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In exchange for the Riddle-
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Apr 25 2008, 1:01am

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*pops corks* This calls for an early Fiesta erm... Thursday [In reply to] Can't Post

A long-standing custom on our Off-topic Board is to gather at around noon EST for "Fiesta Friday" where we chat and catch up and celebrate the good things that have happened in each others' lives. Tomorrow, we'll dedicate Fiesta to you, Guillermo! Laugh Congratulations!!!! Enjoy that second breakfast... you deserve it!!

Koru: Maori symbol representing a fern frond as it opens. The koru reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new, positive beginnings.

"Life can't be all work and no TORn" -- jflower

"I take a moment to fervently hope that the camaradarie and just plain old fun I found at TORn will never end" -- LOTR_nutcase

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Apr 25 2008, 1:05am

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Welcome !! Well done ! [In reply to] Can't Post

Yes,yes...well done indeed !! Thank you for the riddle, your determination to make this film come to life and for taking the time to join our community. I look forward to enjoying the years ahead !

* tries to think of something clever and witty to say * *fails *

Oh, welcome aboard !!

There's something of everything here, The Shire and the Golden Wood and Gondor and kings' houses and inns and meadows and mountains all mixed.

....and there are Elves when you want them.
Formerly A'amel from days gone by.


Apr 25 2008, 1:08am

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I've already got the Bilbo action figure [In reply to] Can't Post

A force to contend with, fersher!

sample sample
Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

"Barney Snow was here." ~Hug like a hobbit!~ "In my heaven..."

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Apr 25 2008, 1:14am

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I have all but two [In reply to] Can't Post

I didn't get the limited release Peter Jackson Hobbit figure

and I don't have the Mouth of Sauron because he wasn't sold separately....and I wasn't going to buy 4 figures I didn't need

I've got like 75 of these (don't panic: 5 years worth of birthday and christmas presents, like 3 for birthdays, 5 for christmasses)

oh I don't have each alternate version of "Legolas...with knives!" "Legloas....with skateboard!" "council Legolas!" etc. and alternate hobbits (ugh) I've got the Coronation set and Armored Merry, Armored Pippin, etc.

(I don't have "every one ever made") but I do have "every character they ever made a figure out of"if you follow me; this includes Hama and Gamling)

I even used as stuffed elephant for my Mumak Commander to ride on (I should load a picture one of these days, but the shelf I have them on is a total mess)

But now we'll look forward to: Thorin & Co, Misty Mountain Orcs and Great Goblin, **Wargs again, ***Great Eagles and Gwaihir figure? Beorn?! In giant man AND Bear forms? Thranduil? Great Spiders of Mirkwood? Bard? Dain? Smaug?

****Plus, they might actually finish the action figures they had IN PLANNING for the LOTR line before the pulled them; such as Rosie Cotton and Quickbeam.

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name, but what's puzzling you, is the nature of my game"

Formerly known on TORN as "Draug the Unspeakably Violent"


Apr 25 2008, 1:16am

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Thank you! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you for involving us in your riddle and your announcement. It is good to know that this project is in the hands of someone who understands how important it is to the fans. Smile

JJ Moon
The Shire

Apr 25 2008, 1:19am

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Looking forward to 2011 and 2012!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you for taking the arduous task of helming of the live action version of this sacred text. Your work is incredible, and I know the results will be outstanding!

A special thank you for taking the time to post your announcement and welcome to our community!

Now please settle the debate...what was the intended answer to the riddle?


Apr 25 2008, 1:20am

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What a trip is all I can say. // [In reply to] Can't Post


Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.

Urambo Tauro

Apr 25 2008, 1:21am

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Congratulations! [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome, and congratulations!

Grey Pilgrim
Registered User

Apr 25 2008, 1:24am

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A Great Director is Never Late, or Early.... [In reply to] Can't Post


You have my Sword, and my Axe, and My Bow, and My Pipe and My Pint, and My prayers Dear Guillermo; I know that our movie (your movie) will be "a night to remember." Congratulations to you old friend....

