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several questions from one who doesn't frequent this forum very often.. rumours, EE, previews?


Apr 7 2013, 11:30am

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several questions from one who doesn't frequent this forum very often.. rumours, EE, previews? Can't Post

Hello everyone,

I don't read this forum all the time so please forgive me if I'm asking questions with seemingly obvious answers. ;)

First off, this morning my girlfriend told me that she saw a quote from HobbitCon, where someone said Tauriel would reject Thranduil romantically, and help the Dwarves escape to defy him?
If that's true, then in a way I'll like it because it portrays Thranduil as much of a sleaze as I always thought he was, but I'd also REALLY miss seeing drunk Elves neglecting their duties and just leaving the keys unguarded for Bilbo to take.

Then also, does anyone know whether the Extended Editions for the films will be released on plain old regular DVDs? Because I have this dreadful feeling it'll be "Buy into Blu-ray or miss out", like with the extended scenes for The Avengers...

And lastly (for now), I keep seeing shots from some preview with Thranduil sitting in his throne and quizzing Thorin... what's that from? The production diaries? In that case, where can I see that particular one?

I think that's it for now... thanks to anyone who can help me with these, and sorry again if the answers are obvious.

Greetings! xx


Apr 7 2013, 11:54am

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Regarding the drunken elves bit [In reply to] Can't Post


It says this in the cast listings:

Craig Hall as Galion: Elven King Thranduil's butler, whose fondness for drink allows for Bilbo and the dwarves' escape attempt.

So that might suggest we will see some drunken elves afterall.


Apr 7 2013, 11:56am

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Here is a link to a report from HobbitCon 2013 [In reply to] Can't Post

Link (the link to the report is in that thread). There you will find some DOS spoilers, specifically the Tauriel and Thranduil spoiler. There are also more reports from a couple of TORn users that attended here.

Thranduil on his throne was revealed in the DOS sneak peek a couple of weeks ago. You can watch an edited version of this on Peter Jackson's Facebook Page.

And we haven't heard any news re: extended editions. Not yet anyway.


I hope that helps you out.

And on a general note - if you don't visit the forum regularly, you might like to keep an eye out for Hobbit Headlines of the Week, posted every Friday/Saturday over on the Main board. I try and capture all Hobbit movie news, both spoilery and non-spoilery. That's a good way of keeping up with news.


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Apr 7 2013, 12:33pm

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Thanks guys! :3 [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm actually a little annoyed that I didn't catch the Tauriel/Thranduil thing because I WAS AT HOBBITCON *lol* But only for one day, so. I was this Arwen (if anyone's interested - maybe we met?!)

Picture removed - too big!

In any case, off to read spoilers now... ;)

...aaand back from reading spoilers. I must have misunderstood my girlfriend this morning - it's TAURIEL who crushes on Thranduil. Not the other way around. Eh... well, I guess he'll get to be all purist about it, and maybe we'll learn something about where Legolas' mother is, but... hm. In my mind I had Tauriel all Empowered Female Character-like who would get hit on by Thranduil and smack him in the face or something. XD

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Apr 7 2013, 12:47pm

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Can we help crush this rumor? [In reply to] Can't Post

Obviously we can't be 100% sure, but this rumor just seems ridiculous, as if someone at HobbitCon
had a bit of an April Fool's joke and it got taken seriously. Galion we know is in the movie. Tauriel
speaks the line "The cells are empty!' And are we to believe that Tauriel, who must be centuries old
to have her position as head of the elf guards, and has been shown to be a serious, badass warrior, suddenly
reveals a "crush" on her boss (who is her king and who has a wife and son) and pouts when she gets the
brushoff by freeing the Dwarves!? I'll believe it when I see it.

Don't mess with my favorite female elf.


Apr 7 2013, 12:56pm

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Although this may seem controversial, I'm going to say it anyway. [In reply to] Can't Post

Tauriel is an eligible and attractive female.
Both Thranduil and Legolas are attractive males who appear to be unattached.

At some point, with these 3 sharing space at the top, these matters of the heart would have been likely to emerge in some form. So it doesn't seem totally "out there" at all, unless Thranduil is, in fact, attached - but then at some point, the question probably would have come up between Tauriel and Legolas. I have many friends who claim that men and women "can't just be friends". I don't subscribe to that notion, but enough of these things develop between attractive and single members of the opposite sex that not addressing this question at all will really seem blind and stupid to a lot of the audience! It would have come up, if nothing else from pressure by other members of the society wondering about it.

I just hope that it involves Thranduil and/or the dwarves somehow and is important to the story and isn't just a "sideshow" between Tauriel and Legolas.

But even more importantly, I really think that Tauriel would be more believable as the chief guard of the Mirkwood elves if there were a few more female soldiers walking with her. She would seem a whole lot less "exceptional" and the bank of exceptionality has limited funds.


Apr 7 2013, 1:01pm

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Even if [In reply to] Can't Post

supposting Tauriel is "playing dumb" with the "Cells are empty line"(which IMO seems unlikely), I don't think she'd help them because she had a crush on Thranduil and gets rejected. but simply because she may feel they are being unfairly treated.

However now that I think of it, I hadn't realized Galion would be in it, so she may GET him drunk to help ease the dwarves escape(which is a very "Kate" move actually lol). She may pretend to drink more than she does and pretend to be drunk too and then when he falls asleep, gives the dwarves the go ahead.

