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More '3rd Hobbit Film' Rumblings
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Jul 25 2012, 7:35am

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I much prefer a bridge film [In reply to] Can't Post

To a bloated Hobbit.

Sorry, but the trek from Laketown to the Lonely Mountain, followed by a brawl, followed by everyone stumbling home, does not two films make.

This does make me suspect, however, that the extensive Dale-in-good-condition set may be for AFTER the BoFA, perhaps dramatizing Bard's rebuilding and rule of the town...

*sigh* Methinks PJ and WB will have to clarify this all very soon...


Jul 25 2012, 7:37am

Post #77 of 224 (1575 views)
No, I'm not. [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm interested in what Tolkien actually wrote.

Not in what PJ speculates might have happened based on a few abbreviated comments in an appendix.

The weakest parts by far in LOTR were when PJ departed from Tolkien's text and made his own stuff up. A whole film full of original PJ material does not appeal to me at all.

It is always those with the fewest sensible things to say who make the loudest noise in saying them. --Precious Ramotswe (Alexander McCall Smith)

Grey Havens

Jul 25 2012, 7:46am

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I've always said that LotR should have been 6 movies, [In reply to] Can't Post

2 films for each book!

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Jul 25 2012, 7:56am

Post #79 of 224 (1536 views)
Seems to me... [In reply to] Can't Post

....that this isn't about stretching The Hobbit itself - Bilbo's story - out to three films. Surely, a few months out from the release of film one, it's too late to start reorganising the whole structure of the thing.

I'd say it's more the case that in trawling the Appendices for the context of Bilbo's adventure Peter Jackson has dicovered how much broader and deeper all this is than might first appear, and there is something in all the Appendix stories that he really wants to film. And that, quite simply, is why I hope he gets the go-ahead. He wants to do it. I have no idea what it can be, and whether it will 'work' or not who can say, but as far as I'm concerned, his enthusiasm for it is the best possible starting point. It always worried me that he came into this film not really wanting to do it, and I suspect his first enthusiasm for it was really on the technological side - trying out the new cameras, frame rate and 3D. Now it seems he's been bitten again by the story and I really hope he gets to do this, whatever it is. If it's Tolkien I want to see the film/EE additions/whatever this is. I may like it, I may not, but the fact that he really wants to do it is a good sign.


Jul 25 2012, 8:14am

Post #80 of 224 (1524 views)
quality over quantity [In reply to] Can't Post

One bad movie will tarnish the reputation of the whole series. This feels forced and unnecessary, TH is not long enough to support 3 films, and a bridge film seems extremely hard to do concidering the fact that no single story in the appendices (even if you combine two or three of them) that is long- or fleshed out enough that it's compelling for the average moviegoer. The filming of lots of additional material could also interfere with TABA. Call me a skeptic, but I mutch prefer EEs to this idea.


Jul 25 2012, 8:17am

Post #81 of 224 (1504 views)
i guess no one is concenred with the current dates changing [In reply to] Can't Post

as everyone is ignoring me


Jul 25 2012, 8:24am

Post #82 of 224 (1542 views)
you are thinking about the release dates? [In reply to] Can't Post

I wouldn't worry about them, millions of $ depend on these movies being released at the current dates. A third movie would be released dec 2014 imo.


Jul 25 2012, 8:37am

Post #83 of 224 (1582 views)
Wow, you've all been busy overnight! [In reply to] Can't Post

Does anyone know when we can expect confirmation of a 3rd film (and confirmation of no 3rd film)?

What timescale are we looking at? Weeks or months?


Jul 25 2012, 8:55am

Post #84 of 224 (1653 views)
I can't remember who came up with it... [In reply to] Can't Post

But it sounds like the return of "Khazad Dumb: The Stupid Bridge Movie"


Jul 25 2012, 9:02am

Post #85 of 224 (1601 views)
Bridge film or Extended scenes [In reply to] Can't Post

I do NOT want them to split the second movie into two parts. I just don't see how it could work. And if they do split it into two parts and show story that occurs after the hobbit then it doesn't really feel like it should be called the hobbit anymore, IMO.

I think they need to stick with the two movie adaptation of the hobbit story. If they do end up filming these extra scenes then it needs to be either for Extended editions or for a "bridge" film that takes place AFTER the events of the hobbit and is called by some other name.

