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*MAJOR SPOILERS* Official Figurine Descriptions
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Aug 15 2012, 11:39pm

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a big revelation [In reply to] Can't Post

It will be like Serkis' Caesar in the Apes movie, where everyone goes "OMG it can speak!" to the surprise of no one in the audience.


Aug 15 2012, 11:42pm

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This gives me an idea for the next Weta exclusive statue [In reply to] Can't Post

Azog *with head* only available at Comic-con 2013!

Grey Havens

Aug 15 2012, 11:44pm

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I would like that! :D // [In reply to] Can't Post


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Aug 15 2012, 11:45pm

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Im interested in reading it in German. [In reply to] Can't Post


(This post was edited by Bombadil on Aug 15 2012, 11:47pm)


Aug 15 2012, 11:46pm

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Four outers, excludes himself, which would mean [In reply to] Can't Post

Gandalf,Radagast, Alatar and Pallando, though we are not at all likely to see those two.

More interesting is that Elrond is the Oldest Elf in Middle-Earth (he is NOT) and so is Galadriel. Wonder how that worked

I don't like this increasing suggestion that Gandalf is going to make all his discoveries right here in The Hobbit. . . but it isn't beyond what I suspected. I don't care what some of the ardent supporters say, I sense a great deal of what some would call fan fiction coming our way.

In Reply To

with four other magicians to the Guardians of Middle Earth

Gandalf, Radagast, Saruman and ??

"Hear me, hounds of Sauron, Gandalf is here! Fly if you value your foul skins, I will shrivel you from tail to snout if you step within this circle!"

"Do not be to eager to deal out death in judgement. Even the very wise cannot see all ends."

Tol Eressea

Aug 15 2012, 11:48pm

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Well, that's certainly a wide selection! // [In reply to] Can't Post


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Aug 15 2012, 11:49pm

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What, Streicher? [In reply to] Can't Post

He's one of us, a member of The One Ring. He started a thread the other day about "New Charakters" and I gave him a Wilkommen. Streicher if that helps.

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,

"Thorin sat up with a start. 'Something is not right,' he muttered to himself as he stood up and
looked towards the mirror . . . . . . . . . 'Durin's bones', he gasped, 'what's happened to my beard?'"


Aug 15 2012, 11:55pm

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Balin [In reply to] Can't Post

Seems like he will be an over cautious advisor to Thorin, which is strange considering the dangerous mission he undertakes to take back Moria.


Aug 16 2012, 12:21am

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Erebor vs. Moria [In reply to] Can't Post

Maybe Balin sees the bigger picture. Erebor was just one mountain but Moria was the true fathomless fatherland (mithril included). If you are going to risk everything, do it for the largest prize. That's how I explain it anyway.


Aug 16 2012, 12:52am

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I think it's more likely that... [In reply to] Can't Post

...the reclamation of Erebor, against all odds, makes him reconsider his originally cautious stance, and inspires him to the point where he believes that he can reclaim Moria.

(This post was edited by Macfeast on Aug 16 2012, 12:58am)


Aug 16 2012, 7:02am

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It doesn't say Elrond is the oldest [In reply to] Can't Post

It says Galadriel is, and that Elrond is one of the eldest.


Aug 16 2012, 7:05am

Post #87 of 162 (2303 views)
Why does everyone seem to have a problem with the descriptions? [In reply to] Can't Post

Assuming they're real what's bad about them? I think they all sound like good characters and the whole Azog and Bolg thing is an improvement in my opinion.


Aug 16 2012, 7:10am

Post #88 of 162 (2255 views)
The same reason as you [In reply to] Can't Post

Because it's their opinion Tongue. I don't particularly have a problem with the descriptions (some of them don't give anything new away), I just have a problem with the legitimacy of the source.


Aug 16 2012, 7:21am

Post #89 of 162 (2215 views)
Yeah but it's like people want the dwarves to have no life [In reply to] Can't Post

What other kinds of personalities and motivations would you expect for 13 different dwares? and does it really matter how old each elf is really suppose to be?


Aug 16 2012, 7:49am

Post #90 of 162 (2150 views)
Apart from Bifur, I don't think anyone has said anything about the other dwarves? [In reply to] Can't Post

And some people like consistency and canonicity. Smile

The Shire

Aug 16 2012, 8:27am

Post #91 of 162 (2179 views)
Do you need a translation? im german, my english is not so good, but better than google translate :) but i will need some time :) [In reply to] Can't Post



Aug 16 2012, 10:25am

Post #92 of 162 (2162 views)
How is it an improvement? [In reply to] Can't Post

The only thing that can explain this is Jackson having some sort of fetish for the name Azog and an irrational dislike of Bolg.

