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My Geeky Observations... it's a start :)
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Jan 9 2013, 3:10am

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My Geeky Observations... it's a start :) Can't Post

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get this to you, but I've been kinda busy with holidays and work and trips to the movies. One specifically. As of tonight (January 8), 17 times. I've taken pages and pages and pages of notes, but I'm still not 100% sure on some of my notes. Have you ever tried writing in the dark when you're having a geek-fest?

I have been collecting Observations shared here and will be melding all of these together and posting them on my Geeky Observations site. Feel free to share your observations in this thread and others, but please put "observation" or a variation of that in your subject line so I can find it.

In the meantime, here's my list. It's sure to be full of flaws and editing errors, and I welcome your input! PLEASE :)

I have left a lot of the accent marks off so it is easier to use keyword searches, but I'll be fixing them later.

What's fun about posting this tonight is that January 8th is my 11th TORniversary. I officially joined TORn on 1/8/2002.

So here goes...

Chapter titles used in the film:
Out Of the Frying-Pan Into the Fire (Thorin and Gandalf re: Warg/Azog attack)

Potential Chapter Titles To Find:
1 An Unexpected Party
2 Roast Mutton
3 A Short Rest
4 Over Hill and Under Hill
5 Riddles in the Dark
6 Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire
7 Queer Lodgings
8 Flies and Spiders
9 Barrels Out of Bond
10 A Warm Welcome
11 On the Doorstep (close—On your doorstep by Gandalf in RotK)
12 Inside Information
13 Not at Home (used by Bilbo in FotR)
14 Fire and Water (used by Gandalf in TT)
15 The Gathering of the Clouds
16 A Thief in the Night
17 The Clouds Burst
18 The Return Journey (used by Frodo and Sam in RotK)
19 The Last Stage

Dwarves listed throughout the story
In the Book: The order Bilbo met the dwarves when they came to Bag End, and he later said goodbye at the mountain
Order the dwarves came into Bag End
1. Dwalin
2. Balin
3. Kili
4. Fili
5. Dori
6. Nori
7. Ori
8. Oin
9. Gloin
10. Bifur
11. Bofur
12. Bombur
13. Thorin

In the Book when Bilbo and Gandalf leave the Lonely Mountain for home.
1. Balin
2. Dwalin
3. Dori
4. Nori
5. Ori
6. Oin (bk- Óin)
7. Gloin (bk- Glóin)
8. Bifur
9. Bofur
10. Bombur
11. Thorin Oakenshield
12. Fili
13. Kili

1. Bilbo strikes a match to light his candle and scuttles down the hallway in the dark. It's very dark in Bag End, so he's up very early to write his confession/story for Frodo in the Red Book of Westmarch before dawn.
2. At Bilbo’s desk, his quill is striped; 3 pipes are stuck in pot above desk.
3. Two swords are mounted on the wall behind Bilbo’s desk.


Did anyone see any bearded dwarf women in Erebor or Dale?
4. The rock interior of Erebor is a green cast compared to LotR's Moria grey and black colouring.
5. Gold ore veins are laced throughout the walls and gold colours trim the architecture.
6. The buildings of Dale are similar to the colour of Erebor's interior. A lot of patina-green and golden colours.
7. The society of Dale is orderly and refined as displayed by something as simple as a doll with earrings.
8. The road between Dale and Erebor's front gate is busy with people and traffic.
9. The kites flying over Dale are a red dragon, a turtle and a blue bird.
10. The soldiers of Dale have arrows with alternating dark and light feathers. Their helms resembles Gondors ???
11. The horns that sound the alarm are long and thin with wide openings/flairs. It looks like there are 4-5 of them on the tower.
12. Erebor and Dale are decorated with many flags and banners.
13. Thror’s throne is built into the end of a massive carving to solid rock that is brought to a point from the roof of the cavern to the floor where his throne is carved.
14. Thorin and Balin stand to Thror's right with Balin holding a chest (for Thranduil?), while Thráin and another stands to Thror's left.
15. Thranduil comes to Erebor flanked by 4 of his emissaries ???? or 3???
16. The dwarves have developed tools to work their treasure and rock.

Gem workers use:
17. Scales (2 kinds) One for balancing between 2 trays and one shaped like gallows.
18. Glasses (spectacles covering both eyes)

Miners use:
19. Candles mounted on both sides of the helms to give them light while working.
20. Wide leather straps hang down along each side of the face to protect their ears from flying stone chips.

21. In Thror's over-loaded treasure room, there are golden shields lined up to support the piles of gold.
22. There are guards standing on the piles of treasure
23. Thorin immediately knows there's a dragon attacking and sounds the alarm. Even Balin did not read the signs.
24. Thorin pulls Balin to safety when the dragon's fire covers the balcony.
25. Thorin heads the defense of the front gate against the dragon.
26. The dragon's long red tail, elephantine legs/feet, large bat-like wings and spiked head are apparent during his attack.
27. Bilbo calls the dragon a Fire-drake from the North.
28. Thrór runs to the throne and presses a button to release the Arkenstone mounted above his throne seat.
29. As the gold and treasure is cascading in the attack, Thrór drops the Arkenstone into the flowing gold pieces.
30. Thorin rescues Thrór.
31. Thror/Thrain runs out just ahead of Thranduil, who is supporting an injured Thrain/Thror, and Peter... I mean... an unknown Dwarf. Thorin cries, "Run for your lives!"
32. Thorin waves at Thranduil and calls for the elves to “Help us.” Thranduil turns away.
33. As the Dwarves wander the lands, Thorin stand atop a hill and gestures to the mountains. The pack he's carrying off his shoulder looks like his cloak.


34. When Bilbo's done writing about Dale and the Dwarves' story, it's light outside.
35. There's a bi-folding door on Bilbo's pantry with a slide-latch.
36. Frodo chews on a pastry as he leaves the pantry and goes out to get the mail.
37. Frodo reaches over and looks at Bilbo’s sketch of when he was younger that he keeps in the Red Book. “What’s this?” Never seen an image of young Bilbo before?
38. When Frodo brings Bilbo the mail, he glances down at the open chest as he goes into the study. It's probably not open very often, so he went straight over to investigate its contents as soon as he could.
39. Bilbo was so engrossed in his story; he'd forgotten that his birthday party was today!

40. In the chest:
1) Scrolls
2) Helm (from Troll's hoard? – not Erebor Dwarvish)
3) Sting
4) String-tied wrapping (Mithril Shirt?)
5) Short, dark, broad iron blade (Fili's? / Troll ? / yet to come?)
6) Quills
7) Red Book
8) Curved, battered, golden horn

41. There's a keg in the hall near the dining room.
42. There is another door to the dining room we see when Bilbo is hiding the small chest and book from Lobelia. Seen when he reaches for the book at the top of the bookshelf.
43. As Bilbo writes something at the table, you can see the framed map of the Shire that Gandalf later looks at.
44. There are 4 chimneys above Bag End… each chimney shows where there’s a fireplace throughout Bag End.
45. Laundry is hanging on the clothesline.
46. Bilbo does not consider himself anti-social as he asks Frodo to hang a sign on the gate, "No Admittance Except On Party Business"
47. Frodo has taken a book out to the gate and carries it as he runs down the road to meet Gandalf in the East Farthing.

