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Favorite Scene in the Trilogy
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Sep 11 2012, 9:03pm

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Favorite Scene in the Trilogy Can't Post

Looking through all the past threads, I didn't see one asking everyone what their favorite scene from the Trilogy was.

Mine is from FOTR, when Frodo drops the ring on Caradrhas, Borimir picking it up and saying "It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing."

Chills every time.

What about everyone else?

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Sep 11 2012, 9:08pm

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Whatever gripes one may have with the trilogy, there are some truly amazing scenes in those films [In reply to] Can't Post

And for me, it has to be the gift giving scene in Lothlorien. Without a shadow of a doubt, it's the most "beautiful" of all three films. I never want it to end. Everyone at their finest, especially Blanchett. What a great Galadriel.

Any scene with a monolgue would make it into my list as well.

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Sep 11 2012, 9:16pm

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Arwen's future [In reply to] Can't Post

I can't go on enough about this scene. It's poignant and breathtakingly beautiful. And it's greatly enhanced by the gorgeous dialogue mined from Tolkien's prose in the appendices.

Plus, the visuals are just spot-on. Especially the shot of Arwen grieving beside Aragorn that pulls back and transitions into the stone likeness of Aragorn with Arwen standing dark and lonely.

Perfection Heart

"...and his first memory of Middle-earth was the green stone above her breast, as she sang above his cradle while Gondolin was still in flower."


Sep 11 2012, 9:17pm

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Bah! Too hard of a question! [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't think I could ever come up with a true favorite moment, since it all comes together in a whole. However, here are the one's I can think of right off the top of my head:

FotR - Boromir and Frodo. Such an undeniably powerful scene. Sean Bean creates such a riveting dramatic performance which builds so skillfully, accenting perfectly by the music underneath it which echoes the Voice of the Ring. Elijah also shows his best here, as well as the great emphasis on the scale work that actually adds to the feeling of the scene (and, as has been mentioned, is a perfect mirror to Tolkien's writing). Without this scene, Frodo's departure would not have been earned.

TTT - Two Towers has some of the best 'stand alone scenes' in the whole lot, but I have to go with Gollum schizophrenia. My god, how I remember that out of anything else. It's so enforced, and yet so subtle at the same time. It brings a whole new dimension to the character of Gollum, and made him a whole lot more than another great preformance. If you ever doubted him before (which I didn't), he was real at that moment and you never looked at him the same way again. This is one of the reasons that the loss of any arc in TTT would have been a travesty, because without this supporting scene and then him talking to himself in the end, he lacks interest. Hats off to Weta and Andy Serkis for this innumerable accomplishment.

RotK- Grey Havens. Yeah. I can't say anything else. There are lots of other fantastically emotional scenes but... Grey Havens. Nothing else tops it.


Sep 11 2012, 9:27pm

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Oh, I have another [In reply to] Can't Post

Eowyn & Aragorn - shield maiden dialogue. Miranda Otto did such a brilliant job as Eowyn.

"...and his first memory of Middle-earth was the green stone above her breast, as she sang above his cradle while Gondolin was still in flower."


Sep 11 2012, 10:15pm

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I'll go with Eowyn, too... [In reply to] Can't Post

... but I'll add a little Wormtongue.
I just love that scene where Grima tries to seduce the grief-stricken Eowyn. Awesome acting on both parts.


Sep 12 2012, 12:14am

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Gandalf and Frodo riding into the Shire... [In reply to] Can't Post

Love that shot where they come over the bridge and the whole Shire just sort of opens up to them -- that point usually marked the spot in FOTR, in the theater, when I went from watching a movie to being inside a Tale, if I can put it that way.

That was my sort of "love at first sight" moment with the films, and from then on I found many scenes to delight in.

Oh, and you're right, it's been awhile since we had a post like this -- thanks for making up for that! Smile



Sep 12 2012, 12:21am

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My friends, [In reply to] Can't Post

you bow to no one.

-- Aragorn, Coronation Scene, speaking to the hobbits. That always gives me chills. Great accompanying music as well.

