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Thorin's Diary of His Trip Down the River of Denial: Part 2

Grey Havens

Feb 5 2015, 9:23pm

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Thorin's Diary of His Trip Down the River of Denial: Part 2 Can't Post

Part 2

Weeks later

Well, I suppose I should write something during one of my bouts of consciousness, but there’s not much news. The river flows through the wild land and we simply float along, amusing ourselves as best we can. Even the Par-tei girls have gone quiet and if it wasn’t for the elf wine and the special fruit juice I don’t know how we would pass the time. Except Fili, who somehow re-supplied his knife workshop with large quantities of steel from Rivendell, which he may or may not have paid for, and is down there hammering away for hours at a time. He’s switched now from knives to swords, which makes me slightly uneasy as he’s still working on his maps and has started asking me questions about battle strategy, but at least his Fan-gir-iells are becoming quite proficient at blacksmithing. I amused myself a few times by going down there and giving them lessons, but it was very hot and they seemed to get distracted when I took off my shirt and there were some near accidents, so I left them to Fili’s guidance.

Kili, on the other hand, is becoming more and more like his old self again, and except for the daily ritual of the Uncovering of the Tattoo, which the Fang-gir-iells and the Par-tei Girls kindly attend every day while drinking a toast to the Redhead, he seems almost recovered from his tragic love affair. I’m greatly relieved, since I didn’t really want to spend eternity with a moping teenager.

Sometime in June

It’s summer now, and after drinking much coffee this morning I’ve decided to stay conscious for awhile and catch up with my diary. The Par-tei girls have changed into their warm weather clothing, which they call “bikinis” from the Sindarin “baw-cen-nin” - “no-see-me” - which even I can tell is a joke, and even the Fang-gir-iells are starting to shed their more modest dwarf-style clothes. They don’t seem to have the knack of wearing coats and scarves and mittens in the middle of summer like real dwarves, but I don’t mind the view and Fili and Kili seem OK with it.

We’ve decided to stop at the Prancing Pony in Bree on our way to the Shire. Everyone is anxious to get off the boat and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning for awhile and even Fili is ready for a break from the knife shop. I wasn’t sure how we were going to pay for it, but turns out Fili has quite a stash of jewels from Erebor tucked away here and there in his clothes and boots. I mentioned that perhaps Dain would be wanting them back, but that was a mistake I won’t make again and it wasn’t until after we all agreed that smuggling the jewels out of Erebor was a great idea and that he was a genius that he finally calmed down and stopped muttering and sharpening his knives. Whew.

Several days later

I’m propped up against the wall in the stable and the Par-tei girls have been pouring coffee down my throat for about an hour now after last night’s celebration of celebrations, but I’m so happy that I barely need it. Incredible, wonderful news - my best friend, that one who is dearer to me than all others, that most faithful and true and loyal of creatures who has ever lived or ever will live in Middle-earth, that one who has shared my hardships and dangers and never wavered in courage or loyalty or love is HERE! Here, right here, beside me at this very moment, right here in Bree - my Minty is HERE! I can barely write for joy, just saying her name brings tears to my eyes and I can barely speak without sobbing for pure happiness. My Minty, my most beloved, is safe and well and right HERE. Never has a dwarf known such ecstasy. All is well and life is good. Oh, and the Burglar is here, too. Turns out he has been taking care of her for me, for which I am eternally in his debt, and I gave him such a hug that I may have cracked a couple of hobbit ribs but he’s a tough little guy and I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

And speaking of life - there was quite a bit of confusion when we met up last night unexpectedly in Bree. The little guy seemed to think we were dead and looked pretty scared, and when I told him that, yes, we were, in fact, quite dead, he started waving his sword around and almost fainted, but that’s when the confusion started. There were a lot of people talking at once, but eventually I noticed that Fili and Kili and the Fang-gir-iells and the Par-tei Girls were all looking at me strangely and whispering among themselves and finally Fili told me that, no, in fact, we were all very much alive and that if he had realized I thought I was dead he would have told me sooner. Well, it was quite a shock and I had trouble believing it at first, but now that I think about it, it explains a lot and I only wish that Dwalin were here because I’m sure he would have told me sooner what was going on. Fili does his best, but he’s no Dwalin and he doesn’t seem to understand how many updates I require when I come to in the morning. But he’s a good lad and the 87 knives he’s wearing worked wonders when we asked the innkeeper for a group discount.

