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I thought you'd all be talking about ORC, am I missing something?

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Mar 13 2007, 4:26pm

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I thought you'd all be talking about ORC, am I missing something? Can't Post

Hi all, I went to ORC in Burbank over the weekend and came here to find out what others had to say. But I can't find a thread on it, surely there must be one? I'm new - well, been away for a year or so, so I'm reborn - on this board. Can someone gently direct me to the right place? Thanks!


Mar 13 2007, 4:52pm

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You [In reply to] Can't Post

could always post about your experiences there in this thread and get a bit of a discussion going from there? :)

That event is on another planet to me, so I'm afraid I'm useless for ORC convo, though I am sure some here went :)

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Mar 13 2007, 4:59pm

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I think some are still there [In reply to] Can't Post

Or fitting it into an extended break. Start the ball rolling and I'm sure there'll be others to join in!

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Mar 13 2007, 5:14pm

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I thought there'd be something on the moots board, but no [In reply to] Can't Post

I can't imagine why there's no thread.

Apparently deej was there. There are some photos on her blog; check out this post and link:


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Mar 13 2007, 5:51pm

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I though you'd all be talking about ORC... [In reply to] Can't Post

Okay, I'll go first then. I live about an hour away from Burbank so I just drove and went by myself. I had gone to the Pasadena ORC in 2005, and then skipped 2006. This one was much smaller than 2005, and that made it really kind of nice and relaxed. Not to say it wasn't full, it was. It just wasn't packed to the gills.

The most exciting thing for me was seeing David Wenham, since I'd never seen him in person before. He looked amazing, blond with a bit of facial hair and those beautiful blue eyes! And he was extremely gracious and nice to the fans. I had a photo op with him and with Billy Boyd. In 2005 the actors were seated and you kind of sat down next to them, in mine and most of the photos I saw, they didn't touch anyone unless you were brave enough to ask. This time the actors were standing and put their arms around everyone who came up for a photo! I loved that, any day you can put your arm around David Wenham and Billy Boyd is a great day!

Of course Billy was as charming and wonderful as he always is, a tremendously good sport about all the fans drooling on him. They both really seemed good-natured about interacting with the fans, and not simply enduring it as sometimes seen in the past. Not mentioning any names but if you've been there, you know. Maybe because it was a smaller group and not so completely overwhelming.

Billy was also very entertaining on stage. I had missed him in 2005, arriving just after he had appeared, so this was new to me. He could well be a stand up comic, and he makes it look easy to keep things rolling and keep people engaged and laughing for an hour. If you weren't already in love with him, you would be after watching him up there. He is simply irresistible!

David was up second, a little after three in the afternoon. A quieter personality, but so charming. He took questions the entire hour (Billy did kind of a comedic routine for a while before taking questions) and was gracious even in the face of the rudest (boxers or briefs?), took his time and answered thoughtfully. Again, these guys make it look easy to sit up on a stage in front of a full auditorium and carry the show for an hour, all the while being asked about random details of events that happened years ago in their full lives, but you know it can't be that easy. I really enjoyed this hour, getting to know more about him and just enjoying his presence and that wonderful accent.

So the photos, where I got to touch them, and the stage hour, just getting to gaze at them for an hour, were definitely my favorite parts and made it worth my trip out there. There were a number of other things going on, but since I was there alone and not meeting up with friends as most other people were, I was really just focused on seeing the guys.

I also had an autograph with David. The lines were nothing like 2005!. The convention handlers would not let them personalize the autographs, which I find ludicrous - the crowd was not that big and we ended up paying for a generically autographed photo we could have picked up at a vendor table - but still, it was another 15 seconds to be in David's presence.

I met three lovely Japanese ladies in beautiful kimonos in the autograph line who had flown in from Tokyo just for this event, and have done the same for 2005 and 2006. So I didn't feel too bad about driving an hour each way by myself. It was really worth it! I don't know how long these conventions will continue, attendance seems to be waning as the movies get further into the past. So I am glad to take the opportunity to see the actors while I still can.