The death of Azog is a significant event. To undermine it is a mistake.

So Jackson wants a major antagonist. Fine. You've got Bolg. Have Bolg witness his father's death at the battle of Azanulbizar. Have Bolg as the chief Orc threat at Dol Guldor. Give him a made-up son who will seemingly be killed in part 1 and thus instill further hate in his father.

There's no need for this plain odd Azog business. I'm annoyed because it's quite clear from the description and the Gandalf/Bolg two-pack that Gandalf will kill Bolg in the first film, and it will be Azog who commands the Orcs at the Five Armies instead. It's a nonsensical change. I don't understand it ata ll.

If Azog must survive Azanulbizar, then at least have him being badly wounded and crawling into Moria, at which point Dain follow hims but gets a glimpse of the Balrog and refuses to go any further. I think that's the best way of doing it.

Lacrimae Rerum
Grey Havens

Aug 16 2012, 10:39am

Post #93 of 162 (2192 views)
I think there are lots of possible explanations [In reply to] Can't Post

But I certainly don't know enough about the details to have all the pieces.

Three thoughts, however:

1. It may be a little of the Inigo Montoya factor as you say, but conversely it may be that Azog meets his end during the first couple of films and Bolg comes back to the fore in the BOFA (though I agree it seems from the write ups here that he will encounter Gandalf at Dol Guldur)

2. We are likely to have the relationship between Sauron and the orcs explored - so Azog may play a fuller role in that.

3. It may be that Azog is acting as an additional clue in what increasingly appears to be Gandalf's mystery-solving plot line for Dol Guldur.


Tol Eressea

Aug 16 2012, 11:53am

Post #94 of 162 (2093 views)
I would suggest waiting until more details get out... [In reply to] Can't Post

... or better yet, the movies get out, before calling it a mistake.


Aug 16 2012, 11:59am

Post #95 of 162 (2091 views)
I think it's probably better this way instead of having a story about a goblin son avenging his goblin fathers death [In reply to] Can't Post

Bolg as the main orc villain of Dol Guldur and Azog the villain in the battle of five armies, what's wrong with that?


Aug 16 2012, 12:40pm

Post #96 of 162 (2075 views)
A few things... [In reply to] Can't Post

By the sounds of things Azog is the primary villain in both respects. Bolg, I suspect, will be guarding Thrain if he's in charge of the dungeons. From the description he sounds more like his father's lackey. If he dies during Gandalf's initial investigations, then I hardly think he'll be the main Orc adversary when they come to expel the Necromancer from Dol Guldur. What I suspect will happen will be the reverse of what you dislike but close enough - a story about a goblin father wanting to avenge his son's death.

All speculation of course, but the whole idea of Azog surviving just seems to overcomplicate things which needn't have been complicated.

Ideally Azog will be killed at Dol Guldur in film 2 (guessing when the siege/battle will take place), and Bolg will flee to Mount Gundabad, muster the Goblins and march to the Five Armies for revenge, among other things. That way they can both be primary antagonists.

(This post was edited by Shagrat on Aug 16 2012, 12:43pm)


Aug 16 2012, 12:51pm

Post #97 of 162 (2103 views)
It's a bad idea because Azog is dead [In reply to] Can't Post

And his death is a major event in dwarf/orc history. There is no good reason to bring him back when you already have a major orc villain. Also, many of us would prefer Azog and Bolg to not be too closely connected to Dol Guldur.

With that said, we can't be sure that this stuff is real.


Aug 16 2012, 12:59pm

Post #98 of 162 (2028 views)
I think that by including Bolg in Dol Guldur [In reply to] Can't Post

along with all the other expected and rumoured cameos and appearances, PJ is making Middle-earth appear smaller and less populated. Like everyone just pumps into everyone else simply because they're alive at that time.


Aug 16 2012, 1:39pm

Post #99 of 162 (1980 views)
You haven't got a clue [In reply to] Can't Post


Registered User

Aug 16 2012, 1:42pm

Post #100 of 162 (5405 views)
Translation [In reply to] Can't Post

I speak German and translated it for you. It should be better to understand than the Google translation ;)
There are some very interesting informations in there that Google could not translate. For example the white warg is a she-wolf.