48. “60 years earlier”
49. Old Bilbo blows a smoke ring into the air that collapses/transitions into a moth as Gandalf approaches young Bilbo sitting on that same bench. The smoke moth plunks Bilbo's nose startling him and he opens his eyes to find the Wizard standing before him.
50. Bilbo is wearing a yellow, 5-button vest with light flowered patterns, white collarless shirt, brown pants and a pale, sage-green scarf.
51. Bilbo's hair is much like Pippin's in style. His shirts are all collarless, too... like Pippin. A Tookish trait?
52. Bilbo is sitting on an orange-ish coloured pad on the bench.
53. Gandalf has his silvery scarf over his shoulder. It's shinier than the Lórien silver weave.
54. There's a large basket of apples on the floor next to the front door. "Apples for walking" Easy to grab on the way out the door.
55. Gandalf has a large, bent, rusted nail protruding from the bottom of his staff that he uses to scratch a symbol on Bilbo’s green door.
56. When Bilbo looks out the window and sees Gandalf leave, there’s a small wooden doll at a butter churn there on the sill.
57. There's a small vase of lilacs on the windowsill next to the front door.
58. Bilbo's dinner has pan-fried trout, cooked greens, carrots and taters. On the table is a bowl of lemon wedges, a jug of honey, another small bowl of something, and a drink.
59. Bag End is well lit with candles throughout the hole, even in room Bilbo is not using. They are all tall as his company arrives. The next morning, they are all low and snuffed out.
60. When Bilbo settles in for dinner then the Dwarves show up, he's in a nightshirt and patchwork robe.
61. Bilbo snags a biscuit or two from the plate before giving the rest to Dwalin
62. The head-butt greeting Balin and Dwalin share is an homage to Viggo Mortensen who would greet his friends by saying something endearing and then slam them in the forehead with his own (talks about in eedvd commentaries). White light! White light!
63. In the pantry are several bundles of herbs, tomatoes, many cheeses including wheels of cheese, bottles of wine (Old Winyards?), kegs of ale,
64. After the party of Dwarves and Gandalf arrive, Bilbo puts on his pants and suspenders over his nightshirt and gets rid of the robe.
65. While the Dwarves are doing the dishes, Bofur plays the flute; Dwalin plays the fiddle; Oin plays the teapot like a horn/wind instrument

There are times when young Bilbo resembles old Bilbo the most:
66. When he's trying to get away from Gandalf at the mailbox, he quickly flicks his tongue as he puts the pipe in his mouth the same way old Bilbo does in LotR when Frodo and he are hiding from the SBs. Bilbo flicks his tongue as he tells Frodo he'll be alright and takes a drink from his mug.
67. When young Bilbo tries to hide from Gandalf after peeking through the window the same way old Bilbo hides from the SB's in LotR when he's taking a plate of cheese to Gandalf. "They've never forgiven me for living this long!"
68. When he's telling Gandalf he wants to know what the Dwarves are doing in his house. His mannerism and speech when he's so frustrated is much like old Bilbo.... putting his hands on his hips in angst.
69. When Gandalf comes walking up behind Bilbo, Bilbo looks up and over his right shoulder as Old Bilbo did in Bag End.

70. Food from Bilbo's pantry
1) sausage
2) raw tomatoes
3) greens
4) onions
5) roasted tomatoes
6) peppers (yellow & red)
7) scones/biscuits
8) 8, seed-cakes
9) bread
10) ham
11) yellow cheese (sliced and whole wheels)
12) blue cheese
13) potatoes
14) mushrooms
15) peaches
16) jam
17) chicken
18) pie (lattice top)
19) collard greens?
20) Hard-boiled eggs
21) charred zucchini
22) cooked peppers (red and yellow)
23) coleslaw / shredded cabbage
24) lattice-topped pie

71. The Dwarves leave behind the hanging dried herbs

72. Food from Bilbo's pantry/larder in the book
1) tea
2) cakes
3) seed-cake
4) beer
5) porter
6) coffee
7) buttered scones
8) wine
9) raspberry jam
10) apple-tart
11) mince pie
12) cheese
13) pork-pie
14) salad
15) eggs
16) cold chicken
17) pickles
18) sweet potatoes
19) beets

73. Bombur resembles Friar Tuck from Robin Hood.
74. The dwarves drink their ale and belch the same way Gimli did in Meduseld while Théoden/Aragorn talk about war and later during the drinking game.
75. Gandalf’s plates and glass/mug are small while Hobbit and Dwarf scales are the same.
76. There's a tea set on a small table in the hall outside the dining room
77. The same pots, maps and furniture are here that are in Frodo's time
78. There are polished roots from Bilbo’s tree above Bag End throughout the house.
79. When Thorin arrives, he smiles at someone off to his right as he takes off his cloak. From that direction, Kili walks up and takes Thorin's cloak then stands to one side.
80. As Thorin questions Bilbo about his weapon of choice, Bilbo tries to stand a bit straighter and puff himself up a bit to seem tougher.
81. Thorin tells about his meeting as he eats some soup, ale, and biscuits. There's a tray of bite-size wraps and a plate of scones also on the table.
82. When Gandalf tells Thorin he was to find a 14th member … Bilbo is standing behind Thorin twiddling his thumbs nervously.
83. Ori has a string of sausages around his neck (like Sam) that Bofur grabs hold of and pulls Ori out of the room.
84. There are maps of the Shire and Wilderland that are still there 60 years later.
85. "All good stories deserve embellishment" - Gandalf
86. As Thorin talks with Balin about these dwarves who came to his call, we can see Bombur bringing food to a silent Bifur sitting down the hall.
87. Balin nods down at Bifur and Bombur when he talks to Thorin about tinkers and toy-makers being the ones who came when Thorin called.
88. Ori is holding a book in the dining room when Gandalf is talking to Bilbo about being a Took and again when Thorin starts to sing about the Lonely Mountain.
89. Bifur may be spaced out most of the time, but he's the first to rise when Thorin begins to sing.
90. While the Dwarves are singing, Bilbo listens despondently in his room.
91. The wind quietly howls as they sing.
92. In Bilbo's bedroom are a 4-poster bed, towel rack, pitcher and bowl, a rocker and a stuffed chair, Anwar, a basket of walnuts on the floor, a window... so an outer-wall room.

