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The One Ring Forums: Off Topic: The Pollantir:
How many famous people have you met?
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Poll: How many famous people have you met?
A handful 22 / 50%
Lots! 8 / 18%
I am a famous person myself, actually, thank you 4 / 9%
None 7 / 16%
Other option of your own choice 3 / 7%
44 total votes

Kangi Ska

Aug 17 2011, 12:48am

Post #51 of 74 (612 views)
Tony Bennett [In reply to] Can't Post

I met at the USO in Chicago during my Naval A School training in 1966. He sang for the crowd and me and a couple buddies invited him to join us and he did. Real nice guy.
George McGovern bought me lunch the last time he ran for Presedent of the US and told me a story about working on Harry Truman's campaign when he upset Tom Dewy.
Carol King borrowed a friend's keyboard for an event that was doing at the University where I was. When she came to pick it up she played and sang an hour long concert for six of us.
I was on ship with Johny Carson's sister's son. He was a good friend. I knew him over a year before I discovered his famous connections by accident. We were sitting in the Deck office one night writing Christmas cards home. I noticed that one of his cards was addressed to Johny Carson. I asked and he told me. His name was Zotzing so I had never made the connection. I did get to meet his mom and dad & brother in Philadelphia when I was leaving the Navy.

I was in a "Psychology of Religious Experience" seminar with Annabeth Gish. There were 10 of us in the class and we sat on the floor. The Professor was and is a good friend. It was the wildest educational experience I ever had. Annabeth went on to star in the last two seasons of X Files (My all time favorite TV series) and Beautiful Girls ( One of my favorite movies. It was filmed in Minnesota. Part was filmed in my little home town of Hopkins and one of the guys I work with now was an extra in it. Small world!)

I have other tales but I do not want to bore you guys.EvilAngelic


Aug 17 2011, 1:53am

Post #52 of 74 (548 views)
Hi Menelwyn, nice to see you. [In reply to] Can't Post

I have a facination with Bishop Spong having read a few of his books. What was he like, if i may ask?

Tol Eressea

Aug 17 2011, 2:57am

Post #53 of 74 (598 views)
Well depending on who [In reply to] Can't Post

and what Canadian sports he likes....I've met many, many more athletes.....the hockey folks are a dime a dozen though, so there are tons of those....as far as Olympians go, I used to be a swimmer, so I got to meet Anne Ottenbrite who swam for Canada in the Los Angeles Olympics....as well as Victor Davis (a bit more about him later). Lori Melien (sp?) was an Olympic swimmer for Canada who went to my high school. I actually beat her in a race during practice once....she popped her head up and looked quite shocked...I don't know that she was going full tilt. And Lori Strong was an Olympic gymnast who also went to my highschool. She dated Eric Lindros back in those days. My brother broke the Canadian record for the 200m backstroke for 10 & under boys, but finished second in the race and didn't get the record. My hometown is quite a hockey hotbed, Mike Keenan, Gary Roberts, Joe Nieuwendyk, Adam Foote, Keith Primeau, Wayne Primeau, Jay Harrison, Jamie Allison.....all played in the NHL. I've met Foote several times as one of my oldest friends played on his team while growing up....I never met Gary Roberts, but his younger brother played hockey with me and is on my Facebook friends. Nieuwendyk, I've not met, but my older brother has. I grew up with the Primeau brothers, as their sisters were on my swim team, and my younger brother played hockey with the younger (Wayne) Primeau. I've had Jamie Allison up to my cottage actually, I was fairly close with his older brother for a while in public school. And the brother was supposed to be the better player! The older Toronto Maple Leafs are always kicking around, I met Carl Brewer several times before he passed. He was one of the key figures in some players union affairs.....I've met Ted Kennedy as well, not the American, but the former Maple Leafs player. I've met Johnny Bower several times, an extraordinary man he is....Red Kelly.........Todd Gill and Tie Domi......I forgot about Alen Frew...lead singer of the Canadian '80's band Glass Tiger...he's great friends with Doug Gilmour and Tie Domi, so he's around them all the time...I ran into Antonio Davis when he played for the Raptors. I've met a few Toronto Argonauts players, as an old friend of mine was a cheerleader for about five years with that team.
Victor Davis is an idol of mine, he's passed away now. Died after a hit-and-run in Quebec. When I was a young swimmer he and Alex Baumann were the top Canadian Olympic swimmers and top ranked in the world. Davis was a super intense individual. He used to shadow-box in the heat room (a room where swimmers gathered to wait to be called up to the starting blocks for their race), and one time he psyched a guy out so much that he forfeited the race. He also cause a major ruckus one time during the Commonwealth games (I think it was the Commonwealth??), when he heaved a chair across the pool deck in anger...which wouldn't have been to bad if the Queen hadn't been in attendance. But, he won. And he kept winning. He and Baumann kicked butt in the pool. They were simply amazing.

