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I'm Scared That the Elves Will Steal the Action Scenes
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Scourge of the Stoors

Jan 9 2013, 1:28am

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I'm Scared That the Elves Will Steal the Action Scenes Can't Post

By far, my biggest gripe with LotR will always be Legolas. He always stole the show from Gimli with his pretty face and his idiotic antics. I almost vomited when he slid down the stairs in Helm's Deep. My friend and I were utterly awestruck by how awful it was when he killed the Oliphaunt when we saw the film for the first time in about nine years (both of us aged 18). I was tempted to rewind the entire movie and watch from the beginning with the intention of skipping that part, just because I felt that it had tainted the entire film both before and after its occurrence. Not to mention, before that, he KILLS Wormtongue after he shows signs of redemption.

I almost applauded in the theater when the Company circumvented the interference of the Elves by leaving Rivendell without warning. That's how happy I was to finally see the Dwarves 1-up the Elves.

And now this. THIS.
I was extremely excited for TH because it's a Dwarf movie. Then Legolas was announced Unsure. Well, it's only a cameo, I thought. No. He's clearly in action scenes, stealing Orc kills from the THIRTEEN Dwarves that could do it for him. For me, Jackson's Legolas has been the bane of Middle-earth, and his role in TH thus far stings much more than it did in LotR.

And now we have Tauriel, a character who isn't even in LotR, much less TH. But they made her up, because they decided that it wasn't enough to have Legolas back. Yechh Pirate. And from what I've heard, she'll be involved in the same kind of acrobatic nonsense that Legolas indulged in.

We have 13 Dwarves. In a movie to make up for a series whose only Dwarf was constantly shafted in favor of the others. And now this. I am absolutely sick and tired of the Elves stealing the show from EVERYONE around them. I can't be the only one here who's concerned that we'll get a repeat of LotR Elvish favoritism.

Edit: Incidentally, my friend and I laughed uncontrollably when Frodo woke up at the end of RotK and said everyone's name as they came in to see him except for Legolas'. Instead we just see him laugh. That made my month.

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Jan 9 2013, 1:58am

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You hate Elves more that Thorin. [In reply to] Can't Post

But yes, Legolas and Tauriel will likely get an incredible amount of screen time, Legolas will break the laws of physics on numerous occasions, and the story will be altered to get them in action scenes.

Sorry. Hollywood needs a attractive male and female for extra ticket sales, and most tweens will love their antics. I would prefer Legolas be seen in a background shot (like a PJ cameo) and no Tauriel at all, but we can't always get what we want.

Scourge of the Stoors

Jan 9 2013, 2:06am

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I don't hate all Elves [In reply to] Can't Post

I, for example, am perfectly okay with every Elf that doesn't steal the show, meaning all but one (and soon two) of them. It's just a bit much to stomach that both of those exceptions will share the frame!

I am absolutely pumped that Galadriel will get to carry Gandalf, finally fulfilling her hardcore side we read about in The Silmarillion.


Jan 9 2013, 2:36am

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Yup [In reply to] Can't Post

I agree with the OP.

I'm completely fine watching Elves do what comes natural to them (i.e., Walking on snow, hopping on top of cave trolls); but after FotR it took a continuous turn for the worse...first Legolas slides down Helms Deep like he's TeenWolf with "Surfing USA" in the background, then the oliphaunt scene is ridiculous. Conversely, Gimli being used as the comedy relief went to far starting with TTT.

I'm really hoping to see Elves and Dwarves do what they do best, but I don't want to see sequences that are just out of place and so so nakedly obvious meant to prove that a character is awesome.


Jan 9 2013, 2:59am

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Personally, I am really looking foward to the elves. [In reply to] Can't Post

I guess, I must be like Bilbo Tongue. But I have always loved the elvish culture. And I will admit that Legolas was one of my favorites in the original trilogy.

I hope we get to see heaps more of their culture in the next two movies. Thranduil's 10 seconds of screen time has me very excited.


Jan 9 2013, 3:34am

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That's how I feel [In reply to] Can't Post




Jan 9 2013, 7:02am

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Essential [In reply to] Can't Post

Over -the- top scenes like those are needed as they will draw in a larger segment of casual moviegoers.

Sam: Trust a Brandybuck and a Took.
Merry: What? That was just a detour, a shortcut.
Sam: Shortcut to what?
Pippin: Mushrooms!


