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I have a confession to make - I'm rather scared about the Hobbit movies...
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Sr. Staff

May 12 2008, 6:36pm

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I have a confession to make - I'm rather scared about the Hobbit movies... Can't Post

Not for the reasons you might guess. I'm not worried about Smaug's voice, or who will play Bilbo, or if the elves should be tra-la-la-la-y, or if the trolls should have a talking wallet... No, dear reader, my fear is for my bank account...

I remember the heady days of the LotR movies, when it seemed like every week - nay, every DAY - there was some new piece of merchandise I wanted - nay, NEEDED - to buy. The 'free stuff' was even worse - the cold sweats of panic I vividly recall, as I realised, 'Wal-mart has ten new badges for its employees to wear. What must I do to make sure I get them ALL?'

Yes, my name is greendragon and I'm a collectorholic. Blush My apartment is already bursting at the seams; how could it possibly hold all that Hobbit stuff which I just KNOW is waiting to come my way? My bank account is flinching and squirming at the thought even as I write this! Laugh Anyone else out there know that feeling? The 'must - have - the preciousssss...' type feeling that washes over you every time a new line (no pun intended!) of merchandise is launched? The panicky 'I have to have this to show my true fandom!' feeling you sometimes get, or the 'my collection/life just won't be complete without that' dread?

I know I'm not alone in this insanity! You know you're out there! To those narfs (*snert*) who manage to enjoy the movies without the collecting which goes with it, be happy you don't suffer from this sickness! Be glad - to paraphrase Shakespeare - that you are 'not without fandom, but without the illness should attend it...' Sly

There's only one solution - I'll just have to start saving now, so I can afford to splurge when the movies come out. And, of course, so I can afford to move to a bigger place... Crazy Wink

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

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May 12 2008, 6:45pm

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*hand shoots up, sirens blaring* Oh gd [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm with you, Sweet Lady! I have to admit there have been times over the past couple of years that I've felt relieved not to be stressing about badges, or interviews, or racing to the theatre for today's fix. I've already started at Hobbit stash for my tickets and toys.

Gotta have the action figures, Sideshow statues (I'm STILL waiting for Bag End!), and conventions to get the autographs of the newly-inducted cast and crew from these 2 films. It's a plague! It's a nuisance! It's delicious suffering that I'm so grateful to feel once again! *twitch*

I'm just grateful I'm here for these first insane days. I missed out on the LotR panic.

Yeppers.... I'll suffer right here along side of you and all of our sibbies who also suffer from "just gotta have" syndrome.

Now... we need a name. Just one name of a new cast member. *spasm* I hope Hellboy II gets done soon!!

sample sample
Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

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Tol Eressea

May 12 2008, 7:46pm

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Maybe we should start a seperate bank account now. [In reply to] Can't Post

In addition to the collecting part of it, i'm already thinking I want to go to NZ for the premiere, which is going to be at least 2 1/2 years away.

I would be interested (read: frightened) to see exactly how much i've spent on my Tolkien fandom in the past 8 years - including Moots, conventions, and other related events. I'm guessing it's close, if not past, the 5-digit mark.

"...and back again."

Tol Eressea

May 12 2008, 8:58pm

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Oh, I'm with you on that... [In reply to] Can't Post

I have so much Tolkien stuff collected, and I'm forever adding to it. I'm actually having to consider the size of my collection when looking at houses to buy at the moment. It's crazy! I've not dared to hazard a guess at the total amount I've spent, it would probably give me a heart attack! I've been collecting since I first read the books aged 11, and there's no sign of stopping yet! The new movies are only going to add fuel to an already out of control fire!

