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Would you wait for PJ to Direct?
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Dec 19 2007, 3:52pm

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Would you wait for PJ to Direct? Can't Post

With the news that Peter Jackson doesn't want to make the fans wait for 'The Hobbit' films (read more), the question becomes... are you willing to wait? Let your voice be heard and vote on our latest poll! All current polls can be found on the right side of the TheOneRing.net homepage. And if you want to see the results of all polls, check out the Poll Archive.

The Mysterious Calisuri


Dec 19 2007, 3:54pm

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In a word... [In reply to] Can't Post





Dec 19 2007, 3:55pm

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We can wait! We wants Peter for the success as LOTR !!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

All For Peter !!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec 19 2007, 4:17pm

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Should PJ direct? [In reply to] Can't Post

Just heard on CNBC that the Hollywood Writer's Strike could effect whether PJ is available to direct. If the strike continues, projects could get cancelled and PJ's schedule could open up, allowing for him to be available in 2009 when filming is expected to occur.

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Dec 19 2007, 5:35pm

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I Would Wait [In reply to] Can't Post

I would definitely wait for Peter Jackson. The man was a creative genius when it came to the Lord of the Ring films. I think that most fans would say they would much rather wait for Peter to be able to direct. Besides, I don't think that I would trust anyone else making the films but Peter Jackson and Fran. The two of them made Lord of the Rings come to life for me. I've been reading the books for some time and to me Peter and Fran were the fairy godfather and godmother that made my visions come to life.

I would wait hands down.


People don't understand my love for LOTR and Middle-Earth, but I don't need them to understand. All I need is for me to understand.

I've been loving LOTR since 1995.


Dec 19 2007, 5:40pm

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I'd wait. But would Sir Ian McKellen wait? (N/T) [In reply to] Can't Post



Dec 19 2007, 5:47pm

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It's hard to say, only because some of our must have stars... [In reply to] Can't Post

are aging.

But yes, I would. I so much want PJ to direct.

For Gondor!

Mrs Baggins
Registered User

Dec 19 2007, 5:50pm

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Of Course [In reply to] Can't Post

PJ and New Line need to get this straight - PJ and Fran ARE the franchise and it's not enough to attach their names as "producers." Nobody ever remembers who the producers of a movie were. Two Hobbit movies will make sooo much money than any amount of movies PJ is working on right now, so he and the studio need to either shelve his current projects or give them over to another director. The fan base needs to rise up and make it abundantly clear that we want The Hobbit and any sequel to be a part of LOTR in a way only PJ and Fran can manage, or there will be no movies - and no huge profit for the studio.

Ainu Laire
Tol Eressea

Dec 19 2007, 6:04pm

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Yes [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd rather them wait for PJ to film.

Personally I'd like them to start filming in 2011; I'll hopefully be in NZ then ;P

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Dec 19 2007, 6:19pm

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should we wait [In reply to] Can't Post

most of the glory of the trilogy came from superior acting and casting, fabulous props, settings and glorious detail work....unfortunately, jackson chose to rewrite tolkien and the second and third movies suffer from bad storytelling like unfinished storylines, too much emphasis on the battles and one horrible in-joke...jackson as the captain of the black ships...(i have to comment here...i thought it was so horrible because it took you right out of the moviemakers created world. this is not something a less indulgent director would have done.)
If you have read rotk you know it develops speed and pacing and sweeps you away until the moment at mount doom. the scouring of the shire is anticlimactic in some regards, but lets you know the hobbits did not escape this world war and are forever changed. this is what tolkien was saying about his own england.
anyway, i've got a million more comments about what should have been, and i am absolutely ready for someone else to try their hand at this story.

Registered User

Dec 19 2007, 6:48pm

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I will wait for you PJ! [In reply to] Can't Post

Middle Earth just wouldn't be the same without the personal touch of Mr. Jackson. Don't let some replacement ruin it, please!

The Shire

Dec 19 2007, 6:59pm

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Would McKellen wait? [In reply to] Can't Post

Greenheart, ask him! He's fairly communicative, when he has time.



Superuser / Moderator

Dec 19 2007, 7:00pm

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Now that is an excellent point. [In reply to] Can't Post

Anyone else taking on the role of Gandalf would have a very hard act to follow. I don't want a Hobbit version of Dumbledore Mark II!

