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An Unexpected Journey Book to Film list


Dec 25 2013, 4:51am

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An Unexpected Journey Book to Film list Can't Post

I started reading The Hobbit the other day and finished it the next day, reading the book after seeing the film has made me understand it a lot more and actually feel for the characters since they now have faces and voices. one of the things I noticed while reading was that the film actually has a lot of the book in it little bits of dialogue small unimportant seeming things which I had picked up on a couple without ai of the book and now have a good excuse to post them lol anyway here is a list I have compiled for An Unexpected Journey. I will complete the one for DOS one as best as I can I have only seen it once and probably won't again until it comes out on DVD. Meanwhile enjoy this list! quotes from the book are in italics and their movie counterparts are in bold and words in red are my additional notes.



" In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Hobbit-Hole, and that means comfort."

BILBO: In a hole in a ground, there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty wet hole full of worms and oozy smells. this was a Hobbit hole and that means good food, a warm hearth, and all the comforts of home.

Almost the entirety of The Good Morning scene is like the book

" He liked visitors, but he liked to know them before they arrived, and he preferred to ask them himself "
BILBO: It's not that I don't like visitors. I like visitors as much as the next hobbit, but I do like to know them before they come visiting.

GANDALF: Quite a merry gathering!

GANDALF: Oh, they're quite a merry gathering, once you get used to them.

in the book Bilbo offers him tea in the movie it is Dori

GANDALF: What's that? tea! No thank you! a little red wine, I think, for me

DORI: Excuse me, mister Gandalf? May I tempt you with a cup of camomile?
GANDALF: Oh, no thank you, Dori. A little red wine will do it for me, I think.

BILBO: Confusticate and bebother these dwarves!
BILBO: Bebother and confusticate these dwarves!

" If you have ever seen a dragon in a pinch, you would realise that this was only poetical exaggeration applied to any hobbit, even to Old Took's great-grand-uncle Bullroarer, who was so huge for a hobbit that he could ride a horse. He charged the ranks of the goblins of Mount Gram in the Battle Of The Green Fields, and knocked their king Golfimbul's head clean off with a wooden club, it sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit-hole, and in this way the battle was won and the game of Golf invented at the same moment. "

GANDALF: You are also a Took. Did you know that your great-great-great-great-uncle, Bullroarer Took, was so large he could ride a real horse? Well he could. In the Battle of Green Fields, he charged the goblin ranks. He swung his club so hard it knocked the Goblin Kingís head clean off, and it sailed a hundred yards through the air and went down a rabbit hole. And thus the battle was won, and the game of golf invented at the same time.

GLOIN: He looks more like a grocer then a burglar!
He looks more like a grocer than a burglar

Bilbo faints like he does in the book but he doesn't squeal

BILBO: I will show you. I have no signs on my door it was painted a week ago, and I am quite sure you have come to the wrong house.
GANDALF: Of course there is a mark, I put it there myself

BILBO: Mark? Thereís no mark on that door. It was painted a week ago!
GANDALF: There is a mark; I put it there myself.

GANDALF: You asked me to find the fourteenth man for your expedition, and I chose Mr. Baggins. - I have chosen Mr. Baggins and that ought to be enough for all of you. If I say he is a burglar, a burglar he is, or will be when the time comes. There is a lot more in him then you guess, and a deal more than he has any idea of himself.

GANDALF: You asked me to find the fourteenth member of this company, and I have chosen Mr. Baggins. Thereís a lot more to him than appearances suggest, and heís got a great deal more to offer than any of you know, including himself.

BILBO: Also I should like to know about risks, out-of-pocket expenses, time required and remuneration, and so forth
BALIN: Itís just the usual summary of out-of-pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, funeral arrangements, so forth.

Some of the prologue was lifted from Thorin's accounts of the same event In the book Thorin describes Erebor and Dale and describes the Toy Market

THORIN: Not to speak of the most marvelous and magical toys, the like of which is not to be found in the world now-a-days
BILBO: It began long ago in a land far away to the east, the like of which you will not find in the world today.

