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Is anybody else really anxious?
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May 8 2013, 4:00am

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Is anybody else really anxious? Can't Post

This seems like kind of a silly topic now that I am writing it, but I am looking for some reassurance that DoS and TABA will be of similar quality to AUJ. I enjoyed AUJ (not as good as LOTR, but a fantastic movie and fulfilling Tolkien experience), but I'm starting to worry about DoS.

I'm wondering to myself how they're going to divide The Hobbit up into 2 more movies, and I realize that this will be accomplished by inserting content from the appendixes. That's not necessarily a bad thing (I enjoyed the White Council sequences and Radagast for the most part, though I must admit I feel a little lukewarm about Azog). My concern is not so much the inclusion of the appendix content itself but rather when PJ takes liberty with the source material (greatly expanded Radagast role, Azog, etc).

My worry thus concerns whether PJ will be able to create an enjoyable and faithful adaptation of the Hobbit given all the extra content that is being added.

Without spoiling anything (and I mean anything...I'm trying to seriously limit my exposure to DoS and TABA stuff...which I know is strange given that I'm lurking around TORN) is there any insight anybody on this forum has to reassure a nervous Tolkien-ite? I know this a strange request, but if anyone has any (spoiler-free) thoughts they want to share that would be much appreciated. Am I being paranoid? Is anyone else similarly worried? Do I not have enough faith in PJ/the source material?


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Grey Havens

May 8 2013, 4:09am

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Reassurance [In reply to] Can't Post

I have every expectation and utter faith that the next two films will be of similar or identical quality to AUJ.

For some, such as you, this is great news.

For others who don't like bird crap, the video game look, or an emasculated Gandalf - not so good. Wink


May 8 2013, 5:28am

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DOS could be the real jewel [In reply to] Can't Post

of the six films. It will have everything that fans of things "Tolkienesque" could ever wish for-- Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Men, Wizards, Shapechangers, Orcs, and a Dragon. Wizards creeping through a deep dungeon. Bilbo and the Dwarves in a haunting, enchanted forest. Elves battling orcs, Dwarves and Elves fighting huge spiders. More dungeon action, and an escape from a dungeon. Not to mention political intrigues among Men, with a shadowy Robin Hood figure. Then the great Dragon after all that. It could be the best yet! Keep your fingers crossed...

Don't mess with my favorite female elf.


May 8 2013, 5:32am

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I have faith, but am a little worried [In reply to] Can't Post

I firmly believe that PJ and co will faithfully reproduce some of the more famous scenes from the novel. On the other hand, I worry because all of their made up material, including dialogue, (in both LOTR and AUJ) is....well, not very good, if I'm honest.

Use Well the Days


May 8 2013, 5:50am

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I'm very anxious too [In reply to] Can't Post

But in a very positive way. I have to be a complete optimist with this stuff, because it would be nearly impossible for me to have a shot at enjoying the film if I've been dreading/worrying about how it could go wrong. That's honestly how I do anything, not just with a film. While some who didn't like AUJ may say that they have no expectations for DOS, meaning they don't think they'll like it, I like to say that I also have no expectations. But very, very differently. What I mean, is that I try to go into the midnight premiere (or whenever you first see it) thinking as little about the film itself as possible. I know that that may sound silly, but it works for me. With very little thought into what I expect from it in terms of tone and pacing, I allow myself to soak in the new film with open arms (soon to be filled with aweWink).

I still like to keep up with the latest speculation on TORN, because, in the end, most of the speculation revolves around plot. And to be honest, anyone who has read the book knows how the story will go (on a general narrative level, not considering new added material from PJ). Very few speculations are centered around tone, which is a major determinate of how one experiences the film. Scenes from the book can be brought alive in many different ways. In the end, its tone is the what leaves a lasting impact on you. Also, it doesn't hurt when you've got Howard Shore creating jaw-dropping musical pieces to accompany the visuals...

