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**20FD - TheOneRing.net Timeline 1999-2019


May 6, 12:51pm

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**20FD - TheOneRing.net Timeline 1999-2019 Can't Post

TheOneRing.net Timeline 1999-2019

Over the years, TORn Discussion Boards have created several Annual Special Events where we enjoy and celebrate our Community. Among those are:
~Founders Day: Honouring TheOneRing.net's 4 Founders on the anniversary of TORn's registration on April 26, 1999.
~Homecoming Fiesta Friday: Homecoming Fiesta started in the last year of the first age of the message boards shortly before the new boards opened in February 2007. Board members took a vote and decided early- to mid-November would be a good time to have it. We settled on November Fiesta Friday nearest to Veteran's Day to gather together and celebrate TORn's Community.
~Baggins' Birthdays September 22: TORn celebrates Bilbo and Frodo's Birthdays with several games, fanfics, and other special activities.

Special Events
~Conventions:** DragonCon; Comic-Con San Diego, CA; NYC Comic-con; ORC; ELF; etc.
~Oscars Parties: During the Academy Awards each year following the release of a LotR/Hobbit movie, TORn hosted an Oscar Party. Each Party was held very close to the Official Award Ceremony, and each Party included many of the films' Cast, Crew, and Filmmakers. These have a [Share] note in deep appreciate that Peter Jackson and his filmic family would acknowledge us and share in our love of everything Tolkien and Middle-earth.

**There are several instances of special notes throughout this Timeline. During events where there were close ties or collaboration with Peter Jackson, WETA, Guillermo del Toro (GdT), Warner Bros. (WB), etc., you'll find markers like this [TORn/Jackson Share]. During many of our DragonCon booth/table representation and other conventions, TORn would often share the table with WETA and other film-related businesses.

**AFAIK** = "As Far As I Know" –- When I'm not real sure of the exact date w/info I found.


1998 during Holidays ~~ Xoanon tells story of his first step to co-discovering TORn, "Back in Christmas of ’98 I was at a dinner with my family when my aunts started talking instant messaging and ICQ, I asked about it. They told me ICQ was an instant messaging program you can get for free on the internet. You can chat with people from around the world.
After getting the program and working out the settings and configuration, I set my online status to ‘Random chat’, and started buzzing the millions of ICQ folks around the world to find interesting people to talk to.
Random search: *click*: Erica Challis (New Zealand) That’s how it started; Erica and I met online and chatted about this and that. We discovered we had a few similar tastes in fiction; ‘You know,’ she said one day ‘they’re filming The Lord of the Rings here in New Zealand.'" [find the rest of the story embedded here My LOTR:FOTR Review!!]


3/1999 ~~ First to register on TORn-Calisuri, then Corvar & Arathorn to create and test site [according to old board stats pg-6/14/08]

4/10/1999 ~~ First homepage article written (scroll down). Homepage shows this as oldest/first headline by Xoanon – but it's posted on April 10 (too close to midnight-posted on the 11th on homepage) TIME ZONE TURMOIL. Today is the Day... ...filming begins Hobbiton is being built **AFAIK**

4/26/1999 ~~ TheOneRing.net officially registers: Guess what happened today in 1999?

5/26/1999 ~~ Tehanu Second Hobbiton visit – Spy Report

7/15/1999 ~~ TORn's Chatroom is up and running with Calisuri and Tehanu .

7/21/1999 ~~ First live chat with Xoanon, Tehanu, Calisuri, Corvar, Anwyn, Quickbeam and Turgon.

8/7/1999 ~~ TORn reveals the redesign of the fan section with artwork submitted by LotR fans.

8/15/1999 ~~ Check out the new fan art, wallpaper and multimedia. The fan writing section has also been updated. Find anything from a LOTR poem in Spanish to a recipe for lembas! Once again thanks to all the fans for their submissions.

8/22/1999 ~~ Quickbeam first shows up in Green Books "In Defense of Escapism" & first Green Book: Book Shelf entry.

8/24/1999 ~~ Announced the opening of 'The Green Books of Middle-earth' exploring the words and world of Tolkien! Called Green Books because original website had a green background on every page. **AFAIK**

9/18/1999 ~~ Barliman's (Barlichat) Chat Room opens for business

10/3/1999 ~~ WETA is recruiting for LOTR like mad! Go and look at their website (www.wetafx.co.nz) They are recruiting armourers, sculptors, designers, prosthetics technicians, digital effects experts, software engineers, and jobs too numerous to mention.

10/10/1999 ~~ Badali Jewelry offers Sauron's Ring in TORn post (last paragraph)

11/17/1999 ~~ Badali Jewelry returns (includes TORn advertising position) [6/28/2012 article re: Badali Jewelry was the very first sponsor of our enterprise website that dared to follow The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy when it was just a whisper on the wind. Since then the maker of officially licensed Middle-earth jewelry have been tight with the website.]

