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The official Tolkien collectible catalog thread
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SandWitch King

Mar 8 2007, 8:52pm

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The official Tolkien collectible catalog thread Can't Post

Members of the boards here at TORn are going to attempt to create an on-line catalog of collectibles related to J.R.R. Tolkien.

It is hoped that this thread will serve as a place to gather the information so that it can be organized and presented on a website, probably somewhere on TheOneRing.net.

This was an idea that was germinating, but after Gramma told me of her extensive info already collected and her shared passion for it all, I decided this needed to happen. The support of TORnados leaves me with no doubt that this can be fun, useful and in the end, quite powerful as a collective project.

HOW: Members wishing to contribute can post information about collectibles in the thread. However, they should first READ the previously posted information to make sure they aren't being redundant or to see if they have different information than what is already presented.

Example: User Barrow Wong decides that his Toy Biz action figure line is A) pretty cool B) is definitely a Tolkien collectible and C) he would like to contribute to the cause. He reads through the posts here and under the "ACTION FIGURE" or "TOY" listing he sees a header that says, "TOY BIZ FIGURES" and looks to see what has been recorded. He finds that User Fall Into The Gap Of Rohan has made a list of Toy Biz Figures. He reads and notices that although the user lists Toy Biz's "Mithril Frodo" "Looks dead in a spider web Frodo" and "Orc Frodo" he has neglected the rare "Nine-fingered-Frodo". He replies to the thread with a brief note aboute "Nine-fingered Frodo". If he feels crazy helpful and because he owns one of the rare figures, he might even get out his digital cam and take a photo at web appropriate resolution and puts the pic in his post. Wow! Thanks Barrow Wong!

WHO: You dear reader, to the best of your ability. This is a 'collective knowledge' project.

WHAT: What is considered a Tolkien collectible you ask? Good question. For purposes of this project, Tolkien collectibles must be (and this may change):

directly related to J.R.R. Tolkien (surprise surprise!) or his works

B) produced for the public consumer++
* Tolkien's fireplace, once used by him in his house and now for sale on Ebay is NOT of interest to this catalog. It is cool but for our purposes it isn't A COLLECTIBLE, although you might collect it.
++B1) Officially licenced promotional items that were not for sale might be included
* A standee of Aragorn from Bashki's LOTR film that was sent out to 1,000 theaters when the film was released may be eligible. (Another discussion)

C) was manufactured by a company, not made by a fan
* There are lots cool fan made items out there, like buttons or doll houses. The list and users like Barrow Wong think they are cool but it isn't the focus of this catalog. However there is some grey area here. TheOneRing.net once made buttons that said, "Gandalf For President". They were never for sale, but 1,000 buttons might be considered a collectible. Discussion and debate about such things are welcome.

D) Distinctly and directly Tolkien-themed, not an implied connection.
* If the Franklin Mint makes a porcelin piece called "Elven City" and it looks susiciously like Rivendell, we probably wouldn't list it (or maybe we would in its own category of 'almost Tolkien) but if the same Franklin Mint makes the same piece but it is called "Rivendell" well then, it's ours! If a Sweedish Death Metal band makes a song called, "Goblin Parade" it probably wouldn't count but if a band made a song called, "Balrog Bash" or "Gandalf's Funky Chicken" well then, we count it. There is a pretty comprehensive Tolkien music website, but for our purposes, it is too encompasing. (Another debatable topic is what is an "OBVIOUS" Tolkien song and what is "IMPLIED". We will cross the bridge.... maybe).

A list of probable categories might go something like this: books, games, toys, figures, item replicas, prints (art), clothing, jewelry, recordings, adaptations and so on.
* The book category, like most of the others, can be broken down further into MANY sub-categories by books written by Tolkien, about Tolkien, Middle-earth, non-M.e., different languages, covers, editions and so forth and so on.

WHEN: Now is good, start now!

If you have questions, ask away! I can't promise answers, but feel free to ask anything. Many things are yet to be determined and this will evolve on the fly. Please don't be too concerned if you know of a better way to do things, you may be right, but we will sort things out. Remember this is a place to gather the information that will later be organized to form a website or become part of a wing of TORn.

I hope it is fun. Enjoy!


Once upon a time I was MrCere. I still am but this name is for posting and being part of the community while that one is for official business. 8-)

(This post was edited by SandWitch King on Mar 8 2007, 9:02pm)


Mar 9 2007, 2:17am

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*geeky happy dance* I was actually giggling as I read this! [In reply to] Can't Post

What an inspired, awesome idea, sir! I love the breakdown. I think we'll be surprised at how fast this list will grow and how vast the subjects will be!!! PARTY ON!

I'm going to tweak my lists and be back!! *still grinning like a fool!*


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Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

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Mar 9 2007, 3:45am

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Question [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm a little unsure if how I should post. If I want to post info on Burger King toys or Toy Biz toys, would I first create a post for 'toys' and then under that another post for Burger King (to start an outline for sub threads)? Or perhaps Toys > figures > Burger King? I don't know how much planning we want to do for categories and how much we'll just go for it.

