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More news about The Hobbit on Marketsaw
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Tol Eressea

Dec 6 2007, 1:22am

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More news about The Hobbit on Marketsaw Can't Post

Concerning "The Hobbit":
Basically my source confirms that PJ's camp is covering up what they don't want the world to know yet. But this is what he can assure me:
1. New Line WANTS Peter Jackson to direct The Hobbit. (Another source has said that they are close to an agreement). My sources are "guaranteeing" that he will direct. I have never heard them say this before!
2. The Hobbit WILL BE a two part film - but here is the new information - the second film will be influenced by "The Silmarillion" and "The History of Middle-earth Series" (which is a 12 part series of books where JRR's son, Christopher Tolkien analyses JRR's old manuscripts; the manuscripts that ultimately led to become "The Silmarillion", "Lord of the Rings" and "Númenor" which is sort of like Atlantis). The second movie will ultimately lead us up to creation of The Fellowship in a graceful and logical fashion! So for all of you out there that thought that "The Hobbit" is too short a story for two feature movies (let alone two Peter Jackson feature movies) then you were right.
Now that is simply awesome news! There is a great deal of Middle-earth information in those manuscripts and the interpretation of Tolkien's son adds much more content of course. It goes without saying that this has not been officially announced. Peter Jackson will direct "The Hobbit" and it's sequel: This is insider information from sources that are on the battle front and they are staking their reputation on it! I have this info from two separate sources as I have posted before. I have never heard them be so emphatic about something taking place before. The Hobbit in 3D is just the sort of movie to bring 3D to the masses in a big way with Avatar providing the 1-2 punch.

I have talked with Jim and he seems pretty confident about his sources. Personally, I do believe him. I do find weird the HoME part, as we all know that is carefully guarded by CT, and I don't know how that would change. Sounds promising, though.

Let it be heard! We want Jackson for The Hobbit!

Essay winner of the Show us your Hobbit Pride Giveway!

(This post was edited by Compa_Mighty on Dec 6 2007, 1:30am)


Dec 6 2007, 1:35am

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Oh, how exciting! [In reply to] Can't Post

All the preliminary reports and rumors add so much to our enjoyment of the Middle-earth experience!

I love the idea for the second film, and I'm sure Fran and Philippa would do a wonderful job sifting through all the legends to choose the right combination for the script. It would be a huge undertaking, but I think they're up to the task. Hmmm, I wonder what they will choose to include? Actually, if they pull a lot of stuff from The Silmarillion, maybe that film should precede the Hobbit film. What do you all think?

Thanks for the tantalizing report!

Now, how the heck am I supposed to sleep tonight? Crazy


Dec 6 2007, 1:51am

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I Hope This Ads Up to Something [In reply to] Can't Post

It can sometimes take a long time for contracts to be formally hammered out. We just need to be patient and wait for the official announcement.

Until The Hobbit production issues are resolved, boycottnewline.com


Dec 6 2007, 2:07am

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Phantasmagorical! [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh you made my... well forever, since the last LOTR movie came out. I was so afraid they were going to split The Hobbit in half, just to sell another round of tickets.

Now, (apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere) with narration or without? The reason I ask, is that I just picked up a book called: "Master Of Middle Earth," by Paul H. Kocher, at a yard sale. Mr. Kocher makes some interesting comparisons/contrasts between The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. I won't try to summarize all his interesting remarks and observations, but he makes the case that The Hobbit is more of a children's story, and that Tolkien's narration really makes the story work. Kocher's book seems to be really well written and insightful--so far--and I'm not doing it justice here, so more apologies if I'm mis-characterizing his view.

Do you think having the story narrated would work on the big screen?

Lastly, I think 3-D would be unbelievably delicious. We went to see Beowulf in 3-D, and having that jump-out-at-you action almost made this embarassment of a movie good.

"If you listen closely, you can hear the gods laughing."


Dec 6 2007, 4:53am

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But the suspense is KILLING me!:) [In reply to] Can't Post

It would be *much* easier for me to be patient, having had an official announcement of all this!

In the meantime, hope your info is correct! My theory about the Sil, etc being suddenly available is that maybe Adam Tolkien and others in the family have been able to talk Christopher into it, seeing as 1)how profitable the Trilogy has been for the Estate, and 2) how he can rest assured now that the Trilogy has NOT "taken over" the books, as he feared, but only enhanced interest in them. Enough time has passed now for him to be assured of this.

