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Guillermo del Toro: Im so voracious about The Hobbit!
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Oct 17 2008, 3:57am

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Guillermo del Toro: Im so voracious about The Hobbit! Can't Post

Guillermo del Toro: Im so voracious about The Hobbit!
Guillermo Del Toro was recently in New York City as part of the New Yorker Festival and our good pal Anthony Moody from Indalo Productions caught up with him to talk all things Hobbit! In this first part of the interview GDT talks about his writing duties with PJ, Tom Bombadil and the possibility of a THIRD Hobbit movie(?!). Stay tuned for the second part of this interview next week! More follow later next week as well!

Transcription for theOneRing.net by Elven Deleece C

Michael Regina
Editor in Chief/Segment Producer
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Arwen's daughter

Oct 17 2008, 4:13am

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Great interview! [In reply to] Can't Post

As always, it sounds very promising. I can't wait for part two. I still wish that we could get a couple of details out of GDT! Cool

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The Shire

Oct 17 2008, 4:17am

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Awesome... [In reply to] Can't Post

Whenever I watch or read a GDT interview, I am nearly always struck by his immense enthusiasm and joy for the process. We fans are really lucky to have him on board.

Grey Havens

Oct 17 2008, 4:19am

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It's definitely two movies as I understand him [In reply to] Can't Post

In fact, he underlines it, kind of. At least, I know now it's two movies and he is going to NZ, and they are working. Otherwise I have stronger and stronger feeling with every interview that GDT is making lots of fun of these questions and I seriously consider to not trust him until they announce something officially. Mr. Director is playing with us Cool
It's also great to know they are refering to the Appendices as I want to see the events described there.

P.S. "voracious" immediately reminded me of Ungoliant Shocked Cool

P.P.S. the link didn't work for me, this one did: http://www.theonering.net/...us-about-the-hobbit/

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I believe

Tol Eressea

Oct 17 2008, 4:47am

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Thanks! great interview! [In reply to] Can't Post

At least, now we know Film 1 ends at "yes". Wink

Here's to Del Toro becoming the Irvin Kershner of Middle Earth!

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Oct 17 2008, 5:33am

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Ever since the beginning, [In reply to] Can't Post

the dawning of 'The Hobbit' and all the speculation concerning it, my mind just kept coming up with 3 movies. It could be 3 movies a voice said. I thought, yes i just feel there is an underestimation on breadth and depth of material that is there. Estimations of all sorts seem to be off by a third in the end now don't they?

So now there IS such speculative thought out there on the movie front beyond my own (and a couple others as i remember)! I think i am reeling from the 'visual' fantasia of it all.

GO you guys. Let fly the wings of imagination!

"Tolkien, like Lewis, believed that, through story, the real world would become a more magical place, full of meaning. We see its patterns and colors in a fresh way. The recovery of a true view of the world applies both to individual things, like hills and stones, and to the cosmic - the depths of space and time itself. For in sub-creation, in Tolkien's view, there is a "survey" of space and time. Reality is captured on a miniature scale. Through stories like The Lord of the Rings, a renewed view of things is given, illuminating the homely, the spiritial, the physical, and the moral dimensions of the world."

Tolkien and C.S. Lewis- The Gift of Friendship -Duriez

After Sunset
I have an understanding with the hills
At evening, when slanted radiance fills
Their hollows, and the great winds let them be,
And they are quiet and look down at me.
Oh, then I see the patience in their eyes
Out of the centuries that made them wise.
They lend me hoarded memory, and I learn
Their thoughts of granite and their whims of fern,
And why a dream of forests must endure
Though every tree be slain; and how the pure,
Invisible beauty has a word so brief
A flower can say it, or a shaken leaf,
But few may ever snare it in a song,
Though for the quest a life is not too long.
When the blue hills grow tender, when they pull
The twilight close with gesture beautiful,
And shadows are their garments, and the air
Deepens, and the wild veery is at prayer,
Their arms are strong around me; and I know
That somehow I shall follow where you go
To the still land beyond the evening star,
Where everlasting hills and valleys are,
And silence may not hurt us any more,
And terror shall be past, and grief and war.

Grace Hazard Conkling (conclusion of a song recital from the book Lake Minnewaska by W Doughty where he says ''this is not the end of songs which we are certain will continue to rise from gifted minds and hearts in this enchanted realm where sometimes 'great mists lie' but always where 'great dreams rise' ''.) ...Reminds me particularly of the elves and the ents

May the grace of Manw let us soar with eagle's wings!

In the air, among the clouds in the sky
Here is where the birds of Manwe fly
Looking at the land, and the water that flows
The true beauty of earth shows
With the stars of Varda lighting my way
In all the realms this is where I stay
In the realm of Manw Slimo
By El~Cugu

From the website: 'The Realm of Manwe'


Oct 17 2008, 5:58am

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Ha ha. [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh yes, Mr. Director is having *loads* of fun playing with us. As he said the other day: "I did NOT approach that actor..." If I ever meet him (small chance, but hey, a girl can dream?) I'm going to quote that line back to him...esp when we find out who it is he's referring to.
Esp as our questions are so detailed and ingenuous, and he loves being able to resist. But he'd better stop giving so many interviews, or one day he'll let something slipTongue

THese pics are priceless though. I WISH we could watch this interview! He looks like a little kid.

