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Sexiness in the Hobbit trilogy?
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Oct 12 2013, 3:52am

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Sexiness in the Hobbit trilogy? Can't Post

Hey all!
administrators please understand, this isn't meant to be rude, its just pure speculation WARNING!! the word SEXY is used a lot!!!.....
I was just wondering weather or not there may be any scenes in the upcoming films, that my trigger viewers a little bit of pleasureWink We all know that in the LOTR trilogy this Sexy approach wasn't emphasised a lot. I believe the Sexiest scene in that whole trilogy was the evenstar flash back in the two towers, but even that wasn't meant to be Sexy. So what about this new trilogy? well we apparently have "fleeting nudity" in AUJ extended edition. To whom this nudity is based around I don't know, could either be the dwarves in a humorous way or a hot and sexy wayWink. But could PJ possibly do to trigger different genders tastes? Females I guess would like topless characters, so could we see Thorin, Kili, Bard, thranduil, Legolas or Bolg shirtless? They seem to be the hottest ones in the film.
And what about the Guys? could Tauriel perhaps have some exposing costume on, where we may see like her belly button or something? (Kind of like Padme in clone wars). could she fight in a rather athletic, flexible sexy kind of way? Could Galadriel fight in a sexy style in Dol guldur?

And also another thing that is on the same sort of topic and guaranteed to get a lot of "NO!"s to is............
could we see a sex scene in the hobbit? perhaps between Tauriel and Legolas, or Kili?
YES! it is controvertial
YES! it has nothing to do with reclaiming erebor
YES! it has nothing to do with the hobbit
YES! it is completely non cannon
YES! it sounds wrong and most likely wont suite the movies
BUT, why not? Like it wont be a full on revealing scene. Not a porno. Just a pure scene, showing love in a very intimate way. kind of in the styles of like Titanic, kingdom of heaven and troy. No private parts though we would know they are naked and just a lot of kissingLaugh!! It could add more tragedy to this rumoured love story, if Tauriel indeed dies.
But yeah, I feel weird writing this because I know its gonna get a lot of hate. So bring on the hate!!Mad

sorry if this thread sounds immature, it is just something I want to speculate, and here is obviously the place to do it!Smile
what are your thoughts on this? and especially the sex scene? I really want to hear your thoughts on that. thanks againEvil

"fingolfin looked up in grief to see what evil morgoth had done to maedhros"

Tol Eressea

Oct 12 2013, 4:10am

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Hate hate hate this idea. [In reply to] Can't Post

OK, I brought on the hate, just like you said we would. Carry on.

Just to be clear, even though I would be shocked and appalled to see that scene onscreen, I have no problem with you or anyone else speculating on how it would play out. I foresee much silliness.

They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep.


Oct 12 2013, 4:27am

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Oh bring it on [In reply to] Can't Post

The more pashing the better.


Oct 12 2013, 4:39am

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No [In reply to] Can't Post

I wouldn't want to see 'sexy' in any of TH movies. That doesn't mean I don't find some of the characters sexy Wink , but that is not what these films are about - IMO. It would cheapen the movies and Tolkien's story.


Oct 12 2013, 5:49am

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Check out the art sites [In reply to] Can't Post

Think you already answered your own question when it you said something to the effect that it's the wrong suite of movies. Another question I'd ask, would such an addition add anything to the story and/or is it needed to evoke a response by the audience?
You brought up Kingdom of Heaven and I'd add Last of the Mohicans as very well done intimate scenes that flowed from the scenes proceeding - whether a lot of nudity was present or not. Conversely you have the PBS version of Pride and Prejudice where the sexiest scene is Mr. Darcy taking his coat off and going for a swim in a pond - yet there's enormous passion between the 2 main characters.

Yes, there are some beautiful people in the Hobbit and from the looks of the art sites there's enough who have speculated what characters look like sans clothing and other things, and that's where it should stay re the Hobbit, as fantasies. Can't see ANY place whatsoever for the dwarves or elves to be be running around topless - both cultures, especially the dwarves, seem to dress conservatively with many layers. If there is "fleeting nudity" I suspect it's the rowdy dwarves dropping their drawers and swimming in a sacred elven fountain, but that would be in character for an earthy culture that is on the road and bathes in a handy stream, time to time. That's not so much sexy as funny.