So the best advice I can give to you is...optimism. Smile


May 8 2013, 6:45am

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I didn't have a lot of expectation for AUJ [In reply to] Can't Post

... and I was very pleasantly surprised.

I'm not very hard to please -- and to be honest I'm not as protective of the Hobbit source material as I am with the Lord of the Rings, so I'm not anxious about the quality of the next two movies at all. If anything, I think they've already dealt with the difficult part -- the exposition.


May 8 2013, 6:55am

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I am not very anxious about the content... [In reply to] Can't Post

... that should have given and give PJ and Company a lot to get their teeth into.

I am more worried about the actual split - no matter whether it is before Smaug's death or after.

All possible solutions come with their disadvantages and I hope they can create a good climax that won't make people feel either that a third movie is unneseccary or that part 2 did not really bring us further.

A dragon is no idle fancy. Whatever may be his origins, in fact or invention, the dragon in legend is a potent creation of mens imagination, richer in significance than his barrow is in gold. J.R.R. Tolkien

Words of wisdom that should be remembered - both by critics, purists and anyone in between.


May 8 2013, 6:56am

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I agree with you [In reply to] Can't Post

I didn't like The Hobbit when I read it, and so was a bit worried that I wouldn't really enjoy the film. I have never been so wrong! So I am going in believing that it will be marvelous. I like some of the speculation, but I do hope I can forget all I've read when I see it the first time. I don't want TORNadoes whispering in my ears "PJ should have done this or that!" So far, he's given me a grand time in the cinema. What more could I ask?


May 8 2013, 7:30am

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yeah this place can ruin things abit [In reply to] Can't Post

Seeing people talk about stuff they didn't like or could've done better and making you think of negative things you wouldn't have thought yourself. I kinda wish I never came to this forum lol

Mr. Arkenstone (isaac)
Tol Eressea

May 8 2013, 7:43am

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snce AUJ its been growing on me (spoilers) [In reply to] Can't Post

I know that DOS and TABA are going to be ...just WOW!

Well I think that hobbit movies has long legs in box office, but even longer legs in home enjoying, I mean in cinema I was judging the movie ocmparing it with the love I had for LOTR movies. But I must have watched LOTR movies hundred times each, so , is not fair.

Now AUJ is growin on me, and I know that this movie will become a clasic(if not already) specially when EE will come out, thats the point where the movie really holds the fans.

Concerning the movies to come I see Dos like a very epic movie, we have Beorn, Smaug, Thranduil, Bard and the realms were they live. And our ocmpany with Bilbo who is gonna be a truly badass. And there is such a big material for Dos.

Then TABA I think is gonna be the real surprise. With the Necromancer, and specially I see it as some kind of TT. Where political issues between races will lead to a conclusion that many milions that havent read the book will not expect.

And I tell you, Thorin will became the real vilian of the movie, but then he will make one of the most memorable redemptions in cinema history

The flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true!


May 8 2013, 8:09am

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Well, I can't see any point in worrying.... [In reply to] Can't Post

Of course the next two films will be of similar quality. How can they not be when the same team is making them? And whether that's a good thing or a bad thing depends on what you made of AUJ, but as you thought it was fantastic I don't think you have a problem.

Paranoia doesn't come into it (unless you're imagining that PJ is out to sabotage the films to hit at you personally, which I bet you're not!). Nor does faith in PJ. Have faith in your own judgement of the first film. You enjoyed it, you thought it was fantastic....

Now, deep breath.... Don't worry about it. There is no earthly point in worrying about something you can't change, it's just a waste of energy. Take a long walk, read a book, play whatever game you like playing, think of all the things you really did like in AUJ and relax.