The biggest buzz was that Billy and his band, Beecake, had played at a club on Friday night, and Viggo and Orlando had showed up to see him play. The fans who happened to be there were thrilled, of course. But it kind of begs the question, if those guys were in town, couldn't they have appeared at the convention? It sure would have meant the world the to the fans, even if they just stopped in to say hi. But maybe they were only available that one evening and not Saturday and Sunday. I hope that's the case and not that they just don't care anymore. I'm not speculating or accusing. I'm just saying how it made me feel.

Billy's baby, Jack, was there too with mommy Ali. Word is he had little baby earmuffs to protect him from the loud PA system. I didn't get to see him up close, but they held him up to wave to Billy when he was on stage.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! A really nice day for a fan. Looking forward to hearing about others' experiences, since my husband is tired of hearing about LOTR and my glow hasn't worn off yet!

Tol Eressea

Mar 13 2007, 6:24pm

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Check the Off Topic and Moot sections of the boards [In reply to] Can't Post

There are a few reports. It was an amazing weekend, I will say!Smile

Sincerely, deej - The Artist Formerly Known as djdeathskiss

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Mar 13 2007, 7:16pm

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Oh my gosh! [In reply to] Can't Post

Where you standing in front of the Japanese girls in the David Wenham line? Did some annoying person come and ask you where they were in the autograph line-up?

That annoying person (all in black) twas me! Hehehe. If that was you all I have to say is...small world eh?

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at ORC. I've gone to all of them and this year was just as much fun as previous years (but it is nice to have it much smaller than the first one from 2005). I'm also liking the fact it's in Burbank now...its only a 40 minute drive for me so I don't have to stay over night (cutting costs is always good).

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SandWitch King

Mar 13 2007, 10:58pm

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Lead us please [In reply to] Can't Post

A big majority of us didn't make it to ORC so please set the stage.

I can say from several past ORCs that a lot of the folks attending are not message board users, maybe not even TORn patrons other than the news stories on front. A couple regulars (Gramma) stayed home this year so she can try something new and fun and meet with many of us in Atlanta at a TORn message board moot at DragonCon.

Deej did keep us updated.

I am curious how often Creation Entertainment uttered the name "TheOneRing.net" from the stage while talking about ORC. Please fill us in and welcome to the boards and many happy returns

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Mar 13 2007, 11:42pm

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A Small World [In reply to] Can't Post

Yes, I was standing right in front of the Japanese ladies in the autograph line, so it was probably me! I am tall and blonde and was feeling rather tree-ish especially after my photo with Billy (lol), but then I reminded myself that I am "Elf-like". I think I do remember you, but then David Wenham was in the building so my brain was a bit frazzled. Plus, I was trying out the only four phrases I could remember from my long-ago Japanese class: hello, good evening, thank you very much, and may I have a fork, please? That last one left her looking a little speechless. Smile

Registered User

Mar 14 2007, 12:26am

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Setting the stage, well, I'll give it a try [In reply to] Can't Post

I arrived in butt-ugly Burbank ("if you can't see and taste the air, don't trust it to your lungs") on time for a change, about 15 minutes before the doors were set to open at 11:00 a.m. (If you've never been to that area east of Los Angeles, the smog is just palpable especially on a warm day like that. The breeze from the ocean blows all the air pollution from the LA inland and the foothills trap it there. I spent my childhood in that area, so that familiar shooting pain in the chest brought back fond memoriesCrazy)

That area is industrial and airportish, but the Marriot is nice and I found my way to the right parking lot pretty easily.

I expected a throng, but there were only about 20 people standing in line at that point. Very shortly after I got there, a handler came out and separated us into the haves (wristbands) and have nots (paying admission at the door = me). I chatted with a nice woman who had driven in from Phoenix Arizona (about seven hours) and her husband. Right in front of us in line was a tall fellow who had very considerately worn a T-shirt with a large image of Viggo on it, which gave us something pleasant to look at. Heart More fans started to arrive and get in line. Most of the fans I saw in line were not in costume, and as always I noted that wide range of ages that are drawn to LOTR. Some young children, a good number of teens or early 20's, many people my age (let us just say baby boomers, 45+), some folks who did it in the 60's and are going around again, and of course everything in between.