To answer why not, it's gratuitous and would be put in just for titillation value = cheap - as some of the more graphic scenes in Game of Thrones are, both book and series. Wouldn't feel more for Boromir, say, if I saw him without a shirt. I feel for him because he was noble and protected Merry and Pippin.


Oct 12 2013, 6:46am

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I quite agree. [In reply to] Can't Post

There's definitely something missing from Tolkien's Middle Earth books - which is probably why they didn't sell that well, and youngsters stayed away from PJ's LOTR trilogy in droves.

But I'm not sure that sexiness alone is enough - I mean the world's moved on - what with Fifty Shades of Grey and all that stuff. Also, we're now four films in, and amazingly, not one decent car chase in the whole lot. How about resurrecting James Bond's old Aston Martin - Tauriel could drive it - she gives Legolas a lift, but they break down in Mirkwood and stumble into one of the Necromancer's S&M dungeons - except - he could really be an alien in disquise (this plot's not been done before has it??) and they try to fight their way out, but get trapped in the Necromancer's spaceship and the computer overhears them trying to shut it down, so it locks them out in space and they're running out of oxygen, so they have to make some kind of air filter from bits of the spaceship working on instructions from Mission Control and they just manage in time, but they crash the ship in the desert and they think they're back on earth but instead of humans everyone's an ape, except the humans are now dumb animals - it's a totally original idea and just what might save this failing franchise for Peter Jackson.

Two posts to go...

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear."


Oct 12 2013, 7:20am

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No. It doesn't belong in The Hobbit. [In reply to] Can't Post

And most importantly, it would neither add anything to the storyline or characters. Tacky, awful, cheap, and nasty.

Searching for images of "bilbo thorin fanfiction" in google is enough to put anyone off having "sexy" scenes in the films.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Oct 12 2013, 7:23am

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I think we already got all we're going to get. [In reply to] Can't Post

With the "Dwarvercise" video. Topless hot dwarves working out! WooHoo!



"Dark is the water of Kheled-zram, and cold are the springs of Kibil-nla, and fair were the many-pillared halls of Khazad-dm in Elder Days before the fall of mighty kings beneath the stone."


Oct 12 2013, 9:26am

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Sexiness in the Silmarillion? [In reply to] Can't Post

It makes me wonder. Here's throwing an issue for you all.

A lot of fans are PO'd at Christopher Tolkien for "not allowing" the rights for his father's other work to be let out. They're saying all the time that they wish the TE wouldn't take such a hard line, that they widh WB would win a lawuit or something so they'd see The Silmarillion or other works made into an HBO-style long, LONG-part miniseries.

But think about it, long and hard...do we REALLY want a Sil TV series?

Many fans think it can be done, but I don't think so. Even the "classiest" long-form cable TV series (and I think most people agree, if you want a long enough tale to be told these days, it has to be on cable, since broadcast network TV wouldn't have the money, it's not like the days of "Lost", traditional network TV isn't where it's at these days, in terms of artistic freedom) it probably wouldn't have the budget necessary for the epic FX that would be needed--and even that wouldn't be guaranteed at first--look at Game of Thrones; they didn't start to have a decent FX budget for battles until Season 2) are united by one thing. Even if it's something like Boardwalk Empire, any longform cable series in the Us, there are two or three things that generally are a hallmark: foul language, gory violence, and most importantly, a lot of skin.

Now, some series take these things more to extreme than others (Deadwood for the foul language factor, and just about everything else for the "sexy time") but generally, longform series on cable are not PG-13, And I think it's so b/c cable is the only place where directors are able to make a rated R film these days. But the bigger factor, I think, is ratings.

Let me put that in caps: RATINGS!!!

And lest you forget, that would especially go for a series debuted on the new media, like a Netfilx series. they need to keep the eyeballs glued week after week.

This is stupid, you think. it's TOLKIEN! It's NOT Martin! You can just make a couple of seasons of "LOTR-quality programming, with epic battles (the Sil has plenty) great music, and gorgeous production values (not to mention a great script!) But think about it.. the GOT people were lucky. I was watching an interview with the producers of GOT and they said they were partly inspired by the desire to put the Red Wedding onscreen, and do it proper justice (which of course they did in spades, and I'm grateful for that.)

