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Well, that was a pig in the poke.
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The Shire

Mar 24 2013, 8:03pm

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Well, that was a pig in the poke. Can't Post

Watched for an hour, and there was no trailer, only a scene that they had already finished before the split to three movies and that has been basically 100% spoiled already. You don't jazz people up ans then not deliver.


Mar 24 2013, 8:06pm

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I agree with that. [In reply to] Can't Post

We've seen a couple of finished scenes but I expected more. I really would like to see a trailer...


Mar 24 2013, 8:06pm

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More than that... [In reply to] Can't Post

...this scene looks rather like an alternative (earlier) introduction of the Radagast character to me.


Mar 24 2013, 8:06pm

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Uh, did you notice the end? [In reply to] Can't Post

The last minute was a bunch of new never-before-scenes that we haven't seen before, including Thorin announcing himself to the people of Laketown.


Mar 24 2013, 8:08pm

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Yes, but... [In reply to] Can't Post

I wanted moreCrazy Couple of finished scenes was not enough for me.


Mar 24 2013, 8:12pm

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Even so [In reply to] Can't Post

For anyone that bought this just for the "sneak peek" What a let down.

Oin's parasite

Mar 24 2013, 8:14pm

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"OH YOU!" [In reply to] Can't Post

Gandalf and Radagast, love em'. And I feel like I will love The master of lake town!

"I've got parasites as big as my arm!"


Mar 24 2013, 8:14pm

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Where was Beorn? [In reply to] Can't Post

Of all the characters from DoS, he was the only one I hadn't seen at all (next to Smaug, and I didn't expect to see him). All I saw was a quick shot of his house. Do you think they are really trying to maintain the mystery? Or maybe he is being retooled, a la Azog? I was really bummed.

Tol Eressea

Mar 24 2013, 8:15pm

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Were people actually expecting a trailer this early? [In reply to] Can't Post

PJ already said (weeks ago) that we would get a trailer mid-2013.


Mar 24 2013, 8:19pm

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At least you were able to watch it... [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm really upset with this whole live event. I bought the DVD, entered the code, and my Internet goes out (Weather-related). Why could they not archive it on the hobbit website?? If we have the code, it shouldn't matter.

So I managed to see NONE of it. Mad

Planned my entire afternoon around an event that I didn't get to take part in.

Thankfully, TORN and everyone here will, hopefully, fill me in. Unsure

Forum Admin / Moderator

Mar 24 2013, 8:26pm

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Cats16... [In reply to] Can't Post

there will be an archived version available on the Hobbit site through late May. Your code will be good for that. Try again tomorrow or the day after and see if it's up.



Mar 24 2013, 8:33pm

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my internet failed as well [In reply to] Can't Post

i was able to get on at quarter after.

however, my understanding is that a slightly abbreviated version of the event will be available on the hobbit site in a couple of days. so you will be able to see it.

sorry you had internet troubles. i certainly can relate.

cheers ---


aka. fili orc-enshield
the scene, as i understand it, is exceptionally well-written. fili (in sort of a callback to the scene with the eagles), calls out "thorRIIIIIIN!!!" just as he sees the pale orc veer in for the kill. he picks up the severed arm of an orc which is lying on the ground, swings it up in desperation, effectively blocking the pale orc's blow. and thus, forever after, fili is known as "fili orc-enshield."

this earns him deep respect from his hard-to-please uncle. as well as a hug. kili wipes his boots on the pale orc's glory box. -- maciliel


Mar 24 2013, 8:34pm

Post #13 of 51 (878 views)
Thank you, Silverlode. [In reply to] Can't Post

Just re-read the information page on the home page. Must have missed that part in my hectic morning.

I think my anger has subsided, mostly. Just upset at my bad luck.

Deep breaths...Wink

Rohirrim Rider

Mar 24 2013, 8:42pm

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Seem like PJ knew which film it would be attached to as well. [In reply to] Can't Post

He appeared to stumble, as if he was about to say it and had to change his words.

Still, I'd say it's an almost definite that it'll be with Man of Steel. Warner film, middle of summer, big IMAX release... check, check and check.

The Shire

Mar 24 2013, 8:42pm

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Here's my recap (spoilers): [In reply to] Can't Post

It was about 2 minutes of interesting reveals, and about 54 minutes of filler.