Bilbo's first outfit when he meets Gandalf
93. white shirt, top 2 buttons undone
94. light yellow 5-button vest with golden flower pattern
95. pale green scarf with pattern tucked into vest
96. light brown corduroy pants

When Dwarves come to Bag End
97. off-white, light-brown striped collarless shirt w/ rolled up sleeves (possible night shirt)
98. patchwork robe
Added after Gandalf & all arrive
99. brown/tan striped suspenders
100.medium brown/greenish corduroy pants
101.bathrobe gone

Bilbo's travel outfit:
102.5-acorn button green vest
103.4-button burgundy-colour corduroy jacket
104.white collarless shirt
105.light-brown patterned scarf (tucked in)
106.light-brown pants

107.Fili's pipe is metallic, short, and at right angles
108.Bofur's is more like Gandalf and Bilbo's pipes, but has a larger bowl
109.Gandalf's pipe is like the one he uses in LotR
110.Bilbo's pipe matches Gandalf's
111.Kili has a small clay pipe
112.Nori's is short metal and wood pipe

113.When Bilbo wakes the next morning, Bag End is spotless, empty and quiet. He even checks up the chimney.
114.Bilbo slept in this clothes.
115.As Bilbo runs to catch up with the Company... contract flapping in his speed... someone calls out to him. Is it the Gaffer?
116.Balin has a small wooden lap desk mounted in front of him on his saddle when the Company is riding out.
117.When Balin received Bilbo’s signed contract, he has a small magnifier glass to read it.
118.Bilbo does not want to ride. Fili and Kili lift him up and put him on the pack pony that was behind him.
119.All of the dwarves' ponies are shaggy.
120.Bilbo's pony, Myrtle, is carrying a large kettle, a large canvas bag of something (flour?), and many other items.
121.Three of the Company bet that Bilbo would come with them. Gandalf was one of them. ????
122.Bofur rips off the bottom of his shirt and tosses it back to Bilbo to use as a handkerchief.
123.Gloin snores as loud as Gimli does in Lorien (Aragorn cracks him to shut him up)
124.Seven moths don’t mind being sucked into Gloin’s mouth and blown out again as he sleeps in their first camp.
125.Bilbo sneaks an apple over to his pony, Myrtle. He always seems to enjoy the horses/ponies.
126.Fili and Kili are inseparable, like Merry and Pippin (also jokesters) & Frodo and Sam.

127.Azog is covered with gashes instead of tattoos.
128.Dwalin head-butts one of the orcs during the battle for Moria
129.Dwalin wears a Mohawk
130.Fighting with Thorin at Moria are:
1) Dwalin
2) Balin
3) Gloin
4) Bifur
5) Thror
6) Thrain
7) Oin ?

131.Thorin fights Azog, loses his shield and picks up an oak branch as a shield
132.Thorin cuts off Azog's left arm below elbow, who is carried off by orcs into Moria
133.When Thorin tells Bilbo that Azog died in the mines of Moria; Balin and Gandalf look at each other as if they’re not so sure he is dead.

134.The orc pack watches the Company from across a ravine. They had been hunting for the Dwarves, so they knew about their Quest.
135.As the orc scouts look over at the Company’s encampment, we see that there is a half moon in the sky.
136.Azog's rendezvous with the orc pack is at Amon Sûl/ Weathertop
137.Azog's severed left arm is replaced with a rod with a spike high up through his elbow and a claw to replace the hand.
138.Azog's orcs knew the Dwarves were on the move. The lead orc says, "We found the Dwarf-scum."
139.The orcs refer to the Dwarves as Dwarf-scum and the Elves as Elf-filth.

140.Bilbo's pony is named Myrtle. She's one of the Company's 2 pack ponies carrying a large canvas bag and kettle... and now a Hobbit. She is medium brown with a light-coloured main... and likes apples.
141.Gandalf has grey scarf over right shoulder. Thrown around his neck when riding in the rain and talking to Bilbo about the other wizards.
142.Gandalf tells Bilbo and others that there are 5 wizards. Saruman the White is the leader, there are 2 Bluesies…but couldn't remember their names. An acknowledgement that no copyright is allowed for use of their names.

143.Pan down to treetops … same shot as when we see Orthanc/Merry & Pippin enjoying the spoils of war on the rock wall.
144.Sebastian the hedgehog near death. Several animals and plants already dead (fox, rabbit, chipmunk/squirrel, tree sap, mushrooms)
145.Tries everything to save Sebastian, but there's no change. Radagast realizes what is killing the plants and animals is witchcraft... a dark, powerful magic.
146.As soon as Radagast realizes the sickness of the forest is because of witchcraft, 2 giant spiders attack his home.
147.Radagast braces his door with a plank of wood to block out the attacking spiders
148.Radagast pulls a blue, triangular jewel from top of his staff and uses to draw poison from the lifeless Sebastian.
149.Several mice run across the floor and up into his robes for safety.
150.Radagast's last word in his chant to save the hedgehog is "Andar". As soon as Sebastian comes to life, he squeaks what sounds like "Andar".
151.As Radagast completes his chant, the giant spiders run away.
152.A robin alerts Radagast of where the spiders went and leads him to the old fortress ruins of Dol Guldur.
153.Radagast speeds by rabbit sled to Dol Guldur.
154.Webs cover the dead trees surrounding the old fortress.

155.When they set up camp at the destroyed Farmer's homestead, Thorin tells Bombur to start cooking (Bofur ends up helping), Fili & Kili to watch the ponies, Gloin & Oin??? to start fire, Bombur to start the food.
The Farmer's homestead has scattered about:
156.wagon axle/wheels
157.water pump (where ponies graze)
158.raised garden (herbs?)
159.outhouses (storage/loo)
160.broken fence and gate

161.The Company has 15 shaggy ponies and one horse (for Gandalf).
162.Ponies taken when Fili, Kili, Bilbo watch: first Daisy and Bungo, then Minty/Mindy, and Bilbo's pony Myrtle
163.Fili see the light through the trees
164.Bilbo runs with them to investigate and carries the bowls of stew (very hobbity and duty bound)
165.Loin cloth Troll (Tom?) took the ponies, including Bilbo's pony Myrtle, and the reason Bilbo tried so hard to save them.
166.Kili comes running to the clearing to help Bilbo, but not Fili. He's off getting Thorin and the others.
167.Bilbo focuses on saving the 4 ponies, even when everyone else is fighting

TROLLS IDENTIFIED: What do you think? Who is who?
168.BERT – Cooks / bad eye / wears leather apron / names himself / sits on our right / sitting on ?????
169.WILLIAM – Has cold / suspenders / sits in center / sitting on a rock
170.TOM – Sharpening knife / loin cloth / sits on our left / sitting on a barrel
Tom William Bert
Bert says, "Tom. Get my filleting knife."