Now off to conjure some spells to cast Ron Pearlman as Beorn, although something tells me that I might not need to make too strong an incantation? Wink


Apr 25 2008, 1:25am

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Woot! *does happy dance* [In reply to] Can't Post

Congratulations! If you can get through that nightmare of red tape, you can do anything. I can't wait to hear more details about the project as it develops.

And thanks so much for giving us the news in person. I do hope you'll check back once in a while! I've made a lot of friends through this website -- TORnsibs really seem an unusually friendly and intelligent bunch. Please be sure to let us know if we can help with anything!

Enjoy your second breakfast! And your stay in New Zealand! We're here for you if you need anything!

*resumes happy dance*


Apr 25 2008, 1:26am

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Perfect reply!......."where were you"? "Oh I am sorry.....I was....delayed...." [In reply to] Can't Post


"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name, but what's puzzling you, is the nature of my game"

Formerly known on TORN as "Draug the Unspeakably Violent"


Apr 25 2008, 1:31am

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Bucky, m'boy.... [In reply to] Can't Post

..May I say:

You have guts (or should I say, something elseEvil) of steel, to say that.....TongueLaugh


Apr 25 2008, 1:37am

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Again, "Welcome, welcome!" [In reply to] Can't Post

To our community indeed, and thank you for taking on this wonderful (and daunting) project. I know you will do a job worthy of The Professor's works, and a worthy follow-up to the trail Peter, Fran and Philppa blazed. I know that whatever imprint of your wonderful art you put upon Middle Earth, the results will be truly magical!

You will give us something glorious and beautiful, I know it. Bein Suerte, God bless, and I know we're all in for a grand adventure!

Registered User

Apr 25 2008, 1:37am

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Congratulations!!! [In reply to] Can't Post


Sr. Staff

Apr 25 2008, 1:40am

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Hurrah! And there was much rejoicing!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Guillermo, thank you and congratulations! Thank you so much for honouring us here with your presence, and for sharing this news with us - and congrats on that most wonderful of jobs! Here's to the journey that you will be taking there and back again! We can't wait to start that journey with you. And I'm so glad PJ, Fran et al are involved - it wouldn't have been the same if they weren't going 'back again' too! Safe travels, happy landings in NZ (whenever you go) and have fun on this greatest adventure! We're with you every step of the way (and I mean every step - TORnsibs are persistent folks!) Wink

'Sibs, here's to us all and to our new rollercoaster ride! Here we are again, back at the start of all things! So it begins!

*pours champagne for all* Cheers!

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

'You never know what will happen next, when once you get mixed up with TORnsibs and their friends.'

Sr. Staff

Apr 25 2008, 1:40am

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PERFECT timing! [In reply to] Can't Post

And trust you to spot it, gramma! Cheers m'dear - I'm glad to be with you, here at the start of all things! Smile

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

'You never know what will happen next, when once you get mixed up with TORnsibs and their friends.'


Apr 25 2008, 1:41am

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The GdT Express is in the station... [In reply to] Can't Post

...time to go for a ride! :)

Hola Guillermo!

It was still snowing where I live just a week ago. But with the news today, I know that the sun is out and Spring has finally arrived -- it's a wonderful day to just step out of the front door and see where the road leads to. :)

To be honest, 6 to 9 months ago I wasn't quite in your camp yet. I still had hopes for my own personal dark-horse candidate, Terry Gilliam. But I did my homework. I watched your movies. Saw some interviews and read the statements you've made about your views on story and myth wherever I could find them. And read, with delight, the hard work you've already done recently immersing yourself in Tolkien studies; this despite the hectic schedule you must already have set for yourself. (Actually, watching folks like yourself, PJ, Spielberg, Lucas, Gilliam, Ridley Scott and others, I've come to the conclusion that directors are either not human or are completely insane!) Well, I stand converted. Not only am I in your camp, but I think my shoes are on fire! ;)

Some credit for that goes to many of the regulars here at TORN who have been backing you since before I ever even knew there was a race. Thanks to them for helping me see the light. And thanks PJ, and Prof. Tolkien, for..., well..., the Moon, the Stars, and everything else that makes Middle-earth real in our hearts and minds!