Several days later

Not quite sure why, but it seems we are leaving the Prancing Pony quite suddenly and continuing our voyage to the Shire. The innkeeper seems anxious to see us go and gave us a huge discount on many barrels of ale as long as we leave today, so we came out ahead and it wasn’t a wasted visit, but the burgler is looking embarrassed, so no doubt the Par-tei Girls have been expressing their youthful high spirits in inappropriate ways again. That doesn’t quite explain why Minty and I had to leave through the window, but as usual no one is telling me anything.

So the Par-tei Boat is well stocked again, this time with the excellent local ale which I can personally vouch for, and all the Par-tei Girls are accounted for and on board. The Burglar’s pony walked right on, but Minty was nervous about the boat and there was a slight problem getting her up the gangway. I was going to carry her, but then I thought, “Am I not the King?” and also, “What are Fang-gir-iells for?” and within a few minutes the more husky ones in the tribe had lifted up my poor frightened darling and carried her to her special place in the front of the boat next to me and all is well. We’ve done a second head count, just to be on the safe side, and now that we’re sure everyone is conscious and on board we are casting off for the final leg of our voyage to the Shire.

Several days later

Well, we are finally at the borders of the Shire, but along the way the River of Denial meandered into a local stream called the Withywindle and we took a slight detour. The Burglar knew where we were, although he had never been there personally, and said we were in the Old Forest and, with a special fruit juice drink in each hand, he didn’t seem worried, so we relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and the pretty willow trees along the banks. It was a nice, pleasant journey except for one brief interlude when an odd little man in yellow boots came crashing through the trees and then ran along the riverbank beside the boat shaking his fists and shouting things like, “This is private property” and “Get off my lawn” and “Turn down that *%#@^ music”. And his shouting and fist waving frightened poor Minty which made me so angry that when the Par-tei Girls made rude gestures and threw trash in the stream I didn’t even scold them, although normally we’re very careful about keeping the river clean for future generations. However, he eventually ran out of breath and fell behind and we were able to continue our trip in peace without being harassed by excitable old codgers who think they own the whole forest.

A couple of days later

Woke up this morning in a strange little house where everything is round, even when I stand up. Need to think.


I remember now - we’re at the Burglar’s house. The Par-tei Girls and Fang-gir-iells are camping out on the boat, down in the pond, but I'm in the Best Spare Bedroom and Minty is in the Second Best Spare Bedroom and Fili and Kili are around somewhere. The Burglar has become very proficient at coffee brewing and even though it’s not yet noon I’m feeling quite wide awake and ready to explore the neighborhood. The Burglar says there’s a nice tavern nearby called the Green Dragon, but it’s not a real dragon so it’s safe to go there and the ale is good, so I’m going to give Minty her lunch and then go check it out.

Next day

Woke up in a flowerbed with an old hobbit staring down at me. Or perhaps he was staring at Minty, who was laying on his petunias. Not sure. Need coffee.


Made it down to the boat by leaning on Minty and feeling better now. Everybody was there with ice packs on their heads and drinking the extra special fruit juice they call “pick-me-ups”, which I’m pretty sure just means “pick-me-up” and nothing elvish. There are a lot of hobbits standing around the pond looking at us and whispering and that’s never a good sign. Vague memory of taking Minty into the tavern, but that’s nothing unusual, and then something about the Par-tei Girls and a drinking game that involved measuring hobbit feet. It’s all pretty blurry, but the hobbit ladies on the shore don’t look happy. Fili says the Burglar has locked himself in his house and won’t come out.