Everyone seemed happy, some were obviously friends who were egging each other on with the occasional "whoop!", most were standing quietly smiling at the prospect of a fun day. The Wizards, Elves, and Dwarves were let in first, and then the general admission group was let in. It was $30 at the door for general admission.

I got right into line for the photo op with Billy, which was supposed to begin at 11:15. The line was not terribly long when I got there, but when I looked back it had filled the whole lobby and the handlers first moved everyone against THIS wall, then moved everyone against THAT wall, then just turned everything around so that the line extended out the side door and into the parkinglot. Everyone accepted this with good humor, most people just so freaking happy that we were going to get to see Billy very soon.

I took the opportunity to enjoy the Ringers who had dressed for the occasion. While I would feel strange doing it, I do have to say it adds to the ambiance for everyone and the ones who do it probably just have a blast. If you can't let your Ringness shine at an ORC, then where can you? I saw a Wizard (Gandalf the Grey costume), and there were two women dressed as Frodo and Sam. (I have to admire the commitment of going around all day with pots and pans hanging from your clothes.) There was a Strider, in a very good costume, he had clearly put a lot of work into making it look authentic and he actually bore a decent resemblance to Viggo in the film. He was there with a little girl dressed (I presume, I am not a costume expert) as Arwyn. Getting back to my lack of costume expertise, there were a number of women dressed in beautiful gowns, but I couldn't tell you whether they were dressed as specific characters from the movie ( a certain elf in a certain scene) or just in the general style. They did look beautiful and added a little more magic to the venue. I saw a few people in general hobbit attire (short pants and waistcoats). And one woman was wearing a devilish mask and short black wings, just use your imagination there because I'm clueless.

The line moved very nicely, because Billy was standing, so it was quick for people to walk up, greet him, pose, and walk away. Once up the to the actual room where the photo shoot was, you could watch as the others got their photos and of course just gaze at Billy. He wore a red and white "cowboy" plaid shirt, short sleeves, very casual and relaxed. He was smiling and laughing and keeping up conversation with all the dumbstruck fans. I have seen Billy before, at the 2005 convention, but even so my heart was just pounding as my turn approached.

The person ahead of you walks away, and Billy looks at you, and your feet seem rooted to the floor. I got up there somehow, and of course I am much taller than he is so our arms tangled up there for a minute (dying of embarrassment) and I said, may I put my arm here? meaning across his shoulders because under his arm wasn't going to happen, and he said, sure! you can put it anywhere you like! He was just so jolly and good natured. So I put my arm across his shoulder and they took the photo and it was all over, and I just kind of stumbled away all dazed. About fifteen seconds was all the whole thing lasted. But it's a fifteen seconds you won't soon forget!

After that I wandered back into the lobby area with a stupid smile plastered on my face, milling about with all the others and their plastered smiles. There were about...ten? vendors. Not a very big vendor area at all. What was for sale? CDs by the band whose name I don't even try to figure out; T-shirts from this con and past cons, the usual glossy photos, of LOTR and other convention favorites, jewelry, knives, and some non-LOTR merchandise. That's all I remember. I bought a glossy photo of Billy and one of David to remember the day by. (LIke I would forget anytime soon!)

The food offerings were dismal, "food service" type, some wrapped muffins, danish, fruit, softdrinks. They had hot dogs and pepperoni pizza slices, which is fine unless you are a vegetarian, which guess what, THOUSANDS of people are. So I ate a muffin and called it done, and went back to the main auditorium.

The mood was mellow and relaxed, I thought. There was not much of that crazed energy of "the stars are in the building" and everyone just on edge waiting to see them. I sat through fifteen minutes that felt like three hours of a presentation on how the figurines are made, and then a couple of girls came out and danced to "White and Nerdy" which was actually very entertaining.

My husband is saying "I NEED the computer now!" and this post is probably far too long, so more later!

The Shire

Mar 14 2007, 3:03am

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our crew was there! [In reply to] Can't Post

It was both a very fun and a very challenging weekend for myself and the crew (there were 6 of us squeezed into our hotel room). I don't have ANY cool pics right now. Literally, our digital cam is broke, so I only have some disposables.

David is such a beautiful man ;) but my highlight was Andy Serkis, absolutely enjoyed his time.