Welcome, Guillermo! Pax.

As Flaunder said in Animal House, "This is gonna be great!!..."

-mwirkk :)

(This post was edited by mwirkk on Apr 25 2008, 1:46am)

The Shire

Apr 25 2008, 1:45am

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Yes! [In reply to] Can't Post

Go, go Guillermo!

Elijah Wood for Bilbo..or Frodo again.Just USE Him in the films, GDT. Please! Kthanx! ;)


Apr 25 2008, 1:49am

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My heart is full. [In reply to] Can't Post

I am so happy, and so excited, I can barely string words together. Good thing the rest of you are so articulate! *wipes away tears of joy*


Apr 25 2008, 1:49am

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Mae govannen, and thank you! [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome and thank you, for it is truly an honor that you have joined us! We're with you in spirit and sending all the best thoughts and hopes and wishes your way for not only a spectacular success at the end of the journey but for a beautiful, fun, fascinating, exciting and all out wild ride on the way there.

Hope you can find moments in the next unbelievably busy four years to visit us from time to time! We'll be taking the journey right along with you and we'd be thrilled to hear from you again.

Best wishes and "...may the blessing of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you."

Heart Loresilme


Apr 25 2008, 1:57am

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WOOHOO! [In reply to] Can't Post

I am so glad - that you're directing, and that you've joined the boards! Good times.

(pretty excited about Hellboy 2 too!)

"The person who strives for security will never be free. The person who believes that she's found security will never reach paradise."
- Tom Robbins

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Apr 25 2008, 1:59am

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That's awesome. [In reply to] Can't Post

I almost wish the deal-making could have been dragged out one more day.Evil

Where's Frodo?

Grey Havens

Apr 25 2008, 2:18am

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*snicker* Already planning PJ's cameo, aren't ya, gramma?... [In reply to] Can't Post


Miss ? Then Join Us.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 25 2008, 2:19am

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Woohoo! Time to celebrate! [In reply to] Can't Post

Congratulations on getting the job, Mr. Director! Cool

Even though events interfered with your riddle, we love that you posted it here and gave us something to speculate about. It's clear that you're our kind of people! For the next few years we will be happy to buy your (virtual) drinks at Fiesta, provide endless opinions and theories and feedback and enthusiasm, and debate every hint and rumor and bit of news with gusto. Ah, so much to look forward to! Laugh


"Of all faces those of our familiares are the ones both most difficult to play fantastic tricks with, and most difficult really to see with fresh attention. They have become like the things which once attracted us by their glitter, or their colour, or their shape, and we laid hands on them, and then locked them in our hoard, acquired them, and acquiring ceased to look at them.
Creative fantasy, because it is mainly trying to do something else [make something new], may open your hoard and let all the locked things fly away like cage-birds. The gems all turn into flowers or flames, and you will be warned that all you had (or knew) was dangerous and potent, not really effectively chained, free and wild; no more yours than they were you."
-On Fairy Stories

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 25 2008, 2:20am

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Yuppers. [In reply to] Can't Post

It's also Anzac Day, for what it's worth. At least it'll be easy for me to remember when the The Big Announcement was made!

Celebrimbor: "Pretty rings..."
Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
Men: "Pretty rings..."
Sauron: "Mine's better."

"Ah, how ironic, the addictive qualities of Sauronís master weapon led to its own destruction. Which just goes to show, kids - if you want two small and noble souls to succeed on a mission of dire importance... send an evil-minded b*****d with them too." - Gandalf's Diaries, final par, by Ufthak.

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