But even that I doubt. I doubt even Thorin would look too badly on an elf who helped them escape, even his pig headedness on the subject would have to soften somewhat. So I don't think she has anything to do with their escape, at least not that they'd know about.


Apr 7 2013, 1:11pm

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Tauriel getting Galion drunk.. [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
However now that I think of it, I hadn't realized Galion would be in it, so she may GET him drunk to help ease the dwarves escape(which is a very "Kate" move actually lol). She may pretend to drink more than she does and pretend to be drunk too and then when he falls asleep, gives the dwarves the go ahead.


Apr 7 2013, 1:27pm

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Or obviously connected to Bilbo in some way. [In reply to] Can't Post

It really needs to fit into the story because otherwise, humans being what they are in orientation and focus on relationships, that side track will take a lot of the audience right out of the main plot where they can then safely stop caring what happens to everyone else anymore. Oops ... I think I can safely assume that this would not be the intended effect.


Apr 7 2013, 1:46pm

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^What I meant by that post... [In reply to] Can't Post

Somehow got lost. oO I meant to say that it does compromise Tauriel's integrity if she commits treason over her feelings for the king, on the other hand we know that Elves are NOT flawless, and that makes for better character development (see: the entire Silmarillion). So if she got Galion drunk, that would actually be quite cool, because there ARE a guard and the king's butler... it would be a great interpretation of what is said in only a few words in the book, as is normal for Tolkien.

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Apr 7 2013, 4:39pm

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I'm getting rather annoyed my self... [In reply to] Can't Post

The guy who said this stuff better get on the microphone and confirm or dispel these stupid rumours. It's aggravating when this sort of crap, so obviously contradictory to what we know of Thranduil and Legolas, suddenly gets credence just because a guy with no access to the script said a few things just to get a laugh. My good will and good humour toward him is dwindling fast.

If what he said is true, then I'm mad at him for revealing it. And if what he said isn't true, then I'm mad at him for not yelling April Fools at the end. I really hope the staff at TORn help clear this up by doing a front page article on it.

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Apr 7 2013, 5:33pm

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Sorry, had to remove your picture [In reply to] Can't Post

It was too big. Please see this link for our image posting guidelines.

Glad you made it to Hobbit Con! Hope you can meet other Torn-folk next time. Watch our Moots board to learn about future gatherings.

Tol Eressea

Apr 7 2013, 5:47pm

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thanks for that link! [In reply to] Can't Post

I was aware of the Heirs of Durin site, quite wonderful, but missed the Hobbitcon link. (perhaps because I've been Sherlocked)...

I think the Tauriel stuff is rather like the latest tabloid...we won't know till we see it ourselves.

And dear sweet adorable lovely Dean... someone needs to do an article on him where he doesn't seem so clueless. (we Heart you anyway).

Go outside and play...


Apr 7 2013, 6:27pm

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tbh, Dean seemed a little overwhelmed with the amount of fangirling there. XD [In reply to] Can't Post

My gf and I didn't go collecting ourselves, but some of our friends did, and it seemed like there were LOADS of people piling on the sexiest dwarf there (though that is debateable, Graham McTavish was there too... we all know about Dwalin's sex appeal, right? lol Well anyone who's been on tumblr, anyway... anyway.) And so Dean (and Adam, Jed and Sylvester McCoy) walked past us a couple of times and each time we thought "Hm... nah, let's give 'em some peace." ;)

So anyway, the Tauriel thing ISN'T actually official then? Hmm... I'm so confused.


Apr 8 2013, 12:20am

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It has got to be false [In reply to] Can't Post

I mean, we haven't seen a whole lot of Tauriel so far, but even now I think something like this would be completely out-of-character for her. I just can't imagine her "crushing" on the king and then betraying him for such a petty reason, for all the reasons you said. I second that I'll believe it when I see it. Unimpressed

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Apr 8 2013, 5:19am

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Wait, Thranduil is Legolas' father. [In reply to] Can't Post

Elves mate for life, which is usually synonymous with forever, since they're immortal. So, even if Legolas' mom isn't in evidence, Thranduil can't really be considered "unattached". And, as I recall, someone from the production denied that Tauriel would be involved with Legolas.

For her to "have a crush" on Thranduil would be inappropriate in several respects. Sure, they can do it, they've taken other cheap shots, but I certainly hope not!

Tol Eressea

Apr 8 2013, 2:43pm

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daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww [In reply to] Can't Post

Poor Dean. He does seem by all accounts to be a big lovable guy.

It must actually take a great deal of patience and humility to stay cool, calm and collected in the midst of a fangirl maelstrom. Kudos to the actors who manage to deal with us ravenous fans without losing it.

Of course Graham McTavish is sexy... and closer to my age. jkljklasdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl; that man ...awesome.

Go outside and play...

Tol Eressea

Apr 8 2013, 3:16pm

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Ha ha... [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
However now that I think of it, I hadn't realized Galion would be in it, so she may GET him drunk to help ease the dwarves escape(which is a very "Kate" move actually lol).

So true. I was always a Kate fan, but she was a wily one.


Apr 8 2013, 8:14pm

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We don't even know that Thranduil's queen is dead... [In reply to] Can't Post

All we know for certain is that her presence is not felt in either The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. She could be alive or she could have died when she gave birth to Legolas--we don't have a clue about her (except that she was likely a Sindar Elf like her husband and son). We don't even have a name for her other than from non-canonical sources (Lady Arhendhiril in MERP, where she is alive and well at the time of the rebuilding of Dale).

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