9/19/1999 ~~ Tehanu Returns to Hobbiton!

10/11/1999 ~~ Get off the Road! Principal photography begins in Wellington, New Zealand, at Mount Victoria. The first scene to be shot is the hobbits hiding by the side of the road from the Black Rider.

11/8/1999 ~~ First Pics from Hobbiton!

12/17/1999 ~~ Tehanu Trespass Notice served by New Line/Barrie Osborne on 12-17-1999 -- She wasn't in the Queenstown area stated in the Notice. Homepage article 2-16-2000. Here's the Trespass Notice


1/13/2001 ~~ Official 'Lord of the Rings' Site Goes Live Today. New Line's (Jackson) "Official" website, lordoftherings.net.

1/25/2000 ~~ Tehanu set visit Hobbiton **AFAIK** Tehanu Visits the Hobbiton Set! [TORn/Jackson Share]

6/6/2000 ~~ Peter Jackson carries the Olympic torch for the last leg of its trot through Wellington for 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Peter the Torch-bearer (best pic found taken by TORn Spy Altariel) In the FotR eedvd Director commentary during the Caradhras scene, they talk about the snow being made of polystyrene and rice flakes. Fran tells Philippa how Peter didn't want to film the snow scene. "No! No! I have to run with the Olympic Torch." That he didn't want to get it in his hair. *laughter* So she and John Mahaffie were left filming the sequence [paraphrasing]

6/29-7/2/2000 ~~ First attendance of DragonCon 2000 Final Report #1 and Final Report #2

7/20-23/2000 ~~ First attendance of Comic-Con San Diego, CA: Comic-Con 2000 Montage by Corvar 7/27/2000 and Gandalf storms through Comic-Con 2000! by Quickbeam 7/23/2000


1/12/2001 ~~ Release of the first FotR Theatrical Trailer

1/13/2001 ~~ Official Lord of the Rings Site Goes Live Today 1-13-2001

8/31-9/3/2001 ~~ DragonCon 2001 Atlanta, GA

1/24/2001 ~~ Announcement of Green Books coming soon

5/16/2001 ~~ Xoanon travels to see the 24-minute presentation is made at the Cannes Film Festival, featuring an introduction from Peter Jackson.

7/19-22/2001 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Comic-Con International 2001: Frodo, Fun, and Final Thoughts by Quickbeam 7/26/2001

8/27/2001 ~~ TORN DIGITAL IS HERE! Providing news and information from the land of Middle-earth and beyond.

8/31/2001 ~~ DragonCon 2001 Atlanta, GA

11/26-30/2001 ~~ Quickbeam embedded in NZ – 5-part report about his experience "Where the Stars Are Strange" from Green Books

12/18/2001 ~~ My LOTR:FOTR Review!! and Story of how TORn came to be by Xoanon *mods up*

12/19/2001 ~~ Figwit is born. WENT VIRAL! - History of Figwit **AFAIK**


3/24/2002 ~~ 74th Academy Awards – Hollywood, CA – The One Party to Rule them All for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring released on 12/19/2001. The One Party report by Tehanu . TORn hosts The One Party – our first Oscar Party - - 12 Nominations – 4 Oscar Wins

3/2002 ~~ TIME (Today in Middle-earth): Daily entries first posted on TORn's Discussion Boards focusing on LotR: Appendix B Chronology or BS (Book Spoilers) of random Tolkien books' text... for a moment of Tolkien-zen.

8/1-4/2002 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Comic-Con 2002 Report - Comic-Con 2002 Kickoff

8/30-9/2/2002 ~~ DragonCon 2002

Fall 2002 ~~ TORn's Geeky Observation Posts. **AFAIK**


2/26/2003 ~~ The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien by TheOneRing.net is a guide written by five major contributors to TORn for people who love Middle-earth.

3/18/2003 ~~ TORn created and began participating in our own Walk to Rivendell... and Beyond! AN EXPLANATION & HISTORY weekly exercise activity after discovering The Éowyn Challenge Website. The Shieldmaidens: Walk to Rivendell.

3/23/2003 ~~ 75th Academy Awards – Hollywood, CA - Oscar Party 2003: Xoanon’s Report Two Towers, One Party for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers released on 12/18/2002 - - 6 Nominations – 3 Oscar Wins - [TORn/Jackson Share]

4/5-8/2003 ~~ **AFAIK** Peter Jackson contacts TORn about creating the KIK.n website.

