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Who else would you like to see return?

Arwen's daughter

Dec 21 2007, 4:54pm

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Who else would you like to see return? Can't Post

I think we've all at least touched on PJ and Fran's roles as executive producers by now, but who else would you like to see come back for The Hobbit? For me, I want Howard Shore, Ngila Dickson, Richard Taylor, Alan Lee, and John Howe back on set. Those are the big ones, anyway. Who do you want back?

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Dec 21 2007, 5:19pm

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all of your listed names and [In reply to] Can't Post

Ian McKellen. Can't be done without him.

formerly Poor 'ol Bill


Dec 21 2007, 5:44pm

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My call... [In reply to] Can't Post

Basically every actor who could return should, especially Richard Taylor. Including Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, etc. I'd also suggest Legolas for the fact that he would not be out of place with a cameo in halls of the Silvan elves. Mortensson should be back along with Liv Tyler, if Aragorn is to feature in the second film and IF the second film is set a while after the Hobbit.

The Shire

Dec 21 2007, 7:21pm

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return [In reply to] Can't Post


at last a film with dwarves


Dec 21 2007, 8:19pm

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I Have a Little Different Feeling on Casting [In reply to] Can't Post

Much as I'm a huge fan of Viggo's, I'd want to see a young actor play Aragorn, if they shoot the material of Aragorn and Arwen's early days, with Liv playing Arwen. That helps to restate the issue that humans change (though, slowly, in the case of Aragorn) while elves and wizards do not.

Same with Bilbo. I like Sir Ian Holm; he's a great actor. But I think he's already too old to play the middle-aged Bilbo. I'd hope Sir Ian could come in a little at the end of the second movie, perhaps if they shoot the material about how Frodo comes to live with Bilbo.

Weta's involvement is absolutely key. Ditto the main artistic leads (Shore, Taylor, Lee, How, and Dickson).

It's Official! Jackson to Produce The Hobbit! Woot! Woot!

The Shire

Dec 21 2007, 10:42pm

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Keep it to a minimum [In reply to] Can't Post

Obvious returnees:

Ian McKellen
Hugo Weaving
Andy Serkis
Peter Jackson (You just know he's going to be in Lake Town)

Possible returnees (if book followed only):

Orlando Bloom (In the background with other wood elves OR doing a kind act while the dwarves are imprisoned, but something very very minor).
John Rhys-Davies (In the background of the great battle, again something very very minor).
Ian Holm (Digital can make him young again)

Possible returnees (due to bridge concept):

Everyone with the appropriate age. :)

People I don't want to see:

Elijah Wood
Sean Astin
Billy Boyd
Sean Bean (sorry Sean lovers)
Dominic Monaghan

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Registered User

Dec 22 2007, 1:31am

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the same artists [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey hey, I'm new so please don't mind me jumping in to add my two cents Smile

I'd really like to see Alan Lee and John Howe back,cause I love the effort they put in to get everything in LOTR to look just right.Weta should be involved too I thinkSmile Oh and of course Andy Serkis has to play Gollum again!

(This post was edited by HobbitGal on Dec 22 2007, 1:33am)

Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Dec 22 2007, 5:35am

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Welcome! [In reply to] Can't Post

Nice to see so many new faces on these boards :)

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Dec 22 2007, 5:26pm

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John Rhys-Davies [In reply to] Can't Post

Joh Rhys-Davies as the Voice of Smaug would be a nice touch.

BTW, I'm not really a new face...I've forgotten my old screen name on this board (possibly 'monghi"?)

But I was active on several board between 1998 and the release of ROTK. I see other 'old faces' have emerged this week Smile

(This post was edited by carrioncrow on Dec 22 2007, 5:29pm)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 22 2007, 5:40pm

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I think that would be redundant [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't like his voice for Treebeard, and adding it again for another character is another duplication. I would much rather see someone else for Smaug.

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`Are these magic cloaks?' asked Pippin, looking at them with wonder.
`I do not know what you mean by that,' answered the leader of the Elves.

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Dec 22 2007, 6:00pm

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I know I have forgotten many of the cast and crew but here goes... [In reply to] Can't Post

Pete and Fran, Philippa Boyens, WETA, Alan Lee, John Howe, Howard Shore, Dan & Chris Hennah (art department coordinator), Ngila Dickson, Rick Porras, Andrew Lesnie (Cinematographer) and Alex Funke (Visual Effects Director of Photography, Miniature Unit).

New Zealand

Actors and stunties Lawrence Makoare, Sala Baker, Ian McKellen, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving.

And if they try to stick Liv Tyler in these movies again, I will vomit into my popcorn bag!

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The Shire

Dec 22 2007, 6:47pm

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Well stated and some… [In reply to] Can't Post

That last one with the vomit bag made my day… honestly her dad’s first reaction was same …

Seriously now, all of the above with one exclamation mark- Kate Blanchett; Her voice… shear power befitting the character and as central to the story and history of the whole mythology… Hobbit included.


Dec 22 2007, 7:06pm

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I forgot about Jed Brophy who played Snaga and Sharku. [In reply to] Can't Post

HeartDon’t get me wrong I think Liv is a sweet, kind, beautiful, talented, young women.Heart That said, I resent (and I don’t mean this in a small way!) her appearing in any of the movies. When I think of what they left out ,to put her part in the movies, I get down right frothie! When I watch the DvDs I always fast forward all her parts.