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Sep 12 2012, 12:49am

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"You cannot pass!" [In reply to] Can't Post

Although the Gollum/Smeagol argument in TTT is a very close second.

Celebrimbor: "Pretty rings..."
Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
Men: "Pretty rings..."
Sauron: "Mine's better."

"Ah, how ironic, the addictive qualities of Sauron’s master weapon led to its own destruction. Which just goes to show, kids - if you want two small and noble souls to succeed on a mission of dire importance... send an evil-minded b*****d with them too." - Gandalf's Diaries, final par, by Ufthak.

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Sep 12 2012, 2:04am

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Can't just choose one [In reply to] Can't Post

So I'll go with six:

1. The Prologue (pure brilliance)
2. Theoden and Gandalf by Theoden's grave (best cinematography in all three films)
3. Arwen's vision of Aragorn's death/ Elrond's monologue (just breathtaking)
4. Gandalf driving the Nazgul away from Faramir and his men, with that shaft of light shooting up from his staff into the darkening sky (I am still in awe of this scene)
5. Gandalf's initial conversation with Bilbo (love the dialogue here - butter scraped over too much bread, etc)
6. Theodred's funeral (like Sutton Hoo came to life)


Sep 12 2012, 2:43am

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That big slam-fight [In reply to] Can't Post

at the end, the one between Optimus Prime and Megatron.


Sep 12 2012, 2:45am

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Just too many for me. [In reply to] Can't Post

I do love the fellowship cresting the hill.


Sep 12 2012, 4:58am

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Why my love of MiddleEarth is... [In reply to] Can't Post


So great is.NOW
for 45 earth years...

Do you mind an old Guy
widowed since Goldberry.
passed....watch as PJ's
MOVIE'S are Here &
Back again.

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Sep 12 2012, 7:52am

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Frodo at the Council of Elrond [In reply to] Can't Post

The moment when Frodo volunteers to take the ring to Mordor.

Here's how I read the scene. Faced with the prospect of having to destroy the one ring, the assembled representatives begin to bicker. On the surface, they give in momentarily to their petty political squabbles, but in reality, they are filled with fear at the seeming hopelessness of the quest. Frodo is the one among them who can, at that moment, feel Sauron's terrifying power most vividly - evoked perfectly by an image of the ring possessed by fire and speaking in the tongue of Mordor. But instead of giving in to fear, he gets up and says four simple words - the words that everyone else dreads being forced to say: "I will take it!" Suddenly faced with the courage, in one so small, to say what they feared to say, they're all dumbstruck, realizing the cowardice that overtook them in that moment, and find the courage to join with Frodo.

Every damn time, it puts a lump in my throat...


Sep 12 2012, 8:19am

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There are too many to choose only one, but here's one of my very favorites: [In reply to] Can't Post

"Behold. The great realm and dwarf city of Dwarrowdwelf."

Along with the visual of Gandalf and Frodo riding over the bridge into the Shire, it's such a skillfully handled introduction to such a wide area. With the music, and each reaction from the Fellowship...every time, my mouth still hangs in amazement as well.


Sep 12 2012, 10:35am

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Frodo and Sam going up Mt Doom [In reply to] Can't Post

The whole sequence from Aragorn's speech to the "Men of the West", through Frodo and Sam struggling up the slope, urged on by Sir James Galway's whistle, then the "I never thought I'd die fighting side by side with an Elf" dialogue, to the conversation with Frodo in Sam's arms followed by "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!", and the Grey Havens theme.

Perfection Smile Makes me a blubbering idiot every time.

The Shire

Sep 12 2012, 12:32pm

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The balrog... [In reply to] Can't Post

It has to be. Even better than I'd imagined from the book and at the time...breathtaking.

Frodo Baggins

Sep 12 2012, 4:09pm

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Way too many [In reply to] Can't Post

but for me it would be:

''For Frodo''

Aragorn speaking. followed by great music and the charge towards the Black Gate


Sep 12 2012, 6:01pm

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Good question, thanks for asking! [In reply to] Can't Post

To answer this, I think it is only fair to have two favourite scenes: one based on dialogue and one based on mood/action/tension.