Superuser / Moderator

Mar 9 2007, 4:56am

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A group project! [In reply to] Can't Post

Great idea, SWK. I just hope a few of the people who hang out here have Tolkien collectibles. Wink Actually, I'm now looking forward to going through my own collection, though it's probably pretty paltry compared to some people here *cough* gramma *cough*Wink


...the information... will later be organized to form a website or become part of a wing of TORn...

*raises hand* ... does that mean we can call it the "One Wing?" WinkLaugh

Koru: Maori symbol representing a fern frond as it opens. The koru reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new, positive beginnings.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the boards that are given to us"

"I take a moment to fervently hope that the camaradarie and just plain old fun I found at TORn will never end" -- LOTR_nutcase

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SandWitch King

Mar 9 2007, 5:01am

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Hmmmmmmmmm [In reply to] Can't Post

Truthfully, and I know this is going to drive people crazy, but I don't know either.

The #1 goal is to get the information gathered so if it isn't well ordered and organized right away, it will be okay.

Our moderators might be able to move things around on occasion but I think it would be fine to mark, "Burger King Toys" in the subject field and leave it at that, at least for now.

The alternative is to 'pre-subject' a few or a lot of categories and even then we would miss stuff. So, for now, embrace a little chaos and get the info up. Any contribution will be most welcome. And yes, I realize I am not exactly following the example laid out in my introduction.

We could hold off on posting info for a week while we completely organize the subjects but I think we can throw out a lot of info and then organize it as things settle. Okay?

I am not off to see 300!!!!

Once upon a time I was MrCere. I still am but this name is for posting and being part of the community while that one is for official business. 8-)


Mar 9 2007, 5:10am

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embracing chaos [In reply to] Can't Post

There was a time when I was terrified of chaos. Lately I've been experimenting: what happens when I let chaos happen? The outcome often isn't that much different than when I spent hours of time and wads of energy planning. It's been a freeing experience.

So, knowing I won't mess up someone's plan, I *will* Embrace Chaos! (cue booming voice)

I like that. I should have it on a t-shirt...

If I wore t-shirts.

I am not off to see 300!!!!

Is that good or bad? or maybe you meant to say, "I am now off to see 300!!" Yes, I think that makes sense.


Mar 9 2007, 3:27pm

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*snigger* ;) // [In reply to] Can't Post


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Mar 9 2007, 3:29pm

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Agreed! Get the info, then sort it all out. [In reply to] Can't Post

I think we'll discover the lists will define themselves :)

This is going to be AWESOME!!! :D

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Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

"Barney Snow was here." ~Hug like a hobbit!~ "In my heaven..."

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Mar 9 2007, 5:18pm

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Burger King / FOTR promotion [In reply to] Can't Post

The Burger King / FOTR promotion ran from November 19 to December 16, 2001

It was comprised of a number of different elements and varied from country to country. This post will deal strictly with the One Ring + 18 Figures on bases as found in the US. Information about other facets of this promotion, or that expands on this facet and this post, could be added as replies to this thread. I've added a few notes as an aside when I think verification or clarification is needed. I'm hoping someone can provide it. I've also added my own 'review' of this set, mostly just observations I think might be interesting or useful for people who collect or are considering collecting these figures.

The figures fit into a wedged shape base. At the front of the base was a lever shaped like the One Ring. Pressing on the lever would activate sound (located within the base) or light (located either in the base or in the figure). The back of each base has a pin/peg like protuberance and another smaller lever.

One Ring:
The gold One Ring is held aloft by yellow flames. The top part of the flames are translucent and light up [magpie: I'm not sure what the mechanism is, I don't have mine handy.] The flames are emerging from a bed of red lava. This base is circular with 18 notches around the perimeter of the circle. The One Ring can turn [magpie: add in description 'in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction'? I don't now if it's one of those or both.] On each side of the red base are heat activated words. They read:
  • "Legend tells of a ring believed lost for centuries, it has now been found..."
  • "This is the One Ring. An object of unspeakable power which must be destroyed."

The Set:
The peg at the back of each Figure base will fit into a notch of the One Ring's base. As the Ring is rotated, it presses, each in turn, the levers at the back of the Figure bases. This lever activates the sound and/or light within the base or Figure.

Aragorn: see Strider

Arwen: riding Asfaloth
  • sound: none
  • light: necklace lights up red
  • articulation: moves at waist

Bilbo: standing and holding up the One Ring
  • sound: "The Ring must go to Frodo."
  • light: none
  • movement: none
  • articulation:
    • longish hair
    • shorter hair, receding hairline.