Here is the complete translation:

Like all hobbits Bilbo Baggins appreciates his comfortable life. He is completely satisfied with a full pantry and a good book. When the wizard Gandalf shows up unexpectedly with 13 dwarves and asks him to accompany him on a dangerous adventure, Bilbo’s life changes from scratch. He is initially skeptical, but because he is adventurous, he joins the group of Thorin Oakenshield and becomes the "master thief" they need to outwit a ferocious dragon and to bring back the stolen treasure of the dwarves. To everyone's surprise - including his own - Bilbo turns out to be smarter and braver than the outward appearance would suggest.

Gandalf is one of the most powerful wizards in Middle Earth. He participates in the mission to free the dwarf kingdom of Erebor and retrieve the vast treasure which is guarded there in stone halls by the fire-breathing dragon Smaug the Terrible. On his way Gandalf finds indication that the world could be haunted by an ancient evil. To get to the truth of the matter, Gandalf has to leave his companions on their own devices - his own path leads him into the darkest corners of Middle-earth, where he found his worst suspicions confirmed.

As a young dwarf prince Thorin has witnessed the terrible devastation that has brought a fire-breathing dragon on the dwarf kingdom of Erebor. No one assisted the surviving dwarves - so the once proud and noble people had to go into exile. During the long years of misery Thorin grew into a strong, fearless fighter and revered leader. In his heart grew the burning desire to win back his homeland and destroy the beast, which is responsible for the plight of his people.

Balin is a noble dwarf and one of the oldest members in the dwarf company. By nature wise and gentle, he had to get used to a military life, as he hovered constantly between life and death. As a close cousin of Thorin Oakenshield he is one of his closest and most trusted advisers. But deep in his heart the wisest and most faithful of the dwarves asks, whether it is wise to try to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.

The famous warrior Dwalin does not keep his opinions to himself. Anyone who messes with him should be on guard. His belief in Thorin's leadership is unshakable. The powerful, gruff warrior can dish it out and tends to distrust all non-dwarfs - primarily the Elves. He is proud, brave and one of the largest dwarves - he subordinates only to someone who he respects.

Fili is from the royal line of Durin and grew up under the watchful eye of his uncle Thorin Oakenshield. The brothers Fili and Kili are among the youngest in the group of dwarves. Fili has hardly traveled - he has never seen the legendary dwarf city of Erebor. For the experienced fighters the trip to the Lonely Mountain is an exciting adventure - he cannot imagine the least of the challenges and dangers that await him.

Kili is Filis younger brother and the faithful nephew of Thorin Oakenshield. The airily and even careless Kili has lived a sheltered and carefree life until now. He looks good, has strong muscles and is well provided with the invincible courage of the youth. As a capable fighter and an excellent archer he is familiar with weapons since his early childhood. As one of the youngest in the dwarf company Kili wants to distinguish himself and make an impression.

The sympathetic Bofur has the terrible habit to utter self-evident things - he babbles off without thinking. Bofur appreciates music and has a good singing voice, he gets into good food and good company, and above all, he remains optimistic in every situation. He is not particularly brave, but comes to everybodys aid when it is needed - above all, he supports his friends. With his brother Bombur and his cousin Bifur he accompanies the companions to lonely mountain, because he wants to make his fortune. He has also heard that there is free beer.

Bifur is from the west, and carries the rusted remains of an orc ax in his forehead. Since this he cannot speak anymore, and sometimes he gets violent! He communicates only through grunts and hand signals. Unlike the other dwarves in the company he is not related to Thorin and also does not come from a noble lineage, but is a descendant of miners and blacksmiths - ordinary people with simple needs.

Bofurs brother and Bifurs cousin is the chef cook of the dwarf host. His huge size and his voracious appetite often bring problems with them - but the company like himself can laugh at it heartily. Although he's fat, he proves to be a surprisingly agile fighter - woe to those that keep him from his dinner!

Of all the fellows in the dwarf company heading out to the Lonely Mountain, Gloin is the loudest and most stubborn - fearless, he is questioning all authority. He has a quick temper, but is also strong, courageous and loyal. Gloin is one of the few married dwarves in the group (basically, there is a lack of female dwarfs). His wife is a famous beauty with a very fine beard. Gloin is the proud father of a young son named Gimli, who later becomes one of the famous Fellowship of the Ring.