I am not kidding about the filler. For example, he spent a few minutes talking about the mug he got when he was on the Colbert Report.

There were celebrity questions from:

Dom Monaghan
Billy Boyd
Evangeline Lilly
Orlando Bloom
Stephen Fry (no, not a question, just a really cheesy running joke where they would cut back to him every 10 minutes or so and he was still talking)
Lee Pace
Luke Evans
Stephen Colbert

And then a few questions from fans. Most of the questions had little to do with plot points, and where they did, Peter was very stingy with info.

I guess we found out that Peter acknowledges that woodland elves are a lesser brand of elves than the Sindaran. And he showed some concept art that has Thranduil's halls as a subterranean cavern with lighting breaking in through cracks in the ceiling and bridges fashioned from giant tree roots.

We saw a lot of green screen action. Tauriel will fight orcs at some point. One will get captured, and she'll threaten to kill it before being admonished to stop.

You see Thorin and co. arrive at Laketown and announce their entrance (again, on a green-screen set).

Looks like Legolas' physics-stretching fight scene in this one involves each leg balancing on moving beams as he fights, but they were green screened so who knows what those items are supposed to be (horses? giant spider legs? both sides of a convulsing ground as a crack opens up? some sort of industrial device? can't say).

The scene shown was Gandalf entering the High Fells tombs of the Nazgul. It's a spiral staircase around the edges of a deep hole, with each level housing a tomb of the nine. They're all busted out -- out being a key phrase, as he says they've been broken from the inside. As has been noted elsewhere, Radagast shows up and it really feels like this was the original introduction to that character that is now being repurposed without any attempt to address the awkwardness of it all.

Nothing on Beorn or Smaug. They showed some dragon stuff early, but it's clear it wasn't Smaug.

We saw the dragon hoard, and Bilbo apparently fell into it above his head like a little kid in a ball pit. We see him climbing out of it and shaking himself off. So much for sneaking around, I guess.

There was a greenscreen scene where Thranduil is talking with Legolas, but I couldn't make out any dialogue.

That's about it.


Mar 24 2013, 8:45pm

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agree with Gandalf and Radagast :)))) [In reply to] Can't Post

all in all, it was what I expected. I was utterly delighted to see Gandalf and Raddy (shape shifting!!!) in that scene. I truly hope Radagast is not Saruman's tool yet (or ever, if I might inject.) A wonderful scene....I utterly love these two together.

And I think it was fair a good deal of Thranduil and the Bard were shown. Hats off to Lee Pace, I utterly hate his character (so much smugness), but then I've never liked the elves anyway. ;))

Stephen Frye will probably be a hoot (he looks like he was having fun.)

About the only waste of time to me, was Colbert, it would have been nice if another fan get a question in since Colbert could pester Peter on his show any time Jackson appears.

I'm glad they're holding off on Beorn. I really hope they take their time with his bearform and overall appearance.

The montage at the end was a nice tease of things to come.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere." - Albert Einstein.


Mar 24 2013, 8:52pm

Post #17 of 51 (817 views)
Thanks, Beeromir! [In reply to] Can't Post

Appreciate the detailed recap. Now I see what you meant in your first post. Interesting that they showed the tombs scene.

Metal Slug

Mar 24 2013, 9:45pm

Post #18 of 51 (742 views)
A bit lacking [In reply to] Can't Post

Indeed, a bit of a letdown. Not enough meat on the bone. The question from the Chinese girls was painful to listen to, I felt WB was just pandering to that region. I mean, the filler was kind of interesting background, but this was supposed to be about the 2nd film. I don't want to see 5 pre takes of a scene, I want more finished material which surely they have.


Mar 24 2013, 10:13pm

Post #19 of 51 (670 views)
Awww [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
Indeed, a bit of a letdown. Not enough meat on the bone. The question from the Chinese girls was painful to listen to, I felt WB was just pandering to that region. I mean, the filler was kind of interesting background, but this was supposed to be about the 2nd film. I don't want to see 5 pre takes of a scene, I want more finished material which surely they have.