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Arwen's daughter

Dec 22 2007, 7:26pm

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I'm far more sore about... [In reply to] Can't Post

the parts Tolkien did not write. At least Arwen's part comes (mostly) from the Appendices. And I like the inclusion of their love story in TTT. Though, she did not need to resort to stealing Glorfindel's horse in FOTR or 'dying' in ROTK. But it's the 'additions' to Tolkien that I would rather cut out.

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Dec 22 2007, 7:33pm

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Agreed. [In reply to] Can't Post

I wondered at the time why, with all the wonderful "voices" around they used the same voice as Gimli. Anybody with half an ear could tell it was the same person. Alan Howard voiced the ring, and you never saw him, why couldn't they have used, say Brian Blessed, for example purely to voice Treebeard?

Please, please don't let JRD be Smaug.

For Gondor!


Dec 22 2007, 7:43pm

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The omission of The Burrow Downs was the worst part for me. [In reply to] Can't Post

That is where Merry gets the enchanted dagger that breaks the magical spells protecting the Witch King, without which Eowyn would not have been able to kill him for good.

In Reply To
the parts Tolkien did not write. At least Arwen's part comes (mostly) from the Appendices. And I like the inclusion of their love story in TTT. Though, she did not need to resort to stealing Glorfindel's horse in FOTR or 'dying' in ROTK. But it's the 'additions' to Tolkien that I would rather cut out.

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The Shire

Dec 22 2007, 8:39pm

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Some B listers [In reply to] Can't Post

I would like to see actors such as Lawrence Makoare, Bruce Hopkins and Craig Parker, in different roles of course, though I feel they should fit Haldir in somewhere seeing they killed him off in TTT.

The voice of Smaug could be done by Brian Blessed, what say you?

Alan Lee is a must, as are Richard Taylor and Weta (I intend to get another kiss from Richard when he wins his Oscar for The Hobbit Cool)

OK I'll be honest, I want to see them all Sly.

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Dec 22 2007, 9:02pm

Post #18 of 24 (325 views)
Yes, Brian Blessed. I wanted him to be Treebeard... [In reply to] Can't Post

If Mr. Blessed could just get a little bit more wiley tone to his deep voice, he'd be perfect.

For Gondor!

The Shire

Dec 23 2007, 1:38am

Post #19 of 24 (272 views)
And what about.... [In reply to] Can't Post

So…looking down the list here I suddenly realized that aside from a few here, what is missing from my wish list, and on a personal note a major when it comes to tying it all together, The Music…forward –“Howard Shore” and non other!

Thoughts anyone….

Registered User

Dec 23 2007, 5:07pm

Post #20 of 24 (249 views)
All except... [In reply to] Can't Post

All the behind the scenes people should return plus Ian Mckennan also. Otherwise I wouldnt want to see Viggo for instance play some other character...


Dec 23 2007, 7:46pm

Post #21 of 24 (312 views)
Two more stunties, Brett Beattie (Gimli's double) and Lani Jackson. [In reply to] Can't Post

Also Jane Abbott (riding double) and Gino Acevedo (makeup artist and pirate).

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Dec 24 2007, 10:41am

Post #22 of 24 (257 views)
Everyone seems to forget... [In reply to] Can't Post

...Grima Wormtongue - Brad Dourif. How about a role for him as the Master of Laketown?

Tol Eressea

Dec 24 2007, 12:35pm

Post #23 of 24 (256 views)
It's beginning to look to me [In reply to] Can't Post

like a lot of people just want PJ to make LOTR all over again. Y'all are a bunch of conservative fogies! ;o) (And consider the source!)

Seriously, can't we have something new and fresh instead of a movie with ten or twenty cameos? Would there even be time for The Hobbit plot?


Formerly known as GaladrielTX


Dec 27 2007, 10:11pm

Post #24 of 24 (273 views)
Well, here it is [In reply to] Can't Post

I think cameos for Legolas are to be expected. He is centuries old and would certainly have been in his Father's court. Gimli could be present at the battle, but not needed.

Definitely: Mckellan and Hugo Weaving, as well as Serkis. (But this time Ian has to put vanity aside and let them do the beard, at least down to his navel. Gandalf's description in The Hobbit is clarion).

Christopher Lee and Kate Blanchett MUST return for council scenes. Also Glorfindel Must be added, if only to make up for how badly they disrespected him in LOTR, allowing Arwen to take EVERYTHING from him. He was a much more pivotal character to me than Haldir, yet Haldir pops up in two of the films and Glorfindel has to be sought out in a procession (actually, unitl they put out a card for who played him in that non-speaking cameo, I decided for myself that he was the longer haired elf at the council in LOTR lol).

Lee and Howe should return, but I would also like to see Ted Nasmith, and especially MICHAEL HAGUE! I like Howe's and Nasmith's elves much better than Hague's, but Hague's illustrated Hobbit was definitive for years, and his depections of the shire, and certain scenes with Gandalf and the Dwarves were magnificent.

As Peter has had no problem expanding and contracting roles before, and as Balin's reord mentions the "Shadow" moving in the dark, I would love, in film two, to see The Balrog employ his sorcery against Balin's colony, and command the orcs against them. The Balrogs were to Melkor what the Nazgul were to Sauron, his chief servants and the high-captains of his legions. The witchcraft of the one in Moria is spelled out by Gandalf concerning the door of Marzabul chamber, so Id love to see him shown as more than a beastly brute.

And finally. . . lets see Gandalf's magic AS THE BOOK DESCRIBES IT. Yes, he can fight, but he is a WIZARD, Peter, not a ninja, and he has a paramount aptitude for fire magic. At the end of the Hobbit films, I should not have to say that Rankin/Bass did a better job of displaying Gandalf's power in their Hobbit cartoon film.

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