Boromir: standing and holding the horn of Gondor
  • sound: "You carry the fate of us all, little one."
  • light: none
  • movement: moves at left shoulder and very slightly at neck
  • articulation:
    • cloak covers his feet up to his toes
      • dark gray cloak, silver buckles and chain mail (visible at elbows)
      • light gray cloak, gold buckles and chain mail (visible at elbows)
    • cloak exposes boots

Cave Troll: standing and holding a rock-headed hammer
  • sound: none
  • light: the base lights up red illuminating cracks in the ground
  • movement: moves at neck and both shoulders
  • articulation:
    • narrower face, loincloth
    • wider face, no loincloth

Celeborn: standing in a graceful pose
  • sound: none
  • light: a light in the base travels up through the figure to illuminate Celeborn's translucent inner garments.
  • movement: none
  • articulation:
    • silver/gray inner garments
    • green inner garments.

Elrond: standing in a graceful pose
  • sound: "You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring."
  • light: none
  • articulation: none

Frodo: standing with Sting partially unsheathed and the One Ring on his finger
  • sound: "Power can be held in the smallest of things." [magpie: who's voice is this? I don't think my sound works and I don't remember Frodo saying this.]
  • light: a light in the base travels up through Frodo's transparent left food (as if becoming invisible).
  • articulation: none

Galadriel: standing with hand raised in a wave/salute
  • sound: none
  • light: a light in the base travels up through Galadriel's transparent gown.
    • The light activated by pressing the One Ring at the front of the Figure base is white.
    • The light activated by pressing the lever at the back of the base (accomplished by turning the One Ring at the center of the assembled set) the light is pink/yellow [magpie: this info is from a website. I don't have my bases handy and can't verify it.]
  • articulation: none
  • versions:
    • [magpie: I'm pretty sure there are variations of this figure but I only have one of my Galadriels in front of me. To my recollection, some had transparent gowns and some had a frosty white, translusent gown.]

Gandalf: standing with his staff, crystal embedded in the top, and his hand on Glamdring
  • sound: "Speak, friend, and enter."
  • light: a light in the base travels up the shaft of his staff to illuminate the crystal (at the top) and the top portion of his staff.
  • articulation: none

Gimli: standing with his axe
  • sound: "Well, what are we waiting for?"
  • light: none
  • articulation: moves at waist

Legolas: standing with his bow drawn
  • sound: "The Ring must be destroyed."
  • light: none
  • articulation: moves at waist

Lurtz: standing with his fist raised and a shield on his arm
  • sound: none
  • light: a red light shines through the emblem of the White Hand on his shield and the White Hand glows in the dark.
  • articulation: moves at right shoulder and neck

Merry: standing holding a lantern
  • sound: none
  • light: a red light illuminates the lantern in Merry's hand
  • articulation: none
  • versions:
    • blond hair, green jacket,
    • brown hair, green jacket,
    • brown hair, tan jacket.

Orc: kneeling
sound: none
light: a red light illuminates the top portion of the Orc's helmet (his eyes?)
articulation: moves at his neck (somewhat)

Pippin: standing with his sword/knife partially unsheathed and a short torch/brand in his hand
  • sound: none
  • light: a red light illuminates the yellow torch in Pippin's hand
  • articulation: head can be turned very slightly

Sam: kneeling on one need with a frying pan outstretched in his hand
  • sound: none
  • light: a red light in the base simulates a campfire on the ground
  • articulation:

Saruman: standing with a Palanitr in his hands
  • sound: none
  • light: a red light illuminates the purple Palantir in Saruman's hands
  • articulation:

Strider: standing with his hand on his sword and a flaming brand in his hand
  • sound: none
  • light: a red light illuminates the yellow flaming brand in Strider's hand.
  • articulation: moves at neck

[magpie: I haven't described the bases. My bases are packed away at the moment.]
"The variations in the toys occurred due to changes made during the production of the toys. They were not intentional, but were corrections requested by New Line, the studio producing the film." quote from Raving Toy Maniac. I drew heavily on this site for information.

Magpie's general comments about these figures:
  • If you weren't able to get all the figures during the promotion, you're left collecting through online resale sites, or by scouring thrift stores and garage sales. Unfortunately, the bases often became separated from the figures and it's hard to find bases at thrift stores and garage sales.
  • The paint chips fairly easily and if the figures are packed away, they should be wrapped.
  • The levers in the bases activate the lights (found in the figures) by pushing up on a button at the bottom of the figure. The lever doesn't always push the button up far enough, however, and even if the light is functioning, it doesn't always turn on. Sometimes the front lever will turn it on but not the back lever, or visa versa.
  • The figures don't always stay put in their bases. I've tried every thing short of epoxy for some of them and they still fall off.
  • When assembling the Figure bases around the One Ring base, one must carefully consider the figures. The position of some figures conflicts with the position of other figures.
  • The sound in the bases is powered by a small battery and this battery can go dead. To open the case, one must have a special triangular shaped 'screwdriver'. (This is to prevent the cases being opened at home since the batteries are toxic if swallowed) My husband ground a small screwdriver down into the proper shape for me so I could open the bases. Then, if one has extra bases, one can swap out one battery for another. Or, one could try buying and replacing the batteries. I would caution you that it is difficult to reassemble the bases, however, since there are moving parts that operate the levers.
  • I love the look of the assembled set. I've found lovely wooden turntables (such are used on dinner tables) that it fits on nicely. But it is large and my house is small. Although I did display the set when I finally completed it (after scouring thrift stores and garage sales for years), I took it down soon after. I find it easier to display just the figures on a small shelf (I use old spice racks). They are difficult to dust, as well although... most figures are. And I do believe I have the dustiest house in the world! Not good for a person with magpie tendencies.

