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The SLIGHTLY Extended Edition
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Jul 31 2013, 8:09am

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The SLIGHTLY Extended Edition Can't Post

Is this right:

- 13 minutes extra footage (LotR movies were 30, 42, and 50).

- 1 commentary track (LotR movies had 4 each)

I like the idea of 9 hours of bonus footage. I just hope the "9 hours" does not include the commentary track, the vlogs (which we already have), and all those promotional interviews, featurettes, reels, and TV spots we've already seen.

13 minutes.


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Jul 31 2013, 8:11am

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i feel [In reply to] Can't Post

it's best to lower our expectations for The Hobbit EEs. They will be good, but they were never going to be great what with WB mucking about! Crazy

I'm excited for that commentary though!

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Tol Eressea

Jul 31 2013, 8:23am

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I don't think we'll get the great bonus material that LOTR had [In reply to] Can't Post

New Line seemed to give PJ pretty free reigns when it came to what he wanted to put on in terms of bonus material, but it looks like WB is more "Eh, who really cares?".

Which is a shame, because I love bonus material.


Jul 31 2013, 8:27am

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An expected EE-journey [In reply to] Can't Post

Hopefully the next two EES will be more extended. I suspect the shift to a trilogy that late meant pretty much everything filmed until Carrock went into the film. The second and third movie will benefit from the pick-ups this summer.

It might also be that WB is unwilling to pay for post-production of that much new material just for DVD. Look at Avatar and King Kong where just a few more minutes were added. Unsure


Jul 31 2013, 8:30am

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A mistake? [In reply to] Can't Post

Could it not be 23? Jackson locked the edit by the time he said that so I find it odd that he'd go back and edit about 10 minutes out.


Jul 31 2013, 8:33am

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The official press release says thirteen, so I doubt it. [In reply to] Can't Post



Jul 31 2013, 8:39am

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Whats in the features [In reply to] Can't Post

Special features available on both the 2D and 3D releases of the Extended Edition include:

* The Filmmakers' Commentary - Director/writer/producer Peter Jackson and writer/co-producer Philippa Boyens provide their perspective and stories on creating the first film.

* New Zealand: Home of Middle-Earth - From Matamata to Queenstown, travel with Peter Jackson and his team across the stunning locations of New Zealand, transformed by the filmmakers into Middle-Earth.

* The Appendices Part 7: A Long-Expected Journey - A 14-part chronological history of the filming of An Unexpected Journey, covering pre-production in the various departments of the film in the months leading up to the start of principal photography, the boot camp training for the main cast, and the work done on set chronologically through the three shooting blocks and in the world of its digital effects. Chapters include:

- The Journey Back to Middle-Earth
- Riddles in the Dark: Gollum's Cave
- An Unexpected Party: Bag End
- Roast Mutton: Trollshaws Forest
- Bastion of the Greenwood: Rhosgobel
- A Short Rest: Rivendell and London
- Over Hill: The Misty Mountains
- Under Hill: Goblin Town
- Out of the Frying Pan: The Forest Ledge
- Return to Hobbiton: The Shire
- The Epic of Scene 88: Strath Taieri
- The Battle of Moria: Azanulbizar
- Edge of the Wilderland: Pick-ups and the Carrock
- Home Is Behind, the World Is Ahead

* The Appendices Part 8: Return to Middle-Earth - Another selection of documentaries and featurettes await, further detailing the development, design and production of An Unexpected Journey:
- The Company of Thorin - Explores the characters and backgrounds of the five families of dwarves and the company of actors chosen to play Thorin's company on the Quest of the Lonely Mountain. Chapters include:

Assembling the Dwarves
Thorin, Fili & Kili
Balin & Dwalin
Oin & Gloin
Dori, Nori & Ori
Bifur, Bofur & Bombur

- Mr. Baggins: The 14th Member - A revealing look at the film's charismatic and talented lead actor, Martin Freeman.

