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The One Ring Forums: Off Topic: The Pollantir:
What are your summer plans? (Or winter, for our sub-equatorial members)
Poll: What are your summer plans? (Or winter, for our sub-equatorial members)
Build a water slide descending all the way from top to bottom on the walls of Minas Tirith.
Storm the gates of Mordor
I hate the heat: I'm off to the Frozen Beaches of Forochel.
I love the heat: heading for the campsite maintained by the Society for Interactive History at Mt. Doom
Going on a Long Expected Journey
The road goes ever on and on, which makes me so tired I'm staying home and napping.
Attending the Annatar Institute of Forgery (so many puns, so little time ;D)
Racing for the Cirdan Cup in the Grey Haven Challenge
Off to the Mountains
Off to the Seashore
Off to the Perpetual Lawn Mower
Visiting family/friends
Avoiding family/friends
Already on an Unexpected Journey
Building a Backyard Flet.
Other: name and describe your intended or favorite activity this time of year.
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Ethel Duath

Jun 16 2018, 5:02pm

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What are your summer plans? (Or winter, for our sub-equatorial members) Can't Post


(This post was edited by dernwyn on Jun 16 2018, 5:50pm)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jun 16 2018, 5:56pm

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How about two Short Expected Journeys? [In reply to] Can't Post

Hubby and I head to Martha's Vineyard this week for a six-day "weekend". It's our second time out there, and we stay at a lovely old house-converted-to-inn, walk all over, and get a multi-day bus pass to go around the island. Primary things to do: the Gay Head/Aquinnah cliffs and lighthouse, and we'd like to take a nature tour of Chappaquiddick.

Then next month, we'll drive along the northern shore of the Bay of Funday in New Brunswick, then head out to the western end of Nova Scotia, staying in Cape Breton Island. Our first time in those areas, so we're expecting some unexpected adventures! Smile

And you? Now what are YOU going to be doing?

Ethel Duath

Jun 16 2018, 6:25pm

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Those sound absolutely wonderful. [In reply to] Can't Post

I may follow in your footsteps at some point!
We will be out at the cape at our favorite Nantucket Sound beach for about 3 days, and then off to visit family in Nebraska and Missouri after that, with possibly a side trip to Colorado, if it works out.
I like beaches and mountains--not quite equally (mountains are my inspiration), but I'd hate to do without either.

Grey Havens

Jun 16 2018, 7:31pm

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Well [In reply to] Can't Post

Hate the heat but live where it's been 100+ 5 of the last seven days with bad air quality due to heat and smog...blast it and thank goodness for my pool.

Already drove 500 miles to get to relatives that some I wanted to see, some I sort of wanted to see and some I still avoided even though I drove the 500 miles (It's amazing they live in a town of about 4000 and they've managed to establish four distinct armed camps of opinions with my father the central connecting point) Practically celebrated driving the 500 miles back home to my baking house and bad air quality

Planning a retreat with local relatives to the mountains to inflict California history upon the grandchild going into 4th grade --- His reaction is can we skip California and just go to DC to learn US History... told him that we will aim for next summer...have to convince his mother I will NOT kill her child (heck I didn't kill her but she doesn't believe I believe he has a peanut allergy -- I know it, he knows it, he's trick or treated from the age of 3.... Trick or Treat no peanuts please --- I think we could manage -- she's uncertain and doesn't want to do a cross country trip herself -- the whimp..)

Summer gets shorter every year --- Have to go back to work July 30 for one week of (oh joy) training for the newly adopted language arts program (I just adore having people READ power points to me -- yes yes I know I get paid to let them read to me but still) and then have to go in for two days of (again oh yippee) Professional Learning Community work -- with our new principal -- (fingers crossed she listens to us instead of just saying oh I'm here to fix everything with a wave of my magic wand). At least those days I'll be using someone else's air conditioning.

