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Collecting The Precious - The Bridge Direct Winners and Comic-Con 2012 Coverage
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Aug 16 2012, 1:00pm

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Framing Gandalf...Literally! [In reply to] Can't Post

Kudos to you for picking up the Comic Con exclusive version of Thorin with the shield. Being a part of TORN must be be amazing! I also love reviewing products and relaying my thoughts and feelings about them. I'm sure your experiences as a teacher help to convey such messages in your reviews. Good luck with the new school year!

It nice of your dad to hook you up with that pin. I actually purchased the exclusive Comic Con poster for The Hobbit via Ebay as well. My father framed it for me, which was pretty neat! lol I'm going to try to get a small group together to watch the movie as well come December. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we will! lol

Dwalin looks BOSS! lol The tattoos, the weapons, along with the make-up and costume really set up the character well. The figure comes with a hammer, two axes, and a knife! For the most part, the figures we've seen thus far have a vast array of weaponry, which make me happy. lol Do you know if Thorin carries a longbow? If so, I would have liked the figure to have this item. Maybe that will come with future versions?

This is going to be a long month. lol Thanks for the heads up!


Aug 17 2012, 12:42am

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I need to frame him as well. [In reply to] Can't Post

Thank ya! Its pretty special. It really is. Cool! Do you have a site or anything you post to? It does a bit in that I have a strong passion for both. Thank you so much! :)

It was. I didn't even know he had it and I just made the comment I'd have to pick one up on ebay. Nice! I grabbed a copy of it from Amazon through a seller but its dinged just a bit which isn't a big deal. I did go buy a 11x17 of the first poster to go with this since it was 11x17 and would like to get them framed together. I think we will and I hope you do as well.

He looks so cool. I just love the look with the tats and the weapons. His look just comes across like you don't want to mess with him at all. They're going to be loaded for sure which will make setting up battle scenes pretty fun if you do that (I don't have the room.) I don't know actually. If they do a varaiant or something like that I would expect he'll have different weapons. Or you might get different weapons in say battle packs if they end up doing something like that.

I hear that. We at least have the orders for these coming up then the waiting for October for these and the Weta statues. No problem. :)


Aug 17 2012, 1:04pm

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Variants [In reply to] Can't Post

Happy Friday, Elessar! You are most welcome! Being a teacher is an admirable occupation. I actually went back to school for my MBA part time and am currently working full time in the financial industry. This is my last semester of grad school and I can't wait until it's over! lol I was thinking about possibly becoming an adjunct professor in the future.

As for reviews, I do enjoy reading other peoples' feedback. When I'm really interested, I will reply to individual or group posts. I also reach out to manufacturers and distributors for additional information now and then. I wish I had a site! lol Once I receive The Hobbit figures, I'll be sure to provide you with my commentary.

Amazon is AWESOME! lol Glad you were up to pick up the poster. I'm looking forward to the individual character prints that I've seen online. Those look FANTASTIC!

Dwalin is intimidating. That's for sure. lol Setting up battle scenes is a lot of fun! Getting variants of the figures with alternate weapons would be very cool! It would be GREAT if BD made action figures of the dwarves when are armored and come out of the Lonely Mountain to fight in the Battles of the Five Armies.

That's true. Have a great weekend!


Aug 18 2012, 3:44am

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Good luck [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks! Hope your Friday was a good one. Its a fun profession but can be challenging. Good Luck! Being a professor would be awesome! I could see myself doing that someday.

You should start a blog. That's where I put my reviews for none Tolkien items. There is no cost and you can have fun with it. I'm looking forward to it. I'm really eager to see all the reactions to these figures.

Amazon is very handy. Especially if you have prime and free 2 day shipping. Those posters were so cool. I must have looked at them multiple times during comic-con.

Very much so. He'd scare the crap out of me. lol I bet when the third film comes out we see those especially now that you will need products for a third movie. Plus it gives us more to spend money on. :)

U 2 :rock


Aug 20 2012, 11:36am

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Props to You For the Thorin Review! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for the good wishes! How was your weekend?

Your review on Weta's Thorin was very thorough. The pics always make for a nice visual to the description. Sometimes, I feel like people don't put enough photos. The more the merrier!, I say. lol I'm sure many readers (including myself) appreciate the insight! A blog isn't a bad idea. I may have to look into this...

I am also curious to see how collectors take to The Hobbit figures. Referencing army builders, I recently picked up a few different orcs from the old Toybiz LOTR line. The plan is to have some enemies available to challenge my 6" Thorin when he arrives. If anything, my 3.75" dwarves with have "bigger" challenges to face in the future. lol

Spiders would be a nice addition to the action figure lines as well. That would make for a cool 2 pack! Technically, BD could even turn it into a beast pack - 1 spider vs. 1 dwarf. I guess they could do the same with the Stone Giants.