4/9/2003 ~~ First post on KIKn, KongIsKing.net : The Stax Report: Script Review of King Kong. TORn's Sister Site -- Active: April 9, 2003 to January 23, 2008 HOMEPAGE [TORn/Jackson Share]

7/17-20/2003 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - TORn’s Comic-Con 2003 blowout and Backstage at Comic-Con

8/28/03 ~~ 'TORnsibs' Donations Needed" Peter calls for donations for Embassy renovation.

Fall ~~ J31—TORn's Embassy Theatre donor seat. TORn Message Board Members raised $1,000 to purchase a platinum-level seat for the Embassy Theatre fundraiser to help pay to upgrade the building for The Return of the King premier. Originally, our seat number was F30, but we swapped it for J31 so Sean Astin could have the seat next to Elijah Wood.

8/29-9/1/2003 ~~ DragonCon 2003 Atlanta, GA

12/15-17/2003 ~~ Gathering of the Fellowship Toronto, Canada. This was the convention where Quickbeam introduced the making of Ringers: Lord of the Fans.


2/29/2004 ~~ 76th Academy Awards – Hollywood, CA - The Return of the One Party for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King released 12/17/2003 - - 12 Nominations – 11 Oscar Wins 2004 in Tolkien - Thank You Card for Cast and Crew. [TORn/Jackson Share]

3/1-4/4/2004 ~~ Making The Hobbit Happen: Petition started to rally fan support for Peter Jackson to get filming rights to The Hobbit. **AFAIK** (SEE 9/15/06; 9/22/06; 11/19/06; 8/31-9/2/07)

3/26/2004 ~~ The debut Howard Shore's LotR Symphony at the Huntington in Columbus, Ohio.

7/22-25/2004 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - COMIC CON 2004 Coverage

9/2/2004 ~~ Commemorative Tree Planting of 11 kauri trees in Willowbank Park, Wellington. TORn Discussion Board members raised enough money to purchase the trees and donate $800 to GiveLife organ donation program to show our appreciation to Jackson and everyone involved in making the films. Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves - Memorial Trees of Tawa

9/3-9/6/2004 ~~ DragonCon 2004 Atlanta, GA

11/16/2004 ~~ More People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien by TheOneRing.net is the second (companion) guide written by the people of TORn for people who love Middle-earth.


1/14-16/2005 ~~ ORC One Ring Celebration

7/14-17/2005 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS at Comic Con 2005

8/26-28/2005 ~~ Eastern LOTR Fan Gathering (ELF) FIRST ONE WE ATTENDED (also called ELF: A Weekend of Wonder) (East Coast LotR Festival) held in Orlando, FL.

9/2-9/5/2005 ~~ DragonCon 2005 Atlanta, GA

10/7-9/2005 ~~ Indianapolis Indy Moot LotR Exhibit. The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: The Exhibition

11/22/2005 ~~ Ringers: Lord of the Fans DVD ~ 11/22/2005 The Quest for ‘RINGERS’


1/20-22/2006 ~~ ORC - One Ring Celebration 2006 Pasadena, CA.

4/11/2006 ~~ Xoanon Tours WETA Report!

7/20-23/2006 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - WETA At Comic Con 2006

7/28-30/2006 ~~ ELF - Eastern LOTR Fan Gathering in New Jersey. Sister convention to ORC.

9/1-9/4/2006 ~~ DragonCon 2006 Atlanta, GA.

9/15/2006 ~~ Making The Hobbit Happen: MrCere pens an open letter to MGM/New Line giving fan's perspective of their legal conflicts. The letter was delivered to New Line and MGM along with Lith's petition on 9/22/2006.

10/10/2006 ~~ J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment 10/10/2006 - 12 TORn Members contributed to the Encyclopedia. (SEE 3/1-4/4/04; 9/22/06; 11/19/06; 8/31-9/2/07)

9/22/2006 ~~ Making The Hobbit Happen: Lith took the petition of over 39,116 signatures and MrCere's open letter to MGM and New Line Cinema. MrCere's open letter increased the signatures to 62,000 on 2,000 pages. (SEE 3/1-4/4/04; 9/15/06; 11/19/06; 8/31-9/2/07)

11/2006 ~~ 1st Homecoming Fiesta Friday links called Oldies but Goodies

11/19/2006 ~~ Peter Jackson emailed TheOneRing.net that Peter Jackson an explanation of why he cannot film The Hobbit. For TORn to help get his side heard The Hobbit. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh Talk THE HOBBIT. (SEE 3/1-4/4/04; 9/15/06; 9/22/06; 8/31-9/2/07) 11/14/2008 ~~ 3rd annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday


2/17/2007 ~~ TORn's New Message Boards go live – The first to register was JPB as he had been working on KIKn and set up the new Gforum version; then next to register were BG and Altaira.

