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Official Introduction & Welcome Thread
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Registered User

Feb 19 2013, 5:26am

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Greetings! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello, everybody!

My name is Ann Marie, and I'm from Florida, USA.

Tolkien's works have been a huge part of my late childhood-early adolescent years, as that was when I first started reading them. I first read The Hobbit when I was eleven years old, and then moved on to the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was twelve. Coincidentally, that was when Peter Jackson's movies came out, so I hurried to finish them all before The Fellowship of the Ring came to theaters.

Ever since The Return of the King, I had been waiting for a live action adaptation of The Hobbit, as that was my favorite book when I was younger. I used to watch the old Rankin/Bass cartoon all the time, and I would always wonder to myself how amazing it would be to see a live action version of my favorite story. My dream came true a year ago, so here I am.

I used to lurk around here every once in a while, and I decided to join today after watching the livestream with Sylvester McCoy earlier today (he answered one of my questions--it was the one regarding the Quenya when Radagast brought Sebastian back to life).

Outside of LOTR, I'm a graduate student pursuing a degree in librarianship, an amateur pianist, and a long-time fan of sci-fi (mostly Star Trek, Babylon 5, and more recently Doctor Who--thanks to some inspiration from Sylvester McCoy's performance as Radagast, since he played the Seventh Doctor).

I'd post a picture, but I have no recent photos of myself...I'm very, very camera shy. Blush

I got my name after perusing through various Elvish-language sites and came up with "Gilrandir", which means "Star Wanderer" in Sindarin. I thought it seemed fitting to go along with my interest in sci-fi.

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The Shire

Mar 23 2013, 7:23am

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Hello, there! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello, I am new to this board. Though I have been lurking around theonering.net for a while. I am a 21 year old man and I am a Christian. Faramir is my favorite character, as you could probably tell by my username. Smile I love Tolkien's works, he is my favorite author. I love the fantasy and science fiction genres and am currently attending College to earn a degree in English and become a writer. I want to write Fantasy and Science Fiction stories, and of course Tolkien is a major influence.

I actually got into the novels from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, I became a fan around the time of Return of the king. since then I have read many of Tolkien's works. I have read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Silmarillion, Children of Hurin, and Unfinished Tales. I can't wait for the next Hobbit film! The dwarves are one of my favorite fantasy races, so I love that there are so many in the Hobbit. I am not a book purist and don't mind the changes in the film so much, I find them quite interesting actually. I like to look at the films as an alternate universe of sorts for the story, and so the changes don't bother me. It is nice to meet you all, and I hope for some interesting discussion!

Tol Eressea

Mar 23 2013, 5:17pm

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hello all you wonderful newbies! [In reply to] Can't Post

Come on in, pull up a chair and grab a cup of meade... or hot chocolate. torn is a wonderful place to discuss Middle Earth. I found it somewhat before the first LOTR films. Read the books in 1978 (Lee Pace wasn't even born yet... and Orlando Bloom was in diapers). They've inspired a bunch of my own adventures...

Go outside and play...

Registered User

Mar 30 2013, 8:08pm

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Hello [In reply to] Can't Post

Long time follower on twitter and been reading posts on main site for a while. Joined the marathon of the extended editions of the films earlier and decided to join up as that was great fun with fun people. Name is william. Niracas is william in quenya

(This post was edited by Niracas1980 on Mar 30 2013, 8:16pm)

Registered User

Apr 4 2013, 8:22pm

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It's all Laguz's and Kiwifan's fault... [In reply to] Can't Post

...that I signed up Tongue

Hello all! I love books and tea. They go well together. Like bangers and mash Laugh

Smeagol Bagginsess

Apr 15 2013, 4:14pm

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Greeetingsssssss Precioussss!!!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

We are Smeagol Bagginsess as you can see.
We are a PJ to Tolkien fan preciousss. Isn't we? Oh yes preciouss, we are.
We have read The Hobbitssess, and the Lord of my Precioussss and The Ssssil too.
Anyway, we hopes to make lot of friends here. Looking for ssome great discussions on the booksss and filmses!



I am Smeagol Bagginsess as you can see. I am a PJ to Tolkien fan and regard the books as well as the movies as masterpieces. I have read The Hobbit, LOTR and the Sil.
Anyway, I really hope to make lots of friends here and also have some good discussions on the books as well as films.


The Road goes Ever on and on.
Down from the door where it began.
How far ahead the Road has gone.
And I must follow if I can ...

The Shire

Apr 17 2013, 2:56am

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Greetings and salutations! [In reply to] Can't Post

My name is Jennifer and I live in Northern California. I've been a Tolkien fan as long as I can remember; in fact, one of my earliest memories is listening to the BBC radio adaptation of The Hobbit on NPR. My fifth grade teacher also read The Hobbit to us in class and encouraged those of us who had the book to follow along, which I did. A couple of years later I tackled the LOTR trilogy, which took me a long time to read what with all the wordy descriptions and things I didn't wholly understand. It didn't help that I started with TTT because that was the only one my mom had on her bookshelf, and I got about halfway through it before I realized I was supposed to read FOTR first! Since then I've read most of Tolkien's works many times over (in order, even!) and am currently making my way through his Letters for the second time in as many years.