Once the individual character posters are produced, I'll try to pick up 1 or 2 of those for sure!


Aug 21 2012, 1:01am

Post #31 of 209 (3717 views)
Thanks :) [In reply to] Can't Post

No problem :) it was good. Not long enough but good. :)

Thank you :-D I try to make sure to really take plenty of pictures and concise thoughts. Yeah, when you do a review you have to take plenty of shots. It's totally worth checking out. I use word press and have found it quiet user friendly. If you review lotr or the hobbit stuff we might even be able to do a guess review.

I am as well. They look good and so I think that helps plus the price is gonna be nice as well. Nice! Please share pics when you get that all set up.

That's something I think we will see. I'd say by October we will see those as I'd think wb will start easing thing on these companies. The giants would make for a cool large battle pack.

They're sweet! I'd get them all if we ever see them.


Aug 21 2012, 12:06pm

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A Review By Dwalin - Sounds GREAT! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for the tips. Can one purchase Word Press? If anything, is MS Word a good alternative? I'm pretty good with that. lol

Doing a guest review for TORN on The Hobbit action figures (or any other Hobbit/LOTR related items) would be my pleasure! I'm not sure if you have to run that by anyone, but keep me posted. I'll be thorough and take plenty of pics for my fellow Tolkien fans and enthusiasts.

Usually, the online websites charge a bit more for the items that are preordered. However, I think the prices for the figures seem fairly decent thus far. I'll be sure to send you some pics of my EPIC Thorin vs. Orcs battle once I receive the 6" Thorin and set it all up.

The giants would make for a solid larger battle pack. I hope BD includes as many accessories with the evil figures as they are with the good ones. It would be cool to have orcs with swords, daggers, bows, arrows, and so on. I'd like to see trolls and giants with clubs and/or swords as well.

New beast pack idea - Gandalf with the Lord of the Eagles.


Aug 21 2012, 11:10pm

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I agree [In reply to] Can't Post

No problem. They do have a pay deal you can do but they have a free service which is what I use.

Yeah, I'd have to run it by but I don't think it would be a problem and I think it would be cool to have you join in the fun. I will keep ya posted for sure. Smile

Yeah, some sites can be a bit more than I store mostly because of shipping. The prices that we posted when TBD released info around comic-con seemed good to me. Nice! Lookin forward to it.

Yeah, hopefully all the figures come with enough weapons to make sure you can set up some awesome battle displays. If not maybe some weapons sets later down the line.

That would be cool. I think things like that are totally possible especially if this line gets off to a strong start.


Aug 22 2012, 12:01pm

Post #34 of 209 (3783 views)
Beorn and More Beorn [In reply to] Can't Post

Sounds good. Do you have a link or a website where I can view and use this free service?

Totally! I could provide the fans with some solid insight and I know I would really enjoy creating such a review.

Yeah, the shipping can a knife in the dark now and then. Weapon sets would be OUTSTANDING! They would defintiely come in handy for creating battle scenes. Plus, if a figure comes less equipped than one would like, he or she is covered! lol

Let's hope that the grace of the Valar grants us a strong start! lol My hopes go with BD expanding the lines as far as possible...even if it takes us all the way to Mordor. lol

Another beast pack concept - Beorn as a man and as a bear.


Aug 22 2012, 11:49pm

Post #35 of 209 (3672 views)
Here ya go [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah, I'll link you to my blog.


Cool! As we get closer to these coming out I will let ya know.

exactly! It allows you more wiggle room when your setting these figures up.

Indeed! I think if fans take to these the way they have so far and how I have we're set. If that happens this line will go all the way there and back again.

Good idea. That's another that I think will happen.


Aug 23 2012, 11:46am

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Necromancer [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for the link! I'm blocked from viewing it at work, but I'll try to check it out over the weekend.

Sounds GREAT! Please keep me posted.

I'm wondering how PJ is going to portray The Necromancer? I mean, there really hasn't been much mention of him in the media and maybe we won't see him at all in The Hobbit films, but it would be cool if we did. I bet he would also make for an AWESOME action figure!

A few side notes; I hope BD creates an Elrond and a Thranduil. I'd refer armored over casual. lol

Beast Pack idea - Thorin and horse. This would make another excellent addition for setting up battle scenes!

Our conversations definitely stimulate my Hobbit brain waves, btw. lol


Aug 24 2012, 1:03am

Post #37 of 209 (3787 views)
Good question [In reply to] Can't Post

No problem :)

Will do.

That's a good question. We know very little and like smaug it's all up to our imagination at this point. He will be in it but the question is how and what will he look like. Could depending on the look.

I could see both versions being made. It's a good way to make some nice money off of both characters.