171.Flurberburger hobbit knows about seasoning and cooking Dwarves. Bilbo gives lesson on how to cook dwarves to stall for time.
172.Dwarves on the ground are Thorin, Fili, Kili, Oin, Bombur, Balin and Gloin.
173.Dwarves on the spit are Bofur, Dwalin, Nori, Dori, Bifur, Ori
174.Frozen Trolls: No shirt on our left pointing down, apron on our right, suspenders in front of him leaning down to one side (Gandalf hits with staff)
175.Most of the Dwarves do not go into the Trolls' cave.
176.Debris scattered in the Troll's cave are crates, baskets, pumpkins, armor, weapons, etc.
177.Bofur, Gloin and Nori bury a chest of gold coins, goblets, and treasure in the troll's cave. Dwalin looks on unimpressed. Old Bilbo tells Frodo his one small chest still smells of Trolls.
178.Dwalin (standing guard) also looks on and listens to Thorin Gandalf talking when finding swords. Again, seems not altogether happy about it.
179.While Gandalf is looking through baskets and debris on one side of the cave, Thorin find the trove of weapons.
180.Thorin hands Gandalf Glamdring and is holding Orcrist for himself.
181.Gandalf knows the swords were made by high-elves of the first age of Gondolin.
182.The runes on the sheath of Orcrist shows the same runes and pattern on the blade. They match/fit when Orcrist is sheathed.
183.When the Company is outside the Troll Cave, Bifur is trying to give Kili an animal skull w/antlers while keeping the golden cup for himself.
184.Music playing when Gandalf gives Bilbo his sword is the same music from LotR when Gandalf talks to Frodo in Moria about "so do all who live to see such times"

185.As Radagast speeds into the clearing, he’s crying “Thieves! Fire! Murder!”
186.Radagast seemed to know Gandalf was in the area when Radagast says he was looking for Gandalf.
187.Radagast is much younger than Gandalf and Saruman. Their hair is white or grey. Radagast’s beard and hair are both mostly brown.
188.Greenwood is sick. Trolls and giant spiders appearing in the region.
189.Woodmen call the Greenwood Mirkwood now.
190.Thick thorny brambles are growing throughout Dol Guldur.
191.The spirit Radagast fights is the same Lord of the Nazgul that attacked Frodo at Weathertop
192.As Radagast runs from Dol Guldur, the rabbits are lying around except for one that hears Radagast coming and thumps his hind foot on the ground in warning to the others.
193.Radagast knocks away one of many bats chasing him.
194.Gandalf wipes off his pipe with his beard to let Radagast take a puff on and clear his mind
195.Radagast draws off the warg pack and riders with his sled pulled by 16 Rhosgobel rabbits.
196.Every time Radagast is forced to turn by oncoming wargs, he ends up heading past the Company again.
197.Thorin carries Orcrist on his back with the hilt over his right shoulder
198.Since their fight with the Trolls, Bofur protects Bilbo often during the Quest.
199.Kili is lethal with his bow and arrow (like Legolas) The warg-riders hold off until Thorin calls Kili to retreat, then the wargs move in.
200.Bilbo holds both his staff and sword in his right hand as he slides down the rock into the tunnel.
201.Thorin pulls the arrow out of the dead orc, examines it and throws it down in disgust when he realizes it is elven just like Legolas examines and throws down a goblin's arrow in LotR's Moria.

202.There are Elven guards on the stairway and atop the tower watching the Company as they come to Rivendell.
203.Lindir comes to greet Gandalf and the Company.
204.There's a similarity of the Company coming onto the entry of Rivendell and looking around as when the Fellowship arrives on the flet at Lórien. Lindir comes down the stairs to them the same way Galadriel and Celeborn do in LotR.
205.Thorin whispers to Dwalin next to him to, "Stay sharp." Obviously he's thrown off by not having singing Elves to greet them.
206.Bofur pulls Bilbo into the center of the Dwarves for protection.
207.As Elrond and the Elves return from hunting orcs, Elrond is the first to ride up and encircle the Company.
208.Gandalf speaks Elvish to Elrond, and later to Galadriel.
209.An Elf soldier steps forward when Elrond dismounts and takes his horse.
210.Elrond gives Lindir an orc blade. Its hilt is shaped like a fist and the top of the sheath has fur around it.
211.Elrond notes that the orcs they attacked are from the South.
212.Elrond is amused when the Dwarves are antagonized by what he said to them in elvish and Gloin is insulted and realizes he's just invited them to dinner.
213.It’s late in the day when the Company reaches Rivendell, dusk moves in as they eat and it's dark when they’re having their cookout.
214.The Company has not slept since they camped and Balin tells the story of Thorin... at least we haven't seen them sleep.
215.The Dwarves sit for dinner at a table together while Elrond, Thorin and Gandalf sit together at another.
216.As Elrond examines Glamdring and Orcrist, we can see that Orcrist's sheath has oak-looking wood at the top and on the body of the sheath... supporting Thorin's identification as Oakenshield.
217.Glamdring belonged to the King of Gondolin.

218.The Dwarves have stripped down to their skivvies, washed their clothes, and has them hanging all over the place.
219.A fire has been made from broken furniture that the Dwarves use for cooking meat, except for Bifur's greens.
220.Even in Rivendell, the Dwarves know how to set up their own camp and have a party.

221.Bilbo and Balin are present when Gandalf, Thorin and Elrond talk about Thorin's map. Bilbo and Balin are not with the Wizard, Dwarf-king and Elf-lord during dinner.
222.Elrond is asked for help translating the map, but Balin does not trust Elrond. However, Thorin knows he must to get the message of the map.
223.Gandalf covers the real reason the Company wants help with the map when Elrond asks about it. Thorin looks gratefully at Gandalf.
224.Elrond takes the map to the crystal pedestal and lays it on the surface. The crescent moon shines through the waterfalls which illuminates the crystal pedestal and shows the moon-runes on the map.
225.Balin is the one who exposes the true Quest of the Dwarves as he lets slip how the message on the map will help them get into Erebor.
226.Elrond does not try to dissuade them when he learns the truth. He simply directs Gandalf to those waiting for them to have a meeting.

227.Elrond has long, thin braids down from his temples.
228.Elrond wears dark elven armor when hunting orcs
229.Elrond wears a brown short outfit with a long robe to dinner and when reading the map
230.Elrond wears a blue shorter outfit for the White Council Meeting.
231.Galadriel is wearing a pale grey/blue gown over her long white gown she wears during the White Council.
232.She wears a white gem/stone brooch and a crown.
233.Saruman wears his traditional white outfit.
234.Gandalf wears the same outfit he dressed in for dinner ;)

235.Gandalf speaks in Elvish and also telepathically to Galadriel, “Age may have changed me… But not so the Lady of Lorien.”
236.It is evening when Galadriel, Saruman, Elrond and Gandalf first meet. It is sunrise while they are still talking, sitting at the table in a stone gazebo.
237.Galadriel is no long wearing the blue/grey cover, and Elrond has also removed his cloak.
238.Saruman's staff is leaning up against the pillar behind his right shoulder where he sits at the table.
239.Galadriel knows Gandalf suspects there's truth of the Necromancer's return, there's a danger with Smaug, and that he has plans with the Dwarves to return to the Mountain.
240. When Saruman tries to divert Gandalf and minimize his fears, Galadriel insists Gandalf be allowed to speak.
241.As Gandalf starts to speak, Galadriel silently circles the room while he talks. Is she reading everyone?
242.Gandalf agreed that he once believed the Necromancer to be a mortal man and nothing but a legend.
243.Saruman tries to dissuade the others from believing there danger with the Necromancer, "What proof is there..."
244.Saruman is so busy with his own thoughts and speech that he isn't even aware that there's a whole conversation going on right around him. Neither does Elrond.
245.When Galadriel has circled around to Gandalf, she stops, sensing he's got something from Mirkwood. She is fearful and aghast at the sight of the blade.
246.Galadriel knows the blade Radagast had belongs to the Necromancer/Angmar and she knows its history.
247.Even with the proof of the Morgul blade, Saruman continues to try and divert the others from believing there's a threat of Dol Guldur.
248.The Witch-king of Angmar is the Necromancer ... Lord of the Nazgul... who later injures Frodo.
249.Elrond seemed to agree with Saruman until the Morgul blade was revealed. Then he stops his apprehension of the threat of war and the Necromancer's existence.
250.Galadriel and Gandalf communicate about what's really happening.
251.Galadriel knows Gandalf is up to something. Nothing gets past Galadriel and she realizes Gandalf's collaboration with the dwarves and their plans to go to the Mountain. She smiles her approval and enjoys Gandalf's plotting.
252.Saruman begins to speak about restraining the Dwarves from their Quest when Lindir announces that they're gone.