Fans of Tolkien would know what worked well onscreen, but think about it: imagine you're an HBO exec whose knowledge of Tolkien didn't include the Sil, and they have to worry about keeping eyeballs glued to screens for months and possibly years. And here's this book that has no real coherent structure and reads like the BIBLE. Sure, hire a Tolkien geek to decipher it all, but how do you bil this tangled narrative into a suspenseful, action=packed plot tht keeps those easily jaded Amercan eyeballs glued week after week?

How to explain the Music of the Ainur, the creation of valinor, Who the (blank) the Valar are and how do they fit into all this (and how do you make someone like Nienna interesting?) and what narratives to choose? But the real problem is, in a world of great series just bursting with juicy pulp, how do you elevate The Sil to LOTR-style storytelling and still keep increasing the RATINGS? there's no foul language involved, and Tolkien fans would have your HEAD and your HANDS on a barbecue stick with hot sauce, if you even put a GoT style sex scene, or even anything explicit, in there.

Again, I repeat: this is the cutthroat world of TV, not cinema. it works by different rules in an age where the audience is easily bored and they have GoT to go by. Tolkien, on TV, has to be made "sexy", that is, slightly pulpy. People may think this is silly and moot, but I don't think so. Looking at the unrelated, convulted stories, how would a director make all this connect, but more importantly, how do you make it SELL.. There are no love affairs other than Beren and Luthien that are dramatic enough to make great TV (again, unlike cinema where you can be sublte like Aragoen/Arwen, TV doesn't work tht way, RATINGS!) there's have to more stuff like the dark tale of Eol. And there's not enough of Eol in the Sil to make it "sexy." (and by sexy I don't just mean romance, I mean dark, twisted romantic relationships between mena nd women, explained n detail.)

How would fans react to certain stories just hinted at, "fleshed out and redone" to cable standards? What would some od these relatinships be? Who? remember, for the sake of RATINGS, you just can't have epic battles and moral drama. Producers of the Sil are looking for the next GoT. Remember that.

(This post was edited by Sunflower on Oct 12 2013, 9:28am)


Oct 12 2013, 10:53am

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Well, put it this way.... [In reply to] Can't Post

A sex scene in The Hobbit is about as likely as...

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles leaping out of the doors of Erebor in the middle of the Battle of Five Armies singing a chorus of 'Blue Moon'...

The Dwarves encountering Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin playing pooh sticks on Thranduil's bridge

Everyone deciding to sign a peace treaty at the foot of the mountain and share out the gold equally (with no fighting)

Azog taking up knitting

But if it amuses you to imagine it, go ahead. Because one thing's for sure - you're not going to see it in the film! Smile


Oct 12 2013, 11:57am

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Ugh. The very thought of it makes me nauseous. [In reply to] Can't Post



Oct 12 2013, 12:06pm

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100% agreed. [In reply to] Can't Post

If you want a Silmarillion TV series, it had to be made in the jaded world of TV reality of today. To justify the necessary immense budget, it has to have huge mass appeal, not just the interest of the Tolkien enthusiasts. It is a contradiction in itself.


Oct 12 2013, 1:55pm

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I don't even.... [In reply to] Can't Post

I feel like I just read some bad fan fiction. O.o I mean, by all means, express your thoughts, but I'm not one for the lovey-dovey romance shtick where they doesn't have to be one (I don't mind Legolas/Tauriel since if I were Legolas I'd fall in love with her, too. :P)

Lover of Medieval Fantasy
"I know what I must do. It's just... I'm afraid to do it."


Oct 12 2013, 2:59pm

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Fleeting Nudity in AUJ EE [In reply to] Can't Post

It is possible that this refers to the scene in the book where the dwarves bath in the river after descending from the Carrock. That's not sexy. That's natural. And you remember that in ROTK when Sam finds Frodo, Frodo is naked. Didn't show that in the movie did they? PJ contented himself with Frodo shirtless. (As an aside, I can't imagine putting on orc breeches without having the protection of underwear between you and the breeches. That image makes me wince every time I read ROTK.)

One of the lovely things about Tolkien is that he avoids all this stuff and sticks to his story. Love and sex is elevated and adult in his writings. It is not eros. It is deeper than that. We know Beren and Luthien love each other. Aragorn and Arwen love each other. That love is expressed by the sacrifices they make for each other and the bond they have to keep their word to others and work for the betterment of their world. Their love is not selfish. And Tolkien does not have to resort to people hopping into bed to explain the love his characters have for each other.

That's my two cents. It's worth at least half that.