This courageous dwarf from the north is like his brother Gloin a distant cousin of Thorin Oakenshield. They are members of Thorin & Co., because they feel obligated to their relatives, and because they have invested a considerable sum of money into the company. Oin is very well read, likes to ask questions, is the healer of the crowd and in doing so uses self mixed up ointments.

Dori is distantly related to Thorin Oakenshield and the is the elder brother of Nori and Ori. Dori is the strongest dwarf in the company and spends most of his time taking care of Ori, the youngest, so that he does not get a cold or is killed by the Orcs and Wargs. He is an eternal pessimist and always prepared for the worst - yet he is always ready to put his life on the line in order to fulfill his mission.

Of all the companions in Thorin Oakenshield’s company Nori is the most difficult to categorize. Again and again he comes into conflict with the dwarf authorities. Because he thinks it is necessary to leave his residence, he is at once ready to join the journey to the Lonely Mountain, since he does not understand that the problems that lie ahead of him are much more serious than the ones he wants to escape. No one really knows what Nori leads up to, except that it is risky and probably illegal. Dori, Nori and Ori hold unswervingly faithful together. Among themselves they are quarreling continually, but beware if anyone should dare to inflict any harm to one of the brothers!

The younger brother of Dori and Nori is artistically gifted - often we see how he draws or writes in his diary. Ori wrote a large part of the chronicle of the journey through Wilderland to the shores of Long Lake and the slopes of Lonely Mountain. Ori is polite, well educated and accustomed to being pushed around by his older brother Dori. Normally, he is obedient, but sometimes he surprises his companions with his courage and his determination.

Radagast is forgetful, seems to be slightly absent-minded and very eccentric. He talks preferably with animals than with people. As a magician colleague and friend of Gandalf the Grey Radagast is one of the guardians of the great forests of Middle-earth. Often you meet him on his walks through the woods near his strange little house called Rhosgobel. The little wizard senses impending doom, because not everything is as it should be in the dark corners of Mirkwood.

The venerable and mighty Saruman belongs with four other wizards to the Guardians of Middle Earth that care for order and balance in the world. Especially Saruman arranges the fate of the free nations at his own discretion. As head of the White Council, he fears with growing unease that Gandalf the Grey and Thorin Oakenshield’s companions could mess up his careful calculations. Saruman is indeed very old and wise but gives in to his subliminal weakness and is greedy for power - a greed that ultimately produces the most deadly of all unions.

Elrond is one of the oldest and wisest Elves who still live in Middle Earth. He is the Lord of Rivendell, the last homely house east of the Sea. Thorin & Co. stay only for a short time in Rivendell, but Elrond offers Bilbo and the dwarves lodging and food. The dwarves have a natural aversion to the Elves, but accept their help gladly. Elrond responded suspiciously to the dwarves’ project to reclaim their stolen treasure, but he gives those secret information that Gandalf and Thorin need to reach the Lonely Mountain.

Galadriel is the oldest of the remaining elves in Middle-earth and has the gift of foresight. As the signs are increasing that doom threatens Middle-earth, she secretly supports Gandalf in his mission to track down the cause of evil. Galadriel knows of course that the Fellowship must succeed if the evil power shall not win the upper hand and the darkness dominates everything.

The mighty Elf-lord and legendary warrior Thranduil is Legolas 's father. As King of the Woodland Realm he rules over the north of a large forest area, once known as the Green Forest that now bears the ominous name Mirkwood. During the long years of darkness Thranduil has increasingly isolated from the outside world - he cares only about his own people. An ancient, bitter feud led to the situation that he basically rejects all dwarves - and especially a certain dwarf, namely Thorin Oakenshield.

Legolas is the Prince of the Woodland Realm and a high elf like his father Thranduil. However, you meet him rarely at the royal court - much rather he patrols the area with the forest guards of the Woodelves. The large and slim versed fighter is absolutely loyal to his father and his people. But the events of the outside worldby now leave traces in the isolated world of the Woodelves. Because he sees the disaster coming, Legolas faces the choice to follow either his father or his conscience.