*Jazminatar the Brown*


May 12 2008, 10:25pm

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Forgive my ignorance... [In reply to] Can't Post

...but what does one do with such things? I wish they'd sell useful stuff, like hand made elven-style bowls with leaf patterns on them, or maybe some of those inlaid tools they use in Rivendell. Or hobbit-style silverware, or a dwarvish mug, or blankets woven in the style of Rohan. Then I might dig deep into my pocket, too! I look for stuff like that at crafts fairs. When I want to feel like I'm in Middle Earth, I want wood and clay and leather and hammered bronze, not plastic, however exquisitely detailed. And nothing, if possible, with the stamp of mass-production too much in evidence, unless perhaps I conceived a weird hankering for the goods of Isengard.

On the old New Line website I searched in vain for any links to artisans who helped to make the props--the actual, useable things, like cloaks and pitchers and chairs--but I searched in vain. I think they missed an opportunity in trade. For total immersion in the Middle Earth experience, it helps to eat your breakfast from a thick clay bowl adorned with leaves.

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May 13 2008, 12:24am

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*nods head in understanding* [In reply to] Can't Post

Yep, I know exactly how you feel. I'll probably be living on my boat when The Hobbit (and all it's glorious merchandise) comes out, so I'll have no place to put all that stuff. *sigh* I didn't even think about it until now... Maybe it'll be a good thing that I won't have space for it.


May 13 2008, 1:35am

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Oh no ... [In reply to] Can't Post

I missed out on alot of the merchandise and cool stuff when LOTR came out - I was broke - it took me sooo long to get the EE's, and all those little things I did collect were more books and 'free' stuff - or I made my own - Im embarassingly pathetic, I know LOL!! Blush Smile ... I did get a chess board though, and I have been given some wonderful LOTR things as well. I really wanted an elven cloak, and still might try to get one ...

But Im not missing out this time preciousssss!!

I have a cunning plan!
Im going to save as much as I can this time around, and maybe I wont buy a heap of merchandise, but I want to go to a premiere (anywhere) and I want to visit NZ.

I already have a babysitter for my cats and I have a new suitcase for travelling.
Well its a start Wink

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!


May 13 2008, 1:56am

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I missed out on buying too much [In reply to] Can't Post

Dearheart hid the credit card LOL. He did buy me the dvd's though and some of the behind the scenes books. Really cursed him when I found one of my favourite websites was selling off the figures for less than half price! *sob* And he still wouldn't give me the damn card!!!!!

We were luckier than you Dreamdeer, a local store here carried LOTR jewellery as well as handcrafted bowls, goblets, plates and gold or silver spoons, they said that they had permission to carry the lines for years from the Tolkien trust and were really happy the movies came out Wink Much more expensive than the New Line range, but also much more individual if you know what I mean?

*hugs all*

There he stood
Proud and solemn
Yet happy and gay


May 13 2008, 2:23am

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Lot's of useable items were released.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Tankards, mugs, candle holders, costume replicas, usable pipes and so on. Yes, the market was more toward collectibles you put on shelves or things you play with but there were quite a few things (a few years ago) that would be put into the usable category.

Do not meddle in the affairs of hobbits for we can bite your kneecaps off!

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Forum Admin / Moderator

May 13 2008, 3:11am

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I'm one of those NARFs [In reply to] Can't Post

but I've even been tempted by a few items. Fortunately, I'm not at all tempted by the collectibles - I usually want the unusual, off-beat items. I also dislike anything I have to dust, so the thought of dusting all those statues, standees and other stuff is enough to quash any desire that might arise.

You suffer from FOMA - Fear of Missing Anything. My family has it in varying degrees - usually my sister who insists that the entire family (5 of us adult siblings now, but 7 in total when our parents were alive) squish into one car when we go anywhere. She hates the thought of missing one word of the conversation.

Although, I will say that I have no self-control over the books. I have several versions of LOTR, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, a complete set of HOME and all the ancillary Tolkien analysis you could find. So I can sympathize with you collector-maniacs Smile

Each cloak was fastened about the neck with a brooch like a green leaf veined with silver.
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`I do not know what you mean by that,' answered the leader of the Elves.