Now as far as the whole six degrees thing.....I have never actually met Dave Stieb...a former star pitcher for the Blue Jays, but have come close many times. What makes it odd, is that my uncle is really, really close friends with him. I have a ton of his baseball cards autographed, but all were sent to me. I even hanged over the wall near the dugout and called out to him as he was leaving a game once...he didn't respond until I yelled out my uncles name, at which point someone else had moved in front of me to get a ball signed by some other player....I saw Stieb looking my way, but stepped down into the clubhouse hallway and disappeared. So my uncle used to hang out with the Blue Jays back in the day and got me all kinds of autographs -- Fred McGriff, Kelly Gruber, Stieb, Manny Lee, George Bell, Jesse Barfield, Lloyd Moesby, Duane Ward, Tom Henke....almost the entire team back then. Anyway, I'll met Stieb one of these days.....he got us some great seats when the Jays honoured him last season, but I still didn't get to meet him!

(This post was edited by Donry on Aug 17 2011, 2:58am)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Aug 17 2011, 7:20am

Post #54 of 74 (571 views)
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to confirm or deny that [In reply to] Can't Post

but no, I didn't click on any of them (oops, I should), but I'm not too famous to pick an answer Cool


Aug 17 2011, 5:37pm

Post #55 of 74 (675 views)
TL;DR [In reply to] Can't Post

As a kid I worked on Dr. Arvilla Taylor’s North Texas Woodwinds ranch. (Named after her partner Jean Barnes’ surprisingly gentle stallion, aka “Woodie”. And we're still friends. She knows a lot of people, being from an old Texas family (she is the great great niece of the three Taylor brothers (Edward, George, and James) who died at the Alamo.) She is a leading expert on English literature from Beowulf to Chaucer to Shakespeare. She also knows a lot of the dirt that’s gone on in south Texas politics, including details about the fraud in the 1948 election that put Lyndon Johnson into the US Senate. (The 200 votes “discovered” that gave him an 87 vote win were all cast in alphabetical order.) She also talks about watching a certain southern Texas courthouse burn down along with all the contested votes before a recount could be conducted. I was always impressed by her courage as she had been crippled by polio as a girl and had to walk (and ride) the rest of her life with heavy leg braces.

Anyway she was part of a local theater thing that had brought Vincent Price to town to do his one man show as Oscar Wilde. She put him up at her ranch before and after the show (which she took me to). He was quite funny and charismatic, though he looked very old. I made one faux pas at the ranch after the show. I had decided to bring a bottle of champagne to the gathering, the best I could find. Later I apologized for bringing regular French champagne, having looked all over town for the pink stuff. Mr. Price explained quite nicely that champagne could be either French or pink, but not both.

Dr. Taylor also put up Benazir Bhutto who was doing a speaking tour a bit after the 9-11 attacks. Somehow I found out she had the same birth year as I (though I would have never asked a lady her age.), and also that her mother suffered from Alzheimer’s same as mine had. During her short stay there she did enjoy riding horses. She was quite an accomplished equestrian. Who knew?

Rusty McDonald was my dad’s little brother. They formed a band with Aunt Maudie and a friend named “Pee Wee” Stewart (who later became a judge and officiated at my first marriage). Dad’s nickname was “Sleepy”. So Rusty (vocals & guitar), Sleepy (fiddle), Maudie (steel guitar), and Pee Wee (drums) formed the Oklahoma Wanderers. Uncle Rusty was always restless, so the band eventually broke up. He went on to front vocals for people like Tex Ritter’s band. At one point he and Dad were part of Bob Wills and the Light Crust Doughboys. The group broke up at the start of WWII. Dad joined the navy but eventually was discharged out when they found out he had three young children at home.