Lots of movies -- my granddaughter has a list -- told her she's got netflix turn it on-- she laughed and said the theater is more fun -- can't argue with her so we'll do the older ones they run in the summer for $1 and then some of the newer ones... plus will brave the evening heat and go to the movies in the park and the concerts in the park so she can run around with the other kids and ignore the movie or the concert (I remember the next door neighbor squishing about ten kids into her station wagon and going to the drive in and releasing us to watch the movie upside down on the drive ins merry go round -- got to keep up some traditions )

Plus need to do a major update of the family tree -- get my dad to add more stories, and delve into the pile of photos I took out of my brother's house when he died last October that NONE of his kids wanted)

Sheesh... makes me tired just thinking about it... maybe I'll go take a swim... eat some cherries (sticker shock of 6.99 a pound but they are a weakness) and sit in the shade with a book.

Ethel Duath

Jun 16 2018, 7:53pm

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My goodness, [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm tired just reading about it!
Funny thing, families. I'm guessing it's the same impulse that makes the English dislike the Welsh, and the Czechs the Slovaks, and vice versa. (Maybe we all just need more room . . .)
Yes, I believe in the infliction of history. Didn't take yet with daughter, but adult son shows some interest, at least, in the ancient variety. And then there's my brother, who taught himself to count to 20 in Sumerian. His kids don't have a chance. Smile

I understand: my parents and my husband were/are all school (music) teachers, and I teach at private schools. Hope your principal has principles. :)
I had a cherry tree that actually produced wonderful cherries for years, until it succumbed last year to fungus. Trying to grow hazelnuts, now (and I still have blackberries). Cherries taste different to me right off the tree--an extra "tang" or something. Somehow I've never liked the ones you can buy. They're expensive here too, even though they grow them en masse 10 miles away.


Jun 16 2018, 9:49pm

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Favorite summer activities + long(ish) expected journey [In reply to] Can't Post

Next Saturday my hubby & I are heading to Ireland, woo hoo! VERY excited about it, though it will probably be the last overseas trip for a few years. He changed jobs & took a paycut in exchange for paid time off, but we'd already booked the trip before he did that, so.... It's not too hot in Oklahoma right now, usually mid-90's in the daytime & upper-70's at night. I tend to hate the heat in the summertime (and the cold in winter, LOL!), so the cooler temps in Dublin will be greatly enjoyed. After we return, I am hoping to indulge in my favorite summer activity, which is swimming. My younger daughter has her very first apartment all by herself, and the apartment complex has a swimming pool, SOOOOOO..... And then some fireworks on July 4th! To me, summer isn't complete without fireworks!

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy...."Cool

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jun 16 2018, 10:18pm

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That's quite a variety! [In reply to] Can't Post

From shore to midcountry to mountains! Are you driving everywhere?

I understand there's been a good deal of erosion at the Coast Guard Beach (the unprotected Atlantic side, for those unfamiliar with the Cape). Unsure When the kids were little and we'd camp out there, we liked to take them to Skaket, on the "inner elbow" of the Cape, you could walk a mile out at low tide and explore all the little pools!

Ethel Duath

Jun 17 2018, 9:57pm

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Oooh, sounds very cool and green. :) [In reply to] Can't Post

Maybe just because it's hot here today, too! I'm glad you're going, paycut or no paycut. I bet you'll replay this memory for the rest of your lives. SmileSmile
Yeah,we lived in OK City for 4 years in the late 1980's, and I have relatives in the state as well, so we often drove down in the summer to visit them, from Nebraska, when I was a kid (Eatern Nebraska is no picnic in the summer either--Missouri river valley humidity and all). And no one seemed to have air conditioning, except for my grandmother's window unit swamp cooler. Imagine 9 cousins of varying sizes trying to push in to get in front of it!Shocked
When my husband and I lived there, our apartment had a very nice pool, too. Life-saving in September(!) with the temp still in the 90's!

Ethel Duath

Jun 17 2018, 10:02pm

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Whoa, when did the erosion happen? [In reply to] Can't Post

We were out there last summer, but didn't get to that beach.
Well, we drive to the Cape, but fly to Nebraska, and then hijack my mom's Jeep Cherokee to drive anywhere else, like Missouri or Colo., or sometimes Oklahoma where the rest of our relatives are.
It takes 3 days to drive from here to Nebr., so we only do that if we have a ton of time, and don't mind the (excuse us, Eastern MidwestShockedEvil), ahem, boredom.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jun 17 2018, 11:22pm

Post #10 of 18 (5597 views)
During last winter's storms. [In reply to] Can't Post