comprehensive information and pictures

review of product with pictures

time warner announcement of promotional deal with New Line

info about promotion

pre-promotion information

BK announcement of winner of promotional sweepstakes

goofing on LOTR & the BK promotion


Mar 9 2007, 7:43pm

Post #10 of 50 (40435 views)
This is wonderful, Magpie!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

I've also had mine on a wooden turntable... but now I have them standing without their bases under an overturned 5-gallon aquarium I'll have to check mine to compare our experiences with Galadriel's gown, etc. I think it is supposed to be Frodo saying "Power can be held in the smallest of things." It's never said during the films, but it was one of the promotional tag-lines during the run of the series... especially for FotR. I also remember that BK had advertised and had on their website a string of promotions for Two Towers, but it never happened. Patty was very knowlegeable about that as it was happening.

I've got several of BK's promotional things like their tents, poster, crown, etc. I thought it was one of the better gift-promotional programs out there for the films!

I also don't recall if the Ring turns both ways... but something tells me it's only one directions (clockwise) since I had to swing all the way around to hear other voices.

I've got an extra Frodo and Sam on my dashboard ;)

Thanks for this. Wonderful!!! :D

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Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

"Barney Snow was here." ~Hug like a hobbit!~ "In my heaven..."

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SandWitch King

Mar 9 2007, 8:09pm

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Nice nice nice! [In reply to] Can't Post

Great job! It would be wonderful even if it had far less detail but all of that is fantastic, including the links at the end. Thanks for it all.

Once upon a time I was MrCere. I still am but this name is for posting and being part of the community while that one is for official business. 8-)


Mar 14 2007, 3:37am

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ToyBiz Action Figures [In reply to] Can't Post

Here are most of my ToyBiz figures. I've tried to find decent pictures for each of them, and I'll betcha all my lebmas that there are some pics that don't go with the figures, but I'll get all of that ironed out as I expand this list. I'll be adding more information for each figure; like, when it was introduced, similarities between different packaging of the same figures, etc. Where it says BOX or MOON, that's my note on the type of packaging it came in... single-figure box or half-moon (larger/rounded) packaging.

PLEASE feel free to correct me if I've gone astray... and PLEASE add to this beginning list of all the LotR figures/toys/COLLECTIBLES available through ToyBiz. Our goal is to have the list/COLLECTIBLES as complete as possible :)

Click on the title for the picture... I hope ;)

Frodo – Fellowship box
Twilight Frodo w/Sword Attack Action box
Arwen with light up Evenstar (riding gear) box
Elrond w/Elven Sword Attack in Alliance armor box
Traveling Bilbo w/traveling gear box
Fellowship pack (9 figures) box
Black Rider and Ringwraith (Fellowship) box
Arwen and Asfaloth (Fellowship) box
Legolas w/Dagger-Slashing & Arrow-Launching Action moon
Gandalf s/Light-Up Staff Action (standing with staff) moon
Strider w/Sword-Drawing & Sword-Slashing Actions – Weathertop with torch (Canadian) moon
Peter Jackson Trilogy Director as a hobbit (Canadian) box
Gandalf the Grey (fighting w/sword) box
Boromir (super poseable) box
Bilbo Birthday Celebration w/Party Barrel box
Samwise Gamgee w/Moria Mines Goblin Battle Action Base (holding pan and sword) moon
Boromir w/Battle Attack & Lurtz w/Bow Attack (FotR) moon
Frodo w/Sword Attack Action box
Boromir w/Battle Attack Action box
Pippin in Armor w/Removeable Helmet & Sword box
Gimli w/Axe Throwing Action and Uruk-hai warrior (FotR) moon
Frodo & Sam with Elven Boat Accessory (FotR) moon
Merry & Pippin w/Moria Mines Battle Attack/Moria Orc w/Moria Mines Battle Attack (FotR) moon
Treebeard with Merry and Pippin 11" TT box
Morgul Lord Witch-king & Mace-Wielding Action box
Merry in Rohan Armor box
Sam w/Goblin Disguise Armor moon
Frodo w/Goblin Disguise Armour moon
Gandalf Stormcrow w/Hooded Robe/Staff Extending) box
Frodo w/Journal - Smiling (super poseable) box
Aragorn Council of Elrond w/shards (super poseable) box
Gollum w/Electric Sound Base moon
Treebeard w/Branch Lifting Action box
Sméagol w/Crawling Action (super poseable) moon
Sam Mordor w/rope (holding sword standing on rock) moon
King Théoden in Armor w/Sword Attack Action moon
Frodo with light-up Sting Sword (cape on) box and same Frodo pic/figure w/cape removed in moon packaging
Frodo Shelob Attack w/Glowing Light of Eärendil box
Minas Tirith Citadel Guard RotK (super poseable) box
Gandalf with Shadowfax (Two Towers) box
Aragorn with Brego (Return of the King) box
Bilbo - Two Towers with pack/sword/Red Book box
Legolas Council of Elrond box
Éomer w/Sword Attack Action box & moon versions
Éomer in Ceremonial Armor (IndyMoot Raffle Exhibit 2005) moon
Bearers of the One Ring Gift Pack–Twilight Bilbo/Gollum/Frodo box
Frodo with light-up Sting Sword (loose cap) moon
Witch-king Ringwraith w/Sword-Lunging Action box
Strider w/Sword-Slashing Action (2) box
Gollum w/Crawling Action (super poseable) moon
Éowyn in Armor moon
Frodo Deluxe Poseable – RotK box
Legolas with Arod (Return of the King) box
Shelob (super poseable) box
Sam Gamgee Deluxe Poseable – RotK box
Prologue Bilbo w/Slashing Action & Ring moon
Faramir w/Sword Wielding Action (Ranger Gear) moon
There and Back Again–Merry/Pip/Sam/Frodo/Bilbo/book green box
Sméagol w/One Ring box
Sméagol w/Authentic Movie Phrases box
Gimli Helm's Deep box
Gandalf Balrog Battle w/Sound – teeth showing box
Legolas Helm's Deep moon
Gríma Wormtongue w/Knife Slashing Action moon
Legolas in Rohan Armor box ]
Arwen in Coronation gown box
Faramir in Gondorian Armor box
Mt. Doom Frodo (super poseable w/sound) box

