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What would you like to see in the 2nd GdT film?
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May 3 2008, 10:15am

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"Really something" indeed.:) [In reply to] Can't Post

How much of his work have you read, BTW, Reptile....(just out of curiosity)? had you read any of it before the movies came out?

There are things I STILL haven't read.

Compa, WOW thanks for all that! I didn't know there was other material on the other 2 Istari! But I'm not a "History of Middle-earth" expert either....I still haven't finished reading that.

The Shire

May 3 2008, 11:18am

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Girly Costumes... [In reply to] Can't Post

Haha, I secretly hope there will be some female prescence just for the sake of beautiful costumes! Not that I want surplus women strewn around The Hobbit or anything, but I hope the sprequel will have Galadriel and Arwen (ooh, and perhaps Finduilas in Minas Tirith!) at least!


May 3 2008, 2:22pm

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Agreed, bring on the girls and the romance [In reply to] Can't Post

I think the Aragorn and Arwen story is something that should not be passed up. It is romantic and beautiful. I'd love to see brief glimpses of Elessar/Aragorn as a child in Rivendell, the ward of Elrond, and being noticed by Arwen, or his noticing of her. At this time Arwen might have little reason to have any deeper interest in him, but it would be great to see the many ways this could be approached, even in a brief scene. Does she laugh at his child like human antics? Does she not interact with him at all, but instead he marvels at her beauty as she pours a jug of water into a pool/fountain or whatever?

Then you can have him slightly older, either an inbetween child and Viggo actor, or Viggo under clever make up and FX. I believe they did something like this to make Magneto look a little younger in one scene in X-Men 3. I never saw that film so I'm not sure how good the effect was, but I believe for a brief scene with clever directing Viggo could look younger. But whatever, an inbetween actor could work. And Aragorn's and Arwen's moment on the hill, with the grass under their bare feet (I forget the words Tolkien used) which implies to me something quite romantic just occured. I mean, did they actually have sex? That would be pretty cool. ;-) LOL. Or were they cuddling on the hill top meadow? Whatever, its all good stuff.

They meet several times before FOTR, and their relationship develops through this. I think its an absolute gem of a romance to put to film and I really hope that Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortenssen will be brough back. I love them both. They are elegant people.

So I would rank the romance extremely high on my list of priorities for the sprequel/interquel. The romance could be intercut between Aragorn and Gandalf's hunt for Gollum.

I'd love to see the Balrog again of course, and anything Balin is good. And I'd like to see Gandalf, Galadriel, Elrond and Saruman roll up their sleeves vs the Necromancer and his most powerful minions.

N.E. Brigand

May 3 2008, 3:23pm

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No. [In reply to] Can't Post

Saruman is simply painting Gandalf as holding very lofty ambitions.

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Keebler the Elf

May 3 2008, 6:05pm

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You know, on second thought.... [In reply to] Can't Post

I would love to see Aragorn's journey, but NOT with Viggo Mortenson in it. He didn't do too great of a job in LOTR. The only lines I really liked were when Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn meet Gandalf in Fangorn, and Aragorn says the words, 'You fell!' Thats about it though. "Lets hunt some orc", etc. really got on my nerves. I think the Dwarves vs. Goblins would be the best move, with the White Council against Sauron incorporated in would make a great show....leave Aragorn out of this one, unless you can get someone other than Viggo, which really isn't possible, without turning people away.

Mmmmmm....somethin' smells good!!!!! Could it be cookies baked in a tree?

Keebler's Website

Those were good cookies.....TIME TO HUNT SOME ORC!!!!!!!!!

Tol Eressea

May 3 2008, 6:24pm

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Balin and the dwarves [In reply to] Can't Post

I didn't know most of you wanted to see more dwarves, Balin's Bane, and such things. While I absolutely support this (one can never have enough dwarves), I do not see it happening.

I believe they'll go more with Aragorn, Gandalf, the Council, Bilbo adopting Frodo, etc... it seems more appropriate for casual viewers.

However, I do hope I am wrong in this one. Having some Moria, Balin and Balrog action would really be a great asset for the sprequel!

PS: I am glad you all liked the Blue Wizards' article.

Here's to Del Toro becoming the Irvin Kershner of Middle Earth!

Essay winner of the Show us your Hobbit Pride Giveway!

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May 3 2008, 8:24pm

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the invasion of the superintelligent bannanas is going to be badass [In reply to] Can't Post

no duh this is a joke


May 4 2008, 3:42pm

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Reading vs. comprehension [In reply to] Can't Post

Well, I've read the Hobbit and LoTR many times (centuries before the movies came out), but it's been a long time since I've read--or tried to read--the Silmarillion, and others. I would like to read the Tolkien Letters some day, but from the various excerpts I've seen here, I think I would have to devote a lot more attention to them than I have available right now.