Just my opinion though.

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Tol Eressea

Jul 25 2012, 9:04am

Post #86 of 224 (1655 views)
A bridge film just doesn't make sense to me [In reply to] Can't Post

The story is over, (spoiler) the dragon dead, Bilbo back home. Who would be the main characters, what would it be about? There's no cohesive narrative thread in the appendices, they would have to come up with something. It doesn't make sense. Suddenly, it would not be about Bilbo and the dwarves anymore, it would be hugely anticlimactic. They already tried and abandoned the idea of a bridge film. Also, they would have to shoot a whole lot more than 2 months for such a movie. No, i think they want to expand movie 2 (the first one probably is already locked pretty much). Probably they looked at the footage and realized they have so much usable material for movie 2 that with a bit more they could split it in two. Having said that, as one looking into it from the outside, i do wonder what that material is. We all assume the company will already be close to Lake Town by the end of movie 1, is there really enough story there? What would be the climax of movie 2? Probably, had we known the script and footage, it would all made perfect sense...


Jul 25 2012, 9:11am

Post #87 of 224 (1637 views)
Hmmm [In reply to] Can't Post

Well, if they do split the second film into two .. I almost feel like Smaug will be the climax of the second film, and the Battle of Five Armies as the climax of the third. That gives both films a large action sequence at its end. But of course that begs the question of what fills the time between Smaug's downfall and Bo5A (I should add, I haven't read the book in a dreadfully long time). I imagine though that's where a lot of the filler material could go.

I remember in the book (again, 10 years ago when I would've been .. 10 ) the Bo5A coming off as very abrupt, isn't it a goblin ambush? Perhaps they change it instead so there can be a long Helms Deep-esque build to it. Fit in some flashbacks, more Gandalf stuff .. there's probably a third movie in there.


Jul 25 2012, 9:18am

Post #88 of 224 (1572 views)
I don't see TABA being split in two [In reply to] Can't Post

Unless the second and third films were 90-120 mins each. There simply isn't enough to fill out 3 films from one book.

I think it is more likely that there will be a bridge film, likely detailing everything between TH and LOTR - Gollum leaving the Misty Mountains, Sauron re-building Barad-Dur, Aragorn and Arwen, White Council meetings, Saruman's hunt for the Ring, Aragorn and Gandalf (perhaps Thengel as well), recolonization of Moria and death of Balin, perhaps something in Gondor ...

Plenty happened in between the two stories. Whether they can mould it into an actual story is another question. It would be pure fan-fiction.


Jul 25 2012, 9:38am

Post #89 of 224 (1570 views)
hmmm I see, pulpfiction16. [In reply to] Can't Post

I agree that would be the best way to handle it if they split the second part of the hobbit into two films, although I still wouldn't want that.

But, yes, Smaug would be the most logical climax of the second film with Bo5A being the climax of the third. The only problem is that they would have to use a lot of story to fill in the details.

Again, if they are adding an extra movie I would much rather see a bridge film showing the things that DanielLB stated in his above post.

But really I would be most excited to have extended footage for extended editions especially for the LOTR trilogy. I would love to see some scenes about all the battles occurring during ROTK that we didn't get to see. They could certainly add in a good interesting small subplot with some of the elves, that we've already been introduced to from the trilogy, going off to battle. And furthermore, since we will be introduced to Dain in The Hobbit movie it would be cool to see him going off to battle in ROTK. That would give the whole War of the Ring a much grander scale like it was in the books.

But for now we will just have to sit tight and speculate and try not to get too upset or excited.

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Jul 25 2012, 9:44am

Post #90 of 224 (1566 views)
Return of the Viggo? [In reply to] Can't Post

What about The Hunt for Gollum?


Jul 25 2012, 9:45am

Post #91 of 224 (1609 views)
I so very much agree! [In reply to] Can't Post

I wouldn't want to see neither a triple divided Hobbit story nor some "bridge film" that wouldn't be much more than a PJ fanfic narrative based on some at best loosely connected (though interesting) events from the appendices.

I truly fear that both situations would take greatly away from the impact and reputation of the entire films and furthermore smell like a simple cash grab to most of the general audience.

Put what is needed in an Extended Edition and I'm happy with it!