Mt. Doom Sam (super poseable w/sound) box

sample sample
Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

"Barney Snow was here." ~Hug like a hobbit!~ "In my heaven..."

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SandWitch King

Mar 14 2007, 6:14am

Post #13 of 50 (40468 views)
HOLY CATS! [In reply to] Can't Post

I just can't believe how great this is as a start. You and Magpie have posted stuff beyond my wildest dreams. This is blood-pumping cool, just as the Burger King collection was.

I have two questions (because I am curious)

#1. Did you take all these photos or find them?!

#2. Are your own figures in or out of the packaging?

Both posts are SO fantastic that I fear everybody else will be intimidated! I hope not!

The other thing that makes me sad is that because these aren't posted on "MAIN" or "OFF TOPIC" that people aren't gonna come in to see the work presented her so far. I guess that is okay but you two deserve parades and flowers.

. . . One should, if possible, express a negative concept in a positive form: "not meaningful" rather than "meaningless." I agree and will, therefore, now refer to contemporary movie executives as running around "like chickens without their heads cut on." - David Mamet

(This post was edited by SandWitch King on Mar 14 2007, 6:16am)


Mar 14 2007, 11:55am

Post #14 of 50 (40413 views)
images - out of the box / in the box [In reply to] Can't Post

Once a thread was started for Toy Biz, I did want to provide a link to a resource I've found immensely helpful for a couple of reasons.

The site is The Green Dragon and they have a very comprehensive archive of images of the Toy Biz (and other) figures. They also have the toys listed by release, so one can put some order to the entire set. I used to check this site a lot for LOTR-Toy Biz news

Here's a direct link to the LOTR page.
Here's a direct link to all the LOTR products they've archived.

Images: not only do they have the 'posed in a setting' image, for most figures they have a image of the box and the accessories. For the first figure I clicked on, there were 18 different images: close ups, back of the figure, articulation, box, etc.

This is especially useful for those of us who gleefully open our boxes up and display the figures... and then lose track of what arrows and swords go with what figure. I do open my boxes. I know everyone says the figures are worth more in the box but they're only worth more if I want to sell them. The only reason I'd want to sell them is because I've become bored with them and then I would have reaped no enjoyment from them while I owned them. It does make good sense if one is investing in the figures to keep them in the box. But I don't have the space to buy a bunch of figures, hold onto them for years and then try to sell them so as to make some money off them. I wonder what the return rate is on those kinds of investments as well. I think I'm probably in the minority... as I usually am and all you who keep them in the box have wonderful reasons why that works for you. I just get to enjoy mine without a plastic vacuum wrap around it.

Although my goal is to save a complete set of images for every figure I own, I haven't done that yet. I always worry about sites like this disappearing and I think it would be good if someone here privately archived it.* For the finished TORn project, we could link to them... but I'd be more comfortable if they'd let TORn use their photos with some sort of credit and link to the site... again, paranoia about the good stuff that disappears.

*I have some interest in doing that for personal reasons. And if no one else wants to, I could start chipping away at it. But it would be very low on my priority list and might never get done. So I would not discourage anyone who's interested.