Rusty again hooked up with Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys after the war, and convinced Dad to join too. Dad had this great fiddle that Bob Wills greatly admired, and he offered Dad $1000 to buy it. Dad liked the fiddle and refused. A bit later Dad took the fiddle to a shop to get it restrung and refurbished. Tthe next night the shop burned down and the fiddle was no more. Uncle Rusty was the lead vocalist for the Texas Playboys, and many said he was the best they ever had. He sang the lead vocals on one of their biggest hits, “Faded Love”. According to family legend Bob Wills dropped into the hospital when I was born. When he saw how fat a baby I was he was inspired to write another one of his big hits, “Roly Poly”. Dunno if that’s true. By the time I was five Mom said I was frighteningly skinny and she had me taking a spoon a day of this vile tasting vitamin mixture. Didn't work. Anyway, Hollywood eventually called Wills to make a singing cowboy movie. Rusty went but Dad stayed in Texas with his family. Family legend has it that in Hollywood Wills picked up a pretty starlet as a girlfriend, and later found Rusty with the girl. Rusty was immediately fired and found himself adrift in California. He joined a Black R&B band, worked a bit, then drifted to Arizona where he met young musicians just starting out, like Marty Robbins and Glen Campbell. Eventually he started up a honky tonk in Lawton Oklahoma where he played in his own band. Marty Robbins often played there, both before and after he became famous. Robbins, a country western musician, often would play Hawaiian music to break things up. Uncle Rusty eventually got his own local TV show, his oldest son became a news anchorman, and the younger a restaurateur with a small local chain. Dad would occasionally play on the show. Much later when Uncle Rusty was dying in the hospital I visited with my girlfriend and he was the first in my family to know we were going to be married.

Lessee. I met William Ruckelshaus, Christine Todd Whitman, and Lisa P. Jackson at various EPA conventions. I was always impressed by how sincere about protecting the environment they all were. It's easy to criticize and demonize, but they were all obviously doing their best. In the 1980s Ruckelshaus told me that the EPA had a secret agenda, not to ever be mentioned on record, of achieving zero industrial waste discharge by 2050. I've never had anyone mention that since.

Bob Dylan and Judy Collins I met in Austin while I was at college. After a Judy Collins concert, most people had left when Ms. Collins came back on stage dragging Bob Dylan along with her. (I still don't know where he came from or what he was doing in Austin.) She motioned the ones remaining, about a dozen or so, to come sit up front and the two put on an intimate performance, talking with the audience like we were just a bunch of friends. She was really sweet. As for Dylan, he was quiet at first (except for singing of course), then got all enthusiastic about being a born again Christian and almost wouldn’t shut up. Who knew?

Also while I was at college in Austin Willie Nelson had retired there and sometimes hung around the Armadillo World Headquarters music hall. We met and talked about country music. He was especially interested in my Uncle Rusty. Eventually he got itchy, started singing on the stage again, and finally came out of retirement and on to greatness.

I’d gone to a student lecture by Vincent Bugliosi and afterward he hung around signing autographs. As he was finishing the session my date, a very lovely and charismatic girl who is now a medical doctor and head of a local hospital, invited the few students still around over to her apartment. She then rather nonchalantly (The little minx!) asked Bugliosi if he wanted to come along too. He agreed, and we all had a great time all squished up in her little apartment talking about law and legal cases. The next morning she, he, I, and a few survivors still awake had breakfast at the local Denny’s and then we drove him back to his hotel. He was very funny and intelligent.

When William Shockley came to lecture at the local college a lot of the students and faculty protested due to his statements on eugenics. Some students set up a picket line in front of the lecture hall to prevent attendance. Despite previously having no interest in attending, having a bunch of people telling me I shouldn’t attend set off the contrarian in me so I walked through the picket line, smiled and waved at the jeers and boos, and attended a sparsely attended but pretty intelligent discussion. I pointed out his ideas were widely implemented in the 1920s and 1930s and had since been discredited. His point was that more modern study methods were needed. He was pretty intense, and quite defensive, but he seemed genuinely sincere. I was quite impressed by his intelligence, if not his ideas. I like to think he was impressed by my honest and civil discussion.

I met James Cameron when he was guest of honor during Wunderfest, a local scifi convention that’s lucky to break a couple of dozen attendees. This was just before the first Terminator was released. The studio was nervous, and he was doing publicity anywhere he could. I think we were one step below grocery store openings. Anyway, it was the second film he ever directed. He had some funny stories about his first, Piranha II, which he shot in the Caribbean, and most the cast and crew spoke only Italian. He said he had horrible nightmares all during the production, from which he got the idea for The Terminator. We mainly talked about Hollywood FX in general rather than the movie in particular, but he had brung along some Terminator t-shirts to hand out. Mine wore out long ago. Of course Terminator turned out to be a huge success, surprising the heck out of everybody, and propelling him to superstardom so he would never have to shill in a small college town scifi con ever again.