Jan 9 2013, 8:31am

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Pretty hard for the Elves to still the show [In reply to] Can't Post

When it's 3 films about 13 Dwarves. Wink

Grey Havens

Jan 9 2013, 9:16am

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You ought to be more worried about Nori stealing your sausages. [In reply to] Can't Post

Seriously, did you see the way he had those things wrapped around his neck in Bag End and was trying to make off with them?

The Shire

Jan 9 2013, 9:25am

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Thumbs up from me... [In reply to] Can't Post

I really dislike the stupid stunts that PJ and co. seem unable to resist. The laws of physiscs don't apply to elves it seems and it all started with Legolas mounting his horse at the gallop.

I expect too that Legolas and Tauriel will have a romantic plot line perhaps competing in the same way Legolas did with Gimli? What are the chances Tauriel starts by snubbing Legolas only to warm to him as their scenes progress finally to falling in to each others arms...that's what PJ's 'How to make a movie' book says anyway.

Anyway apparently the barrels scene will be spectacular and they're leaving the elves behind at that point so maybe you can look forward to that.

The Shire

Jan 9 2013, 10:58am

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Tauriel is not Legolas' love interest... [In reply to] Can't Post

From what I read she was written in to be Kili's love interest. Should be interesting how they do that when Kili's uncle Thorin despises Elves as he does.

The Shire

Jan 9 2013, 11:28am

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That rings a bell... [In reply to] Can't Post

I've heard that rumour before. Personally that simply doesn't work for me - inter species attraction. Like a horse falling in love with a cow. I know Gimli was smitten by Galadriel but I felt that was more an appreciation of beauty and grace rather than physical attraction.

Grey Havens

Jan 9 2013, 11:44am

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THERE IS NO LOVE INTEREST... [In reply to] Can't Post

It was a tongue in cheek comment by Aidan Turner...
He may think Tauriel is beautiful (as Gimli thought of Galadriel in Fellowship) but nothing more...

Vocalist in the semi-progressive metal band Arctic Eclipse


Jan 9 2013, 12:19pm

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Good heavens no! [In reply to] Can't Post

Was there ever a dwarf-elf case in Tolkien?

I hope they wrote it as something like Gimli being awe struck by Galadriel, but isn't Tauriel an ordinary silvan elf?

I'm fine with Tauriel pulling a Tom Bombadil singing to scare off the spiders or maybe Tauriel being a Haldir, leading the group to Thranduil's Halls. But a love story truly does not belong in the Hobbit.

Tol Eressea

Jan 9 2013, 1:17pm

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XD, sorry that statement cracked me up! [In reply to] Can't Post

They should make a badge or T-shirt:


written on it Sly

--I'm a victim of Bifurcation--

Join us over at Barliman's chat all day, any day!


Jan 9 2013, 2:24pm

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Could I just cheer your post... [In reply to] Can't Post

... very loud - which is hard going for a dormouse!

I love the elves - and before anyone starts grumbling about Legolas in the films, I've loved them since I first read The Hobbit, which is a long time before Orlando Bloom was even born. All this whinging and moaning about Legolas seems woefully out of proportion to me. Like you, I'm really looking forward to the elves. I thought the glimpse we had of Thranduil was exciting and tantalising. I want to see much more of him, his home, his people - I'm hoping they will be distinctive and different from botht he Rivendell and Lorien elves - they should be. I'm looking forward to the elf fires in Mirkwood - that idea has always appealed. And when it comes to the battle, the elves should play a prominent part.

The Hobbit will always be about Bilbo first and the dwarves second. We have thirteen dwarves already and more to come. But elves have always been the heart of Tolkien for me and if they have a few moments of scene stealing, good for them! Wink

The Shire

Jan 9 2013, 3:41pm

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"used" [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm not sure why everyone here hates the humour in those films, but Gimli was a lovable character.

Grey Havens

Jan 9 2013, 3:51pm

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I agree! [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
I'm not sure why everyone here hates the humour in those films, but Gimli was a lovable character.

I liked both movie Gimli and Book Gimli. While he did have a comic relief role in the films, I did not feel he was the joke. His friendship/rivalry with Legolas in the film I thought was touchingly portrayed. And while he was not shown having Legolas' flair, he tended to hold his own in their "contest".

