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Ro's not thinking this time...
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Aragalen the Green

Jan 27 2013, 1:36am

Post #26 of 85 (469 views)
Gollum... [In reply to] Can't Post

resting his chin on the rock when Bilbo asks him a riddle. And the faces he makes trying to think of answers.

There it is: dwarves are not heroes, but calculating folk with a great idea of the value of money; some are tricky and treacherous and pretty bad lots; some are not, but are decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don't expect too much.


Jan 27 2013, 2:06am

Post #27 of 85 (464 views)
An amazing moment indeed! [In reply to] Can't Post

4. All the dwarves on their feet, staring at Thorin after Balin's narration.

I forgot about this one. it's fantastic! such a powerful moment, that.

but, notice that Fili and Kili do not stand. i guess it wouldn't be right since they too are of the line of Durin?

My avatar photo is Lake Tekapo in New Zealand's South Island. Taken by me in 2004 on a Red Carpet Tours LOTR Movie Location Tour. 'Twas the Vacation of a Lifetime!

pictures taken while on the tour are here:


Jan 27 2013, 2:26am

Post #28 of 85 (465 views)
Moments [In reply to] Can't Post

Thorin's expression when Gandalf holds out the key

Thorin's expression when he sees Erebor

Bilbo standing between Thorin and the orcs

Bilbo's pity and understanding when he dorsn't kill Gollum


Jan 27 2013, 2:42am

Post #29 of 85 (462 views)
so many to choose from [In reply to] Can't Post

- The chimney embers flying up into the stars
- Bilbo's expression looking back at Rivendell
- Bilbo's look through his round window for Gandalf (love the characterization and 3D effect)
- The Rhosgobel rabbit thumbing his foot to ready the other rabbits
- Frodo's wave to Bilbo as he trotts off to meet Gandalf
- How sting's glow blinks out when the orc dies
- Thorin looking at Kili for him to shoot the warg and orc
- Bilbo's expression and head tilt as he said "seems fair" reading the contract
- Bilbo being surprised by being pulled into the middle of the dwarf crowd as the Rivendell horses approach
- Orc scribe's giggle

"Why, to think of it, we're in the same tale still! It's going on. Don't the great tales never end?"


Jan 27 2013, 3:39am

Post #30 of 85 (471 views)
Just went again tonight. [In reply to] Can't Post

Lots of my favorites are already mentioned here. But this time I was watching it really closely (having to do with Azog's creepy skirt/loincloth) and I caught some more:

--the look on Bofur's face when he's told to take the first watch.
--Thorin "standing authoritatively" moments: he does it when Balin is telling about the battle with Azog, at the moon runes scene, and at the top of the carrock. He is filmed from behind, and puts one leg ahead of the other, like he's almost doing a lunge. Sounds weirder than it looks, believe me.
--I'm sorry, but I have now become a fan of the hedgehog, and when it recovers and coos is very cute. I also laugh every time Radagast tries to revive it by blowing incense or whatever on it.

I'm sure I'll think of more... Still digesting this most recent viewing.

Grey Havens

Jan 27 2013, 4:24am

Post #31 of 85 (442 views)
My favorites... [In reply to] Can't Post

- Balin welcoming Bilbo to the Company.
- Two moments in the Troll scene - Thorin, kicking I forget which dwarf who is denying he is infested with parasites, and Bilbo's "Well..." when the Troll demands what he should do - let them all go?
- Radagast's line "These are Rhosgobel Rabbits. I'd like to see them try".
- Thorin handing the map to Elrond in Rivendell.
- Gandalf admitting to Galadriel that he knew the Dwarves would be leaving.
- Bifur telling Bilbo, "You're right. We don't belong anywhere".
- Bilbo hearing Gollum's proposal for his prize- "If Bagginses loses, we eats it whole."
- Bilbo waving Sting at Azog and his Orcs after he kills the Orc sent to cut off Thorin's head.
- Smaug's eye opening.


Jan 27 2013, 5:29am

Post #32 of 85 (440 views)
Mine has to be... [In reply to] Can't Post

First of all, I'm a longtime lurker and first time poster here. Just couldn't pass up this thread!