- Durin's Folk: Creating the Dwarves - Reveals the journey and process of designing, conceptualizing and physically realizing the dwarves in The Hobbit.

- The Peoples and Denizens of Middle-Earth - Focuses on the realization of new characters and creatures encountered in the first film, from casting to characterization to physical and digital design. Chapters include:

The Stone Trolls
Radagast the Brown
Azog the Defiler

- Realms of the Third Age: From Bag End to Goblin Town - Follows the creation of the Middle-Earth locations from conceptual design to set and prop building to fully digital realities. Realms explored include:

The Misty Mountains
Goblin Town

- The Songs of The Hobbit - A look at the realization of Tolkien's songs in An Unexpected Journey.

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Jul 31 2013, 8:40am

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I would say the 9 hours does include the commentary [In reply to] Can't Post

leaving approx. 6 hours of documentaries for this film. That would match up with what the LotR EEs had.

TORn member formally known as ryan1976.


Jul 31 2013, 8:42am

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I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't disappointed ... [In reply to] Can't Post

However much I already enjoy the theatrical edition, I hope they were going to plump up the EE with character scenes. Given all the scenes we've already been told about, I guess they take up the entire 13 minutes. Unsure

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Jul 31 2013, 8:43am

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A little disappointing [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm not one for bonus material, so there is not much here to justify re-buying the film for a measly (as compared to LOTR) 13 minutes. But as the article says, the home video market has changed drastically. We're probably lucky to get what we are getting.

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Pipe Dream

Jul 31 2013, 8:46am

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13 minutes? [In reply to] Can't Post

One for each dwarf? Yeeeah....slightly extended is right. Excuse me sir, can I have more please? MOOORE??? What a crock. Very disappointed. I need more Hobbity goodness then that. Perhaps disk space is the limiting factor. Oh well. Kinda' bummed now.

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Tol Eressea

Jul 31 2013, 8:48am

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Very disappointed./ [In reply to] Can't Post


Forum Admin / Moderator

Jul 31 2013, 8:54am

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But 9 hours appendices [In reply to] Can't Post

Wooohooo!!! I'm soooo happy with that!

I love the appendices for LOTR. I think I have seen them more than the actual movie (and I can tell you I have seen the movie a lot).
So I can't wait for this.

I think there will be more extra movie time for the next two.
Since it was so close to release of AUJ they decided to make 3 films in stead of 2. So most of the "extra stuff" from AUJ probably was used to make it a movie or moved to the next two. With now the pick ups they will probably have more material and so more extended scenes for later on.

But, wow, 9 hours of appendices!!!

Grey Havens

Jul 31 2013, 8:58am

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I'm in it for the Appendices too... [In reply to] Can't Post

...but the nine hour figure appears to include the Appendices and the commentary track and the "New Zealand: Hone of Middle-earth" feature. Still, if the Appendices to AUJ are even half as good as the ones from LOTR, I'll be a happy camber. Cool

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Jul 31 2013, 8:58am

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It's really beyond dissapointing [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm not buying it this time around. I feel sad to say it, but what else is going to convince WB that they are marketing these films cheap and wrong.

Of course, not all blame can be placed on WB. At this point, It just seems like PJ doesn't care. Sad sad news indeed.

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Jul 31 2013, 9:20am

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I don't understand the negativity [In reply to] Can't Post

We've already seen about 1 minute of the 13, and it's a wonderful scene that adds a huge amount of warmth to the character of Elrond and depth to Bilbo. It sets up his life long love affair with Rivendell, that is a theme of Lord of the Rings.

This is only 1 minute, and by my estimation, is an enormous addition to the film by itself. I'm sure the other 12 minutes will likely also contain a lot of good. 12 minutes is a lot of movie time. For example, the entire Erebor prologue is only about 6 minutes. It's worth noting that, unlike LOTR, there isn't an infinite amount of book material to be thrown up on the screen for this part of the adventure. I think the film will benefit enormously from 13 more minutes, but (quite unlike LOTR) I don't think that wholly vital character arcs were cut out of the theatrical version.