One of our teachers took his family out there during April break, and reported that the wooden staircase from cliff to sand had been completely wiped out. Unsure

I know what you mean about the long, long, long drive through the grainbelt! Just point the car west, and go...and go...and go...Laugh

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jun 17 2018, 11:23pm

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Have a fun trip! [In reply to] Can't Post

Safe travels, and enjoy the weather! Cool


Jun 18 2018, 12:37am

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Okay... [In reply to] Can't Post

...as per usual, we are booked into Susie's dad's condo in Sandestin, Florida. Second week in August. I plan to spend as much time in the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola as possible, as I don't do sun, though I will swim after 4:00 PM. There are several nice restaurants around there, and I will bring my paints and sketchbook, as well as a young mountain of books I haven't gotten around to. So, it should be tolerable, but personally, I'd rather stay home. Pirate


Jun 20 2018, 2:25pm

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nothing huge [In reply to] Can't Post

Going to house-sit (plant-sit, really) my sister's house on a lake next week - a much-needed break from living with Dad. Come home just in time to host all of my sister's kids and grandkids for a visit; hoping to get out for a hike with them as I really want my great-nephews to see Great Aunt J as the active, strong person I still am. I remember growing up thinking that my great-aunts were doddery, querulous old ladies that we had to make boring duty visits to once a year; not the fate I want for myself!

Then in late July it's the annual "Fling" getaway with a bunch of college friends. This is our 40th year (41 or 42 depending on how you figure) so we're hopping on the Clipper to Victoria, BC for a weekend away at a very fancy B&B on the water. Tea at the Empress Hotel of course and otherwise lots of walking about and taking the adorable little water taxis around the harbor to various touristy destinations.

Nothing planned after that until September when I spend a week in the wilderness with a bunch of other folks, building/rebuilding a trail. I've done this in the past and have enjoyed it thoroughly - the nicest and funniest people in the world are the ones who "walk their talk" about preserving the wild places for all of us and are willing to sleep on rocky ground to do it. Then my "travel buddy" from SoCal is flying into town; instead of going somewhere together as we usually do, she wants to come to my part of the world and have me play tour guide. We're spending a couple of days in the Victorian seaport town I used to live in, and I think I'll haul her off to Mount Rainier for a couple more days hiking & staying in one of the historic inns. But there will be time for touring Seattle as well and showing her some of the places only locals know about as well as the famous stuff.


Jun 20 2018, 2:29pm

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My aunt had a house at Wellfleet [In reply to] Can't Post

on a bluff that eroded away; they kept moving the house back, but finally gave up. We all went for one last hurrah in 1988 and then she gave the property to the town as a preserve.

My favorite thing about summers on the Cape was swimming in those lovely, sandy-bottomed ponds.

Aunt Dora Baggins

Jun 28 2018, 6:37pm

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An unexpected series of annoying journeys [In reply to] Can't Post

My boss e-mailed me last week to tell me the dean has decided to move the math department to another building, so I have to go over to the next town and work on packing my office and moving it before fall. Summertime was supposed to be a time when I didn't have to commute>:-(

The upside is that I've been told my new office will have an outside window. I'm going over to look at it this afternoon.

Ethel Duath

Jun 28 2018, 7:15pm

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Hi There! So good to see you around. [In reply to] Can't Post

Huh, a whole 'nother building!? Good about the window, though. Is Uncle Baggins helping you move all your books?Actually, seems like the school should move it all for you.UnimpressedHope you still can get in some good hikes this summer. Smile

Aunt Dora Baggins

Jun 29 2018, 2:51am

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Hi to you too! [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah, we still get some hiking time in. I don't feel like it's safe for me to hike alone anymore, and Uncle Baggins is pretty much out of shape, so we stick to easy hikes. But there are plenty of those that are still spectacular.

I'm taking move as an opportunity to purge books. Today I piled up about 20 calculus books outside my door. I'm hoping students will take them away.

Ethel Duath

Jun 29 2018, 2:00pm

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I've been doing that with gardening books, finding that [In reply to] Can't Post

I get more help online from people like Darkstone (who once saved my tomatoes from afar) than any number of Rodale books.Sly Hope your students dive in and take those off your hands!
Please give my best to Uncle Baggins!


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