That evening

We're staying out of the tavern tonight and spending a quiet evening with the Burglar at his recommendation. It’s a bit crowded, but everyone is tired and ready for an evening of friendly conversation and maybe a few songs. The Fang-gir-iells have asked Fili, Kili and me to sing some traditional dwarf songs and the Burglar said nothing would make him happier, so we’ve agreed.


Transcriber’s Interlude

Here is a description of the songs that were sung that night in Bag End, as Bilbo remembered them many years later:

And then first one and then another began to sing, the deep-throated singing of the dwarves in the deep places of their ancient homes, and Bilbo forgot everything and was swept away once more to faraway lands under wild stars where no one had ever heard of second breakfast, and that thought very quickly brought him back down to earth and he was glad to be in his comfortable hobbit hole again. However, the dwarves were still singing anyway.

First Kili sang:

Oh Tauriel, Oh Tauriel
I’m standing by a wishing well
I see your face, I call your name
Your hair is like a silken flame

Then Fili sang:

Oh Erebor, Oh Erebor
Majestic halls, majestic door
My crown is there, my shining gold
My birthright from the days of old

Then Thorin sang:

Oh Minty Minty Minty mine
Oh pony pony pony fine
I’ll brush your coat, I’ll comb your tail
My love for you will never fail

The Kili sang again:

Oh Tauriel, oh Tauriel,
Upon my heart you cast a spell
Your eyes are like two little stars
Oh, how I wonder where you are

Then Fili sang again:

Oh Erebor, oh Erebor
The glowing jewel, the new gold floor
I want my crown, I want my throne
I want my cousin to go home.

Then Thorin sang again:

Oh Minty Minty Minty sweet
I’ll give you lots of pony treats
I’ll braid your mane, I’ll comb your tail
My Minty love will never fail

And then all together they sang:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Azog is dead
I wish Thranduil was, too.

As so Bilbo fell asleep with that in his ears, and it gave him very uncomfortable dreams about the possibility that maybe Thorin liked Minty better than he liked Bilbo. And it was long after the break of day when he woke up, but it didn’t matter because when he did he found Thorin passed out on the rug with his boots still on and none of the dishes had been washed.

End of Interlude

Next day:

Everyone is fairly bright-eyed and perky today, but something is up with Fili. Ravens from the Blue Mountains have turned up, and suddenly Fili has become suspiciously reconciled to Dain squatting in Erebor. He’s claiming with total innocence that he doesn’t want to go back, doesn’t want to be king, and is perfectly happy with his new life, but the knife/sword shop is in full swing and he has suddenly started sending out Raven messages in all directions while claiming that he is just keeping in touch with old friends. I asked Kili what was up, but he was not much help and just said that Fili likes to keep busy before wandering off to judge something called a “wet waistcoat contest” on the Par-tei Boat. It’s all very odd and now that I know we’re alive, perhaps I should be feeling uneasy about this?

A few days later:

Well, the long, peaceful Shire visit I had in mind may not be working out after all. The Burglar has starting wondering out loud how long we’re going to stay, and the Par-tei girls are saying the rural lifestyle here is cramping their style, and Fili has been making mysterious statements about traveling around Middle-earth and “making contacts” and “forging alliances”. The Fang-gir-iells and Kili seem content, but as a king and a military commander I know how quickly grumbling in the ranks can spread, so we’re all meeting at the Green Dragon this evening to discuss our next move over a few pints of the excellent local ale.

Next morning

Woke up in a tree again, a really big one this time on top of the hill. Not the first time, of course, but it’s just not the same without Dwalin.

Vague memory of the Par-tei Girls learning from the Burglar that there is actually a tree here called the “Par-tei Tree”. General rush out of the tavern to find it. Something about taking it with us when we leave. Not much after that.

The Burglar is fixing my coffee, but he doesn’t look happy.