The female Woodelf of Mirkwood is as dangerous as beautiful. As a charge of King Thranduil and commander of the Woodland Realm protection troops Tauriel is very opinionated and passionate about representing what she thinks is right. The great warrior proves herself with the use of her two daggers and bows and arrows. Like Legolas, Tauriel turns to be extremely quick and agile in battle. She has lived for hundreds of years in Middle-earth, but is still one of the youngest of the Elves and has rarely ventured out of the great forest.

Tom, Bert and William are trolls who have settled in the Trollshaws and pillage and eat everything that crosses their path. As Thorin & Co. inadvertently disturb their evening meal, the trolls capture Bilbo and the dwarf band and begin immediately to make a feast out of them - they have no idea that Bilbo and his friends will hardly accept this without a fight.

The Goblin King is a huge, grotesquely bloated monster that in the years of his tyrannical rule over the miserable inhabitants of the Goblin town grew fat and flabby. The Goblin town is a collection of skew-whiff ramshackle huts deep in the caves of the Misty Mountains. He commands a bunch of foul, polluted, with scars and ulcers studded goblins. Basically, they are bandits, they live by what they can pick up from passengers on the passes through the mountains. The Goblin King and his followers manage to capture Bilbo and the dwarves. The Goblin King is more wily and smarter than it seems. He takes pleasure in torturing his prisoners - he almost succeeds to finish off Thorin Oakenshield and his companions.

Grinnah is the interrogation specialist of the goblins. He ensures that Thorin & Co. are brought before the Goblin King. He constantly carries a barbed whip and takes every opportunity to use it. Although cunning and vicious, he is like all goblins basically a coward. Fawning and obsequious, he serves his master, the rich and moody Goblin King, but secretly he despises him.

It was said that Azog the Desecrator fell many years ago in the great battle between the Orcs and the Dwarves. But now he appears again at the top of a deadly horde of killer orcs. For Gandalf begins a race against time because he has to figure out the connection between the most dangerous orc commander and the growing evil, which takes shape in the ruins of the fortress of Dol Guldur. One thing is totally clear: no one will deter Azog from his intention to destroy Thorin Oakenshield’s companions to the last dwarf.

The exceedingly cruel orc Fimbul is one of Azog’s master hunters. He commands a horde of warg riders who trace their victims in the saddle of their gigantic wolf beasts. Fimbul has taken up the scent of Thorin Oakenshield & Co. and will catch the dwarves before they reach the Lonely Mountain.

Bolg is the offspring of Azog the Desecarator - like his father, he is huge pale orc. He is the overseer in the dungeons of Dol Guldur - torturing is his hobby. He garnishes his armor with the bones and the blood of his victims. This husky Orc fears nothing and nobody - until he suddenly meets an unexpected opponent.

Gollum was once a Hobbit-like creature named Smeagol - body and soul have been poisoned by a small, plain gold ring, which he hid in a gloomy cave in the Misty Mountains. Gollum does not know what is going on with "his treasure" - but he realizes that it is more valuable than his life. After the chance encounter with a strange enemy Gollum realizes that he has lost "his treasure", and rightly concludes: The hobbit Bilbo Baggins of the Shire has stolen it. So begins the hunt over mountains and through deserts that takes years and costs many lives, until in the end this miserable creature holds the fate of Middle-earth in his hand.

The gigantic Beorn is the last of the ancient people of the skin changer: He can transform into a huge bear-like creature. He lives alone, only tolerates the company of his beloved animals and does not appreciate any visitors - especially not dwarfs. Gandalf knows that the companions have to take the risk and ask Beorn for help, because otherwise they will hardly survive their journey through Wilderland.

The ancient Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains are huge birds of prey, led by Gwaihir, the Windlord. The wild and dangerous animals owe nothing to anyone. Just because they hold true to Gandalf, the giant birds come to the aid of Bilbo and the dwarves in order to save them in last minute from the claws of a deadly enemy.

The huge, fierce, wolf-like monsters are among the most fearsome predators in whole Middle-earth. The Orcs breed the Wargs to hunt in packs and to ride on their backs into battle. The most dangerous of these beings is the White Warg, a giant she-wolf, which the huge pale orc Azog the Desecrator is riding.

In the course of many years, giant spiders nestled in the once peaceful Greenwood and helped that he got the eerie name Mirkwood. It is believed that these creatures are the offspring of the monstrous Shelob the Great. They devour unfortunate travelers who go astray in the forest. But when the big spiders catch a company of dwarves in their webs, they suddenly have to deal with an unusual, unseen opponent whose sting is even longer than her own!

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