253.The Company departs at sunrise.
254.As the Dwarves leave Rivendell by the pass the entered from, Thorin tells Balin to lead them since he knows the paths into the Wild from Rivendell. Possibly from accompanying Thrór in the past? Elrond said he knew Thrór.

255.Galadriel talks about Bilbo as the Halfling.
256.Dawn shines on Gandalf's face as he talks about Bilbo with Galadriel.
257.Galadriel assures Gandalf... "You are not alone."

258.The Dwarves travel from right to left as the Fellowship did in FotR. Travelling from West to the East.
259.The Company walks near waterfalls after leaving Rivendell, as the Frodo and Sam did when the first set out from the Shire.
260.The music as the Company travels resembles the grandeur of when the full Fellowship begins their Quest.

261.After the Stone Giants start to fight, the Company realizes they are on the legs of one of the Giants and are separated as the Giant stands... leaving Fili and some of the Dwarves on one leg and Kili and the rest on the other.
262.Thorin, Oin, Dori, Gloin, Balin and Fili (@needs more checking) jump to the rocky cliff face as the Giants fight. The others are still stranded. Still on the rock-wall after jumping clear are

263.The Stone Giant's left leg (@needs more checking)
1) Thorin
2) Gloin
3) Fili
4) Oin
5) Dori
6) Balin

264.The Stone Giant's right leg (@needs more checking)
7) Kili
8) Bofur
9) Bilbo
10) Dwalin
11) Bombur
12) Nori
13) Ori

265.When the Stone Giants are fighting, one has its head knocked off, Kili, Bofur, Bilbo, Dwalin, Bombur, Nori and Ori (@needs more checking) are still on the legs of that Giant and are dropped/jump onto the rock-wall path when it falls forward before falling into the chasm.
266.When Bilbo is dangling off the cliff, Ori catches Bilbo's arm. Thorin jumps down to lift Bilbo up and nearly falls himself until Dwalin grabs him and pulls Thorin up to safety.

267.Bofur not happy to take the first watch in the cave, and Fili notices this.
268.Bilbo straps on his sword and packs up to leave. He’s the only one wearing his sword when they fall into the Goblin trap.
269.Thorin overhears Bofur and Bilbo talking about the Dwarves not belonging anywhere... a conversation that drives the reality of that home for all of them.
270.The cave floor seams appear and the floor's trap doors open.
271.Bilbo lands on top of the pile of Dwarves like Frodo did when the hobbits rolled down the hill onto the road.
272.All of the Dwarves' weapons fall into the Goblin trap and are carried by their hosts to the Great Goblin.
273.Bilbo loses his backpack, but still has his sword... letter-opener.
274.Just like Sam and Frodo escaping from the Mordor Orcs during a skirmish in the troops, Nori notices that Bilbo drops down and slips away during a skirmish between the goblins and dwarves started by Dwalin.
275.You can see Nori looking back at Bilbo again as the dwarves are driven on by the goblins.
276.Bilbo bravely draws his sword and follows the captured dwarves and goblin army.
277.Bilbo has his first fight with Sting when a goblin stops him on the walkway. He does a great job of blocking the goblin's sword and fighting back with no training.
278.Bilbo can take a hit. The goblin he's fighting gives him a sound left cross punch to the face, but Bilbo isn't affected.
279.As Bilbo falls, he grabs ahold of a dangling rope, but it slips through his fingers.
280.The Great Goblin uses the smallest goblins as a footstool... or as couriers.
281.Oin's ear-trumpet is crushed by the goblins.
282.The Great Goblin knows Thorin and his history with Azog.
283.Great Goblin names Orcrist as Beater; the Goblin-cleaver
284.Great Goblin names Glamdring as Biter; the Foe-hammer
285.Gandalf's power is unleashed as he blasts with the force to lay everyone out, like Sauron at the Battle of the Last Alliance.
286.The Dwarves toss weapons up in the air and over their heads to each other to arm themselves quickly.

287.Gollum's hair is darker, skin is lighter, and he has more muscle than in LotR.
288.There are no scars on Gollum's back. He gets those in Mordor after he leaves.
289.Gollum has 9 teeth now, and later it's thought that he has 6.
290.Gollum carries the Ring in a small pouch on his right hip.
291.The rubbery, large mushrooms break Bilbo's fall and saves him from injury.
292.Sting is hidden under the giant mushrooms, like Bilbo, so Gollum doesn't see it.
293.Bilbo finds the Ring by the glow of Sting.
294.Since Bilbo is holding his sword, he picks up the Ring with his left hand and absent-mindedly puts it in his vest left pocket as he hears Gollum in the distance.
295.Sting lights Bilbo's way as he follows Gollum to the waters edge of his lake.
296.The outcrop of rock where Gollum has dragged the goblin looks the same as his first scene in FotR, but the mirror image.
297.Gollum is singing one of the book's Riddles: Alive without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail never clinking. –The answer to this riddle is fish!
298.Bilbo's quick to hide the glow of Sting when he sees Gollum on the outcrop in the center of the lake.
299.Gollum spots Bilbo in the rocks on the shore.
300.Sting stops glowing blue when the goblin dies
301.Gollum silently paddles his boat to where Bilbo is on the shore... just like in the book.
302.Gollum knows Sting is an Elf blade, but that Bilbo is not an elfs, precious. He's seen Elves before? We know he does later.
303.Bilbo quickly catches on that there are 2 creatures within Gollum. He whispers to Smeagol that he knows he's very good at games and that he (Bilbo) wants to play. He whispers this to Smeagol, and Smeagol whispers back as they both hide from Gollum's presence.
304.Bilbo knows how to play for time with Smeagol/Gollum the same way he kept the Trolls busy.
305.Gollum notices when Bilbo puts away Sting.
306.Smeagol is starved for fun and interaction. He's very eager to help and play the riddle game with Bilbo.
307.Smeagol drops his chin on the rock in anticipation of Bilbo's first riddle.
308.After Smeagol guesses the first riddle of 'teef", Bilbo sweeps his own teeth with his tongue.
309.Bilbo shows a hint of frustration when Gollum appears.