Also, we may not have a cast commentary, but it looks like we'll get an enormous amount of face time with the cast in the many, many hours of special features.

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Jul 31 2013, 9:25am

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PJ doesn't care? [In reply to] Can't Post

How does the information about the extended edition demonstrate the he doesn't care? I really don't understand that.


Jul 31 2013, 9:25am

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As I said in the other thread... [In reply to] Can't Post

I am a little upset that it is only 13 minutes but 9 hours is fantastic and I can't wait to get stuck in to that! Wink

THEORY: PJ originally said 20-25 minutes and I reckon he genuinely thought it would amount to that. When he came to edit it he realised there wasn't that much material due to the three film split. If this theory is true the next two films will be much, much longer! Smile

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Jul 31 2013, 9:28am

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The Ultimate Edition [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm betting (actually, more speculating) that the 'extra' unannounced 10 minutes will be part of the eventual release of 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' Ultimate Edition sometime in the future ...

Dunno, but who knows Smile

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Jul 31 2013, 9:29am

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Hmm... [In reply to] Can't Post

It might be the drastic drop in quality compared to the LOTR EE's...

"You're love of the halflings leaf has clearly slowed your mind"


Jul 31 2013, 9:30am

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Re [In reply to] Can't Post

I agree, there seems to be a bit of negativity.

Remember that some scenes that perhaps were meant for the extended edition here might have been saved for the next film(s). For example, Thorin meeting Gandalf at Bree, which may be in the next film at some point, especially with Thrain being in the film.

That happened with LOTR with Smeagol flashback and Saruman death for example. LOTR also often had entire 5 minute sequences cut from the films which often bolstered the running time, eg. Boromir in Osgilith, Saruman death. It seems with AUJ, no big scenes like those were filmed, so all the extensions are little additions here and there.

Finally, other scenes mightve been cut because they might not fit, eg. there was a party scene at Hobbiton with Gandalf and others, which just might feel out of place for whatever reason. Another thing might be because of the criticism of the front of the film for length reasons, PJ may have preferred not to add anything extra there (I suspect he did the same with the last 30 mins of ROTK despite other epilogue scenes filmed)


Jul 31 2013, 9:31am

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It hasn't come out yet.. [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
It might be the drastic drop in quality compared to the LOTR EE's...

I don't see how you can judge that without seeing the extended cut of the film or the features on the discs.


Jul 31 2013, 9:37am

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I can judge it based on the quality of AUJ's home video release [In reply to] Can't Post

And the quality of AUJ in general. Even the news article on this site dances around the subject of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there will be some gems here and there. The scene with Elrond and Bilbo is great! But it's frustrating at the same time. Why was dwarven slapstick chosen instead of a beautifully poignant and whimsical scene?

Sorry to be blunt, but if people want to accept any cheap product a company puts out, then don't expect the film industry to improve at all.

I wasted all my positivity in the build up to AUJ. I was nothing but positive.

How can I give them the benefit of the doubt when everything I've seen so far has proven the opposite?

You're right, I haven't seen it yet. But I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than to get my hopes up for a sub-par product.

"You're love of the halflings leaf has clearly slowed your mind"

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Jul 31 2013, 9:37am

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Well let's be honest [In reply to] Can't Post

AUJ really already is an extended version. Some of the scenes really felt like they would have been chopped if the films had only been in two-parts, and that's because some of them *would* have been cut, of course! Really there isn't much more that we can expect from film 1, all the important bits are in there along with much more. They don't need to drag it out unnecessarily, which is why I actually think that less will be more, in this case.

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."-Gandalf


Jul 31 2013, 9:41am

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Absolutely! [In reply to] Can't Post

You've actually gave me a new angle to look at it from. If there wasn't the three film split some of these scenes could have been deleted altogether. 13 minutes is actually quite a lot, less WILL be more here and that isn't such a bad thing. Smile

I simply walked into Mordor.

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