Favorite moment has to be gollum's realization that bilbo has the ring. That 5-8 seconds, after 5 viewings, still gives me chills. The music, acting, camera movement- it all was incredible.


Jan 27 2013, 7:04am

Post #33 of 85 (412 views)
Yes, that's it for me! [In reply to] Can't Post

I can hear Gandalf's words in my head at that moment.

Old Toby
Grey Havens

Jan 27 2013, 7:52am

Post #34 of 85 (418 views)
So many moments, so little space! [In reply to] Can't Post

Ah, no, I can't possibly contain this to one moment. Several others have already mentioned as well, but here are a few more of my own:

1. Our first view of Thorin when the door of Bag End opens, and his 'Gandalf' (the rest is history)
2. Bilbo stating, "I am a Baggins of Bad Eng", and the way he gestures with his hands.
3. Bilbo's looking at the blue cheese Dwalin and Balin just tossed out of his pantry.
4. The very beginning of the Misty Mountains song, when all we hear is the humming...I just smile in anticipation of what I know is coming.
5. Gollum falling over on is side when he loses the Riddle game.
6. Bilbo offering his pony the apple and whispering, "You must tell no one."
7. The look on Thorin's face when he and Balin are talking in Bag End, and he says,'There are a few warriors still among us", meaning Balin.
8. Bilbo's protectiveness of Thorin after he has slain the orc who was about to behead Thorin.
9. Dwalin's line when he first sees Balin, "By my beard! You are shorter and wider than last we met."
10. The Goblin King's accusatory query, "What are you? Spys? Thieves? Assassins?" He cracks me up.
11. The expressions on Bilbo's face as he says to the trolls, 'The best way to cook dwarves is to.......skin them first!"
12. The shot in almost sepia tones of Thorin on the battle field, when Balin is saying, "There is one I could follow."

I could go on forever, but I'll leave it at that for now!

"Age is always advancing and I'm fairly sure it's up to no good." Harry Dresden (Jim Butcher)


Jan 27 2013, 7:58am

Post #35 of 85 (426 views)
So many. . . [In reply to] Can't Post

Some of which have already been noted by others:

The door at Bag End opening to frame Thorin's profile against the night sky. Gasp.

Gandalf leaning against the wall just inside the door of Bag End and panting in obvious relief after Thorin's introduction to and appraisal of Bilbo, as if he's relieved that it went relatively well.

The look on Thorin's face when Gandalf holds up the key - a combination of reverence, sorrow (perhaps for his father?) and hope. Or maybe just wonder.

Thorin's little smile to Balin after he says "There are a few warriors amongst us"

That moment of absolute quiet - no background music, no nothing - after Bilbo has awakened and searched through Bag End to find the dwarves gone. His expression is suddenly pained, as if he's realized his life is too quiet and too safe. It's just before he looks down at the contract lying where he abandoned it earlier. I love it.

The plate-juggling music playing as Kili and Fili lift Bilbo and deposit him atop Myrtle.

Gandalf fielding the plump bag of coins from the wager on Bilbo.

Realizing that the vines wrapped around the ruins of Dol Goldur feature enormous, wicked thorns.

The rabbit thumping his foot to alert his teammates as Radagast flees Dol Goldur.

Balin's face when he says of Azog "He began by beheading the king."

Azog's face when he throws Thror's head at Thorin.

Seeing the faces on Azog's loincloth.

All the dwarves standing and looking at Thorin after Balin says "There is one I could call king." They are his followers, no doubt about it. And he in turn acknowledges them with a dip of his head.

Kili's look at Thorin when the trolls threaten to dismember Bilbo and his look again when he follows Thorin's lead by throwing down his sword after Thorin plants his in the ground.

Gandalf's look as he turns to leave the troll lair with Glamdring in hand. Looks very pleased to have snagged such a prize!

Radagast's affectionate, indulgent look as Gandalf deposits the stick insect into his cradled hands.

Seeing Radagast's eyebrow twirls for the first time.

Bilbo's face when he sees Rivendell.

Thorin's "Can you read them?" to Elrond.

Seeing what I believe is the constellation Scorpius in the sky (to the left of that crescent moon) just before Elrond steps to the crystal platform to read the moon runes.