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Dec 19 2007, 7:02pm

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YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES, YES! [In reply to] Can't Post


"In Hollywood the screenplay is a fire hydrant. And there's a line of dogs around the block." -- Frank Miller

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Dec 19 2007, 7:37pm

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ONLY PJ, Let it be known we will and want to wait! [In reply to] Can't Post

The "Lord of the rings" movies are what they are because of Peter Jackson! I for one am willing to wait for his schedule to allow him to direct "The Hobbit" and it's sequel. I say that if the fans truly want this, and it seems that they do, they should waste no time organizing a massive online petition to be sent directly to Peter Jackson. I have signed many online petitions and seen them work quite effectively. True the question remains if Sir Ian McKellen or any of the other more senior actors who are so vital to this project would/could wait as we're willing to! But I think we should make every effort to guarantee that, if it's possible, we get the movie(s) made with the experience, passion, and the brilliance that would only come from Peter Jackson. It comes down to this, Peter Jackson cares very much for the fans of this world of J.R.R. Tolkien's and he made this decision thinking we'd prefer a lesser quality product over waiting a bit longer. So, lets make our voices heard that the wait is MORE than worth it. I personally know nothing about starting and organizing a petition but if there are people out there who do and are as passionate about this subject as many of us are then i'd be more than willing to not only sign it but do whatever I could to help create, promote, and whatever else I could to make this a reality. This needs to happen fast before a deal is signed and secured with another director. Perhaps even a "letter of intent" could be sent to Peter Jackson letting him know how much we're willing to wait for him to direct the movie(s) and that there will be a petition created, signed by all the fans that want to wait for him, and that it will be sent to him in the hopes that if he will, and the actors can wait too, we will get the "Hobbit" we've been dreaming of! Once again I feel this needs to happen if for no other reason than we won't spend the rest of our lives wondering "what if". I am willing as I said earlier to do whatever can be done to make this happen. Anyone interested in helping or if by chance there already is a petition online or in the works please feel free to contact me at: anthonylp77@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time, Anthony P.

Idril Celebrindal
Tol Eressea

Dec 19 2007, 7:46pm

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Film it now! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'd prefer that the Hobbit be filmed sooner rather than later, given the ages of Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee (who'd both presumably reprise their roles as Gandalf and Saruman). They aren't getting any younger, and neither are any of the other LOTR cast members who might be expected to appear in a Hobbit film adaptation!

I'm also not wedded to the idea of Peter Jackson directing, since I think the Hobbit is more whimsical in nature and needs a somewhat lighter touch. I'm also curious to see what another director would do with it. The Harry Potter movie adptations have had several different directors, and each has interpreted the books in his own way and brought different strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Having PJ as a very hands-on executive producer might be the best of both worlds: his continued influence coupled with a fresh approach to directing. George Lucas handed off "Empire Strikes Back" to Irvin Kershner, and it's the best film of the six Star Wars movies. Lucas was also executive producer for the Indiana Jones movies, which most certainly bear his imprint.

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(This post was edited by Idril Celebrindal on Dec 19 2007, 7:47pm)

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Dec 19 2007, 8:05pm

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I would wait [In reply to] Can't Post

  I will wait for PJ to direct the Hobbit and for the same team to work on it. The movie wouldn't be good without all of them working on it.

Gandalf the Italian
Registered User

Dec 19 2007, 8:29pm

Post #18 of 65 (939 views)
Tricksie Hobbitses [In reply to] Can't Post

The success depends on Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Phillipa Baboyens assuming their similar roles for the Hobbit to be done with "Oscar" quality. Tin Tin and Steven Spielberg can wait.

Registered User

Dec 19 2007, 8:34pm

Post #19 of 65 (909 views)
Do the movie now [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm getting old myself - don't know If I'll lasst to see it otherwise

The Shire

Dec 19 2007, 8:36pm

Post #20 of 65 (948 views)
Contact Info for Peter's & Fran's rep [In reply to] Can't Post

Mr. Kenneth S. Kamins
Key Creatives, LLC
9595 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste. 800
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2511

Hopefully by applying enough pressure with good persuasive arguments, we can change Peter's mind.


Dec 19 2007, 9:04pm

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What Anthony said. [In reply to] Can't Post

Let me add something here. I splashed some of my intial comments quite heatedly around the Forum yesterday and I deleted some of them as I felt they were too heated, but let me try to summerize.