It occurs to me that already, this is the most analyzed film in the making EVER. Six or seven months....that sounds a lot more like it, "the end of the year" to me....


Oct 17 2008, 6:34am

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Great stuff! [In reply to] Can't Post

SmileI really enjoy reading all the little bits of information and the way the process happens that Guillermo gives over in an interview - its things like this that make my day, as well as all the other Hobbity news, the work that goes into getting a film just right and how they scrape to the bones when fleshing out how to put the story to screen.

I cant wait to see how they have streamlined the films together and then into the trilogy. He sounds really confident that they have have a nailed a 'rest-resume' between the two. Im looking forward to watching a double feature when its in the cinemas, I really want to go to the movies and watch the first installment and have intermission and come back and watch the second part Cool ... when they've both been released of course... then go home and watch the trilogy Wink - and 5 films is a good even number LOL!!

Good on TPB for getting the interview for tORN!


Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!

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Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Oct 17 2008, 7:27am

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Oh, good, speculation time [In reply to] Can't Post

As Gandalf and some dwarf- Balin, perhaps- sit with Bilbo at Bag End, Gandalf asks, "Are you glad to be home?"

Bilbo responds, "I enjoyed adventuring, but yes."

There you go. End of Film One. Wink

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Forum Admin / Moderator

Oct 17 2008, 8:29am

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*Prepares for GdT spotting* [In reply to] Can't Post

So what does one say to Guillermo del Toro if one happens to bump into him around Wellington? I'll keep my eyes peeled, from next week! Cool

Nice interview. I love the enthusiasm.

Figwit Still Lives!

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Tol Eressea

Oct 17 2008, 9:37am

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I get that feeling too! [In reply to] Can't Post

I think he likes to have his fun!

*Jazminatar the Brown*

Tol Eressea

Oct 17 2008, 1:18pm

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"Hi"? [In reply to] Can't Post

Wink Really, he seems like a very nice, approachable person. I hope you get a chance to see him, and with you being in Wellington that seems like a strong possibility.

"...and back again."


Oct 17 2008, 3:23pm

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Thanks Xoanon! [In reply to] Can't Post

This is yet another great interview - not that it reveals much new information but that it provides the sense of a director and team now getting more excited with what they are doing and what they've done so far. I enjoyed this comment particularly:

Now I know that it feels perfectly legitimate, and for me right now, that it is two films, and the way they integrate feels perfectly legitimate. If it didnt, as I said in past interviews, I would have said so. And I feel right now thats the great revelation That this thing is told in a beautiful way and really seems to be umm seems to grow into the existing trilogy in a great way.

You can just sense that the writing team now realizes they "have it" and are just giddy about fleshing it all out. We're dealing with collaborators that pay special attention to the smallest details and would insist that this all flows logically and seamlessly. When he says "right now that's the great revelation" it appears (to me) he's saying they always felt they could tell the story and merge it into LOTR in a great way but now we "have it" and KNOW they can - and are very happy with how it's coming along.

So as a fan who was very confident in this team to create something true and amazing, it's very hopeful to hear that they are so confident in what they have sketched out so far. This journey just gets more exciting as we hear new milestones get crossed...

"Do not come between the Nazgul and his prey"

The Shire

Oct 17 2008, 4:02pm

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3 movies? [In reply to] Can't Post

Wow, I never even dared dream of THREE pre-LOTR movies! Now that Anthony Moody boldly raised that question--and despite Mr. del Toro's adamant reply that there'll be no 3rd movie--I can't help but think of the possibility, some day, of Silmarillion! As a prequel to The Hobbit. Woohoo!

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." --Gandalf the Grey

Henoluin Elsilim

Oct 17 2008, 4:15pm

Post #15 of 114 (2135 views)
:) [In reply to] Can't Post

Man, I have GOT to stop reading GDT interviews, all they do is make me more excited!

~ Henoluin ~

(This post was edited by Henoluin Elsilim on Oct 17 2008, 4:16pm)

Grey Havens

Oct 17 2008, 5:39pm

Post #16 of 114 (2172 views)
And when you think for how much longer it will be analyzed! // [In reply to] Can't Post


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I believe

Registered User

Oct 17 2008, 5:59pm

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Glad you liked the interview... [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry there wasn't time beforehand to solicit questions from the mob :) I also appreciate the fact that (so far) you haven't taken me to task for not pushing him about casting and other spoilers. What he said straight away made it clear where he stood on that, and he was so incredibly gracious and generous with his time that I didn't want to wear out my welcome.

There's some good stuff in the rest, hopefully that'll be transcribed soon.