I met Harlan Ellison in the early 1980s. Austin scifi groups were putting together a bid to host the World Science Fiction Society’s WorldCon. Of course that year Melbourne Australia was a shoo-in, but Austin ended up with the consolation prize of the North American Science Fiction Convention. Anyway, he was actually a lot nicer than I thought he’d be. He had some really funny horror stories about Hollywood. He would especially go on about how Hollywood thought nothing about stealing scifi and fantasy plots, almost like they weren't "real" literature so any ideas scifi/fantasy writers had were automatically in the public domain. I also met Steve Jackson, founder of Steve Jackson Games. Because of the meeting my gaming group ended up test playing their GURPS Arabian Nights game, for which our payment was a copy of the GURPS Arabian Nights game each, which I actually thought was pretty neat.

I met Carl Barks while I was helping Alfred Stewart publish his Cartoonaggio fanzine. It was amazing how fast Barks could draw. Not many know that Carl Barks’ style inspired the big-eyed style of Japanese anime. Dr. Stewart also introduced me to the second “Dean of Science Fiction”, Jack Williamson, and I got autographed copies of his Legion of Time series. I have to say Dr. Stewart did most the talking and I mostly listened so the “meeting” was pretty superficial on my part.

I met Buckminster Fuller at a party of a Britisher friend of Dr. Taylor. He was extremely intelligent and very engaging, but about a couple of hours into the party he suddenly came to a stop in mid sentence, looked confused, and then hurriedly excused himself and left in a limo. The English guy explained Fuller was very sensitive about his increasing age and felt very humiliated and embarrassed whenever he lost his train of thought. Of course that’s just part of the natural aging process, and happens to me a lot nowadays, but as I reflected on it I could see how it would horrify such a brilliant man.

Lessee. Once as part of protocol I asked Mrs. Imelda Marcos to dance at a ball. I was told she would graciously decline and that would be that, but apparently somebody forgot to tell her and she shocked everyone in the room by saying yes. She was a really small woman, very pretty and charismatic, and I really liked her personally. (I guess that’s why she was so successful politically.) She asked what I liked most about the Philippines so I said the lovely ladies and the beautiful forests, which seemed to please her. Indeed the forests of the Philippines were very beautiful, and I enjoyed hiking through them very much. Ironically a decade later most of the forests had been cut down and the wood shipped to Japan.

Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin were constant sights in restaurants, night clubs, and shopping malls in Wichita Falls in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the Dallas Cowboys had their training camp here. They were quite personable and very patient with their fans. At Parkway Grill some friends and I were discussing old cars, especially my cousin’s restored 1957 Chevy. From an adjacent table Mr. Smith joined in the conversation. Aikman and Irwin were with him and eventually joined in as well. They were very friendly and quite likable. Kinda reminded me of big kids.

Jeez, this is long! Aren't you sorry you asked?


Aug 17 2011, 6:53pm

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if phone conversations don't count then [In reply to] Can't Post

Kurt Russell (I was a huge fan for decades. Kurt was very nice),
Hugh Jackman (polite),
Clive Barker (Amazing. I'd love to talk to him again in person. Probably the nicest celebrity I've ever met),
Mark Hamill (really nice and very cool to fans esp. since we didn't mention Star Wars at the time),
Doug Bradley,
Tom Savini,
Vinny G. (did the FX for the Kevin Smith film Dogma) > we dated for a quick second.
Lots more, I can't remember though...

When I started my current job, I nearly collided with ST: Deep Space 9's Colm Meaney on the street.

There were only 2 people I've met/spoken with who were really awful. They shall remain nameless.

Folks I'd love to meet:

Rick Baker (He'd probably be worried about this geeky chick who only watches the Oscars to see him win ;))
Richard Armitage (to talk and thank him for some of the characters he portrays)
Christopher Lee (I was in the same convention room...he didn't sign autographs)

I'd also add James Nesbitt and Tami Lane into the mix as well as they seem very cool. There's a few more, but the mind is not working.

