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DoS BO estimates?
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Mar 3 2013, 3:58am

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This was fun to read! [In reply to] Can't Post

I can picture it - thank you for details! I don't think he let you win; you got a hamstring choke on him, that's powerful (OMG dude and Rugby legs to beat) and you don't have long to either tap out or pass out!
I hope to have similarly fun tales one of these days..........just have to keep at it.

Yes, my friends assure me I am young (read IMMATURE haha) at heart! Nursing can be dicey in my area, as we deal with brain injury, psychiatric comorbidities are common as well as medical psychosis. And people aren't getting any smaller... I worked in prison for a short while too (lucrative contract job, not a repeat for me) so I love that Krav teaches you to use anything as a weapon, because I've seen it first hand.

I bet you have such strong bicep tone you cannot fully extend your elbows, that's what it sounds like. Maybe we should start a weekly martial arts thread in off-topic (arithmancer might join us.........Smile) And then there is TWD - are you up to date? When does the new one come on where you are?

(This post was edited by Brethil on Mar 3 2013, 3:59am)


Mar 3 2013, 4:01am

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So you would start out [In reply to] Can't Post

with a big advantage!


Mar 3 2013, 11:02pm

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I forget just how similar Judo and BJJ are [In reply to] Can't Post

With BJJ basically being a variation of Judo in a way.

I think if you went for it, you would progress very quickly - as Brethil says you would have a big advantage. For me it was all new and learning even simple techniques took time (if im super honest even tying my gi properly took a few lessons, haha!) I am not sure but most of the mount moves i am guessing you already know and are (if it has been years) just a little rusty on them.

I would love to know what you think of BJJ what with you coming from a different perspective on it than myself (utter beginner).


Mar 3 2013, 11:17pm

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Thanks [In reply to] Can't Post

Rugby legs, yep, lol. Though i played in the positions of hooker (you can laugh :P) and prop so i was not exactly the most elegant of rugby players, haha. But it was important to train my legs and as i went hiking every weekend as well my legs became pretty decent. So when my fat leg went over his throat it was basically game over as he couldnt move it off (i am sure he could if he used all the techniques he knows but he was playing fair).

If you don't think he let me then i will think that as well, lol.

I am sure you probably have a tale or two already from Krav! I can totally see why you are doing it as well i didn't realise what type of nursing you were doing. It sounds like a tough but obviously important job. I am not sure how it is where you live but where i am nurses don't ever seem to get enough respect. I certainly respect any nurse after what i have seen them do so i imagine your job is both demanding but ultimately quite rewarding.

I have thought maybe its my biceps but i really dont know. My tricep contracts as if my arm is fully straight and my arms have been like this for as long as i can remember - it isn't really a big deal more just when people try to lock my arm out they expect it to go flat so its annoyingly for me, easier for them to tap me out.

I am up to date with TWD - watched every episode over those 3 days when my gf was sick. I think the next is out March 10th? That's Mothers day in the UK, i can't remember what it is in US. I just watch it by streaming it online - naughty i know but im into it now so can't stop, lol.

I think we could do a weekly thread or something of that nature - i have no idea how many other people are into martial arts but i am assuming its not just the 2/3 of us on this thread as there are so many of us on TORn.

Do you ever watch contact sports with martial arts in it, such as MMA? Last night i had a look at some judo vs bjj fights which then lead to mma fights which then eventually led to Fedor fighting - in my opinion one of if not the best mma fighter to date. If you like that kinda thing then i would recommend checking him out, if it's not then fair enough i know a few people who find mma distasteful - it's certainly not for everyone!


Mar 3 2013, 11:50pm

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We could do a thread once a week [In reply to] Can't Post

never know who might join in....I am just letting your hooker joke slide!!!!!!!!Wink Shall we post one this week?
I am going to class Tues and Thurs. this week.
Yes, you own that victory, so you are keeping it !!!!!
I have seen some of the MMa bouts, although usually in our house there are so many other sports on its hard to get that in...LOL...hubby is a sports fanatic and old rodeo rider so sporting wise there is ALWAYS something on! I enjoy watching it, now more so because strategy is clearer. Otherwise I can see where its too graphic for most people to watch. Of course if sports aren't on LOTR is......when and how are you getting AUJ?

We get new TWD tonight...I can watch it tonight because I took tomorrow off. If I have to get up at six I cannot watch it because I don't sleep too well after I watch it and cannot face 13 hours on my feet if I don't sleep. Am still so peeved at them for losing the farm. We keep seeing shots of Rick and the Governor...don't know if together or not. BTW I think Andrew Lincoln resembles Viggo so much if you slapped a medium length wig on him he could be a Dunedain in a flash! Have you seen the Webisodes? I loved "Bicycle Girl", its actually very touching.