When it comes to Peter Jackson's films I'm somewhat torn - I love the visuals and most of the actors, but the unnecessary changes irk me. I find it's always the worst on the first viewing, because I have this expectation that the events will follow a certain course and I get disappointed when they don't. But usually after a couple of viewings the purist in me calms down enough that I can appreciate them for what they are, which is what led me here... my husband and friends are a bit sick of hearing my dissertations on The Hobbit since it was released on DVD, so I decided to seek out a more receptive audience! Smile

In addition to being a Tolkien fanatic I'm also a cat-lover, musician, occasional writer and a fantastic vegan cook, if I do say so myself! Wink


Apr 17 2013, 12:49pm

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Hello! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm Mary. I come from a small town in Indiana. I am the youngest of 9 and I have just entered high school.Wink

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 17 2013, 5:41pm

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HI Luinnar! [In reply to] Can't Post

Indiana! If you see a poster named Patty, she's also from your state! And there are many other Midwestern TORnfolks. Welcome!


"I desired dragons with a profound desire"

Aragalen the Green

Apr 18 2013, 1:23am

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Welcome!! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm glad you are here! It's nice to see I'm not the only one dealing with a similar situation. Living in a household of Star Wars and Star Trek fans...who aren't quite as avid about Tolkien as I am...this is a great place to be Smile

In Reply To
... my husband and friends are a bit sick of hearing my dissertations on The Hobbit since it was released on DVD, so I decided to seek out a more receptive audience!

'"Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!" he said to himself, and it became a favourite saying of his later, and passed into a proverb.'

The Shire

Apr 18 2013, 2:23am

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Thank you for the warm welcome!! [In reply to] Can't Post

I can talk Star Trek with the best of them, but Tolkien is my heart & soul. Ironically my husband is a huge Tolkien fan as well but he prefers the Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, so it just aggravates him when I start going into comparisons between LOTR/Hobbit films & books Unsure

The Shire

Apr 18 2013, 8:11pm

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Well, here goes... [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't want to say my exact name and location, but I live in the Southwestern United States. And I am a girl, even though my username is Kili! Wink

I discovered TORn because I was looking for a good place to get Hobbit news. And after lurking around the boards for a while, I decided I should join the fun! Smile I grew up knowing about Lord of the Rings because my sisters were big fans. Now it's my turn to be crazy about it and the Hobbit!

I love animals but I only have two dwarf hamsters (named Fili and Kili).

Well that's about all I can think of right now!


Apr 18 2013, 8:58pm

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Welcome to TORn Kili :-) [In reply to] Can't Post

You've picked a great time to join - with all the excitement of The Hobbit, we have plenty of discussions in The Hobbit board. Be sure to check out the other boards as well - we're all very friendly. Smile

You have something in common with a lot of us round here - naming pets after Tolkien characters. I have two cats called Gimli and Rosie.

Hope you have fun while you're here.


Apr 19 2013, 8:06am

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Welcome! [In reply to] Can't Post

It's really nice to meet people on TORn with other interests that you have other than LotR - I also adore science fiction, especially Star Trek. I think it's the question of morality and a really intelligent show have been a huge part of my way of thinking.

Welcome. Live long and prosper! Cool

"Eala Earendel engla beorhtast
ofer middangeard monnum sended."

"You think you world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. For I have returned to have my vengeance. So, shall we begin? " - John Harrison/Khan/Sherlock/Smaug (Star Trek: Into Darkness)


Apr 19 2013, 8:13am

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Greetings to a fellow Jennifer! [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm Jennifer, too. Smile

Welcome to TORn. It's really shiny - all these new members (not that I've been on these forums for a long time myself).


my husband and friends are a bit sick of hearing my dissertations on The Hobbit since it was released on DVD, so I decided to seek out a more receptive audience!

I have the same problem with my family, except the few who are fans. I sometimes enjoy their exasperation at my constant hobbiting. Blush

"Eala Earendel engla beorhtast
ofer middangeard monnum sended."

"You think you world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. For I have returned to have my vengeance. So, shall we begin? " - John Harrison/Khan/Sherlock/Smaug (Star Trek: Into Darkness)


Apr 19 2013, 8:03pm

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I guess I never said hi officially [In reply to] Can't Post

My Name is Josh and I'm 31 from just outside of Kansas City, Mo

I've been a fan of Tolkien for over 10 years now. It started with my mom and has moved forward into a deep love of the world of Middle-earth. I've been collecting items based on Jackson's adaptation since December of 2003. I've posted on several boards over the years talking with lots of fans of Middle-earth, Marvel, SW, etc even totalling almost 66k posts on the Sideshow Freaks message board. In April of 2011 I was asked to join the staff of TORn to write a collecting column and from there Collecting The Preicous was born. I love posting here and talking Middle-earth with you all, helping to spread collecting Middle-earth, and being able to help TORn out.

