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My latest fanfic - Brothers to the Bone, Chapter One


Aug 22 2016, 1:48am

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My latest fanfic - Brothers to the Bone, Chapter One Can't Post

I wrote this fanfic after reading one too many "Thorin is forced to get married" fics. I thought, why don't the other members of the Company get ignored? So I wrote this to talk about the rest of the Company, and also to present a Dwarven culture that is very different from the race of man - including the fact that the men outnumber the women two to one. Also, I completed this in it's entirety before posting, so hopefully there aren't too many uneven shifts. It does start out and end rather "fluffy," but there's also an epidemic and an attempted murder to liven things up. Hope you like it!

Brothers to the Bone

Part 1 - Pretty Dwarf-Maids in a Row

There was a surprising amount of activity near the front gate of Erebor. Just a few weeks ago, a fierce battle had been fought for the Lonely Mountain. Dain Ironfoot came with 3,000 soldiers to aid his cousin Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain, and his loyal Company of Dwarves. Miraculously, all 13 members of the Company survived, although Fili was badly injured. Today was the first day since the battle that Oin had allowed him to get out of bed. His right leg was broken when he fell from the tower at Ravenhill. The only reason he was able to move at all was due to Bifur, who made him a set of crutches and a sturdy leg brace.

Fili hobbled over to Balin, who stood near the landing. Lord Balin smiled as the Crown Prince approached. “It’s good to see you out of bed.”

“It’s good to finally be out of bed,” Fili replied. “One more day and I would have gone mad! Have you seen my brother?”

“Not yet,” Balin admitted, “but I’m sure he’ll join us soon. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to miss this!”

“I hope not,” Fili mumbled as he looked down at the main hall, which had been converted into a makeshift hospital for Dain’s injured troops. A few hundred Dwarves lay on pallets and whatever bedding the Company had been able to find. Dain had brought medical supplies and four medics, but much more was needed – cooks, food, bedding, medical supplies, medical helpers and even some stone masons to begin repairs on the front gate. They were coming from the Iron Hills, and rumor had it some of the helpers were Dwarf-maids.

“It’ll be nice to see some pretty ladies around here,” Bofur remarked.

“They are coming for the wounded,” Bifur reminded him.

“Of course they are, but that doesn’t mean a Dwarf can’t show appreciation. We fought in the battle too, you know! Just ask Fili!”

Balin had to chuckle at the former miner turned victorious Lord. “We’re all quite aware of your battle heroics.” He stood near Gloin and Dwalin, who looked down in disapproval. Dwalin had already complained that women would be a terrible distraction, and Bofur was proving it.

And it wasn’t just Bofur – Ori, Nori and Dori were also gathered around. “I don’t understand why they would bring women,” Ori wondered. “Dragging them all the way from the Iron Hills, isn’t it still dangerous?”

“It’s not that hard to understand,” Nori explained. “There’s 13 wealthy Dwarf Lords here, and three are royal. My guess is, the women volunteered – probably hoping to find a husband among us.”

Gloin cleared his throat. “You forget, Nori, that I’m already spoken for.”

“Well I know that, but they don’t!” Nori could see Oin down below, talking to Jeruk from the Iron Hills – the bonesetter who’d treated Fili’s broken leg. “Looks like your brother will get the first chance to meet them.”

“My brother feels he is too old for such things,” Gloin remarked, “and besides, since I have a son our line will continue.”

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Oin,” Balin pointed out. “I’m also too old for such things, but Dwalin here is in his prime.” Dwalin growled at his brother, but said nothing.

“I have no interest in such things,” Dori joined in, “and Ori is too young for marriage.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to do the deed,” Nori joked.

“You?” Dori looked suspiciously at his brother. “Those ladies are probably looking for a respectable Dwarf!”

“Who says I’m not respectable? I’m a Lord now – oh, here comes Kili. They must be here!”

Kili ran down from the hastily repaired ramparts and approached Thorin and Dain. After giving them a quick report, he ran up the steps to the landing to join his brother. “Fili, you’re up and around – finally.”

“If I didn’t have to hold these crutches I’d smack you!”

“You’d have to catch me first – oh, here they are!”

The first group to enter was a dwarf man with three women. Jeruk ran up to them happily as they approached Thorin. “My Lord,” Jeruk began, “this is my brother Keruk, a stone mason.” Thorin nodded approvingly. Jeruk took the hand of the Dwarrowdam. “This is my lovely wife, Bina, and our two daughters, Betina and Jerusa.” Each woman curtsied as her name was spoken.