Well, the Burglar, the innkeeper and the mayor invited Fili, Kili and me to a special meeting this afternoon that they called an “intervention”. Naturally I brought Minty and that pompous little squirt (the mayor) had the nerve to tell me that she should wait outside. Things were about to get ugly but Fili made me proud and took care of it in true royal style by simply standing in front of the mayor and asking him if he wanted to count Fili’s knives up close and personal. He didn’t. So after that everyone settled down and things proceeded.

Anyway, the gist of it is that we’ll be moving on soon and the whole town has chipped in to restock the boat with as much ale and food and Longbottom Leaf and pony food as we can carry on the condition that we leave immediately. So we came out ahead and it wasn’t a wasted visit, but I’m starting to sense a pattern here that I think could be very useful to the Dwarf Trade Association. Naturally, we invited the Burglar to join us, but he seems strangely reluctant and says that he has a lot of appointments coming up in the near future that he can’t cancel. That’s too bad. His coffee brewing has become truly stellar - these hobbits have a wonderful way with food and drink - and he’ll be missed.

Next day

We said good-bye to the Shire this morning and are sailing once again on the River of Denial. It’s truly amazing how it just goes wherever we want. There was some talk of heading over to the Blue Mountains and visiting Dis, and the Fang-gir-iells were all for it and said they wanted to see my home and where the boys grew up and meet Dis and so on and so forth and all that girly stuff, but the boys and I are just a wee bit hesitant about introducing Dis to the Par-tei Girls. They’ve lately taken up a new sport they call “sun bathing” and all too often it involves wearing only half of the bikini and if Dis ever heard so much as a whisper about it I’m pretty sure she would keep the boys at home and not let them travel with me any more. So, after much discussion we’ve decided to just send her a nice Raven letter and then head south to a legendary place called “The Golden Wood”. The name is intriguing and with Dain sitting on all that gold we left behind in Erebor, I wouldn’t mind finding a replacement supply. The Fang-gir-iells say that the lady who lives there had something to do with us getting out of Erebor alive, so she sounds nice and we’re going to stop by and pay her a surprise visit. It’s a long trip, but the Par-tei Girls are testing new fruit juice recipes and the boat is well stocked so I’m ready to relax and enjoy the cruise.


Had a nice, last minute surprise. We were just starting our journey down the river when we saw someone running along the riverbank waving and shouting. Of course we thought at first it was the funny little guy from the Old Forest, but what do you think? It was the Burglar, running and shouting, “Wait for me” and “I’m going on an adventure” and “Pull over, I can’t swim” and so on. So we pulled over and hauled him on board and he said that after a visit from some female relative of his who had heard some stories about OUR visit (greatly exaggerated, no doubt) he had decided that he needed to get out of town for awhile and would come along after all if that was OK. Naturally, we were all happy to have such a top notch coffee brewer on board, and the Par-tei Girls used his arrival as an excuse to invent a new drink called the Burglar Bomb (not that they need excuses, really) that we are all going to test as soon as it’s ready.

Several days later

Wow. Apparently the Burglar Bombs were a huge success. Woke up in the lower deck, neatly pinned to the wall by 27 knives and 12 arrows in a perfect Thorin-shaped pattern around the edges of my clothes. The Burglar came along and unpinned me and I didn’t really need him to tell me that at some point in the Bomb testing I had volunteered to help Fili and Kili show off their marksmanship. That part was pretty obvious, but I’m a little hurt that they left me just hanging there. However, if they were drinking Burglar Bombs, too, I’m sure they just forgot. Mostly I’m just proud of their marksmanship - what great boys they are.


The Burglar is busily making much coffee, and the boat is coming to life and apparently there’s a little more to the story. Seems the Burglar (he keeps asking me to call him Bilbo, but ever since that one time when I got it wrong I’ve decided to stick to ‘Burglar’) anyway, seems the Burglar at some point during the “Bombing” as the Par-tei Girls are calling it, said something nice about Dain. Big mistake, because that’s when Fili decided it was time for some target practice and volunteered the Hobbit. The poor little fellow apparently doesn’t have as much faith in the famous Durin weapons skill as he should and used his hobbit abilities to somehow disappear for the rest of the night. After that, of course, someone had to step up and uphold the family honor and thus all is explained. Makes perfect sense now.

