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[Fanfic] Darkness Above Erebor - Chapter 2


Jul 19 2015, 4:23am

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[Fanfic] Darkness Above Erebor - Chapter 2 Can't Post

Fili took Bilbo at a dark hall, and there were a tomb.
- Here, Baggins – said the dwarf prince – here lies Kili, my brother.
The tomb were perfectly square, and it was a grey color, almost black.
- The day when Kili died was full of sadness, but bliss too – said Fili with a unhappy countanace – the armies of our enemies were defeated in those day. But Bolg, Azog’s dirty son, killed my brother. He smashed his head with a black mace...
- And what happened with Bolg?
- I killed him and burned his body – said Fili.
It was clear. Fili was a marked person by brother’s death and his hate for the orcs and other dark creatures was great.
- We should not have done that – Fili put his hand on the face, crying – we should not have ran away to the battle.
- What? – said Bilbo
- Bofur, Dwalin, Ori, Kili me. In those day we escaped the mountain. We wanted to enter the battle, because Thorin did not allow us. But when we was the battle field, Bolg’s army, came from the north, surrounded Dain’s army. It was luck that Thranduil’s army arrived and halped us. But… before the end, Bolg found Kili and killed him… You did no see it, Master Hobbit, because you were at Dale with the Wizard and the men.
- I am sorry – said Bilbo – I could not help…
- Of couse you could not! The forces of the enemies were too powerful, and before Azog’s death by Dain, the battle was said as losted by for most of the men, elves and dwarves…. Now, get out of here, Baggins, leave me alone…

During those days, Bilbo stayed in Erebor in a royal house reserved by Fili. But Bilbo visited Dale constantly, passed the day there, hearing the songs singed by youngs maiden, songs about the Quest, when Smaug died. The people of Dale were quite warm and gentle, and received Bilbo with great affection.

Even Bain, prince of Dale, greeted the hobbit.
- Greetings, Master Hobbit! – said Bain. Bilbo remembered little about him. Bain helped his father Bard to kill Smaug when it was destroying Esgaroth. As the tales says, Bard used Bain’s back as a support to the black arrow, and then shot it and killed the beast.
Bain, his father and sisters, Sigrid and Tilda, survived of the destruction of Lake Town. After the Battle of the Five Armies, Bard was crowned as King of Dale, and Bain became the prince.
- Come with me Bilbo, let’s drink something – and then took Bilbo to his chamber in the Great House, at the center of the city.
- What are you thinking of Dale? – asked Bain, drinking vine and offering to Bilbo.
- It is better than the last time I saw, and bigger! And I am happy to know that Lake Town is now a great city, and with a great Master.
- Yeah, my father has ruled these lands with a great arm. Actually, my father, the Elven-king and the King Under the Moutain had made it. Old enemies never more entered in Rhovanion and Mirkwood is now the Great Green Forest more once.
- Yes – said Bilbo – but I think the dark powers always manages might, in any age of this world.
- What you want to say?
- Thorin. I feel he turned to darkness. The halls of Erebor are full of idols, strange figures.
- Are you sure? – said Bain.
- Yes. Thorin said it to me. He reveres a god called Gorthaur.
In this moment, Bain rose, and looked to Erebor’s gate by a window in his chamber. His aspect of surprise.
- What is the matter, my lord? – asked Bilbo, rising.
- This name. Gorthaur. I have heard it before. And the old tales say nothing good about that name. An old demon, came from the darkness, servent of the Supreme Evil.
Bilbo got terrified. Thorin once was a great friend. He never imagined that the Dragon Sickness would become it. Now Thorin was servent of evil, as Bain said, and it was scary.

Three weeks had past and Bilbo was thinking if he really wanted to go home.
- My relatives must be missing me – thought Bilbo.
Those days, the hobbit visited all the lands near the Lonaly Moutain, including north and south. He visited the new Lake Town, constructed by Bard after the Battle of Five Armies. And it was bigger than the ancient Esgaroth, and the new Master was a great man, respectable and wise.