(This post was edited by Magpie on Mar 14 2007, 12:00pm)


Mar 14 2007, 2:38pm

Post #15 of 50 (40368 views)
*sniggering* Thanks :) [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah... these are the figures I have in my own collection. Some are out of the packages and have been played with by my g'kiddies (CAREFULLY!) and many are still in their boxes... but I've kept the packaging for all of them.

I meant to give credit to ToyBiz/Mattel website (which I'll do in my revised list) where I got 90% of the pictures. Some are off ebay. I don't have a digital camera that works... so I couldn't take the shots myself. I am getting this one to be workable (gift that came w/no connectors) so I can take pictures of my Sideshow and other treasures.

I can see where some of about 5 pictures don't match the description, and I've made note of what needs to be fixed... and I have a few more to add, but didn't realize they weren't there until I went to post these.

The nasty NASTY part of this is that now I'm lusting after several other figures I've discovered in my rutting about! omg. *twitch*

You should see my living room! I've pulled EVERYTHING out, and there's a path from my computer to the TV to the refridgerator! *shakes head* Cripes, this is fun! :D I feel like Smaug with my hoard all around me!

I saw that you posted on Main for Magpie and me :) I didn't feel comfortable doing that... so thanks! I really don't want people to feel it's a competition of "I've got more stuff than you!" I've been collecting these and have been given some as gifts for 5 years now... mostly eBay discoveries... and I've been working an extra job to pay for my obsession. So while it DOES look like I'm nuts, well.... uh.... I am ;)

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Mar 14 2007, 2:48pm

Post #16 of 50 (40396 views)
What an awesome site! [In reply to] Can't Post

Wow! Yeah... I'll be happy to work on that. Cripes, it's wonderful! THANK YOU! :D

I'm just like you Magpie. I haven't gotten these to sell later. These keep me closer to the story and characters, and I always feel warm&fuzzy when I look through them.

I remember a disappeared TORnsib named White Owl who had GREAT FUN describing her action figures' various exploits on "The Shelves". Action Packed, fersher!

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Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

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Mar 14 2007, 3:29pm

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I've gotten a start : I'll do 6" Singles, FOTR, Wave 1-3 [In reply to] Can't Post

I was up early and so I let my obsessive side out and started saving. I have been saving things as 'websites': html pages with links. They can be viewed off line or could be uploaded (which I won't do since it's all technically the property of Green Dragon.

Anyhow, for kicks, I clicked on 6" Singles FOTR Wave 1: Legolas... cause I do loves my Elves. It would make sense not to duplicate work so how about I work on the figures for

THIS PAGE : 6" Toy Biz Singles
this subset of figures:
FOTR (2001-02) Wave 1
Newborn Lurtz
Witchking Ringwraith

Wave 2
Gandalf the Grey
Orc Overseer
Samwise Gamgee
Wave 3
Orc Warrior
Traveling Bilbo

It'll be awhile before I'm ready to move on from there but I'll let you know if I do and touch base with what you (or anyone else) is doing.


Mar 14 2007, 3:51pm

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Stands for Toy Biz figures [In reply to] Can't Post

If you want to display these figures, they really need stands. I put off buying them because I'm cheap but my figures kept falling over and every time they did, weapons would go flying everywhere. It drove me nuts. Finally I splurged.

Real Action Figure Type II Stands created for Star Wars figures work for the LOTR Toy Biz figures (assuming they have holes in the bottom of their feet). You might be able to get buy with one stand for each figure (one foot fits on one stand) but the figure will lean (it's like standing on a curb) so two stands works best.

The company's site IS HERE. I've seen them at one other collectibles site but I wasn't thrilled with how my order went down and if I ever want more, I'll be tempted to just order from the company that makes them.

The shipping costs on these things is exorbitant. I tried and failed to either find them in town or to get a brick and mortar store to carry them (so I wouldn't have to pay the shipping.) It might be worth it to combine orders with other collectors that you know and trust.


Mar 14 2007, 6:30pm

Post #19 of 50 (40292 views)
Oh wonderful! Thank you :D Those are gorgeous! // [In reply to] Can't Post


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Mar 14 2007, 6:32pm

Post #20 of 50 (40293 views)
That's a great idea! [In reply to] Can't Post

There a little old man in his little old hobby (VERY hard not to type hobbity there!) who I may be able to work with. Finding other collectors who would like to share in the shipping is a great idea :) Thanks!