Oct 12 2013, 3:15pm

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The "sexiness" of these films [In reply to] Can't Post

... I feel doesn't need those scenes you imagine. In my opinion, all the love scenes between Arwen and Aragorn are sexy, because they are sooo romantic. You don't need to be nude to be sexy. You just need to be very much in love... though still in a classy way, not crazy obsessed Crazy

Do I think there will be sexy scenes in the Hobbit? No. Probably not. This is still a childrens story. If there ever was to be a nudity scene it would have been in LOTR, the "adult trilogy".

Do I think the Hobbit SHOULD contain sexy scenes? Maybe. I would not have a problem with it as long as it is done in a very Middle Earth kind of way, the Aragorn-Arwen way which most people would argue is more romantic than sexy. But hey, we live in a world where sex is no mystery. It's happening everywhere and no one's afraid to admit it, even in Middle Earth. I just don't think they should show it just because it is there.

The Hobbit relies on good storytelling. Sure, I would like to see the sexy characters get it on (oh my Blush) but not in these films.

By the way, why doesn't anyone ever mention Fili while talking about hot characters in these movies? I think he is alot sexier than his younger brother. Otherwise I agree about the hotness in Middle Earth Heart those good-lookers are all over the place, just like the creepy ugly dudes. Seems like there's only two options Sly


Gandalf: FLY, YOU FOOLS!

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Oct 12 2013, 3:29pm

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Agreed [In reply to] Can't Post

and I'd count it worth more.

I am not on board with this whole "over-sexualization" thing. It is all getting quite distorted. Sex doesn't need to be everywhere you look. Everything isn't about sex and shouldn't be.


(This post was edited by Rosie-with-the-ribbons on Oct 13 2013, 4:06pm)


Oct 12 2013, 4:22pm

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great post [In reply to] Can't Post

great post, avandel.

i absolutely agree with the productions you cite (last of the mohicans, pride & prejudice) as being excellent examples of how passion, attraction, love, and love-making can be done without being graphic.

i would say a couple of "natural" places in the films to see nudity would be the bathing after the carrock, and after thranduil's people strip the dwarves in his halls.

however, since all of the actors wear padding as thick as butterball turkeys, we wouldn't be seeing the actual physiques of the actors anyway.

i'll also add that nudity does not always equal sexy. think of films about the holocaust in which people are naked in the concentration camps. some newer arrivals who were fit might have had admirable physiques, but in those circumstances, nudity = vulnerability.

personally, i don't need "sexy" purposefully injected into the hobbit films. but that does not mean that i might not find different characters in the films attractive or sexy.


aka. fili orc-enshield
the scene, as i understand it, is exceptionally well-written. fili (in sort of a callback to the scene with the eagles), calls out "thorRIIIIIIN!!!" just as he sees the pale orc veer in for the kill. he picks up the severed arm of an orc which is lying on the ground, swings it up in desperation, effectively blocking the pale orc's blow. and thus, forever after, fili is known as "fili orc-enshield."

this earns him deep respect from his hard-to-please uncle. as well as a hug. kili wipes his boots on the pale orc's glory box. -- maciliel telpemairo


Oct 12 2013, 4:35pm

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sexiness and passion in the silmarillion [In reply to] Can't Post

[ sunflower ]
There are no love affairs other than Beren and Luthien that are dramatic enough to make great TV (again, unlike cinema where you can be sublte like Aragoen/Arwen, TV doesn't work tht way, RATINGS!) there's have to more stuff like the dark tale of Eol. And there's not enough of Eol in the Sil to make it "sexy." (and by sexy I don't just mean romance, I mean dark, twisted romantic relationships between mena nd women, explained n detail.)
[ / sunflower ]

you definitely expressed a lot of great points about the production translation pitfalls that a multi-season sil tv series would face. i agree with your assessment of the pitfalls, but do not agree that they would be the outcome. i think it's strongly possible that tv / cable execs would treat the material with respect, especially since jackson has demonstrated that it can be done, and still money is made.

also to add, there is +plenty+ of passion and love in the sil that could be represented on-screen to great effect.

feanor and nerdanel
aredhel and eol
aegnor and andreth
turgon and elenwe
idril and tuor
elrond and celebrian
galadriel and celeborn
melian and thingol
finwe and miriel
finwe and indis

... just scratching the surface.