Finally, Bilbo was ready to go home, and got sad. He really got enchanted by the things of those lands, and the people was wonderful.
- It is a pity I did not bring my book with me – thought Bilbo.
But, before leave, Bilbo was surprised for someone in Dale.
- Bilbo Baggins!
- I do not believe! – said Bilbo – Gandalf! Is that you?
- Has been a long time, Bilbo, my old friend – said the Grey Wizard.
They talked for a long time, about about all the things they had passed. And Bilbo was very happy to see his best friend finally after 2 years, since Gandalf and Balin visited him in Bag End.
Bilbo learned that Gandalf came from the south to meet Radagast, the Brown, on the Great Green Wood, but did not find him. Rosghobel was abondened.
- And where do you think he is now? – said Bilbo
- I do not know – replied Gandalf – I do not see him a few years ago. But this do not matter for you. You are a hobbit, Master Baggins, and the big peoples’s stuff is not concern of you. Now tell me – said Gandalf – how are the thing in The Shire?
- I still writing my book – said Bilbo with a large smile in the face – it have not a name, but I have been thinking in something like “There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Holiday.” I thought in a good ending: “And then he lived happy until the end of his days.”
- I am sure it is a perfect name – said Gandalf smiling.
- I am leaving today, Gandalf, but I do not want. The Shire is my homeland and I love it. But many peoples and things I love too lies here, in the Lonely Mountain. Thorin is one of my best friends, although his sickness.
- Yes, this is the problem, and this is one of the reasons why I am here – said Gandalf, smoking his pipe – ten years ago, I helped Thorin and the dwarves to reclaim Erebor. Do you know why, Bilbo?
- Well, you wanted some gold? – asked Bilbo, comical tone.
- I am not kidding – said Gandalf
And then the Wizard explained all to Bilbo. The reason of the Quest of Erebor and why Smaug was seen as a danger.
- I talked to Thorin – said the hobbit – he is once more praising new gods. I saw his royal chamber, and there is full of strange idols.
- And what you know more? Tell me! – asked the Grey
- Well, he is praising a deity called Gorthaur, and I…
- No! This is not good! – Gandalf rose, completely scared – this is not a good name, Bilbo!
- What is this name? – said Bilbo – What Gorthaur means? What is it Gandalf?
- An ancient enemie! An ancient demon! This name is cursed, Bilbo, it is not good to be pronounced. Once, Gorthaur was a powerful witch, and thanks to him many folks fell in the world… even the greatest kingdom of men fell by the words of Gorthaur… you must live these lands now, Bilbo! Get out of here!

Gandalf could see the little hobbit going on the road and thought how Bilbo was lucky of need not to take of these stuff. And then Gandalf entered Erebor, but there were many guards blocking the gate.
- Halt! Who is there? – said a guard
- I am Gandalf, the Grey. I am a Thorin’s friend, although he did not see me for a long time. I need to talk to him right now.
- We will take you to Master Balin – said another guard

Those times, Balin had an important role in Erebor. He was the king’s ambassador, and spoke with all those arrived in the Moutain.
- I need to talk about King’s worship – said Gandalf, direct to the point – these lands are in great dangerous. Not just Erebor, but all the lands around the Moutain… and beyond.
- We have knowledge of Thorin’s worship – said Balin – but this do not worry us.
- But should – Gandalf replied – Bilbo Baggins had talk with Thorin. The king is now praising ancient deities, including one that I really am afraid: Gorthaur….

After nearly two weeks traveling Rhovanion, Bilbo passed through Mirkwood (now Great Green Forest of North) and now was coming near the Misty Moutains. He stayed at Beorn’s house for many days.
- You can stay here, halfling, for long how you want – said Beorn. He is a skin-changer, a man who can turn in a big animal, and Beorn could turn in a huge black bear. Long ago, he helped Bilbo and Thorin to get through the Wilderlands. During the Battle of the Five, Beorn came mounted in the Eagles and fought the orcs.

After the Quest of Erebor, Bilbo and Beorn became great friends. The hobbit visited Beorn house during his Return Journey ten years ago, and stayed there for a long time. Beorn’s garden was full of flowers of all the kinds and the birds sang togheter excerpts of the Great Music. A beautiful place.