Gandalfs startled expression as he hears Saruman's voice for the first time while facing Elrond, and the smile he deliberately plasters on immediately afterward before he turns to greet the head of his order.

Kili's desperate, desolate look as he and Fili are separated by the stone giant's legs.

The moment when Smeagol knows the answer to the wind riddle.

The little orc taunting the dwarves and egging his larger brethren on as they drag the dwarves to the great goblin while he sits perched on a post high above the fray.

And a moment I REALLY, REALLY wish I could list:

an eagle swooping down, carrying off Azog and his white warg and releasing them to tumble to their deaths far below. Or an eagle fanning the flames with its great wings and torching them.

(This post was edited by Tintallė on Jan 27 2013, 8:00am)


Jan 27 2013, 8:02am

Post #36 of 85 (402 views)
Can't choose just one... [In reply to] Can't Post

There are a few...

When Thorin arrives at Bag End and questions Bilbo about his weapons of choice, I love the way Bilbo puffs himself up a bit and replies "Well, I have some skill at Conkers..."

After Balin has told the flashback story of Azanulbizar, the way all the dwarves stand there and stare at Thorin.

At Rivendell, Dwalin's "Where's the meat?!" and his expression when he says that.

When Bilbo puts himself between Thorin and Azog and the other wargs, the way he desperately waves his sword about.

There are many more - ths movie seems to be made of memorable little moments, not just big scenes - but that's all I can think of right now.

Grey Havens

Jan 27 2013, 8:13am

Post #37 of 85 (401 views)
Welcome, Glorfindel001! [In reply to] Can't Post

Glad you decided to join us. :-) I love that moment too -- just gorgeous, though I'm always slightly sad right then because I wanted the singing to go on longer!


Jan 27 2013, 8:21am

Post #38 of 85 (410 views)
P.S. Thinking about these has me choked up [In reply to] Can't Post

because really, this movie is so beautifully, amazingly, brilliantly crafted. It has taken The Hobbit story and enriched it beyond belief. I love the dwarves, the attention to every little detail (such as the snail that escaped the thrush withdrawing into its shell as the other one is bashed against the rock, the bent weathervane atop the ruined farmhouse near the troll lair, Bofur trying to smoke in the pouring rain, Nori's mussed up starfish 'do after the company escapes the goblin lair, and Oin trying to hear through his flattened ear trumpet), and the love for this material that is so obviously woven into, over and around every element of this movie. Every time I see it is better than the last time.

Thank you, Peter Jackson, for this treasure.

Grey Havens

Jan 27 2013, 8:39am

Post #39 of 85 (381 views)
Well, welcome to you too, cats16! [In reply to] Can't Post

Nice to have you delurked and joining us. :-) Isn't it fantastic how many little moments there are in this movie? Such a diversity...I love reading through them all.


Jan 27 2013, 10:58am

Post #40 of 85 (392 views)
The key [In reply to] Can't Post

Some of which have already been noted by others:

The look on Thorin's face when Gandalf holds up the key - a combination of reverence, sorrow (perhaps for his father?) and hope. Or maybe just wonder.

Yes. There are so many great little moments that I could spend an hour listing them and not be done. This one however, is a big one for me. I think it's all of those things, mixed with disbelief, and the hope might be the most heart-breaking part. I think his determination is clear, but despite his resolve, he doesn't really dare to hope. When he sees the key he can't help but hope a little, but it is still tempered with those other emotions.

Thorin's little smile to Balin after he says "There are a few warriors amongst us"

Another part of that scene - the look on his face when Balin is talking about the life he's built in the Blue mountains. It means a lot to hear Balin say that, but there's also the pain of their history, and the knowledge of what everyone is risking as well.

Balin's face when he says of Azog "He began by beheading the king."



Jan 27 2013, 11:24am

Post #41 of 85 (380 views)
Not sure why... [In reply to] Can't Post

...but there's something about the scene where Thorin sees Erebor... My favorite moment is where he winces as he's walking to see it. You can tell he's hurting, but it all fades into happiness at seeing his home again. I just found it touching.

Grey Havens

Jan 27 2013, 11:35am

Post #42 of 85 (383 views)
Such fun to read through all these! Forgot to share mine... [In reply to] Can't Post

and since I started this thread, I figure I ought to share too.