May 8 2013, 3:59pm

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I think your anxieties are valid. [In reply to] Can't Post

In my case, I'm not as worried about the Hobbit as I was about LOTR, for a number of reasons.
  1. The Hobbit is a much less complicated story, even with the appendix insertions, so there is less scope for the films to mess up.
  2. The Hobbit is not as dear to me as LOTR, so I don't feel as strongly about changes.
  3. I've had 10 years to come to grips with the fact the PJ & Co. won't do Tolkien the way I think it should be done, so I can just let go and enjoy the parts they have done well and not lose sleep over what they screwed up.
And, as with LOTR, they are starting with excellent source material. It would take some effort, and a really bad filmmaker (which PJ is not, I'll give him that much credit), to make a really bad Tolkien film.

(Full disclosure: I loved the Rankin-Bass animated Hobbit movie. And I'm sentimentally fond of the Zaentz animated LOTR -- warts and all.)

"BOTH [political] extremes are dangerous. But more dangerous are team fanboys who think all the extremists are on the OTHER side." (CNN reader comment)

It is always those with the fewest sensible things to say who make the loudest noise in saying them. --Precious Ramotswe (Alexander McCall Smith)

(This post was edited by RosieLass on May 8 2013, 3:59pm)


May 8 2013, 4:04pm

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I know what you mean. [In reply to] Can't Post

I would like to disengage from this forum soon and to stop checking the speculation about the next two films. Also, I went to see AUJ with no expectations whatsoever, and intentionally didn't reread the book before seeing the film, or see any trailers. I was bowled over by the film (much to my surprise, since The Hobbit book is not of that much interest to me!). I hope to do the same thing when I see the next two films for the first time, though it will be hard not to take peeks at upcoming promotional material.

I do have high hopes for the next two films, on the basis of what I feel for the first film and as has been pointed out there are some fascinating new characters coming up, such as Beorn, Smaug and Thranduil...

December can't come soon enough.

In Reply To
Seeing people talk about stuff they didn't like or could've done better and making you think of negative things you wouldn't have thought yourself. I kinda wish I never came to this forum lol

(This post was edited by Glorfindela on May 8 2013, 4:07pm)


May 8 2013, 4:09pm

Post #14 of 31 (589 views)
thanks everyone... [In reply to] Can't Post

Valid points all around.

I think the solution is for me to stop lurking around TORN and keeping up with the speculation. Like someone else mentioned, taking your mind off the movie, until you are in the theater watching it, and not worrying about it, can probably make the experience more enjoyable. I did something similar for AUJ - didn't look at TORN speculation or read reviews until after I saw it.

I'm sure it will be fine.

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May 8 2013, 5:44pm

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Well [In reply to] Can't Post

Some would argue that Jackson has ruined the trilogy already with the first installment.

I, however, am not one of those people-I LOVED the film, and as far as I can see, it can only get better-Beorn, Smaug, more Thranduil, The Master (played by Stephen Fry!), and more character development for the group of Dwarves. But then again I am a bit biased as I've said-I've wanted to see the White Council's attack on Dol Guldur almost all my life! No other part of the story intrigues me quite so much!

I do have concerns about how they will handle Gandalf's storyline, as well as others such as Bilbo losing some of his heroic moments in Mirkwood, the inclusion of Tauriel, the fate of Radagast and other unforeseen liberties taken by PJ and Co. But I don't think it will be easy to dislike this film if you enjoyed the first part!

"True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one."

The Mitch King

May 8 2013, 5:57pm

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Spot on [In reply to] Can't Post


"I, however, am not one of those people-I LOVED the film, and as far as I can see, it can only get better-Beorn, Smaug, more Thranduil, The Master (played by Stephen Fry!), and more character development for the group of Dwarves. But then again I am a bit biased as I've said-I've wanted to see the White Council's attack on Dol Guldur almost all my life! No other part of the story intrigues me quite so much!"


May 8 2013, 6:23pm

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Cheers Master Mitch King// [In reply to] Can't Post


"True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one."