BTW, one minor note - the "cute" and "cuteness" were actually "Q" and "Quetzaqoatl" (sp?) - we were looking at building tops where the giant flying lizard perched in that movie from 1982....


PS - if you run into him, as long as he's not hustling from A to B surrounded by 20 people, say hello, tell him what an admirer you are of his work and JRRT's work, and thank him for the love he's very obviously giving The Hobbit!! He's a really fun, funny, approachable guy.

Peredhil lover

Oct 17 2008, 6:47pm

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But if you stop [In reply to] Can't Post

reading interviews, you have to wait probably three years until the first movie comes out without knowing more. Do you think you can survive the curiosity that long? Wink

I do not suffer from LotR obsession - I enjoy every minute of it.

Peredhil lover

Oct 17 2008, 6:56pm

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Welcome to TORn! [In reply to] Can't Post

How nice of you to pop in and share this!
As for pushing about cast, I think we all know that it is too early for that. A few, like Andy Serkis for Gollum and Ian McKellen for Gandalf, are pretty obvious, and casting for all others will have to wait until the script is finished. (Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not curious Wink)

Anyway, thank you for doing that interview, it was very interesting, and I look forward to the rest of it!

I do not suffer from LotR obsession - I enjoy every minute of it.


Oct 17 2008, 8:25pm

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Oh [In reply to] Can't Post

yes, agreed - he certainly is building expectations, but it really is specific details that I am really anxious to hear.

He is also starting to look strangely more and more like my Dad Crazy, I must try and get a pic uploaded!!


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Oct 18 2008, 3:28am

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LOL! [In reply to] Can't Post

Artanis, that's SWEET.

THis reminds me of a U2 ancedote (sorry folks, but I really DO have one for every occasionSly). This is a fan story that came to me a couple yrs ago via my favorite U2 website. It seems an middle-aged businessman was on his lunch break somewhere in NYC a few years back, and being a naturally engaging and outgoing sort of person, he struck up a conversation with a guy standing near him. This guy was tall, very skinny, looked to be of similar age as himself, and had noticable Celtic features on a distinctively angular-shaped head, which was covered by a ski cap. It was a drizzy, blah kind of day and the Irish-looking gentleman was swathed in a thick gray raincoat; except for the ski cap, he otherwise looked "normal." Of course the businessman's conjecture was confirmed when this guy opened his mouth and a brogue came out. He asked this guy what his name was and what he did for a living, and the guy said his name was "Dave" and that he worked in the music business. Apparently, somewhere in the course of this conversation, the man revealed to this Irish guy that his daughter's favorite band was U2. ("Dave"s official response to this statement is not public knowledge.) They had a pleasant little chat, before the businessman had to get back to his job.
Of course, when this man later went over the episode with his daughter, she went crazy, grilled her father with specific questions, and of course "Dave" was Dave Evans, aka The Edge. The man had no idea who he was, and had barely even heard of U2 (!), and Edge, bemused, didn't say anything...he must have enjoyed talking to someone who had no clue. This was just a couple yrs back, remember.

Needless to say, his daughter was ready to kill him. EvilTongue

(AHEM--sorry to go totally OT)

Really, I can't wait to see that pic of your dad! As to this pic with this article-- It's become one of my favorite images of the director so far.


Oct 18 2008, 3:33am

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More importantly... [In reply to] Can't Post

what does one say to famous people (ACTORS) seen prowling around Wellington, if there are any?

Remember, if Del Toro is promising us the identity of Bilbo as a Christmas gift, than auditioning must already be going on, not only for him but other parts....or maybe it is just him at this point.

Hey, I highly doubt the auditions are taking place in Wellywood itself-, forthis very reason--fan spying---but ya never know...one must be prepared for anything, right?Evil

Grey Havens

Oct 18 2008, 3:48am

Post #23 of 114 (2107 views)
But what if the scripting is not done yet? [In reply to] Can't Post

I doubt they will go for auditions if the script is far from ready... And if they have 6-7 months script work ahead, it would mean they are not clear on who will play where and what... I still think our Mr. Director is throwing bones at the hungry dogs (us) and watching in delight Evil He is promising the identity of Bilbo because it has been clear for a while now (IMO) most probably! Ah, some day he will pay for all the hours spent in doubt Sly

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I believe

Forum Admin / Moderator

Oct 18 2008, 3:55am

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I'd imagine fan spying would be less here, actually [In reply to] Can't Post

And though I've been here for 18 months I've only had one LOTR celebrity spotting, and that was when Ataahua and I spied Richard Taylor and Tania Rodgers waiting to go and see Indy 4 at the same time as us. So despite the tiny size of Wellington, I think it's unlikely actually. Frown

Figwit Still Lives!

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Oct 18 2008, 6:32am

Post #25 of 114 (2025 views)
Welcome to tORN Anthony! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thankyou for such a great interview!
Im glad we had a tORN rep there to speak to GdT!
You guys really had a good chat!

Elven x

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!

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