Like many of you, I have such a hard time narrowing my list down, so here's some of my favorites.

1. Thorin's smile at Kili just after he enters Bag End. Such a warm smile -- he's clearly so pleased to see Kili again.

2. Bilbo telling Fili and Kili "No! You can't come in!" and trying to shut the door on them. Kili looks so shocked, and Bilbo is so determined -- hilarious.

3. Dwalin's answer of "No!" in response to Bilbo's "Do we know each other?" As if Bilbo should be used to strange Dwarves pushing their way into his house on a regular basis! Makes me laugh.

4. Thorin turning his head when Bilbo opens the door, and his first words, "Gandalf!" He had me there.

5. The Company striding across the rocky mountain saddle, as the Misty Mountain theme soars with the violins underneath it. The way the music swells right there, accompanied by the spectacular scenery, reminds me of my favorite moment in the entire LOTR trilogy: when the music swells during the lighting of the beacons sequence in Return of the King, and then it breaks to an epic, dramatic rendering of the Fellowship theme with the soaring violins underneath.

6. Thorin kicking Kili in utter exasperation when Kili's denying he has parasites.

7. Thorin silently telling Kili to shoot the Warg/Orc that are on the rock over the Company.

8. Nori apparently sniffing the laundry that's hung up behind the campfire in Rivendell. Why is he *sniffing* it? Too funny!

9. Bofur's line, "Think furnace, with wings!" Such a good-natured tease. I second Gandalf there: very helpful, Bofur.

10. The moment Thorin starts singing in Bag End, as the firelight plays on his face. Mmmmm...

11. The look on Thorin's face when Balin tells him "You don't have to do this." So many emotions there, but especially vulnerability, doubt, and a sense of resignation to fate. Thorin does have to do this -- as he says, he has no choice, even though he recognizes it's not much short of a suicide mission.

12. Lindir descending the stairs in Rivendell. It's Figwit, 60 years earlier. Too cool. Smile

13. Kili's line, "It's perfectly safe! We'll be right behind you," to poor Bilbo. He cracks me up.

I better stop with a baker's dozen; I could keep going for another hour! What an amazing movie to have so many of these little moments that we look forward to so much. I don't remember having so many favorite little moments in the LOTR trilogy -- did we, and I've just forgotten? Maybe that's worthy of another thread later.

Tol Eressea

Jan 27 2013, 12:12pm

Post #43 of 85 (360 views)
favourite by far was the shot looking out at Erebor, and the thrush flying out from the screen towards it [In reply to] Can't Post

with them commenting.

In 48fps 3D it is GLORIOUS

--I'm a victim of Bifurcation--

Join us over at Barliman's chat all day, any day!


Jan 27 2013, 2:03pm

Post #44 of 85 (353 views)
some of the things [In reply to] Can't Post

Bilbo's expressions. all of them. They're perfect every time! ^_^

Dori and Nori's expressions when Ori does the "I'm not afraid" speech.

The way Gollum says "If Baggins loses, we eats it whole", and his little shoulder shrug.

Thorin turning, after Balin's story, and seeing the other Dwarves standing there. A silent acknowledgement to "there's one I would follow".

"Search every crack, every crevice". The over-enthusiastic look on the Great Goblin's face. I go, "eww" every time. Laugh

Thorin standing up in the flaming tree. The whole scene is great, but just the standing up, with the swell in the music, is the best part!

Balin's "Apology accepted" after Bilbo's little rant ending with "I'm sorry".

Seeing Dori and Nori standing protectively in front of Ori, shortly after the Great Goblin threatens to start the torture with their baby brother.

Gollum excitedly saying "we knows, we knows" to his own riddle. Cracks me up every time!

Bilbo's look when Gandalf says that he has a lot to offer, "more than any of you know, including him". As if no one had ever given him that kind of praise.

The way Bilbo says "lets have a game of riddles, just between us". Like he's talking to a child. And how Gollum looks child-like when Bilbo tells him that he's very good at riddles.

I'm going to see it again today, so I'm sure I'll have more.