It could happen. I think it's likely to come after a lot of other things that we've talked about. Let alone what tbd has that we done know about.

Same here. I am truly enjoying just chatting it up with ya thinking about what might be.


Aug 24 2012, 12:16pm

Post #38 of 209 (3759 views)
War Machines [In reply to] Can't Post

Happy Friday, Elessar!

If the Necromancer does make an appearance in The Hobbit, I hope it's when the White Council attacks Dol Guldur. Seeing the members of the council fight together would be AWESOME! I too wonder how the Necromancer will be depicted. In the Lord of The Rings, he's a flaming eye. What could he have been years prior to that?

The Uruk-Hai had some interesting war machines in TT (i.e. ballistas, catapults, etc). We probably won't see any of those until the final film, but I wouldn't mind watching a few new and unique dwarven, elvish, human, and orcish war machines at work.

Good business mind on that point. Multiple versions of the characters would make for more profit, and more fun! lol

Deluxe Beast Pack idea - Smaug and Bilbo. How could you pass that up?! lol

On Sunday, I'll be off to San Fran with my sister. Vacation - Whoohoo! lol We're visiting our cousin. I should be back next Friday night, but I'll do my best to KIT while I'm there. If anything, I'll reply to our post by next Saturday, 09/01. Have a great weekend!


Aug 25 2012, 1:57am

Post #39 of 209 (3742 views)
My mind went Marvel [In reply to] Can't Post

Happy Friday to you as well. :)

That's where I think you will see him making an appearance. The battle of the five armies is another spot though that would be a major stretch. I think that's a good question to be honest. He couldn't take physical form so I don't know how pj will tackle that.

yeah, they did. The battle of the five armies I would expect to have something cool like that. I mean it's a big battle and it's pj so we should get something good.

It's win/win for all of us.

Sign me up for that. :)

Have fun and be safe. :) I'll holler at ya when you get back.


Aug 29 2012, 1:18am

Post #40 of 209 (3802 views)
Super Articulated [In reply to] Can't Post

Greetings from San Fran! It's beautiful out here. I actually tried ziplining for the first time today - what a thrill! The guide showed us a tree that was 800 years old. I thought, "Almost as old as Gandalf!" lol

How was your weekend?

Now that PJ is making 3 movies, I wonder how long the Battle of 5 Armies is going to be??? I mean, if the second film ends with the death of Smaug (or soon thereafter), the third movie should be primarily about the battle. It would be cool to see some of the paths the characters take once the fight is over.

Remember how Toybiz had the super articulated figures? I hope BD does that eventually. Honestly, I wish they started the line off like that, but it would be an intelligent strategy to make the most possible revenue by kicking the figures off with decent articulation then advancing them.

Beast Pack Idea; Bolg on Warg

Thanks! Having a blast do far!


Aug 29 2012, 2:05am

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Hey! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hola! :) I bet. All the pictures I've seen make it look very pretty. It's a city I would like to visit before I kick it. That's awesome! To see something that old would be amazing. Ganda,f would be impressed with such a young sapling. lol

Mine was alright. Got a couple things done and just tried to enjoy the shortness of the weekend. Hopefully yours with the travel has been good.

I expect the battle to be decent in length but I don't expect it to be the largest chunk of the third movie. I think there will be a good mix of the battle, back stories, and what happened after the battle.

I do remember those. I don't expect TBD try something like these thoughts that kind of figure has gone extinct. I think they will stick to the fairly traditional setup with good articulation but nothing too crazy. I agree if they do this it will be at the end when they've covered everything else.

Nice! I think that will happen.

Good! Be safe. :)


Sep 1 2012, 5:53pm

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Back in Town [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey, Elessar! How's your weekend going? I landed last night. All went well, thanks!

Getting a little back story in the third film would be greatly appreciated. Thee is so much to be told!

My fingers are itching to get a hold of the BD figures at this point! So far, I've heard nothing of future figures or ideas. We should tell BD all of the GREAT concepts we've been coming up with! lol With such a HUGE fan base for a tale such as The Hobbit, you'd hope manufacturers would be more eager to please. There is, after all, more profit to be made.

Talk soon!


Sep 1 2012, 11:15pm

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Welcome back [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey! Going good so far. Went and saw the avengers again today other than that just chillin out. Glad all went well. :)

I agree. There is just so much info about middle-earth that I want to see it all.

Same here. Gonna be nice to get some of these in hand. :) Yeah, might have to pass on some of these ideas if they haven't seen them if they lurk. I would think so especially if things sell well at the start.