I note that reading is one thing and fully comprehending is another. There is much in the Silmarillion that I just couldn't comprehend when I read it. I found it much easier to read the Children of Hurin than the same story in the Silmarillion. But that may have been because I had more time and attention to devote to the Children of Hurin.

I'm a little dyxlesic, so that makes me a slow reader. It took me nearly a year to get through Froissart's Chronicles (only about 650 pages), but that was partly because the copy I was reading had teeny tiny, badly faded print.

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May 4 2008, 5:28pm

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More reading v's comprehension [In reply to] Can't Post

I know what you mean reptile. I've found that when Tolkien's work is written in a more "normal" (???) way i follow, and remember, it better. Luckily there are some more intellectually adept people on here than myself! lol
I am curious about one thing though.
The whole legal issue....if anything in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings can be used then this includes the appendices, and that means loads of stuff doesn't it?
But, what if something that is alluded to in the above books is expanded on in the movies....
and happens to follow quite closely something that is written in more detail in the other books .
Is this, legally speaking, "allowed" ?
This 2nd film sounds more intriguing the more we think about it. Actually, i'm kinda looking forward to it more than the Hobbit. Though i think this is mostly curiosity.
I agree with many of the above "inclusion" comment's. I do think the Aragorn romance+ going after Gollum is likely to be included. The romance will add some extra emotion to the film to escape from some of the inevitable dark atmosphere that will prevail. So, to the Viggo hater, i think you'll see him again. It would look plain WEIRD Aragorn being played by someone else.

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May 5 2008, 3:58am

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Keebler, I don't think you should blame Viggo for... [In reply to] Can't Post

...a line penned by the screenwriters, lol.

I'm guessing your concept of Aragorn doesn't look or sound like Viggo Mortenesen? Neither did mine originally, though I read LOTR for the first time long, long ago in the early 60's.

Personally, I found Viggo as Aragorn one of the most brilliant pieces of casting luck in the entire production. I'd watched him for years, long before LOTR, and always though he was a wonderful actor. I thought he was sensational as Aragorn and would love to see him return in film2.

I'm not sure what I want in the sprequel. I think I'd actually liked to be surprised.

(This post was edited by ShadoFaxs on May 5 2008, 4:04am)

Sr. Staff

May 5 2008, 5:04am

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Full frontal nudity! {NT} [In reply to] Can't Post


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The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie

Superuser / Moderator

May 5 2008, 5:10am

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*whap* [In reply to] Can't Post

*knocks MrCere upside the head* (unless you're referring to the eagles). Wink

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May 5 2008, 6:20am

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Dont encourage him Altaira ... [In reply to] Can't Post

... but just in case ... wasn't there a steam room fight mentioned somewhere in Dale?

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!


May 5 2008, 8:19am

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That might just work !?... [In reply to] Can't Post

Wait a min. I reckon Mrcere might be onto something here.
You could be talking an extra two million or so, MOSTLY female, bums on seats !

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May 5 2008, 1:09pm

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Sauron and Balrog [In reply to] Can't Post

Movie trailer-wise, I was thinking, hey we really need to grab the mainstream audiences attention. I couldn't help but think about the idea of Balin's crew meeting their end in Moria, and the potential for a Balrog sighting. Now, this is fan-indulgence, plain and simple. Its not necessary at all, its just something that I'd kill to see. But I have doubts about such a thing really getting filmed or included. So I got thinking last night as sleep was starting to take over, that it would also be neat to see some more flashback snippets, similar to events from the distant past and how they came to set up the situation with the ring. I'm talking distant past like beyond the Last Alliance, like the War of Wrath... you see, shouldn't Sauron's origins be more important in the sprequel if they go the White Council vs Dol Guldur Necromancer route? I'm nodding my head, "yes". So lets have a glimpse of Sauron as the lieutenant of Morgoth. Let's see him and the Balrog generals marching to war against the heroes. Let's see the great dragons. Lets see what a huge threat Sauron (mister intangible in the LOTR films) REALLY is. Let's set him up with the weight he deserves and lets see some Balrogs in there somewhere so that those of us who are so petty as to get a childish thrill out of it, can. Like myself. :-) What do you guys think of the importance of establishing Sauron in the "sprequel"? Am I off the mark? A good opportunity visually?

(This post was edited by Ataahua on May 6 2008, 9:41pm)

Tol Eressea

May 6 2008, 4:14am

Post #41 of 42 (156 views)
Replying a week late... [In reply to] Can't Post

But I got the link for the Blue Wizards article!


There you can link to several other articles.

Hope you find it useful!

Here's to Del Toro becoming the Irvin Kershner of Middle Earth!

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May 6 2008, 9:19am

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I don't know if they could do that ? [In reply to] Can't Post

Nice idea Merklynn, but is all that detailed in the books they have the rights to use ? I cant remember it if it was...
Don't forget, it's GOT to be from the Hobbit/LotRs (+appendices) to be considered for the movies !
I think i need to read the whole lot again as my memory for detail is pretty crap! lol

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