Jan 27 2013, 2:30pm

Post #45 of 85 (329 views)
A few more... [In reply to] Can't Post

OK, I've ben thinking it over, and here are a few more of my favourites moments:

The little 'mmmh' sound Bilbo makes when he sees Fili and Kili on his doorstep, and before that, the sound he makes when he sees Dwalin, and Dwalin just marches in.

Balin's look and his tone, when he says "Apology accepted." after Bilbo's speech on how he likes to know visitors before they come visiting.

Kili's "I said, drop him!"

The expression on Elrond's face when Gloin gets worked up about the 'insult' and when Gandalf explains.

Thorin groping for his sword when the orc is about to cut off his head. And then, after Bilbo jumps on that orc, how Thorin twists round to see what is happening, just before passing out.

Grey Havens

Jan 27 2013, 2:39pm

Post #46 of 85 (325 views)
Take heart-great moments of DoS/TABA...? [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
And a moment I REALLY, REALLY wish I could list:

an eagle swooping down, carrying off Azog and his white warg and releasing them to tumble to their deaths far below. Or an eagle fanning the flames with its great wings and torching them.

I noticed you had a few Azog moments in your list. The absence of this one suggests you may be able to list its equivalent for one of the sequels.


Jan 27 2013, 3:04pm

Post #47 of 85 (341 views)
My dear moments [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm trying to resist the urge to quote every single line in the movie.

- the dragon kite (not only I like the idea in general, it also immediately reminded me of a scene at the beginning of the Mass Effect 3 videogame... yes, I happen to be a not-so-young female gamer)

- two similar moments that show how language is the most amazing thing ever: "Good morning" (Bilbo to Gandalf) and "Good evening" (Bilbo to Balin). An awesome mixture of misinterpretation, miscommunication and confusion, accompanied by Bilbo's signature perplexed look

- Balin and Dwalin's "apology accepted" with another one of Bilbo's frustrated, puzzled expressions

- "There is one I could follow". No words to desribe the flood of emotions!

- "Think furnace, with wings." I have to agree with everyone else on this. Bofur's choice of words is... extraordinary

- "Oin, Gloin, get a fire going." The way RA delivers the line with both authority and kindness, the slightly unexpected rising-falling intonation... all I know is I'm watchig out for this line every time and I cannot provide any rational explanation for that

- Gandalf and Balin's look when Thorin steps out from the burning tree. As far as they're concerned, he's walking to certain death. I love Balin, I love his father-son and captain-soldier relationship with Thorin and... I basically want a separate movie trilogy about Thorin and Balin.


Jan 27 2013, 3:23pm

Post #48 of 85 (315 views)
Here's a few [In reply to] Can't Post

Balin telling the story and say «Azog the defiler learned that day that the line of Durin would not so easily be defeated» and then the camera goes to Fili and Kili listening.

The relieved breath Kili let's go of at the same time as he says Bilbo when they see he's still with them

The look on Bilbo's face when he is looking up to Balin on his pony and the pony turns to look at him. It's so cute like «Oh, hey to you to.» LOL

Bifur having salad in his tankard in Bag End

The waterfall coming down from the mountains

Thorin's smile to his nephews

When we first see Bofur «blunting the knives» at the start of the song. He looks like a little kid.

Bilbo does an adorable eyeroll when Kili shouts «You got parasites» in the background

When Kili and Fili are seperated on the stone giant

The tiny little «Mmmp» Bilbo makes when Dwalin and Fili and Kili arrives.


Jan 27 2013, 3:24pm

Post #49 of 85 (307 views)
I know why it is for me. [In reply to] Can't Post

It is both emotional and symbolic.

Even for Bilbo, who initially sets out to experience the adventure Gandalf says he needs, realises that his wish has become to help the dwarves get back to their home.

I could have picked lots of moments like everyone else, but that one is just the moment, and with promise for the future as well.

(This post was edited by mefansmum on Jan 27 2013, 3:26pm)


Jan 27 2013, 3:33pm

Post #50 of 85 (305 views)
Exactly... [In reply to] Can't Post

I know others might argue, but I am glad PJ reworked this story, making it more about Thorin's redemption...it adds a weight that needed to be there (for me). The way he walks closer to see it, grimacing, and still getting faster and a smile break across his face, it's just superb acting...so many emotions without saying anything in just those few moments.

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