1) First: remember that the ONLY reason that PJ has Lovely Bones and Tintin to potentially impede him, Fran and Philippa from direct on the set involvement and scripting, is because he was willing to spend an entire year of his life, (on top of the EIGHT years he previously gave to Middle Earth), trying to force New Line's hand about directing.
And the only reason he did THAT was that he felt confident enough to do it. Because he had an army of we, the fans, standing at his back, like Sam following Frodo through Mordor. Maybe you think this is a ridiculous analogy but consdering the quality of product coming out of today's multinationally-corporate -controlled Hollywood, what WE accomplished together in the yrs 1999-2003, was nothing short of a miracle. And we did do ittogether, every step of the way. zthey learned to appreciate and work with us. And we all knowhow right we were in some aspects (Even Peter wanted XenArwen!)

All of you who are so willing to let this go forward regardless of who directs and scripts, ask yourselves: is PJ's year of personal sacrifice worth NOTHING?
Don't you think he is reading TORN and secretly hoping the fans will come through for him again? To me, for putting up the good fight, he deserves nothing less.

2) Adapting The Hobbit is going to be MURDEROUSLY difficult as it is, TEN TIMES more difficult than the Trilogy, even with Our Three on the set. Presenting 10 times the problems.
For starters, do you make it more childish or adult? Do you follow the whimsical nature of the books, or do you take an artistic dare and go by one of Tolkien's later letters, which states that he regretted the "patronizing": tone of much of the Hobbit and he feels the children did too? And if so, what do you do with the second film? The artistic quality line is MICROSCOPICALLY thin, even with them there. It can only be personally tacked by those who know Middle Earth already, who have it their blood. And evden then, it will be a severe challenge.

And that's just the broad, general start. The details? OH, GOD. My head spins. I'm doubtful about the outcome, and that's even WITH them directing. (Note to MGM and New Line execs,if you are reading this: if you thought LOTR was difficult to complete, The Hobbit is MURDER.) I all suggest you folks get a copy and read it NOW, (it's a short book) just to appreciate why this films should be given to different hands to write and direct.
Normally sequels (prequels?) should be easier after the initial films, but this is that rare case of the opposite being true.

Knowing this, why these people should even consider anyone other than the guy who MADE the franchise is ridiculous. Going with PJ is the very BEST way of playing it safe to get your billion.

3)If Our Three (Peter, Fran and Philippa) do not direct, assistant direct, and script the films, how do we know that they will have access to scripting decisions?

4) Even if Howard Shore commits to the score, if Fran and Philippa are not in the studio daily, collaborating with him in writing the songs, helping Tolkien linguist David Salo incorporate Philippa; s superior potry into the score, how can we have the score we need to have? And as Howard Shore was often daily on the set, saoking up the vibes of Middle Earth and working closely with PJ too, it can be said that this will be impossible with anyone else.

And that's for starters....


Dec 19 2007, 9:06pm

Post #22 of 65 (883 views)
Most Definitely [In reply to] Can't Post

In case any of the decision-makers are reading these threads and tallying responses...

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Dec 19 2007, 9:11pm

Post #23 of 65 (875 views)
Thanks! [In reply to] Can't Post

Juju for the contact info. I will certianly be doing this.

Can you provide contact info for New Line and MGM as well? I want to communicate to them just how much more difficult it will be to adapt The Hobbit, even with PJ, Fran and Philippa directly on board. I want to tell them that the best approach to this is to play it safe, and that can only be done by keeping them.

I feel that even more so than with PJ, we need to do this too.

Registered User

Dec 19 2007, 9:13pm

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Just think of the possibilities! [In reply to] Can't Post

With no book by Tolkien (or as far as we know, by anyone) to constrain it, the sequel/prequel movie could be made now with very little preparation. Since PJ already has commitments, New Line could get some other director who was experienced with improvisation. And then the actors could be allowed to ad-lib their lines!

For instance, Liv Tyler could player the young(er) Arwen more like the character she played in "Jersey Girl". There are so many different directions this could go.

(This post was edited by oldfan on Dec 19 2007, 9:19pm)

Arwen's daughter

Dec 19 2007, 9:15pm

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If I know it's coming [In reply to] Can't Post

If PJ stands up and says that he wants to direct and he needs a couple of years to get ready, I'll wait. I'll sit and yell at New Line and read the rumors and keep watching LotR and be patient if PJ wants to do it. But it he is not willing to publicly ask for the job or fight New Line, or whatever the circumstances may be, I'll still wait and read the rumors and watch LotR and just get to see the Hobbit a couple of years sooner.

If PJ wants it, it is his by rights, imo. Well, not legal rights mind you, but you know what I mean.

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