Several weeks later

Sitting up and sipping coffee today. A long uneventful cruise toward the Misty Mountains. Running low on lemons and olives, but the ingenuity of the Par-tei girls in making do with any ingredients available is truly impressive. Nevertheless, they and the Fang-gir-iells, and even Fili and Kili and the Burglar are all currently under my severest displeasure and they are all looking very unhappy for once. Yesterday the Par-tei Girls got together with Fili’s blacksmithing Fang-gir-iells in the knife shop and built something called a “still” and I came to just in time to stop them from using Minty’s oats as an ingredient for something called “moonshine”, which sounds elvish but isn’t. I was very, very angry and called a boat meeting at which I made it very clear that Minty’s position on this journey was second only to me. Discipline has been growing lax. There will be no party tonight.

Several days later

Preparing to go under the Misty Mountains again, through another secret tunnel. The Par-tei Girls very meekly asked if they could hang up the little colored lights again and I graciously consented while maintaining my best scowly face. Then I told the Burglar he could unlock the booze and things could return to normal now that everyone had learned a lesson.

Meanwhile, Fili, Kili and I are discussing this place called the “Golden Wood” and making plans. We don’t know much about it, but if we have to fight for the gold it’s best to prepared. Much sharpening of swords and knives.


Entering the tunnel. The little colored lights really do look pretty.

A couple of weeks later

What a cheat. We’re here in the Golden Wood and all that gold that everyone has been going on and on about is nothing but stupid flowers and leaves. Flowers and leaves, flowers and leaves, as far as the eye can see, and elves everywhere, like something from a horrible nightmare. I don’t precisely remember coming here, but apparently everyone in our party was blindfolded except me, naturally, as befits a king, but since I was passed out and had to be carried by blindfolded not-quite-sober Par-tei girls, I couldn’t really enjoy the honor and have quite a few bruises that weren’t there before. And these are the creepiest elves I’ve ever seen, drifting about in slow motion like pointy eared ghosts and singing weird, ear-splitting tunes in high soprano voices, and honestly, no matter how hard I try I can’t tell the boys from the girls, which could mean big trouble for Kili.

But it gets worse.

The Lady Galadriel, who apparently I’ve met before but I don’t really remember, turns out to be a scary witch queen who goes around barefoot and glows in the dark and makes strange pronouncements of doom and also does fortune telling with a pan of water, and worst of all, she’s a ventriloquist who can throw her voice so it sounds like its inside your head, and her lips don’t move at ALL. I had barely woken up this morning and was wondering why my mouth was full of leaves when I heard her voice inside my head saying, “Do not let the great emptiness of Khazad-dum fill your heart, Oh Thorin son of Thrain. For the world is full of peril something something something love and grief.” But I wasn’t even thinking about Khazad-dum, I was just wondering where the bathroom was, and besides, from what I’ve seen of it, Khazad-dum is far from empty and I’m never going anywhere near that place again, so I’m not really sure what she was going on and on about. And further more, the last thing I need when I’ve got a really first-class hangover is a lot elf voices bouncing around in my brain, so I hope that was a one-time incident and not her version of an elf alarm clock.

Next day

I’d forgotten how much the Burglar likes elves. He is amazingly happy here, and keeps wandering around from one elf tree-house to the next saying, “I’m an elf-friend, can I come in?” over and over, as though that’s something to be proud of. Still, it’s his only big fault and he does it so innocently that I can overlook it. The only thing that bothers me is that the elves are playing a cruel joke on him. Apparently all of them, not just the Lady, are expert ventriloquists and have got him completely convinced that they are telepathic, which he thinks is wonderful and he looks so thrilled that I don’t have the heart to enlighten him. And I must admit they are really, really good - they can all do it and their mouths don’t move at all, so it must be something they learn in childhood the way dwarves learn ax throwing. Still, it’s a mean trick to play on the little guy, but so typical of elves.

