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The One Ring Forums: Off Topic: The Pollantir:
What magazines or other publications do you subscribe to or regularly read in your household?
Poll: What magazines or other publications do you subscribe to or regularly read in your household?
Politics and News--Time, National Review, The Economist 6 / 6%
Entertainment News--People, Us Weekly 3 / 3%
Women's Magazines--Family Circle, Oprah, Woman's Day 2 / 2%
Men's Magazines--GQ, Maxim 1 / 1%
Children's--Highlights, Cricket, Boys' Life 2 / 2%
Home and Garden--Victoria, Veranda, Country Home 5 / 5%
Hobby Related--Sewing, Woodworking, Photography 8 / 8%
Fashion--Vogue, Glamour 3 / 3%
Newspaper--local, Wall Street Journal, NY Times 10 / 10%
Specific interest--National Geographic, Military History, Scientific American 13 / 13%
Religious Periodicals 8 / 8%
Other--tell us about it. 12 / 12%
Do you save your magazines forever?  Click here for yes. 15 / 15%
Do you toss your magazines when you're done?  Click here for yes. 13 / 13%
101 total votes

AlassŽa Eruvande

Jan 15 2009, 7:10pm

Post #1 of 22 (643 views)
What magazines or other publications do you subscribe to or regularly read in your household? Can't Post

And does your home look like the doctor's waiting room from hell, with back issues dating from the 1970s?
Or do you toss/recycle/pass on to others when you're done reading them?


Jan 15 2009, 7:23pm

Post #2 of 22 (318 views)
I'm not sure I'd even attempt to fill out that poll [In reply to] Can't Post

Too varied:

Husband: Mother Jones / Classic Motorsports / Corvair newsletters

Son #1: PC Gamer (I got a cheap offer from Amazon for buying a piece of game equipment for the other son)

Son #2: Game Developer / Computer Graphics World

Local Newspaper x 7days/week

We used to get Nuts & Volts but I don't know if we have a current subscription.

I don't subscribe to any currently. There are lots of cheap ones out there that don't have much content in them. And they can get expensive when they do. I should be subscribing to trade journals but dang I can't afford them! They're really meant for people who's employers pay for them or who can deduct business expenses.

I tend to donate to thrift stores when I'm done with what I read. My husband tosses or keeps depending on the mag.

Arwen's daughter

Jan 15 2009, 7:50pm

Post #3 of 22 (303 views)
Well... [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't subscribe to anything right now, but I do pick up a few whenever I'm at the bookstore. Usuals are: Threads Magazine (sewing), whatever interests me in the science/astronomy mags, Smithsonian, Archaeology, Asimov's SF and Analog SF (both sci-fi short story collections). I might browse through some others if I'm bored or really short of reading material.

And I usually keep my mags, at least for a while. I'll recycle them or collage them when I'm certain I don't need them anymore.

Idril Celebrindal
Tol Eressea

Jan 15 2009, 8:10pm

Post #4 of 22 (334 views)
We get several magazines & periodicals ... [In reply to] Can't Post

My aunt gave me a subscription to Cooking Light, a food/lifestyle magazine that has articles on nutrition and fitness plus lots of recipes. My husband has a subscription to F1 Racing magazine. Our kids have a subscription to Game Informer, a video game magazine.

The professional societies to which my husband and I belong send us their magazines and journals. We get magazines from our local museum, zoo and public TV station because we're members. And US Master's Swimming has a bi-monthly magazine.

We hang onto most of the magazines for at least a couple of months, some of them a lot longer. The professional society zines are all archived online, though, so I usually recycle those after we read them. I should probably just sign up for the "online magazine" option the next time I renew, but I do like reading an actual paper publication.

Actually, our magazine reading has gone down over the past couple years. We bought several subscriptions from our older son's magazine-selling school fundraiser, but have since allowed most of them to lapse. Also, two magazines that my husband used to subscribe to went out of business.

(This post was edited by Idril Celebrindal on Jan 15 2009, 8:14pm)


Jan 15 2009, 9:39pm

Post #5 of 22 (292 views)
you mean, like, made out of dead trees? [In reply to] Can't Post

I have the Internet.

Grey Havens

Jan 15 2009, 10:13pm

Post #6 of 22 (306 views)
many others [In reply to] Can't Post

general interest - Harper's, The American Scholar

local - Texas Monthly, San Antonio-related magazines

health - two for specific conditions

religious - weekly news (National Catholic Reporter, archdiocesan paper); Scripture study; general weeklies and monthlies including Commonweal, St. Anthony and U. S. Catholic (some of these I read at the parish library)

membership publications (American Feminist, Girl Scout Leader, etc.)