310.Played in the film (answers):
1) Mountain (not an official part of the game)
2) Teef
3) Wind
4) Time
5) Eggses
6) What have I got in my pocket?

311.Played in the book (answers):
1) Mountain
2) Teeth
3) Wind
4) Sun on the daisies
5) Dark
6) Eggses
7) Fish
8) Fish on a little table, man at table sitting on a stool, the cat has the bones
9) Time
10) What have I got in my pocket?

312.Gollum has less control over Smeagol here and has to tell Smeagol to shut up 3 separate times.???? (Telling how to get out; guesses one of the riddles but doesn't give answer; gives wrong answer in last 3-tries for last "question")
313.Gollum's boat is moored where Bilbo and he are riddling.
314.When Bilbo sees Gollum is raging after he realizes the Ring is missing, Bilbo's hand/sword is shaking as he tries to hold Gollum off.
315.When Gollum throws a rock at Bilbo, Bilbo blocks and knocks it away with his sword. He really does have a great instinct and reflexes for using a sword considering he's never had any training or experience. [Unless we see a Boromir-esque lesson in the extended dvd! Who would give that lesson?]
316.Gollum's eyes glow as he hunts for Bilbo.
317.Bilbo cannot defend himself against Gollum as he struggles to get unstuck. His sword is in his right hand on the other side of the opening.
318.After Bilbo's vest buttons pop off, he's left with just one of 5 (second from the top).
319.The Ring flies into the air when Bilbo bursts through the opening in the wall, flies into the air, and slips onto the middle finger of his outstretched left hand... just as it did when Frodo wore the Ring for the first time.

320.As the Dwarves and Gandalf race across the suspended bridges of Goblin-town, one of the goblins is knocked over the side and emits the Wilhelm Scream (after Dwalin uses a bridge rail to sweep goblins off the bridge).
321.Kili shows the great reflexes as he block arrows with his sword... he looks surprised
322.Gandalf knocks a giant boulder from the cavern roof that rolls ahead of them bowling over the enemy.
323.After Gandalf defeats the Great Goblin, the wooden bridge the Company is standing on gives way and rides down into the cavern like a toboggan.
324.Gollum and Bilbo come to the Goblins' back door just as Gandalf and the Dwarves run through and escape into the sunlight.
325.Bilbo knows he can't cry out to the Company without giving himself away to Gollum who is blocking his escape.
326.Just as in the book, Bilbo prepares to kill Gollum and escape, but pity for the wretched creature with tears in its eyes that stops him.
327.Gollum hears Bilbo as he steps back and prepares to jump. Kicking Gollum as Bilbo makes his jump saves the hobbit.
328.The sun is out when the Company escapes the Goblins' realm and run out the other side of the Misty Mountains
329.The sun is still out when Bilbo runs out, but it is quickly setting as Bilbo catches up with them.
330.Gandalf and a few of the dwarves are obviously happy to see Bilbo alive and well, but Thorin (and it sounds like Dwalin talking) at least still has reservations about the hobbit.
331.Gandalf sees Bilbo slip the Ring in his vest right pocket.
332.Threads are sticking out of Bilbo's vest where his buttons had popped of.
333.Bilbo understands why he came on this Quest. After talking with Bofur about not having a home and Bofur's reaction, he knows and so says to Thorin that their home was taken from them, and that he will help them get their home back if he can. Bilbo isn't going for treasure, but for love of home. He tells Thorin: "I miss my books, my chair, my garden. That's where I belong. You don't have one. It was taken from you; but I will help you take it back if I can."

334.As the wargs charge the Company, one is hot on Ori's tail when the Dwarf brings his mallet (?) up over his head and hits the beast on its head.
335.The wargs' eyes glow like Gollum's.
336.Bofur steps on Dwalin's head to boost himself into a tree.
337.Gandalf again uses a moth to send for the eagle's help.
338.When all looks bleak, Gandalf grabs a pinecone, uses his staff and breath to ignite it, and throws it into the pack of wargs.
339.Gandalf lights 2 more pinecones and tosses them down to Fili and others.
340.Bilbo uses Fili's pinecone to light one of his own.
341.All of the Dwarves are throwing burning cones at the warg pack.
342.The entire Company ends up in Gandalf's tree perched at the very edge of the cliff outcrop.
343.Kili is trying to help Dori when Ori slips from his branch and grabs Dori's leg.
344.Azog sees Thorin and taunts him of how Thrain reeked of fear... revealing that Azog had, indeed, captured King Thrain.
345.Thorin is overcome with anger and revenge. He rises up in the flames and walks down the trunk of the fallen tree to fight Azog... accompanied by the LotR Amon Sûl Nazgul music.
346.Thorin is carrying an oaken branch as a shield on his left arm and carries Orcrist down to battle Azog.
347.Thorin is about to be killed by Azog's orc minion when Bilbo tackles and kills the orc then stands guard over Thorin.

In trees together (subject to question):
348.Bilbo is below Bifur and next to Bombur
349.Balin and Thorin
350.Gandalf is in a tree by himself... except for the moth.

351.As the trees fall, the dwarves and Bilbo jump from tree to tree until they're all in Gandalf's tree, the last one standing at the edge of the cliff.
352.There are 13 eagles to carry the Company on their backs or in their talons

353.Rides on top of eagle:
1) Gandalf (jumps from falling tree)
2) Bilbo (caught up in talons then dropped)
3) Fili & Kili
4) Nori & Dori
354.Carried in talons of eagles:
1) Thorin (unconscious) and Orcrist
2) Bombur
3) Balin (plucked from tree)

355.The eagles carry the Company along the mountains into the northeast (the sun is rising to their left & just behind???)
356.Ori's ear trumpet was flattened by the Goblins when the Dwarves were captured, but he was still using it (flat and useless) when the Company gathered atop the Carrock and before the warg attack.
357.When Thorin sounds angry with Bilbo on the Carrock, Bilbo looks down and distressed like Pippin did when Faramir first sees him in Minas Tirith with Gandalf. A Tookish trait?
358.As the thrush flies towards the Mountain, all the lands and trees are bare of life.
359.When Smaug is stirred by the sound of the thrush cracking the snail on the rock, he's blue coloured... but turns more red as he's uncovered from the treasure and wakes up.

Half-way through film APPROXIMATE -- with the credits is when Radagast is in Dol Guldur; without the credits is when Thorin and Gandalf find their swords in the Trolls' hoard.

1) Dwarves at Radagast’s home.
2) Bilbo at Hobbiton
3) Gandalf at Dol Guldur

gramma's The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey Line Party Report & Review


I'm SO HAPPY these new films take me back to that magical world!!

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Wow - what an amazing start! [In reply to] Can't Post

I have one to add, that I need to confirm. I think one of the ponies is names Bungo - I think it's Fili who names the ponies taken so far, and one is Bungo. Bungo, of course, is Bilbo's father.

SnevaH Yerg

Jan 9 2013, 3:28am

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Awesome! [In reply to] Can't Post

A couple things to add.