At least Minty seems happy here, and she is having a wonderful time wandering around eating all the little golden flowers, which really annoys the elves, and I didn’t even teach her to do it. What a great pony.


Things are looking up. Fili and some of the Par-tei Girls have raided the elven wine cellar while Kili distracted the kitchen staff with his tattoo. And let me tell you, these elves may drift around looking sober and noble, but they know their wine. They’ve got barrels and barrels of some great stuff called “piano noyer” from some far away southern island that calls itself “The Real Middle Earth”, which I don’t understand, but I’ve decided not to think about it because if THEY are the Real Middle Earth, then what…????

Anyway, the wine is good, just the thing for capping off a hard day of slaughtering orcs, but since there are no orcs here, we’ll just have to drink it without them. And the boys and the Par-tei Girls did a great job - there are barrels and barrels of the stuff here.

5 days later

I’m awake, I think, but the Burglar says I’ve been out for five days. Apparently one of the Par-tei Girls swiped that little crystal bottle the Lady carries around and I drank the contents. I don’t remember anything, but Fili and Kili say her fury was a sight to behold - her face turned black and green and her clothes shredded and flew about her and her voice was like thunder as she called down curses on the entire race of dwarves. The boys picked me up and tried to hide me in the woods, but that didn’t work since they say I was glowing like a lighthouse and in the end they simply put me in the center of the room and used me as a lamp for a few days.

The Lady has calmed down somewhat, but I don’t think we’re welcome here any more, since she says it will take her at least 60 years to make up a new batch and then hopefully no 'vertically challenged nincompoop' (her words) will come along and take THAT one away. I think it’s time to go before she notices that my fingernails are still glowing.


We loaded the Par-tei Boat and got on board as quickly as possible, hoisting the sails and even setting the Fang-gir-iells to the oars, but the elf witch still jumped on a giant swan and pursued us a couple of miles down the river, just to make sure we were really leaving. She finally turned back, though, and we are free again, with the broad river ahead of us and a boat packed full with plenty of wine barrels that the Par-tei girls and Fang-gir-iells stole while the witch was throwing her temper tantrum and all the other elves were distracted. I certainly do have a well trained crew.

The Burglar is looking embarrassed and sad again, but he’ll get over it, and now, standing here #Majestically in the front of the boat, next to my beloved Minty, with my glass of Piano Noyer in my hand and my hair blowing in exactly the right direction, the future looks as bright as it’s ever been, and life is good, so we’re just going to follow the River and see what happens.

It sure is good to be king.

Sail on, Par-tei Boat. Sail on.

The End


Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

(Old Icelandic Fe rune poem)


Feb 5 2015, 10:55pm

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Best buds reunited [In reply to] Can't Post

Thorin and Minty, together again. Now we just need some epic synchronized hair flipping.

"Sail on, Par-tei Boat. Sail on."



Na Vedui

Feb 5 2015, 11:02pm

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LOL! love the verses// [In reply to] Can't Post


Feb 5 2015, 11:32pm

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!!!! BRAVO !!!! !!!! BRAVO !!!! a classic TALE [In reply to] Can't Post


Think I will just lay on the carpet for a while and try to recover (at least there IS carpet, which doesn't happen all the time re the Mountain KingWink).

OMG, all this time the Fang-gir-iells were jealous of Bilbo, and yet Thorin's heart was already takenShocked, by a being with liquid brown
eyes, flowing silky hair, and a SCINTILLATING nicker....

I have been privileged - nay, gifted - to have read GREATNESS todayHeartHeartHeart.
Elarie, you have outdone yourself, IMO the entire thing needs to be translated,
sent around the world, and made into one two three six films.Evil

Many, many, many thanks - know that it was a lot of work but it's GENIUS. HeartHeartHeart
YOU DEFINE AWESOME TORn-personSmileCoolLaugh.