I try to read dailies on line to save paper and time. Our library branches all have give-and-take recycling boxes in the entrance areas - I tend to take much more than I give Wink


Tol Eressea

Jan 16 2009, 1:26am

Post #7 of 22 (278 views)
Magazines! [In reply to] Can't Post

We subscribe to a specific interest -- Astronomy, which I suppose could be under hobby also!

We get Smithsonian, but I don't know where to put it.

We get gardening and home improvement type magazines.

Up until last month we got Birds and Blooms also.

Now, until OhioHobbit finds work, they will lapse one by one.

Grey Havens

Jan 16 2009, 1:40am

Post #8 of 22 (287 views)
Several... but not as many as "they" want me to [In reply to] Can't Post

Time, Newsweek, NEA Today, Westways (from AAA), National Geographic, National Geographic for kids, Teen Vogue, Reader's Digest....

and they seem to think I need to renew until the year 2050 the way they keep sending renewal notices and try this for a limited time...

The arrive here, then after being read here, they go to my daughter's house. Then she donates them to the library.


Jan 16 2009, 5:32am

Post #9 of 22 (321 views)
I used to think I didn't like magazines. [In reply to] Can't Post

Because I didn't have time to read them.

Well, I still don't, but I try anyway. Crazy (They're good reading matter for the "throne.")

I subscribe to Astronomy, Archaeology, Smithsonian, Discipleship Journal, and Pray! magazines. Astronomy is the only one I keep. The rest I pass on to whoever else might want to read them. Thank goodness only Astronomy and Smithsonian are monthly, or I'd never keep up!

My sister gets PC Magazine and some gamers magazine. I have no idea which. And my folks let us have their copies of Reader's Digest, Gaither Magazine, and Reminisce, when they've finished reading them.

Grey Havens

Jan 16 2009, 5:01pm

Post #10 of 22 (288 views)
Not subscribed but... [In reply to] Can't Post

... we read regularly (mostly online) Time, Economist, Vogue, decorating magazines, and among the "others" I read Vanity Fair.


Jan 18 2009, 4:04am

Post #11 of 22 (298 views)
I am celebrating the fact that I have scaled back to only two publications. [In reply to] Can't Post

For a moment we are going to ignore my little OCD trip into the world of crochet magazines. I canceled them all about 7 years ago. I am completely rehabilitated and have been allowed to return to normal society. *twitch, twitch*

Currently, I only receive Birds & Blooms and Biblical Archaeology Review. I have kept them stacked up in boxes until recently. I decided that I was keeping a LOT of paper that I wasn't necessarily using or wanting, so I started ripping up the magazines from my past and putting the parts I want to save into page protectors (and from there they went into binders...lots and lots of binders). The only one I haven't touched to rip apart is my stack of BARs. I am currently organizing some other things in the house so I can't get to that right away.

I must say it feels very good to have put that 5' tall stack of Texas Highways into the recycling bin. It felt good to go through 10 years' worth of 17 different crochet publications and save ONLY the one or two patterns from each that I wanted to keep. It felt fantastic to go through all of the Old House Journal, Old House Interiors, Fine Homebuilding, and other like magazines and peel out the small handful of articles we wanted to have on-hand for restoring our home. I was practically giddy about ripping apart the recipe magazines. That trip to the recycling bin in town was one of the heaviest loads we have ever taken. Crazy

*disappears back into the shadows to finish organizing her sewing patterns*


Jan 19 2009, 5:08am

Post #12 of 22 (264 views)
Paper [In reply to] Can't Post

I get a number of magazines, special interest type stuff, and newspapers, delivered to my home in actual paper form Shocked! and I really read them, on paper. I'm not one to read online versions of magazines or newspapers. There is something so pleasant about getting the magazine delivered in the mail, or the newspaper. There's usually a magazine in any little corner of my house somewhere at any given time. Although I don't hoard them or keep back issues. I either give them away or toss them.
I go online for news and information, but there is nothing like holding something in your hands and reading it. I pray paper magazines and books never go away. I love reading on paper.

AlassŽa Eruvande

Jan 19 2009, 3:08pm

Post #13 of 22 (253 views)
That's why we don't subscribe to National Geographic anymore. [In reply to] Can't Post

I couldn't bear to throw them out, but nobody else really wanted them. Finally, I put them in a big box and had a garage sale. Some kid and his dad carted off the whole box after I told them they couldn't have just one or two issues. All or none. Crazy
There was only about 5 or 6 years worth, but it adds up. I can't believe some people have saved NG for many more years than that.