Oh and let me just say.... what I can say is that the ONE question he wouldn't answer during the Q&A, I did get an answer to. Which will not be publically stated. Terrible of me I know, but I did appreciate him answering that, as it's a big deal to me (probably lots of us).

I promise to revist this thread tomorrow with some coherent thoughts, for now I am absolutely exhuasted from the weekend and nonstop working.

~Old Toby Productions

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Mar 14 2007, 4:58am

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OK, then Billy comes out [In reply to] Can't Post

Then Billy comes out, lots of applause. He gets into the tall director-type chair they have set on stage for him, and goes to set his water bottle down beside him. He can't quite reach to put it on the floor. This becomes the beginning of a running joke about the stage being too low. He entreats the Wizard in the audience to raise the stage three inches for him. Once he gets the bottle on the floor, he intermittently returns to the chair during the show and makes a joke of leaning over the side trying to reach it. Funnier than it sounds!

He caught sight of the audience member who was wearing the mask and black wings, and made a comment about the wings. This led him to a whole discussion about wings, polling the audience about what kind of wings they would want if they had wings, coming around to angel wings, and then a discussion on whether or not angel wings would be visible when folded in. Most of the audience polled that the wings would be visibile, so Billy suggested that the way to see if there were any angels in the room would be to have everyone strip to the waist, and the Wizard would check for wings. It's partly his comedic timing and delivery and partly that adorable accent, but he just kept everyone laughing.

When asked what he was currently working on, he suggested that he was working on becoming a rock star, with the intention of ruling the world. He joked that he had created a chord that made dogs urinate. He got into a very funny discussion then about what kind of tail people would want to go with their wings. Somebody called out "pig tail" and Billy said, "What, a pig tail? Why?" and someone said "Because it would fit in your pants" and everyone was busting up. Of course Billy had to riff on that for a while, too.

He took questions and marched from one side of the stage to the other in order to field questions from both lines. (If you've never been, people go up and stand in a line on either side of the stage and the actors take questions alternating between the two lines.) It would take a book to tell you everything he said, these are a few highlights I remember.

After Billy left the stage, there were some non-Billy or David related presentations. I listened to a discussion of the music of LOTR for a while then went to stand in line for the photo with David.

I've already described how great he looked. He was wearing a simple black button down long sleeved shirt, and jeans I think, and his eyes are just electric blue. He was gracious and friendly to everyone. I was so nervous, even more than I had been with Billy. He greeted me when I approached, I stammered something that was probably not even a real language, and I got a hug. I managed to let go, and the photo was taken, and I went floating on out of the room with an even bigger smile plastered on my face. You could tell the women who had already been in for the photo as they were kind of floating above the floor.

Another muffin to avoid passing out, and then waiting in the auditorium for David's turn. They were having a trivia competition, and then finally it was time for David. As I had said before, he was different from Billy, he sat in the chair mostly and answered the questions thoughtfully. It was clear that everyone was so grateful that he was there. Several questions were about his new movie, 300. He was sweet and gracious and beautiful. I am so glad I went and got to meet him.

As I posted earlier, I decided to go ahead and get an autograph, and that was another few seconds to gaze at him. Then I drove on home. The folks who stayed at the hotel had a lot more partying, I'm sure, and of course there was a whole nother day on Sunday when Andy Serkis was appearing, but I didn't go on Sunday. Sorry I don't have photos to share, last time I was really disappointed with the quality of the photos I got in the auditorium, and this time I didn't take any. The rules asked fans not to take photos during the stage presentation, but some of course did anyway. Also you were not supposed to photograph the stars at the autograph tables, but a few did. So there are photos around on the internet to be found.

That's about it! Sorry for the long posts. I'm looking forward to hearing other people's adventures!

I hope this has given you an idea of how it was.


SandWitch King

Mar 14 2007, 6:22am

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Excellent! Thanks! {NT} [In reply to] Can't Post


. . . One should, if possible, express a negative concept in a positive form: "not meaningful" rather than "meaningless." I agree and will, therefore, now refer to contemporary movie executives as running around "like chickens without their heads cut on." - David Mamet


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