Mar 4 2013, 1:19am

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Lets start one then :) [In reply to] Can't Post

You can be the one to start it though as it was your idea :) I will contribute with my lessons and i am sure others will join in.

That is so cool your husband was previously a rodeo rider! I used to watch it on tv - looked crazy! I have never even ridden a horse so i don't think i would be very good, lol. If you are interested here is the link for some Fedor highlights - http://youtu.be/PCvWiBZusFE (just needs copy and paste) as he was around during the formative years of mma the first couple of fights are fairly poor quality film.

Here is an awesome clip that shows even if you have massive height and weight advantages over your opponent - if you are not as skillful you can still lose http://youtu.be/hRuNNGGaDcg (this one is incredible to me).

Does your husband do Krav with you or previously did any martial art?

As for which copy of AUJ - i think i am going to either wait for the EE which will come out in Nov im guessing or just wait for the super duper ultimate edition with them all on, probably in holographic film by then, lol. I may one day get the TE of AUJ when it has been out for a few years and costs a couple dollars. Are you getting both TE and EE?

As for TWD i am sorry i got the dates wrong, yeah it comes out for you tonight meaning i can watch it tomorrow (someone has to upload it to the internet, lol) i am not sure why but i thought they were having a one week break.

I was kinda glad they got off the farm as it was beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic for me with them always there - i like the nomadic episodes. Have you ever seen The Road? That has Viggo in it and is set in a post apocalyptic world with a brilliant performance from him - for me one of the best of the genre and amazing to see a film where the dad isn't an assh***

I am not sure what to think of some of the new characters. I tend to get attached to the first ones and then find it harder to accept others into the mix, lol. I think by now if i were there i would either given up or become completely cold and emotionally detached so as to survive - not that nice but i think if this were true then they would be the only ones who survive - kinda like the black girl with the samurai sword.

When you say you can't sleep is that because you dream of it? After watching so much in a few days i dreamt of it. was scary!

When i see Andrew Lincoln i mainly see the useless teacher from the UK tv comedy show Teachers as i watched that for years with him in it - i would recommend it to you if you like British comedies/tv in general.

I think he does have a similar look - both masculine and chiseled facial features. though i think Andrew Lincoln has the more standard pretty boy looks than our rugged Aragorn, lol.

I have not seen the webisodes, in fact i didn't even know they existed until now! i will definitely be checking those out.

Oh and as for hooker :P i also played in some other positions, of prop and flanker. Here is a picture of a scrum so you can see what is what.


Mar 4 2013, 4:03am

Post #57 of 62 (94 views)
Just finished TWD. No spoilers, I promise [In reply to] Can't Post

Wow, we got a blast from the past friend...its pretty F^%#ed up where the person has ended up. I was really bonded to the farm because I could see myself making a stand there and having a life. But I would have been obsessively fencing that place in and digging trenches with the backhoe! My favorite charactar is Darrell (crossbow). He's scarred and damaged and awesome. I didn't see The Road yet. Might give it a try on demand if you say its good. Yeah you guys get bashed a lot in current culture don't you? ONE HINT: you will see some scary detachment in this TWD episode. WOW- I DO dream about it! The worst was 28 Weeks Later (your home turf!). I didn't sleep right for about 2 months after that. They say that the unconscious symbolism of "zombies" is unresolved conflict in your past (ugh). And the more overt symbolism is humanity devouring itself. So yeah I don't sleep too well after TWD!!!! It's not the gross factor because I deal with grossness and dead people all the time. I figured you must have dreamed about it after that marathon your did when your GF was ill. Do you see yourself as a survivor? I can see myself doing it.

Will be able to watch the MMA clips tomorrow, maybe will open the thread with it on Tuesday. I really want to see the skill vs size one you describe. Sure you got it, I will post the martial arts thread after class Tuesday. Always a little nervous starting a new thread. It may turn out to be very lively, who knows who is out there. Or just us! Fun either way. My DH was a Marine for 8 years so he knows waaaay too many moves (he's NYPD Manhattan now); and having ridden bulls for a long time he's scary strong. We do moves together, but not full drill yet. I have to get better first!

I have to admit my pattern is TE dvd then EE as soon as I can get it! Immediate gratification! Did that with all the LOTR films too. I preordered at a local store so I am picking up for me and my BFF 0900 on 19th.

Do you ever watch New Tricks? I love that show.


Mar 5 2013, 12:16am

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Was gf birthday today so no TWD [In reply to] Can't Post

which is a shame as am liking it. Sounds like an awesome episode as well, will have to see about watching it tomorrow - just finding the time!

Do you think they have changed Darrell? i feel like he has changed from not a very nice character into someone who is loyal, caring but deadly with cross bow - i know he is certainly a fan favourite :) I like his character as well, though i think i prefer Andrew Lincoln as i think it reflects what would really happen to someone if they were in that situation and everyone looks to you to lead them. I really don't like that short haired more mature woman. She is about the only one i actually dislike and hope gets taken by a zombie. I think its because i see her as a bit useless but still moaning and demanding.