Finding Frodo
Tol Eressea

Dec 6 2007, 5:43am

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I'm glad you are here with me, TORnsibs... [In reply to] Can't Post

...here at the beginning of all things.

Well, OK, I know this is not the beginning of all things, but I missed all the pre-release and production excitement of the LotR films. I am very excited about The Hobbit and I love all of these bits of news or rumor, whether they're true or not!

Blush Did I squee out loud?

Where's Frodo?

The Shire

Dec 6 2007, 6:14am

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eh [In reply to] Can't Post

the more I info I read from this guy's website the more I think this is BS.... plus If you check out the blogposts he made, aftter ather websites "debunked" the rumour..... I really don't like the guy's attitude Crazy

(This post was edited by Windfola on Dec 6 2007, 6:15am)


Dec 6 2007, 8:36am

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No way. [In reply to] Can't Post

The Tolkien estate has never sold film rights to the Sil, let alone HoME, and Christopher has made clear that it won't happen in his lifetime. Now, granted, Christopher is pretty old, but this guy is waaay ahead of reality, and doesn't even seem to realize it.

As much as I'd love this to be true, it isn't. It just isn't.

Son of Elizabeth in Frodo's tree
March, 2007

Elizabeth is the TORnsib formerly known as 'erather'


Dec 6 2007, 9:01am

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I tend to… [In reply to] Can't Post

…believe things when I see them. Not before. It would be nice though, if he was right.

Otherness represents that which bourgeois ideology cannot recognize or accept but must deal with (…)
Robin Wood 2003, p. 49. "Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan – and beyond". Columbia University Press, New York, Chichester, West Sussex.

mae govannen
Tol Eressea

Dec 6 2007, 9:16am

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Are rights needed to any extent for [In reply to] Can't Post

getting some inspiration from some of the contents of those books?...

'Is everything sad going to come untrue?'
(Sam, 'The Field of Cormallen', in 'The Return of the King'.)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 6 2007, 10:05am

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I was excited to see a mail from Jim early this morning in my inbox... [In reply to] Can't Post

... since I for one trust him. And though I've said this time and again and again and again, I'll say it again - Believe me guys, he's NOT faking it. Unless his sources themselves are taking him for a ride, there's no way Jim would post this news on his website just for kicks.

And about his attitude, well, I suppose many of us would have reacted the same way if we were treated like him. Jim is a fan of 3D technology, much as we all here are fans of LOTR and Tolkien. He's relatively new on the scene, and instead of being accepted, he's been refuted time and again everytime he posts something concerning The Hobbit. It's unfortunate that this has happened and I suppose his attitude is only him trying to be defensive in what seems to me as a "Me against the world" situation. I know that many will not take him seriously until something official backs his statements. But I would say that from my many personal interactions with Jim over the past few months, he's really a sincere person just like us out here, and he'd like to be taken seriously.

I do understand it's hard for people who don't know Jim and for whom the person behind MarketSaw may come across as "just another guy", and until anything official is announced, nothing can (and will) ever be certain. But until then, I'll venture to stand by Jim and support the veracity of his reports Smile

The Shire

Dec 6 2007, 10:52am

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grain of salt [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
his attitude is only him trying to be defensive in what seems to me as a "Me against the world" situation.

I think it's more a case of his ego really, he doesn't understand that websites trying to confirm or deny the rumour,
aren't attacking his website and I thought it was funny when he posted a news article that he will post a news article about Avatar and the Hobbit, good way to get more web hits.


Believe me guys, he's NOT faking it

Well the Avatar concept art he posted was fake... but of course his sources are more reliable than James Cameron.

OK.. I'm probably too harshTongue but I'm tired with all those rumours lately.

(This post was edited by Windfola on Dec 6 2007, 10:55am)

Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 6 2007, 11:58am

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Well, he did post a follow up... [In reply to] Can't Post

... and the clarification about the leaked Avatar picture. Have a look at his latest blog entry.

I understand being frustrated with all these rumours, I too have been sick and tired of the back and forth going on between PJ and NL over the past year, I too just wish they'd stop it all and just get down to making the movies. But this is the first time in many months I've allowed my hopes be raised a bit, if only because I know and trust Jim.

And well, whether it's Jim, or AICN, or whomever else with their contacts, nothing is going to be the real deal unless it's PJ or NL making the announcement. So till then, I daresay it's gonna be rumours, inside information and legal bickerings that we're going to have to live with, like it or not.