In terms of a dialogue scene, my favourite would definitely be Gandalf's wise words to Frodo in Moria. But he also has a wonderful moment with Frodo in the EE pre-Moria, and his infamous reflection on death to Pippin in Minas Tirith, all of which I loved.

In terms of a tension/action scene, my favourite would be Gandalf's stand off against the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-Dum, and the aftermath of the duel (get the Gandalf theme here?).

The moment when the fellowship thinks that Gandalf is lost is so wonderfully portrayed by the other actors (especially Viggo Mortensen's expression), and no other composer could have brought justice to that scene but Howard Shore, which he proceeds to do tenfold. That music...I've never felt emotion like that since.

"Radagast is, of course, a worthy wizard, a master of shapes and changes of hue, and he has much lore of herbs and beasts, and birds are especially his friends."-Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings.

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Sep 12 2012, 7:37pm

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One of my favorite moments [In reply to] Can't Post

To pinpoint one in particular, the moment when Sam says to Frodo that he'll be remember in heroic tales told by the firesides and Frodo respond to him by saying that they will remember also in particular Samwise Gamgee the gardener his best friends who was heroic as well. It's powerful moment of friendship and a glimpse of hope that shake one reader or viewer.

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Sep 12 2012, 9:09pm

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For a moment I thought you were talking ot yourself! [In reply to] Can't Post

Same avatar. Quite odd indeed!

Grey Havens

Sep 12 2012, 10:59pm

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Hmmmmmm [In reply to] Can't Post

Over the last month I've started going through the entire trilogy and taking screenshots of all of my favorite shots (I'm almost done with the Fellowship of the Ring, and I have about 400 shots so far). So I have to change my mindset and focus on SCENES now.Laugh

I guess off the top of my head, these would be some of my favorites:

1. "For Frodo!" (a quote I use probably too much in daily life where it's not even applicable Tongue, but it still hasn't lost its impact for me when I see the actual scene)
2. the bridge of Khazad Dum
3. Gandalf and Frodo riding through the Shire
4. the Mouth of Sauron
5. Gilraen's memorial (I love the way it was shot, and it has some of my favorite music in the entire trilogy)

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Sep 13 2012, 1:24am

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lol [In reply to] Can't Post

Mine's greener. Wink

The Grey Pilgrim, they once called me. Three hundred lives of men I walked this earth, and now I have no time...


Sep 13 2012, 3:06am

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I'll forget some [In reply to] Can't Post

Favorite scene right now:
The beginning of the Battle of Pelennor when the Nazgul fly over Minas Tirith, destroying catapults and such. Breath taking.


Sep 13 2012, 4:35am

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Oh, this is easy [In reply to] Can't Post

I have to say, hands down, the flight down the stairs at Khazad Dum. That completely blew my mind, I felt like I was right there trying to decide when to jump, and then the gap kept getting wider and wider, and it was obvious that Frodo and Aragorn would have to go back and find some other way out--Oh my gosh! whatever will they do...

Oh, and then there's the scene in the prolog where Isildur cuts the ring from the Dark Lord's hand. That's definitely my favorite--imagine, putting such a climax moment in the very beginning of the movie, I'm completely blown away before I hardly get settled in my seat in the theater.

And I almost forgot, that clash of the two great armies in the Prolog. That was definitely my absolute favorite--there the line of elves stands, facing this tremendous onslaught, standing firm, and then striking in precise coordination.

I can't leave out my one and only, most favoritest of all scenes: the heart wrenching struggle between Sam and Frodo in Osgiliath, where Sam saves Frodo, and Frodo almost kills him and Sam keeps him from giving up and reminds him of what they're fighting for. The whole thing is suddenly so clear, yes, it's going to be hard, but it's worth fighting for.

And then there's .... and the other... and the thing with the thing, and the other guy with the other thing, and all the huge battles and great sets and , monsters and, and. Okay, I guess I can't really pick a favorite, I get too excited. Thinking back to that first viewing really makes me want to see the Hobbit

And I can't wait to do this all over again.

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