3/9-11/2007 ~~ ORC - One Ring Celebration 2007 Pasadena, CA.

7/26-29/2007 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - WETA At Comic-Con 2007 - WETA Limited reveals Show Exclusive

8/31–9/2/2007 ~~ DragonCon 2007 Atlanta, GA - 9/1/2007 TORn’s panel, Making The Hobbit Happen presentation in Tolkien Track. (SEE 3/1-4/4/04; 9/15/06; 9/22/06; 11/19/06)

9/22/2007 ~~ Grateful TORn Discussion Board members surprised Senior Staffer Altaira with a unique map of TORn made in collaboration with artist Daniel Reeve with the names of contributors around the boarder.

11/9/2007 ~~ 2nd annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday

12/18/2007 ~~ PETER JACKSON AND NEW LINE CINEMA JOIN WITH MGM TO PRODUCE “THE HOBBIT” Movie... 3 months after Making The Hobbit Happen petitions and drive presented at DragonCon 9/16/2007


4/19/2008 ~~ A riddle was posted on the Message Boards by a user named "Guillermo". It was, indeed, revealed to be Guillermo del Toro. [TORn/Jackson/GdT Share]

5/14/2008 ~~ An Unexpected Party – Chat with PJ and GDT! Peter Jackson talks about how he began a relationship with fans when he invited 20 questions about filming LotR. He wanted to reach out again as he and Guillermo del Toro send an invitation for questions once again. [TORn/Jackson/GdT Share]

5/23/2008 ~~ The Hobbit Movie Discussion Board added to TORn's Community

7/24-27/2008 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA TheOneRing.net Teams with RTB at Comic-Con 2008

8/30-9/2/2008 ~~ DragonCon 2008 Atlanta, GA.

11/14/2008 ~~ 3rd annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday

11/23-12/6/2008 ~~ Cruise to Middle-earth


4/24/2009 ~~ TORNspeak – The TORN Dictionary - launched by Silverlode.

4/26/2009 ~~ Founders Day launched: Described in this tribute to weaver, its creator.

4/26/2009 ~~ TORn's 10th Anniversary and First Founder's Day Party.

7/23-26/2009 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - TORn Comic-Con presentation on video

9/4-9/7/2009 ~~ DragonCon 2009 Atlanta, GA pt. 1 and pt. 2

10/9-11/2009 ~~ NYC - FotR Movie and Symphony Performance at the Radio City Music Hall.

10/8–11/2009 ~~ NYC Tolkien Manuscript Exhibit: 'The Beginnings of a Masterpiece: Original Manuscripts from The Fellowship of the Ring" at Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus, NYC.

11/20/2009 ~~ 4th annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday


4/26/2010 ~~ Founders Day Party 11th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2010
4/26/2010 ~~ Reveal of TheOneRing.net's Mathom-house. TORn members unveil the Mathom-house.

7/22-25/2010 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Snag your TheOneRing.net Comic-Con 2010 Shirts Today!

9/3-9/6/2010 ~~ DragonCon 2010 Atlanta, GA

9/7-10/2010 ~~ NYC Moot and TT Performance at Radio City Music Hall

10/15/2010 ~~ “The Hobbit” (finally) gets the Green Light! Now What?

11/12/2010 ~~ 5th annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday

11/22/2010 ~~ TORn unveils new Hobbit Movie Section in Discussion Boards.


4/26/2011 ~~ Founders Day Party 12th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2011

7/21-24/2011 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - 2011 Hobbit Panel by TheOneRing.net. "Fandalf" – Gandalf World Tour Homepage

8/30-9/2/2011 ~~ DragonCon 2011 road-trip across the country from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA.

9/2-9/5/11 ~~ DragonCon 2011 Atlanta, GA

9/5/11 ~~ 1st DragonCon Road Trip return journey from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA.

9/24/2011–6/26/2012 ~~ “Fandalf” – Gandalf's World Tour [TORn/WB Share]

9/24/2011 ~~ Kick off in Los Angeles, CA at TORn's annual Bagginses' Birthday held on the Saturday closest to September 22 (Frodo/Bilbo b'day)

10/2011 ~~ NYC Comic-Con - First time TORn had a panel and manage a booth hosted by TORn volunteers flying in from all parts of the country! It was an epic success thanks to fans searching us out.