aka. fili orc-enshield
the scene, as i understand it, is exceptionally well-written. fili (in sort of a callback to the scene with the eagles), calls out "thorRIIIIIIN!!!" just as he sees the pale orc veer in for the kill. he picks up the severed arm of an orc which is lying on the ground, swings it up in desperation, effectively blocking the pale orc's blow. and thus, forever after, fili is known as "fili orc-enshield."

this earns him deep respect from his hard-to-please uncle. as well as a hug. kili wipes his boots on the pale orc's glory box. -- maciliel telpemairo


Oct 12 2013, 5:08pm

Post #19 of 46 (475 views)
Certainly not [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm sorry this is just wrong. Number one, it's a children's story. There will be many children viewing these films (including the extended editions) and there should be no sex or nudity for the sake of the child's innocence. Number two, adults also need to grow up. The way sex and nudity are plastered all over every film out there is sickening. Sex should be considered a sacred act between a husband and wife, not to be filmed with cameras and thrown out there for hundreds of thousands to see.

I'm sorry if I come across angry or ranting but this is an issue that I care about very much. I believe our culture is out of control and I don't want this sad fact ruining the beautiful works of genious, nor the delightful children's tales of J.R.R. Tolkien.

"I've found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because Im afraid, and he gives me courage. - Gandalf the Grey.

"Do not be afraid Mithrandir, if ever you should need my help, I will come." - Lady Galadriel.


Oct 12 2013, 5:15pm

Post #20 of 46 (467 views)
Agreed that it has to be left out, but for very different reasons. [In reply to] Can't Post

Actually I totally diagree on the whole culture-out-of-control and husband-and-wife aspect. Very much actually.

But exactly because such discussions and the topic in itself are very alien to most of the Middle-earth works and there are almost no clues of what sexuality meant in the realms of Arda, this debate should not be touched upon in TH movies.

I am one of those very happy for this adaption and the tone it decided to go for, but this would seem to me like "the step too far" and the useless HBO-ization of a story which should rather handle the appropriate use of images of violence (because especially the war scenes should not seem riskless and "fun", but realistic, yet not too explicit because of younger audiences), not images of sex.

A dragon is no idle fancy. Whatever may be his origins, in fact or invention, the dragon in legend is a potent creation of mens imagination, richer in significance than his barrow is in gold. J.R.R. Tolkien

Words of wisdom that should be remembered - both by critics, purists and anyone in between.

(This post was edited by Arannir on Oct 12 2013, 5:16pm)


Oct 12 2013, 5:20pm

Post #21 of 46 (445 views)
you are so right about the mssing car chase! [In reply to] Can't Post

but maybe DOS will TRY to make things right.....just hope when Kili and Tauriel are engaged in intimacies 2 minutes after meeting each other PJ handles realistically - it always bugs me in movies when everyone looks salon perfect after messing about and seems to be able to dress at the speed of light. Except for those scenes when the "whatever" woman has to run with an anxious look on her face and not much else (from the required vehicle explosion, which PJ is sadly trying to substitute with dragon fire. But I am very upset about this as PJ has to know, it violates all known chase scene laws not to have a burning tire fly 100 feet up and then slam down and roll away. What is PJ thinking!!!!!?)

Though those woman-running scenes always take ME out of the movie because it looks so painful. Perhaps, tho, the fleeing Tauriel will quickly fashion an artful confection to strategically replace her missing cat suit from a collection of leaves, extra bow strings, and studded leather straps, resulting in a fashion phenomenon for the upcoming spring season.


Oct 12 2013, 6:27pm

Post #22 of 46 (441 views)
thank you! and think folks also forget [In reply to] Can't Post

that in theory we are talking about different races here, and admirably PJ & co. worked very hard to depict that with the dwarves and elves. So (in theory) these races might have different cold and heat tolerances - for instance my heavily furred Maine Coon cat has taken to plastering herself against my laptop - the battery is very hot but she seems to enjoy it? So we see dwarves working a forge, mining, all heavily clothed. Why? It's a constant temperature in caves. But you might wear lots of layers if it was the sensible thing to do for protection in an environment with many gritty rock edges, and potential rock falls, or where many layers protect you from fire burns, and you don't react to hot and cold as humans do. Similarly the the many loose layers of the elves I think serve as air conditioning similar to desert cultures - cool when it's hot, and can layer up when needed. Point being these are different cultures/races from "modern people" and would not dress "stripped down".