- So, Master Halfling, how are going Erebor? – asked Beorn, serving milk to Bilbo
- All right there. Very different from years ago.
- And what about the King Under the Mountain? Still clod?
- Yes, I think – said Bilbo drinking Beorn’s sweet milk – but he was weird and I saw him.
- Weird? – Beorn sat – how so?
- He is clearly praising new deities in his personal life. One of the deities he call “Gorthaur.”
- Gorthaur? I have heard this name before. I remember it. It is not a good think, halflin. To speak the truth, I think we are in dark days.
- What? – asked Bilbo scared – what you mean with “dark days?”
- I remember when a dark power ruled these lands. And this time was not a pleasant, no way. Follow me, Halfling, I will show you something.
Beorn went to a closet and took of there an old, dusty book, brown cover.
- It is in my family for years – said Beorn, and then opened the book – it is a book written by one of the wise men of these parts. It is called The Book of Neiklot.
- Who is Neiklot? – said Bilbo
- Neiklot was a man, Halfling, who lived in these lands long ago. But I do not know when he lived, the book do not explain it.
- And what is this book about?
- It is ancient tale. The story of a man who confronted Gorthaur.
At that point, Bilbo had heard very much the name “Gorthaur” and then he could not resist the question:
- Tell me Beorn, who is Gorthaur?
- Long ago – the skin-changer started – there was a large land in the northwest known as Country of Balar. There, the Supreme Dark Lord Morgoth built his castle and fortified it. Many frightful and sable creatures lived in that place, including Gorthaur. But when the Black Castle was destroyed by the Lords of West, and Morgoth defeated, Gorthaur ran away and took refuge in the south. For a long time he ruled this land and enslaved peaceful men.
Bilbo was paralyzed. He never imagined the enemy would be so powerful and terrible. The hobbit had heard about an ancient Evil Lord, but never one of him servants had flent and taken refuge in Middle earth.
- Neiklot led and army to destroy Gorthaur, but he losted the battle and Gorthaur cursed Neiklot, imprisioned him in the deepiest hole of the Misty Moutains. He still there, being tormented by spirits of the past.
- But – said the hobbit, changing subject – why Thorin would look for Gorthaur?
- I do not know. But will discovery for myself. I am going to the Big Solitary Hill, Halfling, are you going with me? – said Beorn

Thorin would make a speech. He was nervous and kissed a small black idol with weird symbols.
His people were out there, waiting for the King. They did not know, but Thorin was praising dark gods, and these were speaking in his ear.

There was a great lord’s table, and a furnace behind. Thorin was not so majestic, just with a grey tunic and he was not with Durin’s crown.

- My people – began Thorin – today is a great day for all of us! Because Aulë is calling me – and then Thorin put a knife out of his pocket and cutted his left hand. The people screamed – Aulë is calling my blood, and I give my blood. But he need more blood… - in that moment, the people was completely scared about them King.

Two guards came with a young lad. He cried for mercy. But Thorin just cut his throat. The spilled blood was put in a yellow pitcher, and Thorin drank it. The King took the young dwarf’s body and threw into the furnace, burning his body.
- People of Erebor – shouted Thorin – look on the new identity of Aulë. I am no longer your lord. Now we have a new lord: Sauron

How aaaaaaaaaaaaaare you all???


Jul 19 2015, 2:38pm

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This is dark. [In reply to] Can't Post

You are going much darker than I thought you might. I'm not entirely sure what to make of the story. It depends on where it goes from here. It's interesting that you have had Radagast vanish with no explanation (so far). This does happen in The Lord of the Rings, but at a much later time.

The local Woodmen and Men of the Anduin Vales should have gathered under Beorn's leadership in the years immediately following the Battle of the Five Armies. His followers, the Beornings, protect the northern passes across the Misty Mountains, collecting tolls from merchants and other travelers. In Tolkien's canon Beorn eventually takes a wife and sires at least one child--a son who is named Grimbeorn.

I still don't see this tale ending well for Thorin; although, if he is actually possessed then I suppose he could be freed.

On a technical note, your language is still awkward, especially your grammer. But that is understandable under the circumstances.

"At the end of the journey, all men think that their youth was Arcadia..." - Phantom F. Harlock

(This post was edited by Otaku-sempai on Jul 19 2015, 2:41pm)


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