Riddles in the Dark is said by Gandalf in FotR.

The framed map he looks at in FotR is Thror's map.


Jan 9 2013, 3:34am

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Great list so far! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks Gramma...

Some recommendations/things I noticed:

Regarding 117, the small magnifying glass Balin has is called a loupe. They are used primarily by photographers and graphic designers to examine proofs.

Number 3, the two swords appear to be the same ones from LOTR, one looking very much like Strider's Ranger Sword, the other like the Asian Dao that may have been an inspiration for the shape of Orcrist.

Back to Bag End stuff:

The first item Frodo picks up from the open chest is an Uruk-hai helmet. Just as he does this, the scene cuts to Bilbo. When it cuts back he is holding something that looks like a horn. (Possible continuity error? The timing is suspect.)


The sighting of Bolg during the flashback seems to have been confirmed (in another thread).

Azog has his arm removed below the elbow, but that is not necessarily a fatal wound, as it had been assumed. (When Beowulf tore off Grendel's whole arm, that was a fatal wound.)


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People keep getting them mixed up and they look nothing alike [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To
I have one to add, that I need to confirm. I think one of the ponies is names Bungo - I think it's Fili who names the ponies taken so far, and one is Bungo. Bungo, of course, is Bilbo's father.

LOL It's Kili who names them. I have a gif of that very part of the scene, it's clearly Kili, he's dark haired and taller than Bilbo, who crosses his path in the scene, Fili is about Bilbo's height. As well I recognize his voice.

As well:

263.The Stone Giant's left leg (@needs more checking)
1) Thorin
2) Gloin
3) Fili
4) Oin
5) Dori
6) Balin

264.The Stone Giant's right leg (@needs more checking)
7) Kili
8) Bofur
9) Bilbo
10) Dwalin
11) Bombur
12) Nori
13) Ori

Kili is on Thorin's side, Fili is on the moving giant's knee. When the giant starts to move, Kili and Fili are next to each other and it happens so suddenly, Kili doesn't have a chance to grab Fili's hand and pull him over to the stable side, Fili looks fairly terrified(he is on a moving giant, who wouldn't be) and Kili looks pretty devastated as they are pulled apart. It's quite a moving little scene really.

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Wow! [In reply to] Can't Post

Poured a lot of thought into this! One interesting thing I noticed myself was something quite simple but I never considered it; The goblins are the ONLY orcs in the film that speak common tounge.

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Bilbos chest [In reply to] Can't Post

When Frodo tells Bilbo the Sackville-Bagginses believe he has tunnels of treasure Bilbo replies it was one small chest (I think it was 2 in FotR the gaffer says he had) and that is 'still smells of troll'- implying the treasure he brought back was the gold buried in the troll cave not treasure from Erebor. In the books he gave his share in the troll money away as he did not feel right about keeping it.


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THAT's what he says!! [In reply to] Can't Post

YES! I have Bongo... but of course it's BUNGO!

AWESOME!!! :D Thanks!! *runs to fix*

HEY, if you know an admin who wouldn't mind going to #162 and fixing that for me... it would enlighten everyone who reads this madness ;)

*winkie, wink*

gramma's The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey Line Party Report & Review


I'm SO HAPPY these new films take me back to that magical world!!

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Impressive [In reply to] Can't Post

I did see a bearded lady dwarf .... but only because I have the AUJ chronicles and knew who to look for.... that crowd scene goes quick...

Doesn't one of the Trolls say something about mutton.... when he's carrying the second set of horses into the corral?

When Radagast was drawing the poison from the hedgehog I was reminded of Gandalf saying that when he restored Theoden to health.

Time wise... do the eagles carry them all night?

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Moths and snoring [In reply to] Can't Post

I've seen it 5 times now and I'm not sure that it's Gloin sleeping but Bombur. I swear I saw the bald spot on his head on the bottom right of the screen. Their hair color is the same so it is a bit hard to tell for sure.

SnevaH Yerg

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Geeky observation [In reply to] Can't Post

Yes, there are bearded dwarf women in both the Dale street scene before the dragon comes, and in the scene of the Dwarves fleeing Erebor through the front gates.

One of them is a richly dressed dwarf woman selling things off a tray she has hanging on her shoulders. Hope this helps!


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Just ... wow! [In reply to] Can't Post

This is going to take several times going over.

Thank you, grammaboodawg!

Production Locations on Google Maps
The Hobbit
The Return of the King
The Two Towers
The Fellowship of the Ring

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helmet [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't think it's an Uruk-hai helmet. It wouldn't really make sense if it is. I think it's just something that looks very similar. I'll have to check again the next time I see the movie. From what I remember though, the overall shape of the helmet didn't look exactly like an Uruk-hai helmet. The crest definitely makes it look like one though.


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Geeky observations [In reply to] Can't Post

item 115....not sure if you are talking about the Hobbit who asks him where he was going.....but I believe that he is the same Hobbit who is seen in FOTR, picking wax out of his ear. At least he looks like the same guy to me.

As far as item 318...he does pop off 4 of the 5 buttons on his vest. But it looks like the top button that remains to me. The four bottom buttons....all in a row.,.pop off at Gollum. Later, when Bilbo takes off the ring and joins the company...he has buttoned his vest....but puts the top button in the second button hole, not the top hole where it should be. Makes him appear even more disheveled then just missing buttons.

My list would start with a few items...not exactly geeky observations, but what I call mistakes, that I've spotted so far.

1- while Gandalf is talking to young Bilbo about being Good Morning'd by Belladonna Took's son...there is a woman down the hill a bit, hanging/taking down laundry. Some shots show a larger, golden orange item hanging on the right, with other smaller items hanging besides it. Other times the line has less items, in different order, and the large golden orange item appears later on the left, She appears during the several shots and there seems to be no continuity to the scene.

2- While the company is sitting at the dining table and talking about the map, key, etc...there is a plate of cookies sitting in front of Gandalf and Dwalin. It is full of cookies. Later it appears to have only four cookies (OK...you might say that they are being eaten, so why bring this up, keep reading), then there is 3.....then the plate is full again! and no
one has gotten up to replenish cookies. Less cookies are seen again and the plate fills up again. There is one shot of the plate where it appears at the bottom of the screen, so you can't get a count, but you can tell that the cookie count had changed from the previous shot and from the shot that followed.