Well, rumours and inside info aside, wasn't early Januray supposed to be the next hearing (or whatever) in the whole PJ-NL case? I suppose they SHOULD be nearing an agreement, at least NL will be trying to before going to court, seeing as they're the ones at the receiving end. NL will be in the news soon, and Bob Shaye n Michael Lynne will probably be interviewed with the release of TGC. They're definitely going to be asked about The Hobbit, and their comments should be interesting (or boring and evasive as ever) Wink

Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 6 2007, 12:17pm

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Tired of the rumors? [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh, but the rumors are only getting started. These are just preliminary rumors. Once the films are officially announced (as eventually I'm sure they will be), we'll start in with the casting rumors (and inevitable controversies), and the script-story changes rumors (and inevitable controversies), and the locations rumors and the studio meddling rumors and production cost discussions and the dire predictions of failure to live up to the LOTR films and the Return of the Neekerbreeker Journalists, and.....

We will not be having any lack of rumors for some time to come. My coping method is to adopt a "wait and see" attitude, while dissecting the relative merits of the more interesting rumors. And I keep popcorn and S'mores handy, for when the fights break out. EvilWink


"Of all faces those of our familiares are the ones both most difficult to play fantastic tricks with, and most difficult really to see with fresh attention. They have become like the things which once attracted us by their glitter, or their colour, or their shape, and we laid hands on them, and then locked them in our hoard, acquired them, and acquiring ceased to look at them.
Creative fantasy, because it is mainly trying to do something else [make something new], may open your hoard and let all the locked things fly away like cage-birds. The gems all turn into flowers or flames, and you will be warned that all you had (or knew) was dangerous and potent, not really effectively chained, free and wild; no more yours than they were you."
-On Fairy Stories

Forum Admin / Moderator

Dec 6 2007, 12:47pm

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Heh heh [In reply to] Can't Post

You're right about the rumours. I was saying I'm tired of the rumours about whether The Hobbit will happen with PJ in the first place. That's the part that's killing me.

Though as you said, I'm sure once evrythings falls into place, there'll be loads of rumours of all sorts - I think I'll be able to live with those as long as we're sure we're getting a Hobbit movie by PJ & co. Crazy


Dec 6 2007, 3:14pm

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More Middle-earth rumblings .. [In reply to] Can't Post

Love'em ... well, they keep me wishing! and imagining ... and saving for my airfare to NZ ...

One day ... it will be true and then there'll be some partying of special magnificence!!

The Road Goes Ever On and On ...
Happy 70th Birthday to The Hobbit!!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!
..*sing & sway* "All we are saying ..Is Give Pete A Chance" ...
"Your friends are with you Peter"
Let the Hobbit Happen!!!


Dec 6 2007, 4:16pm

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Waiting for the press release... [In reply to] Can't Post

..which I bet will coincide on the 6th anniversary of FOTR's release date...DECEMBER 19!

The movie world will be shaken by this super awesome news... Wink


Dec 6 2007, 5:08pm

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I'm afraid I'm with you, Elizabeth... [In reply to] Can't Post

if they hadn't mentioned including stuff from the other Middle-earth works I might have believed it.

For Gondor!


Dec 6 2007, 5:47pm

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*rubs shaking hands together!* Alrighty then! [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't care about false starts or rumours or whatever... I believe that the intense excitement of the fans will never go unnoticed when it comes to LotR Hobbit or anything to do with Tolkien and Jackson. I see this a forward movement AND I will take this source/information as I have the others; exciting, hopeful, why not?

Of course I know this isn't "fersher". But I feel down in my gut that Peter want's to do this, so it'll get done. He makes things happen, and I feel that Philippa, Fran and he see themselves as stewards (of a sort) to these works. THEY (more than anyone) DO NOT want to see this fall into the hands of Hollywood exclusively. He's a master of manipulating the system and his success (financial/filmic) has given him a strong foothold in the situation.

It's gonna happen! And with the noise we've heard from Shaye's calming down and other hints, I think this report is not out of the realm of possibility!

As for gleaning relevant storylines from the Sil. I don't think they'll use anything directly will come from there (as stated by others), but there is information about Gandalf, the Ring and the Shire near the end of that story that can be quietly incorporated into the films' screenplay.