I realized looking at this thread I never shared anything so I wanted to finally get around to sharing a bit about myself.

Registered User

Apr 19 2013, 11:56pm

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So new, not sure what I'm doing. [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi, name is Emma and am well retired. Only became a Tolkien fan a few years ago when a neighbors boys asked if I'd seen the movies, which I hadn't so they loaned me Return of the King and I've been hooked ever since. Have read the Trilogy and The Hobbit but now rereading them.
I also enjoy a potpourri of other things such as my dogs, casual pc gaming, watching WWE and numerous miscellany. Used to have horses, rode motorcyles, showed my dogs and helped train dog obedience.
I live in eastern Washington state in a small town amidst the wheat fields.

Still learning my way around and not sure if I'm posting correctly and not sure how to post on the other forums. Noticed there's only a "reply to" option.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 20 2013, 12:28am

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Hi Emma! [In reply to] Can't Post

And welcome to TORn! If this is your first time on a message board, it can be a bit confusing, but I think you'll soon find it's actually easy. Smile (And you'll find other retirees here, as well!)

You've already figured out how to respond to a post...obviously! Laugh If you'd like to start a thread in one of the Boards we have here: click on the Ring (at the top of the page) for Main Index, then click on the Board which is pertinent to your topic. In the upper right corner above all the posts, there's a "Post New" box: click on that, write up your post, then Preview your post (always a good idea), then - Post it!

Did you see the FAQs thread on the Welcome Board? There's a lot in it, but it may be helpful! Here's a link to it: http://newboards.theonering.net/.../gforum.cgi?post=50;

And remember, if you have any questions, feel free to post on Feedback, or you can send a PM (personal message) to any of us Admins (the list of Forum Admins is here, and by clicking Who's Online you can see if any of us have been active in the past 15 minutes.)


"I desired dragons with a profound desire"

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 20 2013, 12:29am

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Well, then! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hello, and a belated "welcome to TORn"! Smile


"I desired dragons with a profound desire"


Apr 20 2013, 12:53am

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Thank you :) [In reply to] Can't Post


Registered User

Apr 20 2013, 6:21pm

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Thank you [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks much for the welcome and links; have been browsing as much as I can.

Bella Gamgee
The Shire

Apr 30 2013, 7:03pm

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A belated introduction... [In reply to] Can't Post

After years of reading this board, I finally signed on formally a little while ago. I'm a Toronto, Ontario dyed-in-the-wool Tolkien fan with a lot of long suffering family and friends that humour my passion, but appreciate it nonetheless. My first reading of LotR was back in 1974(!), but I didn't pick it up again for years until the movie production began. Life and raising kids get in the way sometimes. Since then there's been no holding me back.

While Gandalf was definitely my favourite character in LotR, I'm a huge fan of Thorin as portrayed by Richard Armitage. I was fortunate to be in the audience during the interview taped at George Strombopoulos' show in Toronto last December and would love to see him visit the city again - we gave him a very warm welcome!

All I'm doing right now, while we all wait for the DOS trailer, is planning to redecorate my kitchen to look more like Bilbo's...

The Shire

Jun 5 2013, 3:42pm

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Well here it goes..... [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi I'm Jay236 or Flora and I'm 16 and I live Britain in the North of Scotland. I'm very new here and this is also my first time on a forum so just let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!
I love to read, write, act, be an introvert and LOTR/The hobbit and one day I want to go to New Zealand and also become an author. It's great to meet so many people who love LOTR as much as me and I can be as geeky as I want!

If more people valued food, cheer and song above hoarded gold, the world would indeed be a merrier place.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jun 5 2013, 4:10pm

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This is the perfect place to be geeky! [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome to TORn, Jay236! If you have any problems or if there's anything you'd like to know about, you can post on Feedback, or feel free to send a PM to one of us Admins! Smile

North of Scotland? One of our TORnfolks is heading there on vacation - Lily Fairbairn told about it in posts starting here: http://newboards.theonering.net/...rum.cgi?post=609056;

(And she loves to write, also - in fact, there are many writers here on TORn!)


"I desired dragons with a profound desire"


Jun 7 2013, 12:32pm

Post #375 of 663 (70725 views)
Hi all! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi everyone!

I'm Lothwen (yes, I'm not telling you my real name yetTongue)I'm 15 and I hail from South africa.

On Baliman's I call myself Goldberry.

So, about me. I'm a total newbie to torn (I only "discovered" it a few weeks ago). I first read the hobbit when I was 6, progressed to LotR 2 yrs ago and am currently reading Sil. for the first time. Smile

I love reading, writing, music, dancing, art and....oh well, the list goes on Wink

Tell me if I post this on wrong, as it is my 1st post...

Cheers, Lothwen/Goldberry

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