Alassëa Eruvande

Aug 17 2011, 11:49pm

Post #57 of 74 (554 views)
Not sorry! [In reply to] Can't Post

That is fascinating stuff, even about the people I've never heard of. Blush

Tol Eressea

Aug 18 2011, 4:25pm

Post #58 of 74 (662 views)
When I was at school [In reply to] Can't Post

in Kenya, he was invited to be the guest speaker at the end-of-the-year assembly. I was part of the class that wrote GCSEs that year (at which point one is considered graduated, although one could stay on for two more pre-college studies). He spoke personally to each of us afterwards, congratulating our success. He was very pleasant and we all felt very honoured.


Aug 19 2011, 2:22am

Post #59 of 74 (520 views)
thanks for sharing... [In reply to] Can't Post

..he does sound like a class act, and I'm glad you had that encounter with him!


Aug 19 2011, 2:26am

Post #60 of 74 (526 views)
he' s mostly a hockey fan... [In reply to] Can't Post

..so you have given me quite a few names to amaze him with there.

I live on the Canadian border, but am not much of a sports fan. But at least now I might recognize a name or two when I travel over there for dining or meetings. I get such an education on TORn!

Thanks for sharing a bit further -- and I hope you get to meet Dave Stieb someday!


Aug 19 2011, 2:30am

Post #61 of 74 (549 views)
What interesting encounters! [In reply to] Can't Post

What fun peeking over your shoulder a bit on these moments in your life -- thanks for taking time to tell us a bit more...

I think I will have to declare a tie between you and Darkstone...what would be fun would be to listen to the two of you swap tales some time over an ale or coffee, you would certainly keep us entertained!


Aug 19 2011, 2:40am

Post #62 of 74 (542 views)
Dancing with Imelda... [In reply to] Can't Post

...seems to me that that should go on a t-shirt or something "I danced with Imelda Marcos", you know? Ha!

What fun to read about how you encountered all these famous folk. Thanks for taking the time to tell us more -- and no doubt there are more where these came from.

Like I told Kangi, it would be a hoot to listen to the two of you trade tales about who you've met and how you met them!


Aug 19 2011, 2:44am

Post #63 of 74 (601 views)
you know, I'm so glad I thought to create this poll... [In reply to] Can't Post

It's been so interesting learning who has encountered whom!

You definitely have met (or run into!) some very cool folks. Thanks for sharing and nice to hear that so many of the celebs you've met are, well, nice! Smile


Aug 19 2011, 2:57pm

Post #64 of 74 (575 views)
Well, there are degrees of famousness in athletes, too. [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't know that I've met any of the really big superstars, mostly just the ones that are locally famous, or that other sports fans would recognize in other parts of the country.

But they seemed for the most part to be regular Joes just like the rest of us.

Gollum the Great

Aug 19 2011, 4:38pm

Post #65 of 74 (514 views)
My parent's wedding cake... [In reply to] Can't Post

was made by the same woman who made Kirby Pukett's wedding cake. It's sort of a stretch for having met someone famous, but still...



Aug 20 2011, 12:56am

Post #66 of 74 (536 views)
well, when I met him [In reply to] Can't Post

it was at a lecture he gave after the release of Why Christianity Must Change or Die. He had a book-signing afterwards, which was the context of my meeting him. The lecture he gave was excellent. It followed the same themes as his books, but he included more personal stories, including some things about his daughter and her thoughts on some of the questions that he likes to raise. He seemed very nice, and although his topics are of course controversial he didn't seem like he really wanted to start arguments, just make a point. He didn't get into big confrontations even with the people who asked more critical questions, but remained serious and calm throughout. In short, he seemed very much like any other minister I've met, if one with some rather radical views.


Aug 21 2011, 12:59am

Post #67 of 74 (521 views)
I forgot [In reply to] Can't Post

and I can't believe this because I have visual proof:

the absolute blast I had meeting Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell at the same convention as Clive Barker, Doug Bradley and, well, listened to Christopher Lee.

Sam and Bruce were fresh from filming Darkman > Sam's first big studio film. Such a sweet, engaging guy. But Bruce Campbell is hilarious and so much fun. He really liked to remind me what "NICE PANTS" I wore that weekend (pleather punk rock style). Whereever my friends and I were at the con Bruce would always pop up and yell that in my ear.