Did you ever watch 28 days later? The previous film. That one ended a few mins from where i come from in the Lake District. For me both movies were more scary simply from being set in the UK. It felt more immediate, especially as i am so used to seeing it happen in NYC or LA for example (though i imagine that is scary for you!)

My zombie dream was about when i lived in my old student house - i was walking home with some food shopping when all of a sudden an alarm on my watch went off - i realised i had taken too long to get back home and i was in danger. I dropped the shopping and ran back but the zombies saw me and were running after me. I quickly unlocked the door and slammed it shut. Shouted to my housemates who were downstairs to run up stairs or help me with the door. Two ran upstairs and one stayed to help.

For some reason between my room and my friends was a made up room which had a panic room in it, lol. My two housemates who had ran up stairs were shouting for us to come with them as there was no time. So we ran as the door burst open with them trying to grab us, i was faster and didn't notice my friend get tripped up, i looked behind at the top of the stairs and they were all over him and were running up the stairs for me. I was shouting for my friend and telling him im sorry. I then ran to my room and shut the door then just as i made it into the panic room i woke up and its the only time i have ever woke up by saying something out loud. I shouted NOOOO at the top of my voice, haha. It had me a little shook up as i have never done something like that before. It was so vivid, but its interesting how you don't really have the start of the dream - i was just in it midway through.

I see myself as a survivor not one of the zombies - in dreams like that if things get a bit mental, i think my mind tells me its not real and it allows me to then do things i couldnt e.g. fly or have super human strength etc, only died once in a dream, lol.

Your husband sounds bad ass! I bet he is crazy strong and knows loads, will be brilliant for helping you out and getting you better at the moves. I wish i had someone like that to help me.

For the previous three lotr movies i (well at the time my parents) bought me the TE then the EE for xmas but i just think the EE for this will be much better than the TE so i might as well wait.

I have seen some episodes of New Tricks - the problem i have with quite a few tv programmes is i forget they are on or just forget about them altogether and miss them! I do think its good though. Have you been watching it for long? Currently i am trying to rewatch game of thrones season 2 as my gf hasnt seen it and i want to watch it again before season 3 comes out end of month. Do you watch Game of thrones?


Mar 5 2013, 1:24am

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I watched the mma clips [In reply to] Can't Post

wow that one with the huge dude was unbelievable. Only thing I couldn't see exactly was the first time he got the bigger guy pinned the camera moved but what an ending! He does amazing back work and that last leg hold is so elegant. That's a lot of what you must do; in Krav you try to stay on foot more. That big guy had inhuman upper body. Thanks so much for sending the clips! Is that final leg hold similar to what you did last week? How often do you train?

Yes Darrel has changed externally. I think Darrel always had a better person that in him but he is a person who has known so much pain by other humans that an apocalyptic survival society would allow him to bloom. And he has a soft spot for children, so much empathy, which just shows when he was hurt the most. BTW I loooove crossbows...don't have one, I just have my 15lb bow, but I love them. Yeah Carol is the short-haired lady; not one of my favorites either. Laurie drove me nuts, I couldn't stand her, it was shocking how she went but I don't miss her: Miss Entitlement!!!! And Andrea needs to get a clue already, and stop making choices based solely on sexual companionship. I probabaly like Maggie and Michonne of all the women. I did the "who are you" quiz on the site - I came up as Dale (the RV guy)Smile My husband likes Rick a lot too.

Yeah I saw 28 days later too...it's so realistic to how, if things went bad, that's how it would go down. We in Western societies have such faith in lawyers/guns/money, like if you throw enough at a problem it will fix it. I get the quarantined Island part and how you could just be abandoned by the world - although my Island is a lot smaller than yours! That's so cool that it ended near you. I have heard so much about the Lake district. would love to see it someday. If it happened in NYC we might not know for a while -LOL - its already kind of like an asylum! I am a country mouse, our NYC friends call where we live "East Cupcake".

In 28 Weeks Later when he abandons his wife I was like oh no...that's it...I don't know how but you just damned the world with that act of cowardice.

Your dream sounds intense, especially if you wake up yelling. And losing people in your dreams..ouch...I try to edit my dreams when that happens. Mine are always about preparing, putting up fencing over the windows, fighting with anything I can grab to get back up my driveway, the whole "going down" scenario. We had a somewhat apocalyptic fall here for about two weeks after Superstorm Sandy - power out, no water, no gas.

I hear and read a lot about Game of Thrones. I have a hard time committing to too many shows, but its tempting...I saw Elijah Wood on a talk show last year and he had visited the set and was raving about how cool it was.