Yes. life is DEFINITELY better on the RIVER!TongueCoolHeart

(LOL, so when is part #3, when the battle-goats join the party?WinkWinkWink)
Thanks again for this!SmileHeart

Grey Havens

Feb 5 2015, 11:44pm

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Thank you! [In reply to] Can't Post

Smile I had so much fun writing it and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

And as always you've found the perfect pictures! Thorin and Minty, Thorin and his tankard, Thorin on the River! Life in Thorin World is never dull! SmileSmileSmile


Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

(Old Icelandic Fe rune poem)


Feb 6 2015, 7:46pm

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Thank you again, Elarie! :) [In reply to] Can't Post

Events in these wonderful fan fics get mixed up in my head with the River of Denial thread(s), so I hardly know where I'm reading. Tongue

Thorin does seem to enjoy his fruit juice drinks, but I think he deserves them in whatever quantities please him, after all he's been through!

I'm volunteering to join the blacksmithing Fan-gir-iells. Several of my ancestors were blacksmiths, so who knows, I might have some natural talent for it! Laugh

Here is also some tender loving care for the Sons of Durin who must be getting used to the more humid river climate by now.

Waiting for Part 3... Smile


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Grey Havens

Feb 6 2015, 11:01pm

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You're welcome - and those are great pics [In reply to] Can't Post

Smile Fili has trained his girls well, hasn't he? And you probably have great natural talent for swordsmithing. Fortunately there's a sign-up list right outside the knife shop - Fili teaches knife making, Thorin oversees the sword-smithing class, and Kili specializes in arrowheads - don't delay, classes are filling up fast!

As for me, I don't have any blacksmithing ancestors that I know of, but I have a friend who's ancestor was the town executioner. Shocked She even traveled to their ancestral home town in Germany once and saw his sword in a museum. What an experience that must have been! Laugh


Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

(Old Icelandic Fe rune poem)


Feb 7 2015, 12:06am

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Splendid! [In reply to] Can't Post

As you suggest, I think I'll try sword-smithing - why start with knives if I can go straight to the real thing. And Thorin overseeing the class - no complaints there! Angelic

Wow, it must have been so... exciting and horrible? for your friend to see her ancestor's sword that has been used to decapitate criminals...! Shocked I have seen some of my ancestors' stuff in a museum, but they were more mundane things (furniture and tools etc.). And I have enjoyed watching blacksmiths give demonstrations in medieval fairs etc. where they use equipment made the old way - anvil and hammer - wearing leather aprons, with sparks flying and smoke billowing, just like my ancestors, and like Thorin in AUJ... Smile


Feb 7 2015, 12:35am

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I am so there for those 'smithing lessons [In reply to] Can't Post

BTW your friend has an INTERESTING history and guess in some cases, only ONE blade is needed.LaughLaughLaugh

LOL MANY 'net artists seem to have taken *shameless* advantage of Thorin at the forge re his attire or lack of it,BlushShocked

but AUJ had me considering a new career, and I like horses anyway. So I think I will try to get on Thorin's good side
by making some new shoes for Minty.CoolLaugh

In any case, no doubt Thorin's INNATE knowledge of metals and 'smithing is
what brought him to appreciate the quality of an Elvish blade.

*Love this scene*

BTW, anyone in the mood to shop - as in spend - these look like cool adornments for both Fang-gir-iells and Par-tei Girls...

Course I would want one with THORIN runes and maybe Orcrist on the other side.....

