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We are a rabid fanbase... but apparently, not rabid enough...
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Grey Havens

Aug 14 2008, 12:51pm

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We are a rabid fanbase... but apparently, not rabid enough... Can't Post

According to Dre Rivas of Film.com, we seem to have lost our passion after the Oscars were handed out for ROTK...

The Five Most Rabid Fanbases

Aug 08, 2008, Dre Rivas

The title pretty much says it all doesn't it? Below are the most rabid of fanbases in order of how deranged and rabidy (my first Whedony word of the day) they are.

But first, an apology ...

An Apology: The Ringers
Fans of Tolkien and Jackson, you will notice LOTR is fairly low on this list. In fact, here you are, into my bear trap and at the bottom. The good news is you're at the top of the page! So let's not all be the-glass-is-half-empty. You're not far from my thoughts. I understand the LOTR fanbase is large and mighty. But where's the passion people? This list is about what you have done for me lately. And you cats went into hiding after Return of the King took home its eight billion Oscars. Now it's like you don't even know me. Hell, even the Trekkies smoked you on this list. You sold out your soul for a gold stiff? No, no, this can't be.

But do not fear. With Guillermo Del Toro and Peter Jackson and WETA amping up production on the latest Tolkien goodness, I have little doubt your voice will be heard (or at least read in the talkback below). You are, indeed, the sleeping giant. So start gianting (my first made-up word of the day).

Well, we may be at the bottom of that list, but did you notice that, in the poll on left-hand side of the page, we're in the majority? Sly


Aug 14 2008, 1:14pm

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"This list is about what you have done for me lately." [In reply to] Can't Post

What is it we've failed to do for this person that other fan bases have done? Perhaps reading the article would tell me. But I don't know if I'm rabidy enough to care. I like to the LOTR fans' 'devotion' comes from a little more thoughtful and intellectual place than rabidy devotion. Don't get me wrong. I had that intense, passionate rabidy reaction during the movie. But the underlying affection for the story, Lord of the Rings, is not the same as that mad crush love I had for the movies. It's kind of the difference between a schoolgirl crush and a deep, abiding love for the man of your life. The two feelings might even be attached to the same person but they are different feelings and the second is the sort that persists for me when it comes to LOTR.

diedye wrote: Well, we may be at the bottom of that list, but did you notice that, in the poll on left-hand side of the page, we're in the majority?

If we were, we aren't any longer. Joss takes the top rung as of this moment: 25.2% to LOTR's 15.9%. Actually, if we were to talk strictly movies - and for most of those categories, there is no 'book' to add to the fan base - then Joss would beat out Peter for me. I like Joss as a writer and filmmaker more than Peter.

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Sr. Staff

Aug 14 2008, 1:59pm

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I think it has been nailed [In reply to] Can't Post

Folks here probably don't fit the general overview and tend to not be "rabid" as much as "stalwart" but from my personal experience at conventions and in life, I think the writer is exactly right.

Great post!

I have no choice but to believe in free will.

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The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie


Aug 14 2008, 2:42pm

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Do I have to pick just one? [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd click the box next to Joss's name AND Tolkien's - and Le Guin's, and Farscape, and Pratchett . . . don't ask me to rank them, either.

Reading the article, though, I think all he's saying is that we're saner than the rest.

My name is Annael, and I approved this message.

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NARF and member of Deplorable Cultus since 1967

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Arwen's daughter

Aug 14 2008, 3:30pm

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I have to agree with the article [In reply to] Can't Post

I mean, yes, we're here, but we're mostly just talking to ourselves. Gone are the days of Oscar parties and tree-plantings. Even ORC and ENT are gone now. No more movie screenings, no more book releases and let's face it, Children of Hurin was barely a blip compared to Harry Potter 7. I think the fandom is dwindling.

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Tol Eressea

Aug 14 2008, 3:38pm

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I think I'm going to prove everyone correct with this reply.... [In reply to] Can't Post

but what are ORC and ENT?


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Arwen's daughter

Aug 14 2008, 3:42pm

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Conventions [In reply to] Can't Post

They were LOTR conventions in California and New Jersey.

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Aug 14 2008, 4:36pm

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Well, rabid or not... [In reply to] Can't Post

I enjoyed his analysis. What have we done for him since Return of the King took home 8 billion Oscars? That reminds me of the Saturday night live episode the weekend after the Oscars which had, on its news, "Peter Jackson" come in, carrying a grocery bag full of gold statues. Hilarious. Wish that were on Youtube.Cool

Hanging out with the Lonely Isle elves.