(This post was edited by Foromir on Jul 25 2012, 9:48am)


Jul 25 2012, 10:02am

Post #92 of 224 (1769 views)
I'm still hoping they are just gonna make two films [In reply to] Can't Post

with all the extra stuff going into some mega EE!

Can keep dreaming i think!

Tol Eressea

Jul 25 2012, 10:05am

Post #93 of 224 (2071 views)
WB definitelly won't spent tens of millions to extend LOTR further. [In reply to] Can't Post

They can't monetize that as much.

And i doubt what makes PJ so excited is going back and tinker with LOTR.


Jul 25 2012, 10:23am

Post #94 of 224 (1396 views)
You can't du such a thing... [In reply to] Can't Post

when you basically already shot your script which was developed for 2 films. The result could most likely turn out as an overbloated and disbalanced trilogy.

Tol Eressea

Jul 25 2012, 10:46am

Post #95 of 224 (1452 views)
I think PJ knows better than we do. [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm not saying we all should always agree to everything PJ does but he's making the movies, we don't know the extent of the footage, how the story flows. He might have a good idea how to split it up and expand it. I think people should judge the results instead of naysaying in advance. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.


Jul 25 2012, 10:51am

Post #96 of 224 (1402 views)
The way I see it [In reply to] Can't Post

- Press at ComicCon: don't you want to make a third one?
- PJ: Well, we have some untold stories yet from the Appendices, I might want to shoot some of that material...
- Press: Yippee, PJ wants to make a third one!
- Moderate audience: It's just about shooting stuff for the Extended versions, right?
- Warner: Third one? $$$! PJ, make a third one!
- PJ: Well, we have to talk about that...
- PJ fans: Yaaaaaay! Take our $$$ PJ!
- Tolkien fans: Just great.

Tol Eressea

Jul 25 2012, 10:59am

Post #97 of 224 (1447 views)
A very cynical view of things. // [In reply to] Can't Post



Jul 25 2012, 11:12am

Post #98 of 224 (1383 views)
They'd still make a tidy profit! [In reply to] Can't Post

They've got the majority of Hobbit sets and weapons, and could easily (and cheaply) remake any from LOTR.

If they only spent less than 1m, they could easily make a profit.

I know ... wishful thinking with the 1m Wink


Jul 25 2012, 12:03pm

Post #99 of 224 (1441 views)
Come on, you guys! Why the long, sad, anxious faces? This is great (potential) news! [In reply to] Can't Post

This is the Great Geek himself saying he really really wants to stay in Middle-earth and make more magic/pull more rabbits out of his hat/hang out behind the looking glass for a bit longer! And that means you get to do it too! Do you know anybody else who can and wants to do that for you - yes, you?! If Sir PJ has fun, we have fun, and he seems to be having loooots of fun! Laugh I say go for it!

Prediction (and I am definitely not anyone close to any sources): they leave Films 1 and 2 just the way they planned them - a jolly journey to the Lonely Mountain with hobbit and dwarves, dragon troubles, big battle, and an uneventful ride home to Bag (The) End. (sigh) Everybody's happy.

But then, Bilbo Baggins has heard a heap of stories during his travels, and he's learned a thing or two from elves and dwarves about how to tell them, so we are going to get to hear them as he begins to write them all down. The appendices were the notes he's left for us, and Fran, Philippa, and Peter will weave them into further mesmerizing tales about elves, wizards, evil- and good-doers - in Film 3, 2014. (These are the people who make multiple blockbuster films all at the same time, remember!) The weaving puts us with Bilbo snug in front of his fire through the dark histories he's heard, into the darker forests that Gandalf - and perhaps young Aragorn - are riding through as he speaks, until we come up with our invitations to a party of special magnificence, as the story continues. We know they can do it. Would any of us be here on this web site on this thread if they couldn't?

I, for one, sincerely hope that the actors also want to create more of this magic and that the powers-that-be think this is a really good idea. As JWPlatt aptly reminded us above, if you believe in fairies (and hobbits and wizards and elves and dragons), clap your hands - now! Smile


Jul 25 2012, 12:06pm

Post #100 of 224 (1406 views)
Hear, hear. [In reply to] Can't Post

I wouldn't mind a bridge film at all but I don't want to wait until 2014 to see the conclusion of The Hobbit.

I mean, we all know how it ends, but you know what I mean.

(I think I need coffee.)

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