11/2011 ~~ Air New Zealand offered MrCere to go to NZ while The Hobbit is in production. The friendliness of WETA and WB publicity was deeply appreciated and rewarding. MrCere has travelled nearly 25,000 miles this year for TORn! [TORn/Jackson/WETA/ANZ/WB Share]

11/11/2011 ~~ 6th annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday

11/30–12/11/2011 ~~ Cruise to Middle-earth [also in 2008] hosted by TheOneRing.net and Red Carpet

12/12/2011 ~~ Embedded MrCere: In December he visited and toured NZ including an exclusive report from the Hobbiton Movie Set after being granted permission to publish impressions and photos from the site, rebuilt for The Hobbit. [TORn/Jackson Share]


3/10/2012 ~~ TORn announces link to TIME – Today in Middle-earth History Calendar posted daily on the Main Discussion Board

4/26/2012 ~~ Founders Day Party: 13th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2012

4/7/2012 ~~ [article posted on 12/16/14] Jackson talks to TORn and embeds MrCere in filming of BoFA: TheOneRing.net headed for embed on Hobbit set. [see 12/16/2014] [TORn/Jackson Share]

7/12-15/2012 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Full transcript of Comic-Con Hobbit Panel Q&A! 7-16-2012

8/3/2012 ~~ Announcement The Hobbit 2-film production will now be 3-films Green Books guest post: in defense of a Hobbit trilogy

8/31-9/3/2012 ~~ DragonCon 2012 Atlanta, GA

9/11-14/2012 ~~ NYC Comic-con - Can this Party Get Any Better? Join Tolkien Fans this Thursday in NYC!

11/9/2012 ~~ 7th annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday

11/17/2012 ~~ November/December 2012 issue The Hobbit – A Tribute to the Unexpected Prequel to The Lord of the Rings (TheOneRing.net's Collector's Edition)

11/27/2012 ~~ MrCere of TheOneRing.net was invited by Warner Bros. to come and represent TORn of the World Premier of The Hobbit. [TORn/Jackson/WB Share]

12/1/2012 ~~
Green Dragon Inn officially opens for Hobbiton Tours. Official opening on 12/12/12--2012 HOBBITON SET FINSHED FOR TOURS WITH THE OPENING OF THE GREEN DRAGON INN


2/24/2013 ~~ 85th Academy Awards – Hollywood, CA - The One Expected Party & Unexpected Art Show for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey released on 12/14/2012 - - 3 Nominations [TORn/Jackson Share]

4/26/2013 ~~ Founders Day Party 14th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2013

**(These cover different years, but they belong together :)
6/11/2013 ~~ WENT VIRAL!
Happy Hobbit's reaction to The Desolation of Smaug 2ndtrailer release. receiving 499,509 viewings as of TORn's 20th Anniversary 4/26/2019
6/11/2014 ~~ Happy Elves (Elves watching Happy Hobbit watching the DOS trailer at first release) receiving 1,279,256 views on 4/26/2019.
6/12/2014 ~~ WENT VIRAL! 1 year later Hobbitception: One Year Later (Elves' reaction to Happy Hobbits)
And then, there was coverage News Coverage!

6/2013 ~~ Emporium of Goods launched - Fans worldwide submitted t-shirt designs for TheOneRing.net Emporium, and we had a tough time keeping up with demand!

7/18-21/2013 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Get an unofficial sneak peek at The Desolation of Smaug at Comic-Con today!

7/25-26/13 ~~ Thank you PJ Video Project: Special Thanks to Peter Jackson and Crew for The Hobbit - TORn asked fans to send us videos thanking PJ and the entire Crew. Video of thank you messages accumulated; Announcement of project (1st story); (2nd story)

8/8/2013 ~~ S.H.I.R.E. Project - Sharing the Hobbit to Improve Reading – fundraiser to send copies of The Hobbit to schools.

8/24-9/4/2013 ~~ Light the Beacons: TheOneRing.net's Fellowship Fundraiser! on eBay $5,825.43 raised for support of TORn.
8/29/2013 ~~ Fundraiser Ten ways TORn serves Tolkien and Lord of the Rings fandom
9/2/2013 ~~ Support TheOneRing.net - The World's Largest 100% Volunteer Not For Profit Fan Website

8/25-9/5/2013 ~~ 3rd annual Road to DragonCon. TheOneRing.net is planning a road trip from LA to DragonCon 2013 in Atlanta GA direct non-stop!

8/30-9/2/2013 ~~ DragonCon 2013 Atlanta, GA

10/2013 ~~ NYC Comic-con - Get an unofficial sneak peek at The Desolation of Smaug at Comic-Con today!

10/24/2013 ~~ Embedded set visit by MrCere: Set Visit Exclusive — Bringing Lake-town to Life for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [TORn/Jackson Share]

11/10/2013 ~~ Launching of TORn Book Club Live streaming video chat and online Book Club.