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Grey Havens

Aug 14 2008, 5:30pm

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NARF!/ [In reply to] Can't Post


Far he journeyed in that ship, even into the starless voids; but most often was he seen at morning or at evening, glimmering in sunrise or sunset, as he came back to Valinor from voyages beyond the confines of the world.

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Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Aug 14 2008, 5:49pm

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So... we are sane then? [In reply to] Can't Post

I can live with that. While I joke around that I am a hopeless obsessed Tolkien fan, I like having a very, very strong grounding on RL.

Some rabid HP fans I know need to get back to reality :P With the seventh book now released, and the movies drawing to a close in the next few years, I imagine that they, too, will become quieter.

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Aug 14 2008, 8:50pm

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Is frothing a learned or instinctive behavior ? [In reply to] Can't Post

I have noticed the lack of rabidness as well, and do not consider that a bad thing. Rabidness seem to be among other things, a ' whatever is great, all else stinks' sort of attitude. We are for the most part like Hobbits or Ents, and slow to rouse. But we have large numbers and are rousable if something important is going on (like the 'Make the Hobbit' movement). For myself, I would add a Treebeardish element of not being entirely on anyones side enough to be rabid in support (ie. in the Jackson, or Estate camp, etc.). I think the most important part is the positive spirit and just plain fun of the material. If I have one rabid area it's against anyone hiding Tolkien away, for which I am in emnity with the Estate at the moment.

An Ent juggling spikey things ?


Aug 14 2008, 9:11pm

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Absolutely! "Ringers rule, others drool!!" / [In reply to] Can't Post


The audacious proposal stirred his heart. And the stirring became a song, and it mingled with the songs of Gil-galad and Celebrian, and with those of Feanor and Fingon. The song-weaving created a larger song, and then another, until suddenly it was as if a long forgotten memory woke and for one breathtaking moment the Music of the Ainur revealed itself in all glory. He opened his lips to sing and share this song. Then he realized that the others would not understand. Not even Mithrandir given his current state of mind. So he smiled and simply said "A diversion.”


Aug 14 2008, 11:01pm

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This is bittersweet in my case because... [In reply to] Can't Post

...after Tolkien's work the only other jenre I am almost as passionate about is Joss Whedon's Firefly series. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into grassroots space drama, with witty dialogue and interesting and well developed characters.

I would liken it to a cross between the crew of the Millennium Falcon meets the Outlaw Josey Whales. Sounds weird huh? Believe me it's a good time. Joss Whedon is a genius.

There were thirteen episodes made, but the show was cancelled in it's first season by Fox after only a few of them had aired. Big egg on their face when it went on to win a few prime-time Emmys that year.

The show went on to garner a huge internet fan base who clamored for it's return, and in 2005 a full length film based on the show came out. It was called "Serenity", and you can pick up the collectors addition right now pretty cheap. If you like the movie you can buy the DVD episode pack reasonably priced as well.

"Alas for Boromir! It was too sore a trial!"

-Faramir, reflecting on his brother.

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Arwen's daughter

Aug 14 2008, 11:11pm

Post #14 of 44 (749 views)
I don't think rabidness is necessarily a bad thing [In reply to] Can't Post

Consider Whedon fans, who once a year arrange nationwide screenings of Serenity to benefit charity. Yes, frothing comes with a downside if left unchecked, but it can be put to good.

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Aug 14 2008, 11:30pm

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Well, this guy doesn't know Gramma! [In reply to] Can't Post

He needs *twitching* lessons! WinkLaugh

Gramma, he needs to hear from you! Pronto--you're a one-person advertisement for Tolkien geekness!


Aug 14 2008, 11:41pm

Post #16 of 44 (742 views)
Well... [In reply to] Can't Post

what he must be talking about is the PUBLIC presence of the fandom. And it really isn't fair to compare Pottermania and Tolkien fandom.

!0 yrs from now, long after the last Potter movie has played out in theaters, Potter fans will slip under the radar too. Because without the movies there, things don't stay in the public eye in a big way.Book-based fandoms are curious things. Reading is a solitary activity, and a book-based fandom NEEDS something more to keep it in the public eye.