AlassŽa Eruvande

Jan 19 2009, 3:09pm

Post #14 of 22 (245 views)
Yeah, live trees tend to gum up the printers. [In reply to] Can't Post


AlassŽa Eruvande

Jan 19 2009, 3:13pm

Post #15 of 22 (233 views)
I'm with you! [In reply to] Can't Post

I just don't have time to do all that web-surfing. And you can't really curl up on the couch as easily with the laptop. Plus, if I slosh my coffee, a magazine isn't destroyed the way the laptop would be. Laugh
And you can't do a sudoku puzzle online the way you can with a pencil and the newspaper.

AlassŽa Eruvande

Jan 19 2009, 3:18pm

Post #16 of 22 (249 views)
Here's what we get. [In reply to] Can't Post

Sports Illustrated, National Review, The Weekly Standard, Military History, The Limbaugh Letter, Boys' Life, the local paper and my hometown paper.

I usually read them and pass them on, and sometimes they get tossed. I've saved a few special issues, such as the NR tribute to William F. Buckley, Jr., when he passed away. We've saved a lot of the MH, just because it's so nicely produced and full of so much info. We've only gotten a couple issues of BL, since Little Eruvande only joined Cub Scouts a few months ago. It's part of the Cub Scout membership. But we've saved them as well.

Thanks to everyone who answered my poll! Smile

(This post was edited by AlassŽa Eruvande on Jan 19 2009, 3:19pm)

Aunt Dora Baggins

Jan 19 2009, 3:24pm

Post #17 of 22 (244 views)
Two called "World": [In reply to] Can't Post

"UU World" (the magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association) and "Saudi Aramco World" (a very yummy free magazine with articles on Islamic culture and art).

I also get "Science News" second hand from my dad, and then pass it on to my brother-in-law.

I take the "Rocky Mountain News", which may be folding soon. That makes me very sad, since I've read it for over forty years now.

I get magazines from organizations I donate to, like the Human Rights Campaign and Amnesty International.

I get "The College Mathematics Teacher" from the Mathematics Association of America.

Oh, and the AARP has a very nice and interesting magazine.

My father-in-law gets me a subscription to "Readers Digest" every year. I've been reading that for over forty years as well.

I read Time Magazine and Scientific American online, or at my parents' house. They also get the Christian Science Monitor and I look at that there too.

I usually recycle my magazines after a year or so, and my newspapers after a week. But my husband saves his. He has Playboys going back to the 1950s. He finally stopped taking magazines, because he didn't have room for any more, except for a couple on model railroading. But he used to take "Vogue" as well as his men's magazines: he's always been interested in fashion.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jan 19 2009, 5:38pm

Post #18 of 22 (260 views)
And it's a dangerous magazine, as well. [In reply to] Can't Post

What? I thought everyone knew about this: the dangers of accumulating National Geographic magazines.

So if you're having earthquakes in your area, just search for neighbors who are receiving that magazine in their mailboxes...

(*whistles innocently* Blush)


Jan 20 2009, 2:27am

Post #19 of 22 (254 views)
Now I know why there are so many earthquakes in NZ [In reply to] Can't Post

It's because of my National Geographic collection!

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jan 20 2009, 8:16am

Post #20 of 22 (282 views)
THAT is hilarious. [In reply to] Can't Post

We inherited stacks of National Geographics from my grandparents when they moved into their retirement home. They're still here, of course. All this time I thought earthquakes were to blame for the slight settling of the house; now I know we're facing a double threat - those magazines are tilting the house and causing the earthquakes! We also inherited a full encyclopedia set. That's got to factor in too.

If their figures are right, it means that if I ever vanish suddenly and inexplicably from TORN it'll be because an earthquake caused a sinkhole that my house fell into and was then covered by a mudslide. Just watch for it on the news. LaughLaughLaugh


Jan 24 2009, 7:11pm

Post #21 of 22 (307 views)
MAGAZINES [In reply to] Can't Post

My most favorite magazine, and the one that I do hold onto after reading is 'RENAISSANCE' magazine.
I love history, and I find the 14th thru the 17th centuries very appealing to read about. The knights, the
ladies, kings, queens, castles, the beautiful clothes, all that wonderful stuff.


May 3 2009, 11:16pm

Post #22 of 22 (306 views)
I subscribe [In reply to] Can't Post

to Tennis magazine. I read some of it then toss it the same day.


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