THORIN: Dragons steal gold and jewels, you know, from men and elves and dwarves, wherever they can find them; and they guard their plunder as long as they live
BILBO: Erebor was lost, for a dragon will guard his plunder as long as he lives.

THORIN: The first we heard of it was a noise like a hurricane coming from the North, and the pine trees on the mountain creaking and cracking in the wind.
BILBO: The first they heard was a noise like a hurricane coming down from the north. The pines on the mountain creaked and cracked in a hot, dry wind.

Bilbo falls asleep to "Misty Mountains" like he does in the book except in the book Thorin is singing it alone



THORIN: come back if you can! If you can't, hoot twice like a barn owl and once like a screech-owl, and we will do what we can.
FILI: If you run into trouble, hoot twice like a barn owl, once like a brown owl.

TROLL: Mutton yesterday, mutton today and blimey, if it don't look like again tomorrer.
BERT: Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it donít look like mutton again tomorrow."

apparently the troll cook has been changed from William to Bert for the film

WILLIAM: and time's been up our way, when yer'd have said "Thank you Bill" for a nice bit 'o' fat valley mutton like what this is.
BERT: Iím just saying, a little appreciation would be nice. ĎThank you very much, Bert,í ĎLovely stew Bertí how hard is that?

BILBO: Bilbo Baggins, a bur -a hobbit
WILLIAM: What's a burrahobbit got to do with my pocket, anyways?
TOM: And can yer cook 'em?
BERT: Yer can try
WILLIAM: He wouldn't make above a mouthful, not when he was skinned and boned
BERT: P'raps there are more like him round about, and we might make a pie. Here you, are there any more of your sort a-sneakin; in these here woods, yer nassty little rabbit?

BILBO: Iím a burglar-- uhh, Hobbit.
TOM: A Burgla-Hobbit?
BERT: Can we cook `im?
TOM: We can try!
WILLIAM: He wouldnít make more than a mouthful, not when heís skinned and boned!
BERT: Perhaps thereís more Burglar-Hobbits around these parts. Might be enough for a pie Are there any more of you little fellas `iding where you shouldnít?

" A nice pickle they were all in now: all neatly ties up in sacks, with three angry trolls (and two with burns and bashes to remember) sitting by them, arguing wheather they should roast them slowly, or mince them fine and boil them, or just sit on them one by one and squash them into jelly "

TOM: Donít bother cooking them. Letís just sit on them and squash them into jelly.
BERT: They should be sautťed and grilled with a sprinkle of sage.
TOM: Ooh, that does sound quite nice.
WILLIAM: Never mind the seasoning; we ainít got all night! Dawn ainít far away, so letís get a move on.

GANDALF: These look like good blades, they were not made by any troll, nor by any smith among men in these parts and days.
THORIN: These swords were not made by any troll.
GANDALF: Nor were they made by any smith among men.



"Have you thoroughly explored it?" said the wizard, who knew that caves up in the mountains were seldom unoccupied
THORIN: Search to the back; caves in the mountains are seldom unoccupied.

"Oin and Gloin wanted to light a fire at the door to dry their clothes, but Gandalf would not hear of it"
GLOIN: Right then! Letís get a fire started.
THORIN: No, No fires, not in this place. Get some sleep. We start at first light.

In the book Bilbo has a dream about the cave floor collapsing Just like it does in the film

" Then he dreamed that the floor of the cave was giving way, and he was slipping, beginning to fall down, down, goodness knows where to. "

GOBLIN: We found them sheltering in our front porch.
GRINNAH: Dwarves, Your Malevolence, We found them on the front porch.

GREAT GOBLIN: Slash them! beat them! bite them! gnash them! take them away to dark holes full of snakes, and never let them see the light again!
GREAT GOBLIN: Slash them! Beat them! Kill them! Kill them all! Cut off his head!



most of the Riddle game sequence is just like the book 5 of the 8 riddles are in the film 9 if you include the pocket riddle and Gollum references the fish riddle in his song so technically it could be 6 out of 9

GOLLUM: Bless us and Splash us, my preciousss! I guess it's a choice feast; at least a tasty morsel it'd make us, gollum!
GOLLUM: Bless us and splash us, Precious! Thatís a meaty mouthful.