Aug 25 2011, 10:16pm

Post #68 of 74 (626 views)
who ever has meet SW stars... [In reply to] Can't Post

I envy you, envy you, envy you soooooooooo much!Shocked I love Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill etc... never meet them though.
I have meet...
Matt Maher, Catholic singer, amazing singer.
Steve Green, when i was about 7. I was chosen out of a whole group of kids to sing bop bop dinasuar. One of the magor highlights of my child hood.
i can't believe I forget her name, but the first female fighter pilot in the thunder birds.
I saw a Sarah Palin and 8 years ago I saw president Bush.
listing how many famous people my freinds have meet would take a lot longer, not that they meet that many people.

Kangi Ska

Aug 26 2011, 12:11am

Post #69 of 74 (516 views)
I did meet Chewbacca and R2D2 [In reply to] Can't Post

back just after the first movie was out they toured the country and appeared at a mall (maybe a Maul) near my home.

Grey Havens

Aug 26 2011, 12:40am

Post #70 of 74 (493 views)
A fair few [In reply to] Can't Post

I actually responded to this thread a couple weeks ago, then my response got lost before I posted it.

I went to school with Balthazar Getty (known for "Brothers and Sisters" and "Lord of the Flies.") I was in the play with him when he got "discovered." It was a production of Mary Poppins, where I played Jane Banks, my younger brother played Michael Banks, and my older brother played a constable and one of the clerks at the bank. Balthazar played the bank owner. The only credit I'll give him is that he was nice to my younger brother, but for the most part, he was a jerk. I don't know if he's changed much as an adult. I really hope he has, but some people's spots don't change as easily as others.

My mom has taught a few children of famous people... two of Bobby McFerrin's kids, one of Ted Nugent's kids, and the daughter of a local newscaster, Carolyn Johnson.

I went to a lot of Star Trek conventions when I was in high school, so I had the chance to get a few autographs. I met James Doohan and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, which was pretty awesome. Michael Dorn, as well, who, as it turns out, used to work not far from where I grew up as a kid. There are several others, just can't remember them all.

I'm sure I've met plenty of famous people through my aunt during her acting career, but I definitely can't remember all of them. She worked with Frank Collison of Carnivale and Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? fame a few times, as well as Mercedes Reuhle.

I dated a guy who thought he was famous. He was only famous for being a jerk, though. Wink


Aug 26 2011, 12:43am

Post #71 of 74 (790 views)
Well [In reply to] Can't Post

I keep meaning to ask Kangi if he is a turtle.

But I always resist the urge.

Kangi Ska

Aug 26 2011, 10:06am

Post #72 of 74 (1207 views)
You bet your sweet...er...I am! // [In reply to] Can't Post



Sep 13 2011, 4:25am

Post #73 of 74 (507 views)
I can't think of a single one [In reply to] Can't Post

Been in the same room with many, walked past, yes, but actually met? No.


Dec 30 2011, 10:07pm

Post #74 of 74 (484 views)
It's all relative, isn't it? ;) [In reply to] Can't Post

For me, sibbies I've met are all famous! But if you want to go with celebrities, the first one I met was when I was about 6yo. Milky the Clown came to my Dad's work, and I shook he hand after he pulled a quarter out of my ear!! Milky was a tv clown on a children's show in the Detroit/East Coast... along the same lines as Bozo the Clown.

I've also met Gerald Ford (former President), Brian Froud (artist), Ari Berk (Author works with Brian Froud and Alan Lee), Ted Nasmith (twice), Paul Badali (jewelry artist), Douglas A. Anderson (Hobbit book), Tim Kirk (artist), Peter S. Beagle (author), Dave Tango (Ghost Hunters), Weasley Twins and Neville (Harry Potter), Tom Shippey (author), Anne C. Petty (author), Charles Ross (One Man Star Wars/LotR), James Marsters (Spike from Buffy), Kenny Baker (R2D2), and Lynette Porter (Author).

When it comes to LotR, I've met Daniel Reeve (twice), Elijah Wood (3 times), Sean Astin (3 times), Billy Boyd, Dom Monaghan, John Rhys Davies, Miranda Otto, John Noble, Ali Astin, Richard Taylor, Jamie Selkirk (editor of RotK), Tania Roger, Colleen Doran, Howard Shore, Doug Adams, Tehanu, Calisuri, Quickbeam, corvar, Xoanon, MrCere, Bruce Hopkins (twice), Craig Parker (Haldir), Royd Tolkien, Mark Ferguson (Gil-galad), Daniel Falconer, and a few more I know I'm forgetting....

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