The Stephenie Meyer books (Twilighters) are a brand-new phenom in the first throes of existence, so of course they'd be high on a list. However, the age range of those books skews more teen and adult....and does not appeal to children as much. The appeal of them is not as universal as HP or Rings, and now that the final book in the series has just been published, it's a question how far it will go.

Trek is eternally around b/c the convention culture keeps it alive. Ringers don't have such...our "moots" are personal. I take it ORC and ENT were mega-moots, like conventions?

But what this writer does not take into account is that Tolkien-mania is the oldest of the fandoms. We've been around since 1956, and the phenom took off around 10 yrs later, so actually we pre-date Trek by 5 yrs or so. And as others have written, there have to be powerful things going to keep the flame alive for 50+ yrs. Our fandom is more internalized. We don't show it by walking around dressed like Ents, except at line parties. Even at moots, we dress normally, I'd guess!

I think I WILL pay this guy a "visit"....Sly

Grey Havens

Aug 15 2008, 12:09am

Post #17 of 44 (734 views)
Someone send him and invitation to Dragoncon [In reply to] Can't Post

or Mythcon... or any of the various cons where LOTR gets scheduled.... I understand the turn out at ComicCon was good... or does he count that as Hobbit fan base?

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The Shire

Aug 15 2008, 12:52am

Post #18 of 44 (729 views)
damn titles [In reply to] Can't Post

ORC = One Ring Celebration, i.e. LOTR conventions held annually in Los Angeles in 2005, 2006, and 2007. This years was cancelled after a showing that disappointed the folks at Creation that do the convention.

ENT= the same thing, held in on the East Coast (not all in the same place). Except that there wasn't no ENT 2007, IIRC.

ORC was promsied to return when/if The Hobbit did. So..... ORC 2010 or 2011? Fingers crossed.

~Old Toby Productions


Aug 15 2008, 1:17am

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Let me see... [In reply to] Can't Post

The Hobbit came out in 1937 and is still going strong. The rest of the folks on the list can get back to me (or more likely one of my children) in 70 years.

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Aug 15 2008, 2:02am

Post #20 of 44 (714 views)
Rabid! ... you wanna see 'Rabid' ... welll! [In reply to] Can't Post

hang on I'll be right with you as soon as I get my zimmerframe .... Wink

Im rabid on the inside ... or is that rancid, hmmm - no rabid is good ...

Im holding up my end of the bargain here as much as I can ..
I hold my own Moots - just me attends - I have a great time - I have a chocolate wheel (I win every year) .. there's a hunt for the ring (which I win every year) ... and then there's the poetry contest (I came second last year) ...Wink There are special guest cardboard cut outs, and everyone goes home with a gift of special magnificence ... last year it was the left over chicken drumsticks and seedcake ...

I tell you, theres still a bit of rabid left in us yet - we just dont like to be too obvious about it!

Cheers and drools

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!

Registered User

Aug 15 2008, 9:30am

Post #21 of 44 (703 views)
haha! [In reply to] Can't Post

Well, if someone would have taken the trouble of checking how many tolkien forums and chat sites thats going strong, someone might have gotten a different view. In norway there is a big gathering every year called a long expected party.


Aug 15 2008, 12:34pm

Post #22 of 44 (691 views)
What is Whedon ? [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't really know what half the list of rabid fans is about. Joss ?

I think you touch on something that could be called rabidness, but I still think of the word in terms of rabies, ie. Mad Dog. But I can't think of a decent word for the thing you describe. Only old worn out ones.

An Ent juggling spikey things ?

One Ringer
Tol Eressea

Aug 15 2008, 1:13pm

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We're fans of books, so we're more quiet ... [In reply to] Can't Post

That's why when movies sprout, we're more open.

That's why Trekkies talk so much, they do nothing but watch TV, and sometimes movies.


Aug 15 2008, 1:28pm

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Joss Whedon [In reply to] Can't Post


I wasn't the biggest Angel fan but I watched it. I think the other three are some of the best film I've ever seen. Don't assume you know what they're all 'about' until you've watched a fair number. The real intent of these shows creep up on you. They're entertaining... but they're so much more than just entertaining. Like I said, the 'story' of LOTR ranks highest for me. But take away the emotional attachment that the story brings to the films and I like what Joss produces better than what Peter produces.

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Alassėa Eruvande

Aug 15 2008, 2:18pm

Post #25 of 44 (668 views)
Bless you! *hands over a tissue* // [In reply to] Can't Post


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