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Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

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Mar 16 2007, 6:26am

Post #21 of 50 (40497 views)
Sideshow/WETA [In reply to] Can't Post

It's not perfect looking but here ya go. All the Side/WETA LOTR collectibles (hopefully I got them all)

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn-Limited Edition # Unknown
Arwen Evenstar-Limited Edition # Unknown
Balrog-Limited Edition 1,000
Balrog of Moria-Limited Edition # Unknown
Battle Troll of Mordor-Limited Edition 5,500
Berserker Uruk-hai-Limited Edition 3,000
Bilbo Baggins-Limited Edition 1,000
Boromir-Limited Edition 2,000
Cave Troll-Limited Edition 750
Corsair - Peter Jackson-Limited Edition 3,500
Easterling Soldier-Limited Edition 2,000
Eowyn as Dernhelm-Limited Edition 7,500
King Elessar-Limited Edition 3,000
Elrond-Limited Edition 2,000
Fell Beast and Morgul Lord-Limited Edition 3,000
Frodo Baggins-Limited Edition # Unknown
Galadhrim Archer-Limited Edition 2,000
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey (BRONZE)-Limited Edition 36
Gandalf on Shadowfax-Limited Edition 8,500
Gandalf the White-Limited Edition 3,000
Gimli, Son of Gloin-Limited Edition 2,000
Gollum as Gollum-Limited Edition 7,500
Gothmog on Warg-Limited Edition 4,500
Grima Wormtongue-Limited Edition 2,000
Haradrim Warrior-Limited Edition 4,000
Lady Galadriel-Limited Edition 5,000
King of the Dead-Limited Edition 6,000
Legolas and Gimli on Arod-Limited Edition 5,000
Legolas Greenleaf-Limited Edition # Unknown
Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck-Limited Edition # Unknown
Morgal Lord-Limited Edition 9,500
Moria Orc Archer-Limited Edition # Unknown
Moria Orc Swordsman-Limited Edition # Unknown
Moria Orc Warrior-Limited Edition # Unknown
Mumak of Harad-Limited Edition 3,000
Newborn Uruk-hai-Limited Edition 750
Orc Brute-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Overseer-Limited Editino # Unknown
Orc Pitmaster-Limited Edition # Unknown
Pippin, Guard of the Citadel-Limited Edition 2,000
Ringwraith on Steed-Limited Edition 5,000
Samwise Gamgee and Bill the Pony-Limited Edition # Unknown
Saruman the White-Limited Edition # Unknown
Sauron-Limited Edition 9,500
Shelob-Limited Edition 5,000
King Theoden-Limited Edition 2,000
Uglúk, Uruk-hai Captain-Limited Edition 2,000
Uruk hai Scout Swordsman-Limited Edition # Unknown
Watcher in the Water-Limited Edition 750
Witchking of Angmar-Limited Edition 1,000

3/4 Scale Gollum-Limited Edition 1,500
Aragorn, Son of Arathorn
Arwen Evenstar-Limited Edition # Unknown
Attack Troll-Limited Edition 3,000
Bilbo Baggins-Limited Edition # Unknown
Boromir –Limited Edition # Unknown
Catapult Troll-Limited Edition 3,000
Cave Troll-Limited Edition 10,000
Dwarven Lord-Limited Edition # Unknown
King Elendil-Limited Edition 3,000
Eomer-Limited Edition 2,000
Elrond-Limited Edition 3,000
Frodo Baggins-Limited Edition # Unknown
Galadhrim Soldier-Limited Edition 2,000
Galadriel-Limited Edition 2,000
Gandalf the Grey-Limited Edition # Unknown
Gandalf the White –Limited Edition 2,000
Gil-Galad-Limited Edition 3,000
Gimli, Son of Gloin-Limited Edition # Unknown
Grima Wormtongue-Limited Edition 2,000
Grishnakh-Limited Edition 2,000
Grong Troll-Limited Edition 3,000
High Elven Infrantryman-Limited Edition # Unknown
Hooded Rohirrim Soilder-Limited Edition 1,000
Isildur-Limited Edition 3,000
Lady Galadriel-Limited Edition 2,000
Legolas Greenleaf-Limited Edition 3,000
Lurtz, Uruk-hair Capain-Limited Edition # Unknown
Meriadoc Brandybuck-Limited Edition # Unknown
Moria Orc Archer-Limited Edition # Unknown
Moria Orc Swordsman-Limited Edition # Unknonw
Mouth of Sauron-Limited Edition 4,000
Nazgul Steed-Limited Ediiton # Unknown
Numenorean Infrantryman-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Overseer-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Soldier-Limited Edition # Unknown
Peregrin Took-Limited Edition # Unknown
Ringwraith-Limited Edition # Unknown
Samwise Gamgee-Limited Edition # Unknown
Saruman the White-Limited Edition 3,000
Seige Tower Troll-Limited Edition 3,000
Smeagol-Limited Edition 6,000
Theoden-Limited Edition 2,000
Treebeard Bust-Limited Edition 1,500
Uruk-hai Berserker-Limited Edition 2,000
Uruk-hai Swordsman-Limited Edition 2,000
Uruk-hai Scout-Limited Edition 2,000
WitchKing of Angmar-Limited Edition 2,000
Wounded Orc-Limited Edition 1,500

Amon Hen-Limited Edition 1,500
Buckleberry Ferry-Limited Edition 2,000
Golden Hall-Limited Edition 4,000
Helm's Deep-Limited Edition 4,000
Minas Morgal-Limited Edition 8,500
Mines of Moria-Limited Edition 4,000
Weathertop-Limited Edition 3,000
Minas Tirith-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orthanc-Limited Edition 750
Stone Trolls-Limited Edition 750