11/10-13/2013 ~~ NYC Comic-Con


3/2/2014 ~~ 86th Academy Awards – Hollywood, CA - One Dragon, One Party at Cat' n' Fiddle Restaurant and Pub-Hollywood CA for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug released on 12/13/13 - - 3 Oscar Nominations [TORn/Jackson Share]

4/26/2014 ~~ TORn 15th Anniversary and Founders Day Party 15th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2014

7/24-27/2014 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - The Hobbit totally won San Diego Comic-Con. Here are just eight reasons why.

8/29-9/1/2014 ~~ DragonCon 2014 Atlanta, GA

10/9-12/2014 ~~ NYC Comic-con -
A Long Walk to NYCC…

12/16/2014 ~~ MrCere invited to be on set for 5 weeks of the filming of the Hobbit films [embedded]. Peter Jackson talks ‘Hobbit: BotFA’ and all Middle-earth with TheOneRing.net [TORn/Jackson Share]


2/22/2015 ~~ 87th Academy Awards – Hollywood, CA - The One Last Party: There and Back Again for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies released on 12/17/2014 - - 1 Oscar Nomination

2/22/2015 ~~ Hobbit Oscars Thank you card (10 years after gave 2004 Thank you card to PJ) Our ‘Fond Farewell’ and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all the hard working Cast and Crew of all six of the Middle-earth films. There will be a giant ‘Thank You’ card at our planned “The One Last party: There and Back Again” event on February 21, 2015 in Hollywood [TORn/Jackson Share]

4/8-12/2015 ~~ Concert FotR 3-films (instead of RCMH) at Lincoln Center NYC The Lord of The Rings, Trilogy in Concert Lincoln Center – April 8-12, 2015

4/26/2015 ~~ Founders Day Party 16th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2015

7/2/2015 ~~
Peter Jackson had replica of "The Hobbit's Bag End Built Behind Secret Doors at his house".

7/9-12/2015 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Peter Jackson Says Thank You to the Fans

9/2-9/5/2016 ~~ DragonCon 2016 Atlanta, GA

10/8-11/2015 ~~ NYC – Comic-con - New York Comic-Con – party with TheOneRing.net and WETA!


4/26/2016 ~~ Founders Day Party 17th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2016

7/21-24/2016 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - TheOneRing.net's panel at San Diego Comic con is this Friday

9/2-9/5/2016 ~~ DragonCon 2016 Atlanta, GA

9/2/2016 ~~ OLD BOARD ACCESS CRASHES -- TORnsibs lament to loss of access to the first 8 years of TORn Message Board posts. **AFAIK**
Old Board Access Crashes Altaira bad news 9-8-2016
Old Board Access Crashes Altaira bad news 9-8-2016 Old Board Crashes discussion 2017
TORn members begin talking about archive retrieval project

10/6-9/2016 ~~ NYC Comic-con - New York Comic-Con starts TOMORROW! Don’t forget your party tickets!

9/22/16 ~~ Baggins Birthday Bash in Los Angeles, CA

10/26/16 ~~ Jackson gives Mortal Engines announcement to TORn -Peter Jackson announces his next movie project! [TORn/Jackson Share]


2/17/2017 ~~ TORn Discussion Boards' 10th TORniversary 2/17/2007 – 2/17/2017

4/26/2017 ~~ Founders Day Party 18th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2017

7/20-23/2017 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Collecting The Precious – WETA Workshop Comic-Con 2017 Booth Tour and Recap

8/31-9/4/17 ~~ DragonCon 2017 Atlanta, GA

10/5-8/2017 ~~ NYC Comic-con - Collecting The Precious – WETA Workshop’s Grond Environment Review

11/10/2017 ~~ 8th annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday

11/14/2017 ~~ Middle-earth TV Series Discussion added to TORn's Community.


4/7/2018 ~~ Tolkien Biopic There is a cornucopia of Tolkien stories coming this year

4/26/2018 ~~ Founders Day Party 19th Anniversary and Founders Day Collection, 2018

7/19-22/2018 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - Collecting The Precious – WETA Workshop’s Comic-Con 2018 Recap

7/28/2018 ~~ Amazon's Lord of the Rings Original Series.

8/30-9/3/2018 ~~ DragonCon 2018 Atlanta, GA

10/4-7/2018 ~~ NYC Comic-con - New York Comic-Con starts tomorrow – and TheOneRing.net is there!

11/16/2018 ~~ 9th annual Homecoming Fiesta Friday


3/16/2019 ~~ Trailer Tolkien Biopic New “Tolkien” trailer released by Fox Searchlight Pictures

4/25/2019 ~~ LotR Message Board: 200th Caption Contest Game by Ataahua on 4/25/19. Added to TORn's 20th Anniversary 10th Anniversary Founders Day Party collection.

4/26/2019 ~~ TheOneRing.net's 20th Anniversary Celebration and Founders Day 10th Anniversary.

7/18-21/2019 ~~ Comic-Con San Diego, CA - tbd


We have been there and back again.