“Two daughters,” Thorin remarked, “that is unusual.” The sisters had the same hair color, like dark honey, pulled loosely from their faces. Their soft beards were carefully brushed to each side, revealing high cheeks and full lips. Betina was more full-figured than her sister, but both ladies had an hour-glass shape. Their mother was also quite curvy, although her belly was softer and rounder than theirs.

“Yes, I was doubly blessed with dwarf-maids,” he agreed. “Bina and Betina are here to help in the kitchens.”

“Oh, Bombur will like that,” Bofur chimed.

Jeruk continued, “And Jerusa has worked as my assistant in the surgical ward. Don’t be fooled by her looks, she’s actually very strong. She can help get our patients up and about as they get better.”

“I am sure we could use her help,” Thorin acknowledged. “Welcome!” Keruk, Bina and the sisters stepped aside, to make room for the next group.

“Well, a stone mason, kitchen help and hospital help,” Balin repeated while Ori took notes. “What do you think now, brother?”

“I still think women will be a terrible distraction,” he grumbled, “although that one is pleasingly plump.”

“Which one?” Balin asked, but before Dwalin could answer the next group came in.

Two dwarf men and a dwarf maid approached, clearly related to each other. All had hair as dark as a raven’s wing, with dark eyes to match. The men bowed simultaneously. “Danko and Manko, at your service.” Danko stepped forward. “My brother and I are stone masons, apprenticed to Keruk. And this is our sister, Bryn. She is a seamstress and laundress by trade. She hopes to find work here as well.”

Dwarf-maids tend to be smaller than Dwarf-men; Bryn was small for a Dwarf-maid. She curtsied deeply. “King Thorin, I wish to be employed in the hospital. I will help in any way I can.”

“A very bold request,” Fili noticed. “I wouldn’t have expected one so small to do that. What do you suppose Thorin will do?”

Thorin raised his brows slightly, but deferred to Oin. The old medic was only too happy for the assistance. The siblings stepped aside for the next Dwarf-maid, who surprisingly came in alone. Another medic ran forward. “My Lord, this is my niece Edna.”

“She’s awfully tall, and a bit older as well,” Bofur remarked.

“Ah, she’s fine,” Bifur said curtly.

The medic continued. “She’s been working with me for years, taking care of the sick and injured. There’s nothing she can’t do in a clinic.”
The hair near her forehead was pulled back into a thick braid, and two side-braids wrapped around the hair that ran down her back, keeping it secured. Likewise, her beard was gathered at the chin and worked into a thin braid of a mousy brown hue. However, there was nothing mousy about her demeanor. She made a proper curtsy but then stood with an air of confidence in her abilities. “I am also a trained and experienced mid-wife,” she added.
“I see.” Thorin was a little embarrassed by this information. “Well, I’m sure that will come in handy, eventually. Welcome!” He gestured for her to join the others. The next two were clearly father and daughter – both had curly red hair and sparkling green eyes. “Rom,” the man said as he bowed, “and my daughter Revan. We can do general cleaning and kitchen work, but we are both musicians. We play mandolins, and my Revan has a marvelous voice. It’s our experience that music can heal the soul, as medicine can heal the body.”

“She can certainly sing for me,” Bofur sighed.

“Yeah, with a set of lungs like that,” Nori added. “I don’t know how she can stand up straight….”

“Oh, Nori!” Dori scowled at his brother. “Don’t talk like that in front of your brother!”

The last two were also father and daughter. “Boak, at your service,” he said as he bowed, “and this is my daughter Tami.” Her curly hair was as yellow as sunlight, pulled back with a large clip and flowing around her shoulders. Her eyes were as blue as the sky; her round face was perhaps a bit plain, but her smile more than made up for that. “We are artisans and crafters, willing to do whatever needs to be done – mending, welding, and all manner of restoration to the walls and furnishings of this mountain. It would be our honor to serve you, my Lord.”

Thorin smiled. “I’m sure there is plenty of work to be done. Welcome!”

“Well, that looks like the last of them.” Balin eyed the two princes cautiously. He’d heard a disturbing rumor about Kili being infatuated with a she-Elf – perhaps one of the Dwarf-maids standing before them could turn his head. “What do you think, Kili? Do any of them catch your eye?”

Kili seemed to be studying the Dwarf-maids carefully. Finally he shrugged. “They’re alright, I guess.”