May 8 2013, 8:10pm

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Happy with AUJ but worried about next... [In reply to] Can't Post

An Unexpected Journey: I guess it was the first time I wasnt dissaponted with a movie adaptation, I loved it even with the changes, interpretations, Radagast, Azog and all that. I think the addings Works Heart and it is totally Tolkien Heart

But I am worried about the rest. Yeah, like you.

Tauriel...yeah Tauriel, Legolas...

Everything looks too different.

Well, that.

"Dear friend good bye, no tears in my eyes. So sad it ends, as it began"


May 8 2013, 8:17pm

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Yeah, that too [In reply to] Can't Post

Expectations for the next movies are now definitely bigger.

I had no expectation for AUJ becoz I was fearing a total disaster as an adaptation. I think it wasnt.

"Dear friend good bye, no tears in my eyes. So sad it ends, as it began"

Tol Eressea

May 8 2013, 9:57pm

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A succint summary [In reply to] Can't Post


"I have every expectation and utter faith that the next two films will be of similar or identical quality to AUJ"

And answering the OP, i hope not, i hope at least in some venues, the next two films grow in terms of cinematic quality, writing, performances...

But youre probably right, same director, same choices, same filmmaking approach...

The prospects of a quick death for Azog at the hands of Beorn and for Radagast to stop acting like an idiotic bum with Alzheimer's disease...are grim, i fear...

If AUJ follows the rings pattern, in which fellowship is the mosy polished and balanced of the films, then the next two films could very well become more bloated, ridiculous and far detached form Tolkiens writings..

The DOS trailer could qualm some of our fears, perhaps...

Vous commencez m'ennuyer avec le port!!!

Ziggy Stardust

May 9 2013, 12:15am

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I am similarly worried [In reply to] Can't Post

So don't worry, you're not alone. I'm nervous about the films as well, but I'm also excited about them.

Tol Eressea

May 9 2013, 6:49am

Post #22 of 31 (448 views)
Exactly! [In reply to] Can't Post

Those who loved AUJ have nothing to worry about, since we will surely get more of the same...

Those who were sadly disappointed have no doubt lowered their expectations accordingly.

"Choosing Trust over Doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened."
Victoria Monfort

Tol Eressea

May 9 2013, 6:54pm

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A little bit [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm a bit afraid that PJ is going to add more extraneous fan-fic plotlines, on top of the ones we've already got.


May 10 2013, 10:00am

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I'm really fearing the worst at this point. [In reply to] Can't Post

The disappointment of AUJ has fully sunken in for me at this point. It's a pretty bad film, and the next two need to accomplish a miracle in order to save the trilogy.

Gah...Is this REALLY a trilogy? In hindsight, this whole production just seems careless and ridiculous.

"You're love of the halflings leaf has clearly slowed your mind"


May 10 2013, 8:01pm

Post #25 of 31 (286 views)
DoS gonna need to deliver [In reply to] Can't Post

I think DoS is definitely the hinge film, and we will know the trilogy's destiny after this second film, i think.
This second film could help to place some of the AUJ elements in context through the development of arcs
introduced in the beginning stages. The AUJ elements, though given exposition and a launch pad are still somewhat
detached floating elements at this stage, yet, and this next film can elucidate the former film in its content, timing, and structure
as well as the exposition.

Yet one point for apprehension may be the undercurrent of sentiments running through these films. It's tough
to get a conclusive idea thus far, but I can't help but sometimes feel in watching Gandalf's speech - to
Galadriel on why he chose Bilbo - that the filmmakers just gave up. Why write the words 'kindness' and 'love'?
one might just think that an unsubstantiated barrage of sentiment might flounder the films. i think DoS can
illuminate AUJ and take the story to the next level especially when it focuses on substance and less
on being a 'conjurer of cheap tricks.' but i think AUJ is an appropriate first step, but i think DoS will have the responsibility
of showing it to be such or if auj should be dismissed as a piece of naivete rather than deliberation.

The filmmakers have shown a propensity for magical film, so i don't see any reason why it would stop with DoS! Sly

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