TIME Google Calendar

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May 6, 4:45pm

Post #2 of 19 (1649 views)
O...M...G Gramma! How fun is this! [In reply to] Can't Post

It is 4:02 in the morning on Tuesday the 7th of May, and you are in Wellington, New Zealand, if you must know. Wink

I've saved all this before history repeats and everything crashes (see 9/2/2016 and learn lesson from history Shocked ) . First Homepage article 4/10/1999 re: news of Jackson's LOTR. And a report from Matamata:

A spokeswoman for the film firm Three Foot Six, Sian Clement, said she was worried that movie zealots would flock to the farm if they found out about the work. “You just have to look on the Internet to see the fanatic interest.”

Ummm, yeah!

What a wonderful contribution to the 20FD celebration. Such a lot of digging and checking this must have required. I will get back to the business of sleeping and follow more of these links in the light of day like a rational person Laugh

Many thanks, grammaboodawg, for this record of an enduring phenomenon of fandom, theonering.net.


May 6, 6:16pm

Post #3 of 19 (1635 views)
*geeky hand clapping* [In reply to] Can't Post

ooooo... I was sitting with you in Wellington for a minute there :D So very coo! And thanks :) Sweet dreams!


We have been there and back again.

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May 6, 6:35pm

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Please let me know re: Edits; Strikes; Linkless; Additions, etc. [In reply to] Can't Post

I've been through this several times, but I finally just had to get it out there ;) Getting it to load the way I wanted was my own personal Balrog!

Please do tell if you see anything that needs attention or if there are events / dates you'd like to have added / removed.

There have been a LOT of upcoming posts spawned from this list and our Party Tree this year (i.e. Tolkien's tree story; Tehanu's spying days; Tree/Organ donation story; etc.).... so keep an eye out.


We have been there and back again.

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Greenwood Hobbit
Grey Havens

May 6, 10:09pm

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*bows in awe* [In reply to] Can't Post

You must have spent so long putting all that together - congratulations on the work! So many memories...


May 6, 10:22pm

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What fun! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for this, Gramma. I found myself thinking, where was I when that happened? Do I remember that? Was I part of it? And what about...

The 'what about...' for me is the message boards, as that's where I've mostly inhabited TORn for quite a number of years. I especially loved your documentation of the creation of the New Boards, Altaira's map, and the tragic eclipse of the Old Boards.

If I could add to your already extensive timeline, I'd put in the highlights of the various (like tens of thousands) discussion threads and topics on the boards. Like: the Reading Room's read-throughs of LotR; the Movie Board's consideration of the LotR films; the epic duels on - no, not the Arena, on The Hobbit film board, and ... well, it's probably not practical at the scale of your already amazing summary. We'll let it go at that, and just enjoy the endless memories of this place.

Thanks again!

squire online:
RR Discussions: The Valaquenta, A Shortcut to Mushrooms, and Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit
Lights! Action! Discuss on the Movie board!: 'A Journey in the Dark'. and 'Designing The Two Towers'.
Archive: All the TORn Reading Room Book Discussions (including the 1st BotR Discussion!) and Footerama: "Tolkien would have LOVED it!"
Dr. Squire introduces the J.R.R. Tolkien Encyclopedia: A Reader's Diary

= Forum has no new posts. Forum needs no new posts.


May 7, 12:20am

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Why not? [In reply to] Can't Post

Seriously! My original goal was to just hit the highlights. I started collecting them over the holidays. The more I found, the more I wanted to recover. I started hitting it more in February and was pretty intense the last 6 weeks. It became apparent to me that the highlights or major activities wasn't all that should be done... that here on the Boards, we're a living being that thrives on the little, daily things.
I say lets give this a serious look and make it so! What's the outcome we want and what do we need to do to get there? We need to (hopefully) do the Old Boards Archive Retrieval project for the full timeline. Later for me, though... I have to do the dishes and mow the lawn first. ;)


We have been there and back again.

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Ethel Duath

May 7, 1:19am

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This is terrific! Thanks so much. And thanks for [In reply to] Can't Post

the new character! Fan fic writers take note: Afaik, son of Arathorn's sister's uncle's niece's father's brother-in law. Evil


May 7, 3:47am

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Bookmarking this [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you gramma for your countless hours of work on this!

Join us every weekend in the Hobbit movie forum for this week's CHOW (Chapter of the Week) discussion!

Grey Havens

May 8, 1:55am

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A link to the stories that won recognition at ORC 2005 and 2006 [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
I've been through this several times, but I finally just had to get it out there ;) Getting it to load the way I wanted was my own personal Balrog!

Please do tell if you see anything that needs attention or if there are events / dates you'd like to have added / removed.

