIkewise, actors who decline to appear in projects with directors they want to work with or continue to...most would understand. But it wouldn't be as easy as it sounds...


Nov 30 2009, 11:19am

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what's cookin? [In reply to] Can't Post

I smell the stank of 'suits' demanding a film in 3D.


Nov 30 2009, 3:33pm

Post #23 of 60 (777 views)
With all due respect, Perlman isn`t cast [In reply to] Can't Post

so no need to worry if he can be pulled out of his TV show. Please, lets not talk about unconfirmed actors as if they are done deal. It`s very disturbing to fans who are hoping to see other actor cast in the role that some fans have cast Perlman in (Beorn) just because he`s GDT`s friend. Lets wait until casting is announced instead of pretending that it is when it is not.


Nov 30 2009, 3:42pm

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non-holiday release does not kill Oscar chances [In reply to] Can't Post

if the movie is good enough to stay in memory, it can be nominated and win despite being released,lets say, in May (Gladiator).

Studio will do what fits it the best. Last year, WB pushed back their major tentpole HP:HBP because TDK made so much money they simply didn`t need another huge moneymaker in 2008. But they didn`t have a slam-dunk in 2009 so they needed HBP. Regardless of fandom outrage. They knew nobody would boycot the movie they anticipated for so long. Therefore, if they decide that they need a tentpole in 2012 because 2011 is already covered (HP:DH Part II and word has it WB really wants Batman 3 ready for 2011) , they may push back The Hobbit Part I for 2012 (which isn`t unlikely considering the delayed production). I guess it`ll all boil down to what they cna get ready for 2011 first, TH or B3.


Nov 30 2009, 4:14pm

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Casting wide open again... [In reply to] Can't Post

Well...I reckon this blows open the casting once again. We were beginning to rule out certain actors due to their commitments to other projects. eg. James McAvoy. This delay now means people previously ruled out might now be back on. Who knows. Maybe this has actually happened on purpose...pushed back because the actor they want for Bilbo has already got another project filming beginning 2010.

Of course, MGM's financial woes are probs more likely as the reason for the delay as everything getting re-structured and organised is a tedious and complicated procedure. However, the entertainment industry is hardly the most honest so them lying about why it is has been pushed back wouldn't surprise me. Espesh if they are trying to keep casting announcements under wraps.

: D

Also...I say this as when it does finally happen I think the Greenlight and Bilbo announcement will come at the same time. i.e in the same announcement. They wont be using casting directors to cast Bilbo. As CD's wont be confirmed until greenlit and other production personnel begin to get hired too!

(This post was edited by olipowell on Nov 30 2009, 4:22pm)

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