Battle Helm of Eowyn-Limited Edition 3,000
Battle Troll-Limited Edition 2,500
Berserker-Limited Edition 2,000
Crown of the Kind of the Dead-Limited Edition 4,000
Easterling-Limited Edition 2,000
Elendil-Limited Edition # Unknown
King Elessar Crown-Limited Edition # Unknown
Eomer's Helm-Limited Edition 3,000
Frodo's Orc Helm-Limited Edition # 2,500
Galadhrim Warhelm-Limited Edition 2,000
Gandalf's Hat-Limited Edition # Unknown
Gimli-Limited Edition # Unknown
High Elven Infantry-Limited Edition # Unknown
Isildur-Limited Edition # Unknown
Merry's Rohan Helm-Limited Edition 2,500
Moria Orc-Limited Edition # Unknown
Mouth of Sauron-Limited Edition 4,000
Numenorean Infantry-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Crowface-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Hide-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Iron Cap-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Legion-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Muzzle-Limited Edition 2,500
Orc Squinter-Limited Edition # Unknown
Orc Trapjaw-Limited Edition # Unknown
Pippin's Gondorian Helm-Limited Edition 2,500
Rohan Royal Guard-Limited Edition 2,000
Sam's Orc Helm-Limited Edition 2,500
Sauron's Helm-Limited Edition 5,000
Theoden-Limited Edition 2,000
Uruk-hai Scout-Limited Edition 2,000
War Mask of Morgal Lord-Limited Edition 4,500

Helm Set of 4 – Limited Edition 1,000
Gondorian Soldier
Fountain Guard
Citadel Guarl

The Orcs of Moria #1-Limited edition 10,000
The Nazgul #2-Limited edition 10,000
The Industry of Isengard #3-Limited edition 10,0000
The Last Alliance #4-Limited edition 10,000
The Birth of the Uruk-hai #5-Limited edition 10,000
Soldiers of the White Hand #6-Limited edition 10,000
The Cave Troll #7-Limited edition 10,000
The Watcher in the Water #8-Limited edition 10,000
The Uruk-hai Berserkers #9-Limited edition 1,000
The Ambitions of Grishnakh#10-Limited edition 1,000
The Return of King Theoden #11-Limited edition 1,000
The Warg Riders #12-Limited edition 1,000
The Master of Fangorn #13 1,000
The Dilemnas of Smeagol #14-Limited edition 1,000
The Easterlings #15-Limited edition 1,000
Duel of Fire and Light #16-Limited edition 1,000

Arms of Aragorn-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of Gimli-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of Legolas-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of Lurtz-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of the Fellowship: Collection 1-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of the Fellowship: Collection 2-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of the Hobbits-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of the Moria Orcs-Limited Edition 2,500
Arms of the Nazgul-Limited Edition 2,500
Sauron's Mace-Limited Edition 3,500
Cave Troll Hammer

Book Ends: 'No Admittance'-Limited Edition # Unknown
Film: Trilogy Tuesday Frames
Lithograph: Alan Lee-Limited Edition 1,000
Lithograph: John Howe Giclee Film Cell-Limited Edition 550
Plaque: 'A Meeting of Old Friends'-Limited edition 3,000
Plaque: 'Escape Off the Road'-Limited Edition 10,000
Plaque: 'You Shall Not Pass'-Limited Edition 2,000
Plaque: Escape from Isenguard -Limited edition 1,000
Gandalf and Gwaihir Print-Limited Edition 400

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Mar 16 2007, 6:47am

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Sideshow [In reply to] Can't Post

And here's the Sideshow list

Premimum Format Figures
Lurtz Exclusive-Limited Edition 750
Lurtz-Limited Edition 1250
Frodo-Limited Edition 1,000

12-Inch Figures
Strider Exclusive-Limited Edition-1,750
Strider-Limited Edition 4,000
Legolas Exclusive-Limited Edition 1,750
Legolas-Limited Edition 3,500
Boromir Exclusive-Limited Edition 1,750
Boromir-Limited Edition 2,000
Faramir Exclusive-Limited Edition1,250
Faramir-Limited Edition # TBD

The Crack of Doom –Limited Edition # TBD

Legendary Scale Busts
Sauron-Limited Edition # TBD
Cave Troll-Limited Edition 750
Morgal Lord-Limited Edition 800

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Mar 17 2007, 2:08pm

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*kerplunk!* This is wonderful! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank you THANK YOU! This is awesome! We're off to a great start :D


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Mar 17 2007, 2:13pm

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*smiles* Excellent! [In reply to] Can't Post

It's strange, but there's something so exciting about sharing our treasures like this. It's not a competition... just sharing.

Thanks so much, m'dear :) This is great!

HUGS again! :D

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Mar 17 2007, 7:30pm

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Thank you. [In reply to] Can't Post

It took me a couple of days to get it all compiled but it was well worth it. Smile

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