Balin was disappointed until he noticed Fili, whose eye was fixed on one of the maids. He even started to follow as they walked away. “You must be blind, Kili. She’s so beautiful!”

“Durin be praised,” Dwalin muttered.

All of the Company turned expectantly towards the Crown Prince as Kili asked “Which one?”

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Aug 22 2016, 3:01pm

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Family Men (er...Dwarves) [In reply to] Can't Post

I see you're sticking with your alternate history where none of Thorin's company died at the Battle of Five Armies. Hey, it's your story.

I do wonder why almost everyone assumes that all of the Dwarves of the company (excluding Gloin) were single? The only exception that comes to mind is in the Darkening of Mirkwood campaign (for the One Ring Roleplaying Game), written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan with Francesco Nepitello, which gives Bofur a son, Bofri. Even so, nothing is revealed about the wife of Bofur, not even her name.

Of course a living King Thorin has an obligation to his people to marry and sire an heir, especially in the continuity of the films, where he seems significantly younger than in Tolkien's legendarium.

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Aug 22 2016, 3:50pm

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The other Dwarves [In reply to] Can't Post

I assume that all but Gloin are single for two reasons: 1 - Because we know that there aren't that many female Dwarves to begin with, plus according to Tolkien fewer than half of the men will marry (in fact maybe fewer than 1/3, but I can't remember where I read that); and 2 - It makes sense to me that the majority would be single, since this was a long-term and quasi-military operation. As for the movie-version Thorin being younger, yes it makes sense that he would marry, but trust me, there are hundreds of fanfics that already cover that topic. Although I confess, the Dwarf-maid Tami is based on Richard Armitage's prosthetic/makeup tech Tami Lane, who donned a Dwarf costume & beard for one of the scenes of the Dwarves traveling to the Blue Mountains. In the behind-the-scenes video, Richard was flirting with her pretty hard, so originally I thought they would hook up, but then someone suggested Dwalin instead and I went with that.

Yeah, this one is a lot lighter & fluffier than the last one I wrote, but I was trying to focus more on the Company and what I picked up as the Dwarven culture: skilled craftsmen, strong work ethic, quasi-military, etc. Probably a lot like the Vikings they emulate. It's possible this could have been written in the Original universe with none of the Heirs surviving; in which case Jerusa might end up like Edna and choose not to marry at all. Hm, maybe I'll do that, probably not but maybe.Crazy

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Aug 22 2016, 7:36pm

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Don't mind me... [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm not criticizing your decision--as I stated, it is the default assumption and I don't know that even JRRT had any firm thoughts on the matter for the most part. I just wonder that more Tolkien fans don't at least consider the possibility that Glóin was not the only Dwarf of the company to have an immediate family.

For no particular reason, here is the description of Bofri from DoM:

Bofri son of Bofur
This young Dwarf was sent by King Dáin to the Woodmen of Mirkwood with a royal command. Bofri's mission is to examine the state of the Old Forest Road and determine if it could be re-opened.

Bofri is brave and clever, and eager to see the world. His father, one of the companions of Thorin Oakenshield, is today a Dwarf of wealth and influence under the Mountain, but Bofri intends to match his deeds. He plans to live among the Woodmen for a few years, learning the ways of the wood before exploring the Road and discovering which of the old keeps and fortifications survive.

I would put Bofri at somewhere between the ages of Gimli and Thorin's nephews, although he could be slightly older than Glóin's son.

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Aug 29 2016, 4:39pm

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In the future, please post related topics in the same thread [In reply to] Can't Post

I realize this board is slow, but you can accomplish the same thing (i.e., posting your entire story) in one thread, thereby not pushing a number of other people's threads to p. 2.


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Aug 29 2016, 8:06pm

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that would be a really long post! [In reply to] Can't Post

It's over 30 pages long - and my last fanfic was about 88 pages.

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Aug 29 2016, 8:09pm

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Sub-posts [In reply to] Can't Post

Each chapter could be a sub-post beneath the main one.

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Aug 29 2016, 8:17pm

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Yes! [In reply to] Can't Post

I should have explained that better. Crazy Laugh

The first chapter would be the initial post in the thread, then subsequent chapters would be posted as replies:

  • My new fanfic - Chapter 1
-- Chapter 2 (first reply to the initial post)
-- Chapter 3 (second reply to the initial post)
-- Chapter 4 (third reply to the initial post)
-- etc...

Koru: Maori symbol representing a fern frond as it opens. The koru reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new, positive beginnings.

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