PS. Note - even with the wind machine on the fritz, it doesn't even slow our Mountain King down.
PJ has been so good to us...Wink


Hó , Það sé ég föður minn
Hó , Það sé ég móður mína, og Hó, Það sé ég bræður mínir og systur mínar
Hó , Það sé ég mitt fólk aftur í byrjun
Hó, gera Þeir kalla til mín, og bjóða mér að taka minn stað meðal þeirra í sölum Valhallar
Hvar hugrakkir mun lifa að eilífu

Grey Havens

Feb 7 2015, 12:21pm

Post #10 of 16 (3662 views)
Ooooh, Minty LOVES shoes [In reply to] Can't Post

"So I think I will try to get on Thorin's good side
by making some new shoes for Minty."

Thorin takes her shopping all the time, but she's always ready for more and there's still plenty of room in her shoe closet for a new pair, right next to:

her slingbacks

her trainers

her sandals

and her snowboots

and naturally she has a different color for each day of the week

and pretty toenail polish for parties

because she's a bit of a flirt and likes to show off her legs


"Love me, love my pony" HeartHeartHeartHeart


Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

(Old Icelandic Fe rune poem)

(This post was edited by Elarie on Feb 7 2015, 12:23pm)


Feb 7 2015, 6:38pm

Post #11 of 16 (3639 views)
LOL -so adorable! and BTW... [In reply to] Can't Post

Haha - well, Minty, being the *King's Jewel* will certainly have the *craftsy* Fang-gir-iells
knitting overtime, making her matching blankets:

(This one was a certain wizard's idea...)

And pssssst *gasp* shocking news! Somehow our
shy little Ori has been shanghaied (or jumped the barge) into
a SCURVY pirate crew:


It goes without saying that his #Majesty would make a
FINE pirate, IMO he's pretty well set up already, used to keeping his footing
on rickety wood boards (like the deck of a ship...). Even with lots

But the thing is, what to do about Minty?

New friends?


Grey Havens

Feb 7 2015, 8:08pm

Post #12 of 16 (3640 views)
Well, well! [In reply to] Can't Post

Seems our shy little Ori is just full of surprises! Or maybe he heard some rumors about pirate wenches. Wink

But if the crew has decided to turn pirate, you can be sure Minty, Queen of all Pirate Ponies, will be right there with them!



Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

(Old Icelandic Fe rune poem)


Feb 8 2015, 1:20am

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BOMBY is zzz SPEECHLESS &, &, &, [In reply to] Can't Post

THATzz a
FIRST fur this ol'
Foul Beast


"What Your Mind can conceive... charlie can achieve"


Feb 10 2015, 5:05am

Post #14 of 16 (3629 views)
Several days later...I am still laughing [In reply to] Can't Post

About the thought of Thorin tossing down the contents of Galadriel's flask. LOTR will never be the same for me.CoolCoolCool ROFLOL!!!

Grey Havens

Feb 10 2015, 1:17pm

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Chuckle [In reply to] Can't Post

So glad you're still enjoying it Smile

Poor Thorin - Maybe it's time for the Fang-gir-iells to step in and start serving broccoli and apple juice again. Just for awhile. Wink

In the meantime, RA is reading free love poems on Audible - the link is over in Off Topic and some of them have been set to music already on YouTube. Heart


Gold is the strife of kinsmen,
and fire of the flood-tide,
and the path of the serpent.

(Old Icelandic Fe rune poem)


Feb 10 2015, 2:20pm

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A treat for me later today for sure.... [In reply to] Can't Post

LOL the Fang-gir-iells will always look after Thorin *looks up from ordering special CHOCOLATE for the Valentine's Day cake*

RL is making demands, but at the end of the day -I'd heard he had done that, and had already fantasized a whole album of RA reading some of my favorites - so am drooling at the prospect later tonight....Tongue Thank you for the link!Smile

As it is, I think NZ couldn't have hired a better spokesperson than Thorin Richard Armitage. I had to bite back a *squeal* when they showed the tourism commercial in a theater before BOFA. And I've already notice NZ airlines seems to have a package called the "Hobbit Tour". Time to SAVE...I picture myself hiking along the same ridge lines that the Company did...probably every tourist wants to hike in the Company's footsteps.CoolTongue


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