There have been a LOT of upcoming posts spawned from this list and our Party Tree this year (i.e. Tolkien's tree story; Tehanu's spying days; Tree/Organ donation story; etc.).... so keep an eye out.

Written by Erin Atwater and hosted at The Burping Troll, these stories won the fanfiction awards.... Ashes, East Winds, Hope that Rises and The Last Grey Ship.

http://www.burpingtroll.com/LOTRrelated.htm (they're both down toward the bottom of the page)

All hail the memory keepers.

Fourth Age Adventures at the Inn of the Burping Troll http://burpingtroll.com
Home of TheOneRing.net Best FanFic stories of 2005 and 2006 "The Last Grey Ship" and "Ashes, East Wind, Hope That Rises" by Erin Rua

(Found in Mathoms, LOTR Tales Untold)

(This post was edited by sevilodorf on May 8, 2:00am)


May 8, 2:28am

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Awesome! Thanks :D // [In reply to] Can't Post



We have been there and back again.

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May 8, 3:02am

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Meneg hennaid, Grammaboodawg! [In reply to] Can't Post

So many have contributed to the life of the forums over the years and I've spent countless hours here absorbing all things Tolkien. And it has enriched my life.

Grammaboodawg, you are a big part of these message boards and I appreciate the time and effort you have given to our Tolkien community.

Mae carnen.

“There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep ... that have taken hold.”


May 8, 12:04pm

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**20FD Many thanks to our Founders for 20 years of TORn! [In reply to] Can't Post

(created by Magpie)

Looking back at how they were brought together and followed their inspired idea to create this website to celebrate J.R.R. Tolkien, Middle-earth and Peter Jackson's film, it's staggering to see what has happened! So many of us have found a home on the TheOneRing.net, and for some a life-changing refuge.

Thank you, Tehanu (Erica), Xoanon (Michael), Calisuri (Chris) and Corvar (William/Bill). You did good :D


We have been there and back again.

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(This post was edited by grammaboodawg on May 8, 12:18pm)

Sr. Staff

May 9, 1:26pm

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Oh gramma, this is wonderful! [In reply to] Can't Post

What a labour of love! And how wonderful to see it all gathered together in this way. Wow some great memories there. 2007 DragonCon: the year of WootMoot! So many great trips, moots and merry meetings. Hanon le, m'dear! Heart

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

'You never know what will happen next, when once you get mixed up with TORnsibs and their friends.'

N.E. Brigand

May 9, 11:43pm

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A possible addition. [In reply to] Can't Post

Great thread, gramma!

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but on Oct. 21-23, 2004, more than a dozen TORN members, including Altaira and entmaiden, mooted at The Lord of the Rings 1954-2004 conference at Marquette University in Milwaukee, subsequently writing up a series of reports in the Reading Room about what they learned from the all-star lineup of Tolkien scholars who spoke at that event.

Nearly as many TORN members met up at the The Gathering of the Fellowship conference on July 1-4, 2006 in Toronto, many of them also catching The Lord of the Rings musical then.

(A smaller number of TORN members have connected at numerous events hosted by the Tolkien Society, the Mythopoeic Society, and the International Congress on Medieval Studies, among others, but that would be too much to list. I think those two events are the largest gatherings not already on your timeline.)

Treachery, treachery I fear; treachery of that miserable creature.

But so it must be. Let us remember that a traitor may betray himself and do good that he does not intend.

Discuss Tolkien's life and works in the Reading Room!
How to find old Reading Room discussions.


May 10, 1:01am

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This is what I'm looking for! [In reply to] Can't Post

There are a lot of gatherings like these. I have a few that I'd like to add, too.



We have been there and back again.

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Grey Havens

May 10, 12:37pm

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TORn was at Fantasy Con in Salt Lake City July 13 to 5 2014 [In reply to] Can't Post

So were most of the Dwarves and several hobbits - Elijah and Sean .

Fourth Age Adventures at the Inn of the Burping Troll http://burpingtroll.com
Home of TheOneRing.net Best FanFic stories of 2005 and 2006 "The Last Grey Ship" and "Ashes, East Wind, Hope That Rises" by Erin Rua

(Found in Mathoms, LOTR Tales Untold)

Grey Havens

May 10, 1:11pm

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That's July 3 to 5// [In reply to] Can't Post


Fourth Age Adventures at the Inn of the Burping Troll http://burpingtroll.com
Home of TheOneRing.net Best FanFic stories of 2005 and 2006 "The Last Grey Ship" and "Ashes, East Wind, Hope That Rises" by Erin Rua

(Found in Mathoms, LOTR Tales Untold)


May 10, 1:24pm

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fersher :D THANKS! // [In reply to] Can't Post



We have been there and back again.

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