3- My favorite is the saving of Orcrist, and the loss of the Oakenshield.... When Thorin is down on the ground/rock after his battle with Azog....the sword is lying away from him, to his right at about a 80 degree angle from his body (guessing on the angle...I don't carry a protractor with me to the movies, lol) He doesn't reach it when he attempts to, although it looks like he almost does. The Oakenshield is lying against his body on his left. By the time Bilbo has come down to stop the orc from taking his head and the others have come down to battle also, Thorin has passed out. The few brief shots of Thorin during this battle shows the sword still lying out to his right on the ground/rock and the Oakenshield is still at his left side. As the Eagle comes down to scoop him up, the Oakeshield is now lying across his chest. (?) As eagle talons go to wrap around Thorin, the sword is nowhere to be seen, no longer on the ground or anywhere for a second or two. The eagle grabs him, the Oakenshield drops, the sword is not picked up by the eagle but the sword is seen held against Thorin's body by the eagle's left foot once he is in the air

.Hoping to go back tomorrow for my 17th time. Have a few more things I think I saw or heard, but not sure yet. Will post later when I'm sure I did find other mistakes. And hope I didn't make too many typos or spelling mistakes in this post. I did the spellcheck...but....Pardon any mistakes I may have made, I'm not perfect either....Angelic

Oh...and there are sites online that give lists of mistakes in all movies...just search for 'movie mistakes' and check them out. They are fun.....you should see the lists of boo boos from the 3 LOTR films...Blush

Tenna' ento lye omenta,

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No, it's the kind of helmet [In reply to] Can't Post

that the dwarf guards of Erebor are wearing during Smaug's attack.


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What a magnificent list! [In reply to] Can't Post

I will offer up one that was raised by someone else on this board: When the eagles are flying to the Carrock, the rock is shaped like the head of a roaring bear. (I didn't spot this until I knew what to look for!)

Celebrimbor: "Pretty rings..."
Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
Men: "Pretty rings..."
Sauron: "Mine's better."

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Duh yeah that makes sense [In reply to] Can't Post

I mean it wouldn't make sense for it to be Ukuk since that is from Frodo's adventures... unless they turn up at the Bo5A.

Thanks for the correction! Does the continuity from helm to horn still stand?

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Screencaps [In reply to] Can't Post

from Vlog 8 of the Erebor guards wearing helmets like the one Old Bilbo is keeping in his memorabilia chest:

From the front

From the side



Jan 9 2013, 6:26am

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That does look similar [In reply to] Can't Post

mainly because of the narrow eye slits and squat shape. The colour is different, though it may be due to age.

So now I'm wondering about the sword... it couldn't be Strider's sword. But then, it could be an anachronism. Seems I only remember those swords being there when Frodo was using the study at the end of LOTR.

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Done :) [In reply to] Can't Post

I think it's Minty, BTW. Mindy would be very un-British as names go, and possibly even more un-Tolkien than Sebastian the hedgehog.

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I posted this on Monday [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm pretty sure it's:

With Thorin:

With Bilbo:
Everyone else

Aessere Lot

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Whoo hooo! [In reply to] Can't Post

I've been sooooo waiting for these, gramma. Smile It's almost just like old times. Thanks so much for putting this amazing (and huge!) list together.

And a huge Happy TORniversary too, by the way. I think I joined about five weeks after you did. Amazing what we've all been through since then!

Here's a few comments:

I've spotted a Dwarf woman or too in Dale (they have wispy beards, not like the full-blown hairy things that the older male Dwarves have). I think I've spotted one fleeing Erebor after the attack, but I need a pause button!

Re: number 14 -- Cool. I hadn't realized that it's Balin standing with Thorin there.

Re: number 25 -- Thorin just misses getting stepped on by Smaug, too.

Re: number 27 -- that wasn't Bilbo who said that, was it? Can't remember who did say it though.

Addition: fits in around number 39 -- A piece of parchment on Bilbo's desk is filled with writing; the first line is "There was a merry messenger...": this is, of course, the first line of Tolkien's poem "Errantry", which eventually evolved into "The Lay of Earendil" in LOTR. I haven't yet been able to read the rest of the writing on that parchment!

Another addition, somewhere around here: During the dinner preparations, Kili and Fili take it upon themselves to move the keg of ale closer to the dining room, but before they do, Fili appears to take a long drink right from the tap.

Re: number 83 -- pretty sure it was Nori with the sausages around his neck. He's supposed to be known for being rather opportunistic!

Re: number 88 -- when Gandalf's talking to Bilbo, Ori (in the background) is not just holding his book but writing or drawing in it. Later during the singing, he's just holding it.

Re: number 92 -- what's Anwar?

Addition around number 115: Bilbo scatters several chickens as he's running down The Hill. Two of them are Golden-laced Wyandotte and Blue Orpington hens. These are considered rare, or heritage, breeds in New Zealand -- appropriate to have these older breeds in the Shire instead of newer commercial varieties.

Re: number 140: Myrtle's color, if I'm remembering her right, is called light chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. Isn't that the same color as Bill in FOTR? Need to go check. And I've never met a pony (or horse!) that didn't like apples!

Re: number 218 -- I love that part! I giggle every time I see all that laundry.

Re: number 219 -- Bifur's trying to roast a head of silverbeet, which is a very common vegetable in NZ but unknown as such in the US (not sure about anywhere else!). Silverbeet is a variety of what in the US would be called chard, grown to disturbingly large size.

Re: number 254 -- neat; I hadn't caught that Thorin said that to Balin, and I like the speculation as to why Balin would know the way.

Re: number 258 -- aren't they going left to right, not right to left?

Re: numbers 263/264/265: Argh, I've been trying to work out who's where for the last three viewings and I still can't figure it out. We need a pause button!

Addition right here: Thorin yells "KILI!!" as the other group crashes (this was confirmed by subtitles); and when Thorin rounds the corner and sees the other group is okay, he moans "Oh, Kili, oh...". There's still some debate over whether Kili is indeed in the group that crashed, or whether he's actually with Thorin's group. I think he's in the group that crashed!

That's about all I have to comment on! Again, thanks so much for these, gramma. I was really looking forward to reading them. Smile


Jan 9 2013, 9:34am

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That's a heck of a list! [In reply to] Can't Post

You have a keen eye indeed, and you've given me a few things to look for tomorrow night, that's for sure! And 17 times! When added to all your theater viewings of the LOTR films you deserve some kind of lifetime free pass from that theater. Seriously.

One thing regarding #248: I believe the necromancer is not the Witch-king of Angmar but rather Sauron taking shape again and growing in power; hence the Witch-king returning from the dead as Sauron's power grows and the nine men wearing his rings are summoned to him.

As for other sorts of geeky observations, it drives me a bit nuts that Glamdring and Orcrist don't glow blue in this movie, because they should. Even Sting's glow is very inconsistent, although I very much appreciate it as an indicator of the fallen orc's eventual demise at Gollum's hands. Why isn't it glowing during that last battle scene with Azog & Co.?

Erihs Eht

Jan 9 2013, 9:50am

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Sword names [In reply to] Can't Post

Do you have these switched? Unless I am very much mistaken, Orcrist is "Biter" and Glamdring is "Beater". I remember the Goblin King's line when Gandalf shows up as "He wields the Foe-Hammer, the Beater, bright as daylight."

Fun additional fact: the guy who designed Orcrist took inspiration from the name "Biter" and gave it a dragon's tooth for a handle.


Jan 9 2013, 10:05am

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In the chest [In reply to] Can't Post

Frodo picks up a tooth or claw of Smaug (is this what you said is a horn?). The WETA Chronicles book hints at this.

And my fun fact: TH Ori has the exact same shaped nose, and the dwarf holding the Book of Mazarbul in the FOTR film.

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