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Grey Havens

May 13 2008, 3:14am

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Oh, man! [In reply to] Can't Post

I wish I had left my Prancing Pony and Green Dragon beer mug set in their original packaging! I just saw them go for about $300 on Ebay and advertised at way more than that on a collector site. Without the packaging, they're probably not worth much more than I paid for them, even in pristine condition.

Yes, I did get a bit carried away. But I do still wear my leaf brooch!


May 13 2008, 3:46am

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A few years ago... [In reply to] Can't Post

I started to do a tabulation of what I'd spent on my LOTR fandom since 2000 (since that's when my fandom really started) and the amount was far more staggering then I thought. I think I might be even more shocked it I started to add everything up again since I'm still actively collecting (though not to the degree I was back in the hey day of the films).

Do not meddle in the affairs of hobbits for we can bite your kneecaps off!

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May 13 2008, 4:51am

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When I told [In reply to] Can't Post

my hubby that 'The Hobbit' was going ahead, he put his head in his hands and muttered "oh God, all the merchandising to come! Well, at least he is prepared well in advance. Wink


May 13 2008, 5:08am

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Such as? [In reply to] Can't Post

Links please?

Oddly enough, Dreamdeer, I had the same feeling and craving. I have never cared much for collectables, I only collected Star Wars novels and tie-in film books, and anything music-related of course.) But anything else? Never could understand the visceral "gotta have" thing.

(But again, you are talking to someone who has been a U2 fan for most of her life (since 1981) and has never owned a U2 poster or T-shirt. I swear on a stack of Bibles. It would feel weird to me, like putting up a poster of your cousin on your bedroom wall and fan-worshipping it. Which would be strange. You don't "worship" family. It would demean them and be just silly. (This perhaps shows you the real depths--or heights--of my U2 fandom. Another confession I'd make only on TORN.)

But Elven fabrics, hobbit gardening tools, earthen crockery from Rohan and ceramic table decorations from Gondor...well, I've thought of those. And not mass-reproduced, but an exact replica of what was used in the film, please. (Those cozy little couches for two from Rivendell, such as Aragorn lay on, would be nice!) Oh, and furniture from Rivendell and Minas Tirith would be nice too. Tables and chairs and beds. And *sssshhhh*...a huge faux bearskin rug like that in Theodred's room, to throw in front of my fireplace in winter to sit on!

(This post was edited by Sunflower on May 13 2008, 5:10am)


May 13 2008, 5:38am

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Long gone now.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Well I should say that there are some very expensive elven cloaks still in the marketplace (if one has the moola). http://www.stansborough.co.nz/sb/lotr.cfm
Stansborough are the same folks that made the real material for the elven cloaks for the films. I bought a scarf a few years ago made from their wool fabric since it was not as expensive.

Museum Replica's created many LOTR costumes folks could wear (most notably an Arwen Coronation gown, Legolas outfit, Aragorn outfit) but those have long since been taken down from their site. Applause (though it might have been Department 56) released mugs and tankards but alas they are long gone as well. Noble Collection released a couple varieties of wine glasses, candle holders, chess set and backgammon set (all usable items). All that is left now are wine goblets in their drinkable item http://www.noblecollection.com/...=NN2635&catid=17

I know people that will use the actual united cutlery sword replica's for role playing or dressing up. There wasLOTR inspired furniture as well (though not much is left in what was offered) http://www.middleearthfurniture.co.uk/

Many items can probably be found on ebay now but they are more than likely at bit more pricer then when they originally hit the market. Oh and I know that Turimel (an occasional poster here) has created some wonderful pieces from LOTR (most notably some tankards and seeing stones).

I'm a collectible nut. If I could have gotten everything released for LOTR I probably would. Luckily I don't have a mass amount of disposable cash laying around so my collecting habits are in check (some what). Cool

Do not meddle in the affairs of hobbits for we can bite your kneecaps off!