He did have more serious moments in FotR than in the other films, but this is where a lot of his most interesting stuff happened in the book - Moria, and meeting Galadriel.

I agree with the OP a bit about the Elves. The contrarian/favorer of the underdog in me has always had a soft spot for the Dwarves in Tolkien's works, they seem to get short shrift but they are a Free People I like. However, I am not too worried about their not having enough to do in the films; I have enjoyed thier depiction in AUJ and expect that to continue.


Jan 9 2013, 5:04pm

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The movie is still The Hobbit [In reply to] Can't Post

The elves are incidental, and once again the hobbit will trump everyone once all of Bilbo's solutions to problems are added up. I wouldn't worry about the elves. They're another military power for the Bo5A, and provide some needed tension in the middle part of the story. In a movie with a complete absence of 'active' female characters, they had to come up with a way to put one in. Tauriel represents that.

Legolas/Tauriel, etc. will do what Jackson's elves do. Hopefully, we'll see Legolas learning something from the whole experience, which would tie him into LOTR better.

As a side note, I always thought the 'arrival' of men, dwarves, and wood folk before the council in LOTR was one of those moments that wasn't really fully explained. I guess they couldn't spare 15 seconds of dialogue to say. 'We've sent for reprresentatives to come to the council.' It's one of those slipshod Harry Potter film type things where you have to fill in the blanks yourself because you read the books or visited the Internet.

Okay, done now


Scourge of the Stoors

Jan 9 2013, 6:25pm

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Galadriel and Kili [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
The elves are incidental, and once again the hobbit will trump everyone once all of Bilbo's solutions to problems are added up. I wouldn't worry about the elves. They're another military power for the Bo5A, and provide some needed tension in the middle part of the story. In a movie with a complete absence of 'active' female characters, they had to come up with a way to put one in.


Galadriel would like to have a word with you.

As a side note, we already have an Abercrombie worthy face in Kili. As in the book, Kili will be one of the most prominently featured dwarves. We don't need Legolassie dominating along with him. Also, I find it somewhat offensive that Kili has that stubble so that girls can drool over his viril, dainty-manly face. A dwarf would never have a beard that short. And even if he did, it wouldn't be because he cuts it so short. Dwarves pride theirselves in their beards. In that sense, Kili is a bigger example of deviating for the sake of pandering to an audience.


Jan 9 2013, 6:43pm

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Am I the only one? [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm looking forward to Legolas and Tauriel, I just don't think they will steal the action for themselves...
Btw am I the only one who liked the Oliphaunt scene? The Legolas-on-shield scene was stupid...

Grey Havens

Jan 9 2013, 6:52pm

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Nope, I loved it too! [In reply to] Can't Post

It was cool-looking! It took me back to a childhood favorite movie moment ("The Empire Strikes Back", Luke taking down an Imperial Walker) and I loved Gimli's comment on it. "It still only counts as one" (from memory).

But I am afraid I may have a low taste for PJ's over-the-top action scenes. Sly I've been surprised to read some folks here were not fond of the falling stairs in Moria scene, which blew me away when I first saw that movie...


Jan 9 2013, 7:56pm

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I totally understand... [In reply to] Can't Post

where you're coming from. However I am looking forward to the Woodelves and their realm! I am a huge mark for the dwarves..they will be my favorite race in middle-earth...ALWAYS!
But I like where this type of elves could and should be! I am also hoping they are their own kind of elf and not so haughty(Galadriel and the high elves). Even though the high elves of the first age in the Silmarillion were epic and cool to me..in the Hobbit I like the dwarves and it should be more their time to shine in relation to elves.

(This post was edited by YaznegSouth40 on Jan 9 2013, 7:57pm)


Jan 9 2013, 8:46pm

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Whew! Glad to hear that. [In reply to] Can't Post

I had assumed (hoped) if they went that route it would be more along the lines of him looking up to her (literally) with admiration, like a freshman looking at the homecoming queen.

The Shire

Jan 9 2013, 11:31pm

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Definitely not the only one [In reply to] Can't Post

After lurking at TORN, I was convinced I was the only one who loved that sequence, and moreover, that I was somehow wrong to do so. But when I saw the Extended Editions in their theatrical release last year, Legolas vs. the Olyphant received open, enthusiastic applause from the audience. Very gratifying to know I wasn't alone!

(This post was edited by huzzlewhat on Jan 9 2013, 11:32pm)

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