Sep 5 2012, 11:41am

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Visuals Would Be Nice [In reply to] Can't Post

Avengers was AWESOME! I already preordered it on Amazon. I saw that and Dark Knight Rises both twice in theaters. Did you see DKR? If so, did you like it better than Dark Knight?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy included the only films where I felt emotionally attached to the characters. To see Middle Earth would be rather amazing. Still, if the best I can get is via PJ then I'll take it! lol The more they put into the films, the better.

My paws are crossed that the LOTR/Hobbit fans step up to the plate when BD finally ships these figures out. I'm still waiting to see images for Bolg, Stone Troll and Nori, the Orc on the Warg, and so on. The last visuals we got were back in July so I think we're due! lol


Sep 5 2012, 3:19pm

Post #45 of 209 (3828 views)
They're up [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah, it's a great movie. I have to special set ordered through amazon but it's been delayed because of an issue with the suitcase. I did. I liked tdkr but it wasn't as good as I was expecting. IMO TDK is the best of that trilogy.

The lotr trilogy are movies and books I've become very emotionally attached to. The world, story, characters, etc all just pull you in. Yeah, if the movies are as close as I get to NZ and ME then that's ok.

I would think we're close to see some more but they may wait for wave 2 to go up. Don't know if you saw the article but wave 1 went up last weekend. :)


Sep 6 2012, 12:16pm

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Amazonian [In reply to] Can't Post

For me, it's difficult to say whether I liked TDK or DKR better. They were both very entertaining.

Thanks for the info. When you say Wave 1 went up last weekend, do you mean the figures are in stores? Are there any new links? I actually switched some of my orders from Toywiz and BBTS to Amazon yesterday. Because of the free shipping Amazon offers, it made sense (in the pocket) to go with them instead. However, they don't have as many figures up for pre order when compared to others merchants.

Amazon gave estimated arrival for Wave 1 as October 1st. I'm hoping that Wave 2 makes it out by November or December the latest.

Question; the article entitled, "Playing Sherlock: a few Hobbit plot deductions from the figurine character biographies," was that referencing the bios that will be provided via BD for the action figures coming out? Oh! There was a piece about Grinnah in there as well.


Sep 6 2012, 3:20pm

Post #47 of 209 (3733 views)
Love free shipping [In reply to] Can't Post

No problem. Just pre-orders as the figures won't be in brick and mortar stores until october 1. That's why I put my orders in with amazon because of the prime service. Yeah, I hope wave 2 arrives quickly after 1 does. :)

Well, I'd assume like any action figure you'll have bios on the back of each box. So that makes sense to me. Nice! I'm interested to see what this character is as its not a name
I'm familiar with.


Sep 7 2012, 11:43am

Post #48 of 209 (3800 views)
Grinnah and The Great One [In reply to] Can't Post

Happy Friday, Elessar!

Not sure if you're into collecting TDK or DKR figures, but there was a rare one of the Joker as Gotham City Thug. It was going for about $100+ on Ebay a month or so back. Out of nowhere, they are popping up more. I was able to pick one up via Amazon for $35.00 yesterday (that's with the free shipping).

The prices seem decent for The Hobbit figures on Amazon. $16.99 for 6" figures and the same price for 3.75" 2 packs seems competitive compared to what other stores are selling them for. I'm not crazy about how the 5 figure set has Dwalin, but not Balin. Doesn't really make sense to me, besides a way for BD to make more $.

Grinnah is apparently one of the goblins in service of the Great Goblin. I believe he interrogates Thorin & Co when they are captured in Moria. I also read that Fimbul from the Fimbul and Warg beast pack, is one of Azog's master hunters. He's probably involved in the scene where Thorin & Co are trapped above the trees.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Sep 7 2012, 1:26pm

Post #49 of 209 (3756 views)
Amazonian PT 2 [In reply to] Can't Post

Happy Friday to you as well. :)

I don't. Actually, as far as collecting I tend to stick to either figures made by SS and Hot Toys or statues made by SS or Weta. That's a crazy piece for a small action figure but those seem to do that more often than you think.

Yeah, the prices are fair and with amazon I half expect a bit if a dip on the price if they're sold lower someplace else. Yeah, I wished the 5 pack had him to make it a six pack as that would have been extra cool IMO. More is better basically. lol

Cool! I bet he's one of the characters on the maze that's in the hobbit annual book. That would make sense and the scene with them in the tress is gonna be sweet. :)

Have a great one yourself my friend .:)

(This post was edited by Elessar on Sep 7 2012, 1:27pm)


Sep 7 2012, 7:40pm

Post #50 of 209 (3734 views)
Toys R Us Update! [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey! What statues and figures are you planning on getting from SS, Hot Toys, or Weta?

I wasn't going to log back in until Monday, but I wanted to tell you that Toys R Us has lower prices on The Hobbit figures than Amazon. Plus, right now there is free shipping over $49, which you'll spend easily so overall it's a better deal. Hope this helps you out a bit!


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