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Superuser / Moderator

May 13 2008, 10:02am

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I stand with you, Entmaiden. [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
Fortunately, I'm not at all tempted by the collectibles .... I also dislike anything I have to dust, so the thought of dusting all those statues, standees and other stuff is enough to quash any desire that might arise.

But then Weta Workshop's boardroom ensorcelled me, with its long wall of mirrored display cases showing every piece of Sideshow Weta item created. I'm lucky I came out of that spell with just the Witchking and Eowyn statues.

They don't fit anywhere in my little home, they're finicky to dust and I have to move them whenever I have people over for dinner.

But they are pretty.

Celebrimbor: "Pretty rings..."
Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
Men: "Pretty rings..."
Sauron: "Mine's better."

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May 13 2008, 10:22am

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now now, gramma, remember you are saving for a very big trip :-) // [In reply to] Can't Post


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Tol Eressea

May 13 2008, 12:01pm

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Ive tapered my collecting to mainly Sideshow stuff now. [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't really have the room for much else, or money, so i've decided to try and limit my collecting to the Sideshow/Weta statues and helms. They really are amazing pieces of art!

"...and back again."


May 13 2008, 4:15pm

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I don't regret my Burger King ring... [In reply to] Can't Post

nor my leaf brooch (though I never wear it) nor any of the countless tee-shirts I bought. I still wear them about every day.

But I have sooooooo many magazines, each with a tiny snippet about the movies or even several page spreads. They take up so much ROOM!

I already know I'm not buying as much this go-round, so that's all for the good.

Hanging out with the Lonely Isle elves.

Tol Eressea

May 13 2008, 8:12pm

Post #20 of 47 (2888 views)
I know what you are saying! [In reply to] Can't Post

And I have been preparing since last year. I fear only for the action figures, which are my area of expertise. Tongue

I guess the savings or money assigning will come later on, but at least I have already installed more shelf space for the figures, which I *hope* REALLY hope are done by Toybiz again.

We'll have to save specially for that Deluxe Smaug, you know? Wink

Here's to Del Toro becoming the Irvin Kershner of Middle Earth!

Essay winner of the Show us your Hobbit Pride Giveway!

Grey Havens

May 14 2008, 2:07am

Post #21 of 47 (2897 views)
Why aren't all the responses visible? [In reply to] Can't Post

After the thread was moved, that is?

Grey Havens

May 14 2008, 2:09am

Post #22 of 47 (2893 views)
Oh, there they are! [In reply to] Can't Post

How strange! Until I posted a reply on this board, I couldn't see any of the previous replies in this thread, even though I refreshed the screen and opened and closed the post. Very odd!


May 14 2008, 2:56am

Post #23 of 47 (2876 views)
Far from pathetic! [In reply to] Can't Post

I hold those who make their own things in high respect indeed! That is worth so much more than anything mass-produced. My hat's off to you! (or antlers, or whatever.)

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May 14 2008, 2:58am

Post #24 of 47 (2882 views)
That green flash on the horizon... [In reply to] Can't Post

...is me turning green with envy!

My website http://www.dreamdeer.grailmedia.com offers fanfic, and message-boards regarding intentional community or faerie exploration.


May 14 2008, 3:04am

Post #25 of 47 (2879 views)
Call me superstitious... [In reply to] Can't Post

..but I alway get this weird feeling that objects are happier when used for their intended purposes. There's something disconcerting about the thought of a mug staying perpetually inside its package, never holding the warmth of coffee or the coolness of rootbeer within, never experiencing the touch of lips or the clasp of a hand. I am sure your mugs are much happier holding your beverages for you, and I would wager you get a great deal of pleasure drinking from them, as opposed to stashing them away in a safe deposit box or something.

(And lest you think that I am completely bonkers, a certain physicist named Dr. Whitehead put forth interesting arguments to support that subatomic particles are sentient, so presumably everything has some level of sentience, at least on the microscopic level.)

My website http://www.dreamdeer.grailmedia.com offers fanfic, and message-boards regarding intentional community or faerie exploration.

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