True enough where nudity = vulnerability (very good point!) and while stripping people of their clothes and possessions is a typical protective + humiliation device I am already finding the evident removal of the dwarves' possessions and clothes to be a very effective device of PJ's here, underscoring the pathos of the dwarves' capture - because they ARE dwarves = lots of clothes and lots of stuff. Taking all that is striking at the heart of who they are as a culture - just another reason for Thorin & co. to be really, really po'd and obstinate where other races are concerned.

Well, yes, thanks to the inclusion of a very fine cast, (happily) on one level with both LOTR and the Hobbit we are engaged with these characters and care about them. If we are also engaging at another level with more primitive parts of the brain, don't see anything wrong with that, it's just more appreciation - which for me would NOT happen if the performance isn't there. But it's MY brain doing the coloring, not some gratuitous addition by the director. (Never forget a film I was watching where the on-screen death of a very attractive, sexy actress was loudly cheered by the more direct audience members, because she was SO BAD on screen - ok, I cheered too, because I was in so much pain watching. Bad performances cool people off fast.)

Agree with you about the places for POTENTIAL nudity but again the scenes you mention are where it would happen naturally. But as you mention, don't think we are going to see a whole bunch of stripped-down dwarves - even the cast made fun of that idea re the "naughty dwarf calender". Have to giggle tho when I trip over "sexy art" pictures of the dwarves who are inevitably depicted with ripped chiseled torsos you could bounce rocks off. (Am sure Bloom, Lily, dwarves, etc. look pretty good in real life re the exercise, boot camps, and hot filming conditions. But this artwork makes the dwarves etc. look like ads for exercise equipment - if that's how we see them it's great fantasy, and that's where it should stay, in our heads).


Oct 12 2013, 8:21pm

Post #23 of 46 (407 views)
Absolutely. Think Tyrion Lannister is a suave dwarf? He's actually just a short man! Wait until you see real dwarf Kili [In reply to] Can't Post

work his magic on Elven beauty Tauriel. lol. Game of Thrones pfffft ( I am a fan though lol), Game of Wine and Barrells! lolol

"Ohhh the kiddies" Shut up! *slaps handwringers, puritans and marms like Batman slaps Robin in that meme* anyone who can sit through the throwing of Thror's head can deal with the oncoming dwarf and Elf booties! Now lets all enjoy the show SlyLaughSly lmao. aaah. This was fun.

P.S. this funny was posted without me reading most of the comments in this thread, so if anyone really was handwringing, please note, you have not been slapped, and the comment was not directed at any individual poster. Wink

"Hear me, hounds of Sauron, Gandalf is here! Fly if you value your foul skins, I will shrivel you from tail to snout if you step within this circle!"

"Do not be to eager to deal out death in judgement. Even the very wise cannot see all ends."

(This post was edited by AinurOlorin on Oct 12 2013, 8:25pm)

Tol Eressea

Oct 12 2013, 10:17pm

Post #24 of 46 (394 views)
"Sex should be considered a sacred act between a husband and wife" [In reply to] Can't Post

Well, i guess that would make someone like me a heathen for my actions two days ago Tongue

But i appreciate your concerns.

On the ops matter....hey, if its filmed in the inspiration and example of the nordic naturalistic tradition im all for it! :P

Instead of the question wether balrogs have wings or not, i want my doubts about Bilbo's Inherent Tookishness put to rest. AngelicWink

Vous commencez m'ennuyer avec le port!!!

The Grey Elf

Oct 12 2013, 11:25pm

Post #25 of 46 (366 views)
Why, there is sex in Middle-earth! [In reply to] Can't Post

It's just all in the subtext which is where it belongs! Sexuality need not be graphically depicted to be present. Am I the only one who thought the passionate kiss Aragorn gave Arwen in ROTK was hot? That's about as obvious as I would ever want to see of sex without ruining the old-timey and otherworldly elegance of Tolkien's world.

Nudity I would have less of an objection to because it's not necessarily a sexual thing. I would have had no problem with Frodo appearing naked as described in the book but he wasn't and nothing was really lost because if it. The nudity mentioned as being in the EE of AUJ will almost certainly be in a humorous context. My only concern there is if it's another example of the juvenile humor we saw a bit too much of in the TE. Tongue

Welcome more children to Middle Earth. Support The S.H.I.R.E. Project!

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