GOLLUM: Is it nice, my precious? is it juicy? is it scrumptiously crunchable?
BILBO: Half a moment, I gave you a good long chance just now
GOLLUM: Is it tasty? Is it scrumptious? Is it crunchable?
BILBO: Give me a moment, please, I gave you a good long while

GOLLUM: It's got to ask uss a question, my preciouss, yes, yess, yesss. Jusst one more question to guess, yes, yesss.
GOLLUM: Last question. Last chance, Ask us. ASK US!!

in the film Gollum names all the stuff he keeps in his pockets like the book describes

" He thought of all the things he kept in his own pockets: fish-bones, goblin's teeth, wet shells, a bit of a bat wing, a sharp rock to sharpen his fangs on, and other nasty things "
GOLLUM: Fish-bones, goblinsí teeth, wet shells, batís wings ... Knife! Oh, shut up!

BILBO: what's the matter? what have you lost?
GOLLUM: It mustn't ask us, not it's business, no, gollum! It's losst, gollum, gollum, gollum.
BILBO: What have you lost?
GOLLUM: Mustn't ask us! Not its business! No! Gollum, Gollum

Gollum loses his ring in the book the same way he lost it in the movie except in the movie Bilbo is present for this event.

Only a few hours ago he had worn it, and caught a small goblin-imp. How it squeaked! He still had a bone or two left to gnaw, but he wanted something softer.

GOLLUM: My birthday-present! Curse it! How did we lose it, my precious? yes, that's it. When we came this way last, when we twisted that nassty young squeaker. That's it. Curse it! It slipped from us. after all these ages and ages! It's gone, gollum.


So there it is. there were more but I thought them unnecessary since they were relevant to the plot and therefore needed to be in the film I hope you enjoyed this list and could understand it lol I hope I made it readable I'm not good with such things.

(This post was edited by Barrow-Wight on Dec 25 2013, 4:52am)

N.E. Brigand

Dec 25 2013, 5:12am

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"Gollum loses his ring in the book the same way he lost it in the movie" [In reply to] Can't Post

Your "except" that follows makes for a pretty big difference, though: "in the movie Bilbo is present for this event", and can see what the ring is (and perhaps has even seen Gollum lose it).

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Dec 25 2013, 5:14am

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yes big difference [In reply to] Can't Post

I should have said Gollum wasn't wearing the Ring like in the book though


Dec 25 2013, 7:33am

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What a well constructed list! [In reply to] Can't Post

Well done! And thank you for such a clear presentation of the quotes from both book and film.

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Dec 25 2013, 8:03am

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I came across this website the other day: [In reply to] Can't Post

The Hobbit: A list of differences between the book and the films.

It's a really thorough list.



Dec 25 2013, 9:03am

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I do wish Gollum [In reply to] Can't Post

Referred to the ring as his 'birthday present' in the film, though. It has such an eerie vibe after the ROTK prologue.


Dec 25 2013, 1:39pm

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*Applause* WOW! This is so cool! [In reply to] Can't Post

I do the same thing when I'm reading my books. I highlight the lines used and make notes in the margins... and it's always so gratifying to see just how much Philippa and Fran honour the text in the screenplay.

I found myself grinning like a fool through your whole list! I think it would be 5-times longer if you did try to catch every line reference here... so you're wise to keep it to significant parts. One thing I notice with The Hobbit is that they don't do as much line-switching as LotR did. Where they have this character say that character's line.

This is wonderful, Barrow-Wight! *high five* Well Done!

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I'm SO HAPPY these new films take me back to that magical world!!

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Dec 26 2013, 4:22am

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Wow! Thanks for posting this!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

I too was grinning while reading this. It's great to know that while they change a lot, they take care to use many of the same lines.

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N.E. Brigand

Dec 27 2013, 10:12pm

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What counts as a change varies from viewer to viewer. [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for that link. That list is nicely organized--and already set up to accommodate the third film! As with all such lists, though, I find that where one person will describe something from the book as appearing unchanged in the film, another might see that adaptation as markedly different.

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