Aww...I really like that bit. I loved seeing how Martin Freeman worked each take. And I also liked listening to PJ explain the reasoning for all the different takes and how they could be used or potentially used in the finished product. It was one of my favorite bits. I thought it was an interesting look into the process as well as giving me an appreciation for the actors having to go through that. It's not all just about getting THE perfect take, it's about THE perfect take from all kinds of different viewpoints and angles.


Mar 24 2013, 10:55pm

Post #20 of 51 (620 views)
Was disappointed as well. [In reply to] Can't Post

They really hyped this event up to be something special and that we'd see a "trailer" of sorts for DoS, but we didn't get anything other than some unfinished scenes and, again, the High Fells scene that was suppose to be in AUJ. I wanted to see Beorn, a glimpse of Smaug, etc. but they spent too much time focusing on the actors who couldn't make it than the fans' questions.

Although I did like the behind the scenes shots, especially of Legolas and his fights with the orcs. Seems to be good, and the little thing with Azog's motion capture was a nice tease. But I was just sorely let down, especially after it was hyped up so much to be some grand event, when it really wasn't.

Lover of Medieval Fantasy
"I know what I must do. It's just... I'm afraid to do it."

Oin K

Mar 24 2013, 10:58pm

Post #21 of 51 (617 views)
Shape-shifting! [In reply to] Can't Post

I found a low-res version of that scene someone posted online, and I couldn't tell what was supposed to be happening except that something flies out at Gandalf and then suddenly Radagast is there behind him.

At first, I thought that Radagast had used some form of "wizard teleportation," which I've come to believe the wizards in Jackson's version of Middle Earth must possess in order to traverse such vast distances in such short time periods!

Now that you bring up Radagast's shape-changing abilities, however, the scene makes a bit more sense, and I hope it is a bit more clear in the film what's happening. Jackson might even tie it in with Beorn's skin-changing skills somehow...

"The Naugrim were ever, as they still remain, short and squat in stature; they were deep-breasted, strong in the arm, and stout in the leg, and their snouts were long. Indeed this strangeness they have that no Man nor Elf has ever seen a snoutless Dwarf - unless he were rhinoplasted in mockery, and would then be more like to die of shame than of many other hurts that to us would seem more deadly. For the Naugrim have snouts from the beginning of their lives, male and female alike..." (History of Middle Earth, volume 11, The War of the Truffles, p. 205)


Mar 24 2013, 11:05pm

Post #22 of 51 (613 views)
Not for me [In reply to] Can't Post

to me it was amazing. They never said anything about showing a trailer. And to me they showed a lot more than i expected.


Mar 24 2013, 11:26pm

Post #23 of 51 (582 views)
I Liked it Too [In reply to] Can't Post

But then again I have no expectations. I am perfectly happy to see what PJ and company choose to show me since it's their stuff and they can do what they like with it. The expansion of Bard's character is a pleasant surprise. Thranduil looks like he is going to be a piece of work. And I liked that it appeared that he and Legolas don't quite get along.


Mar 24 2013, 11:44pm

Post #24 of 51 (550 views)
Yes, overall I liked it [In reply to] Can't Post

Apart from 'Tauriel'.

I also didn't like Moinaghan and Boyd showing up to promote themselves.

The other things were pretty good, and I didn't mind PJ's 'tour', and liked the fact that nothing was divulged about Beorn and Smaug.

It was much longer than I expected it to be I thought it would last for only about 20 minutes, but we got an hour.

(This post was edited by Glorfindela on Mar 24 2013, 11:45pm)

Tol Eressea

Mar 24 2013, 11:49pm

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It set up the look of film 2 for us. [In reply to] Can't Post

They showed actual sets (Lake-town, the tombs - lots of both) and illustrations of Mirkwood and Thranduil's realm, and a good look at Bard, Tauriel, Legolas (did you see his slide in the stream?), Thranduil and Lake-town extras in costume.

Fans say, "I wish I could work at Weta, I wish I could just hang out there!" As far as I could tell, this was an attempt to do that, to give more people a taste of life in the studio and post-production rooms with film 2 as the subject. I was glued to the screen the entire time. Peter said this was a sort of a vlog and there will be more of those. These are always interesting to me.

And I thought the Colbert video was a scream! He really played up his Tolkien nerdness, a la the James Franco Tolkien showdown. Start at 5:12.

One whole hour! So glad I bought the thing!

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