I so wanted to go see AUJ again tonight but I have to hit the treadmill and the crunches and be ready for class tomorrow...oh well! I will post our thread sometime tomorrow. Exciting!


Mar 5 2013, 1:42pm

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Yeah that huge dude is stupidly big [In reply to] Can't Post

But that was a combination of working out, eating right and steroids so the credit isn't all his. I have seen some clips of him now he is off steroids and although he is still a big man, he is nothing like the monster he was before.

The move the smaller guy did is called an arm bar - that is what i did to my instructor. It is meant to cause a tap out by straightening the arm until it hurts. Though i think my hips weren't quite close enough to him and he is also really double jointed but then as my leg is quite heavy my hamstring kinda plopped over his throat and then when i tensed it, chocked him :P

That's a good explanation of why Darrel has changed throughout the show - I can see all of that happening to him in the past especially with his complete devotion to his brother even though he is horrible to him.

i didn't like Laurie either - so demanding all the time yet not prepared to do anything for it. As you say Miss Entitlement! I don't think the women on the show have been written as well for as the men. I just get the feeling women wouldn't behave like they do in the show - i think they would be more up for the fight and willing to do things - in this they basically washed and ironed, lol. All of this means i should love Michonne and i do like her in parts as she kicks ass but i just can't be bothered with her being so moody all the time and silent, i am thinking 'just say something! Anything!'

Maggie is my favourite as well - kind, caring, brave, willing to fight not just expect others to do it for her - yeah she is definitely my favourite.

You are a country mouse! Oh i thought you lived in NYC so i just assumed it would be very urban. I want to go over and visit NYC one day - we could house swap with you coming over to The Lake District - i just need to get a house in The Lake District first, haha. It is a beautiful place but if you have been to any great mountainous region of the US i think it could be underwhelming for you - the tallest mountain there is just over 3000ft with most in the 2-3000ft range - in lots of parts of Cali that wouldn't even classify them as mountains!

I couldn't believe it when he left his wife, i literally went Shocked but i think lots of people would in that place as the situation looked hopeless - i would like to think i would go back and help though. They are not zombies in the traditional sense are they though, they just have the rage virus so can be taken down by bullets that would kill a normal person e.g. bullet to the chest. I always think - why didn't everyone go round with thick clothing on so the rage zombies couldnt bite through and wear a visor mask/helmet for protection of the face - that way you could then get a bat and fight them off whilst your (in the case of the film) wife can get a head start running away - with it being the UK no one would have guns other than farmers and inner city gang members! I always wonder if they are going to make another film as we see them running to Paris at the end of 28 weeks later - maybe the virus spreads across the planet!

Yeah the dream was crazy intense though what happened to you in real life sounds really bad! I can remember watching it on TV and people were being evacuated from NYC - i was thinking this is just like a movie/some one is going to get rich from looting.

Game of Thrones is excellent - what with it being HBO it is very intense - both in terms of nudity/sexual scenes and graphic violence. Most people don't mind but obviously for some its too much.

Good work on going to the gym for treadmill and crunches oh and almost forgot - i train once a week - i could go more but i will be moving soon back to the lake district so i am not sure what will happen with my BJJ so i felt there was no point spending more money than i already am on it if i am unsure i will be able to continue it when living up there. How often do you train Krav? I may even go into Krav as i know there is a Krav gym up there. Smile


Mar 5 2013, 3:35pm

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Going to class in half an hour yay! [In reply to] Can't Post

I go twice a week, aiming for 3 but this week it didn't work out (haha, pun!)

I forgot to say - hope your GF had a great birthday!

House swap - funny! But if you came over we would want to be here and show you around. My husband is a real City person, he loves it. i HATE it! I love Suffolk County which is mid to eastern LI (all the way to Montauk) - where we live there is a horse farm around the corner, its very wooded and full of birds. I have amazing birds come to my feeders. And of course its physically impossible to be more than 11.7 miles from the beach here, even smack in the middle of the island! Which is great because I love to fish, I go with my best guy buddy (married to my BFF, so that works out well.) We live an average of (I believe) 12 feet above sea level herre, so yes, I would be impressed by your home!

NY is a unique place. We are lucky because we have city and country right here. You forget how close it is...it was tough on 9/11 because you saw everything happen on local news and our local firehouses were emptying to ride in. Friends of mine rode in on dozens of ambulances to help and they just got told to go home.

When are you moving? I do hope you can continue with some sort of training, you seem like a natural at it!
Off to class! Will post in a bit!Smile


Mar 5 2013, 8:37pm

Post #62 of 62 (69 views)
Just wanted to let you know about the Martail Arts thread [In reply to] Can't Post

started one in Off Topic, just wanted to let you know in case you are interested in chatting with us (Imin and I, the newbies compared to you!) about it.

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