My ears are ringing from my bloodpressure/excitement over this! THANK YOU from bringing us more hope and keeping us up to date. I'll take whatever hopeful crumbs off the table I can get, and these are yummy! :D

sample sample
Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

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Dec 6 2007, 5:48pm

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Oh Geez! *geek-o-meter spikes* [In reply to] Can't Post

I CAN'T WAIT!!! Let the floodgates open and the debates fly! This is gonna be fun! *slaver, slurp*

sample sample
Trust him... The Hobbit is coming!

"Barney Snow was here." ~Hug like a hobbit!~ "In my heaven..."

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Dec 6 2007, 7:34pm

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Depends on the details of the "inspiration". [In reply to] Can't Post

Specific facts, events, places, and character names found only in works outside the explicitly granted documents (LotR and Hobbit) would be strictly off limits.

I assume the LotR Appendices are within the rights granted, which is what I assume they would be using for the 2nd movie that's been talked about, but any related details in the Sil or HoME not explicitly covered in those Appendices would still be off limits.

The Estate has been quite hawkish about protecting its intellectual property, and would not be tolerant of any attempt to push the boundaries.

Son of Elizabeth in Frodo's tree
March, 2007

Elizabeth is the TORnsib formerly known as 'erather'


Dec 6 2007, 7:54pm

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we already knew that! [In reply to] Can't Post

sir, we have known for quite some time that "The Hobbit" will be the first movie, and that the Appendix materials will be used to make a linker movie as a second film. That's not new information.

Tol Eressea

Dec 6 2007, 8:09pm

Post #23 of 59 (1034 views)
I do not doubt the validity of this persons' sources. [In reply to] Can't Post

It could be that everyone involved may just be waiting for the ink to dry on the contracts before they make any announcements.

However, until I read the 'official' go-ahead from the movie studio and/or PJ, I take all of this with a grain of salt. I've waited this long - a bit longer won't hurt me too much!

Sincerely, deej - The Artist Formerly Known as djdeathskiss

(This post was edited by deej on Dec 6 2007, 8:11pm)


Dec 6 2007, 9:16pm

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Again, these rumors have the ring of truth about them. [In reply to] Can't Post

     To my ear, these rumblings sound pretty plausible. (And it's driving me bonkers with impatience and anticipation! Somebody please announce something already!)

The most interesting part of this new rumor is the inclusion of the additional texts as a basis for the linking movie. This is very intriguing to me. Mostly because it COULD mean there's been a thawing of relations. But not just between PJ and NL ... it could also mean there's been a shift in position between Christopher Tolkien and ... well ... everybody else.

While it's certainly plausible (or probable) that CT is still dead-set against allowing PJ or anybody else to touch his father's remaining texts, or his own writings on them ... you must also consider that he may possibly have had a change of heart. After all, there were reports that he'd completely cut off communications with one of his sons and grandchildren over their support of the films. That's pretty hardcore. Maybe it's not be the kind of rancor you can keep stoked for years on end. Maybe he's softened his stance ... for the sake of his family ... and perhaps he's ready to make peace with PJ & Co. Maybe he's seen PJ's films and not hated them. Maybe.

On the other hand, perhaps PJ & Co. (if the above rumor is true, of course) are planning to creatively tiptoe around the letter of copyright law. Perhaps they plan to get close ... just not too close, to those other texts. If this is the case, it would be unfortunate since that would mean so many of the creative decisions would likely be overly influenced by lawyers and not filmmakers. (As to what they can use and what they can't.) And based on what I'm reading above, I tend to believe that they're planning on taking this more evasive tack. Especially since the phrase used in the spy report was "influenced by" and not "adapted from." Sounds a little slippery.

But we can always hope that they'll actually get the rights all nice and legally ... and then treat the material properly. After all, who wouldn't like to see the whole Morgoth/Melkor storyline play out on the big screen? Or maybe even Hurin? (Dragons and balrogs and battles, oh my!)

Personally, I'm keeping all my crossables crossed that this is happening!

"In Hollywood the screenplay is a fire hydrant. And there's a line of dogs around the block." -- Frank Miller

Superuser / Moderator

Dec 7 2007, 12:10am

Post #25 of 59 (991 views)
I think we're going to need an intervention plan [In reply to] Can't Post

of some sort, to ensure you don't explode when The Hobbit announcement is finally made!

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Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
Men: "Pretty rings..."
Sauron: "Mine's better."

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