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at last, I have a mathom for TORn!
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Sr. Staff

Feb 25 2007, 4:15pm

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at last, I have a mathom for TORn! Can't Post

Sharing as I do this birthday with Mr Astin, I'm offering up a mathom to you all! I must have had four or five birthdays since I started posting at TORn, but have never felt that I had a suitable mathom - until now! Hope you all like it! Smile (Mods, please move this if it should be OT - but the mathom is Tolkien related!) I hope the post isn't too big!

When I was about six I was a HUGE fan of the Rankin Bass Hobbit. (My Dad had read the book to me about a year earlier.) I hadn't seen the film - we were living in the Middle East at the time and the film hadn't reached there! - but my brother had an LP of it, together with a read along book with cartoon pictures. I LOVED it! I read it and listened over and over again.

Last summer when I was at home, my Mum told me she found an old sketch book of mine. There on the pages, amongst pieces of work done for school, I found the following testaments to my early geeky obsession!

Please note the smoke rings behind his right shoulder! If you could see the entire picture you would see his trusty pipe in hand! Brilliant artistry, right?! As Gimli would say, 'And after that, it gets even better!' Not only had I attempted to copy the cartoon images, I'd also drawn my own view of the Battle of Five Armies! Behold the wonder!


Unfortunately(?!) you can't see the whole thing here - the pages were too big to fit entirely on L.Ron's scanner - but you get the idea! Such amazing attention to detail!! Wink John Howe and Alan Lee, eat your hearts out!! Actually I was quite surprised at just how well I knew the story - there are dwarves, elves, wolves, eagles, men, goblins and even the orc allies, the bats! (No sign of Beorn in bear form...) OK so the eagle looks more like a seagull ('The seagulls! The seagulls are coming!') but please note that the elf fighting a goblin bottom right, below the eagle, has black on the tip of his sword - all the goblins in the picture are bleeding black blood! Not sure what the yellow stuff coming out of the dwarves is, though...Crazy

Anyhoo - it amused me greatly to find evidence of my early passion for Tolkien! I thought it might amuse you all too - perhaps I should let NL know that if they need a conceptual artist for 'The Hobbit', I'm clearly the person they need to hire!! Sly

Enjoy the oscars tonight, everyone! Cheers!

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

Forum Admin / Moderator

Feb 25 2007, 4:19pm

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Happy Birthday, greendragon [In reply to] Can't Post

Lovely pictures - I'm so glad you found them! Attention to detail, indeed. Wink

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Tol Eressea

Feb 25 2007, 4:19pm

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Happiest of Birthdays to you greendragon! [In reply to] Can't Post

How wonderful that your mother still had those drawings - those are fantastic! You should preserve those for future generations. Sly

**big birthday hugs**

Sincerely, deej - The Artist Formerly Known as djdeathskiss

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Feb 25 2007, 5:08pm

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this is wonderful! [In reply to] Can't Post

Have you put them up on your refrigerator door? That's the traditional framing for kid's drawings, in the US anyway.

Happy birthday, songbird!

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Feb 25 2007, 5:15pm

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*smiling with glee!!* Happy Birthday, greendragon!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Oh cripes, woman! These are glorious!!! I'm SO GLAD your Mom kept these for you! Lookit that talent and imagination!

Thanks for these *cuts, pastes* What a perfect... PERFECT mathom!

Hugs to you, and I hope you're having a wonderful birthday :) Of course, that means having it a la mode!

sample sample
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L. Ron Halfelven
Grey Havens

Feb 25 2007, 5:23pm

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Here are links to the full-res versions: [In reply to] Can't Post

Large files, but especially in the battle scene there's a wealth of detail to be savored!


Battle of Five Armies


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Feb 25 2007, 5:34pm

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These are great. [In reply to] Can't Post

just fyi... the trick to scanning large images are to do them in sections and piece them together (in Photoshop, GIMP or similar programs). I used to do that with artwork at a publishing firm I worked for (yes... they had a low budget and didn't want to pop for a larger scanner or sending them out.)

If you ever want to do this, but don't have the capability yourself, I'll do them for you. My email is in my profile. Just make sure each scanned area overlaps another scanned area so that I can match things up well.

I'm fascinated with the shapes that seem to be embossed on the mountain in the battle scene. It looks like objects were under the paper when you colored. Was this deliberate to give it texture, or serendipitous.... cause I really like it.

no longer just aMagpie... I'm now *the* Magpie

Forum Admin / Moderator

Feb 25 2007, 6:30pm

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Wow! Many Happy Returns, greendragon! [In reply to] Can't Post

These are great! You've even got the Orcs throwing stones down from up above the ridge, and some of those expressions are priceless! (I hope everyone takes a look at them at L. Ron's hi-res links!)

The only things I miss, are Bilbo's furry feet - but I love the face you drew for him! Thanks so much for sharing these!

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Sr. Staff

Feb 25 2007, 6:47pm

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The furry feet are there in the original! [In reply to] Can't Post

We just couldn't get them on the scanner! I'm so amused by these drawings myself - the blood-thirstyness of the man losing his eye as he falls from the mountain, and the worried look on the face of the guy above him! I'll have to take Magpie's advice and see if I can scan in the whole thing!

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

Superuser / Moderator

Feb 25 2007, 6:55pm

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Happy, happy Birthday, GD!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

Those are the best mathoms ever! Lol! How fun for you to find them after all these (few Wink) years. They're wonderful

I hope you have an amazing, fun and happy day! Smile

*big hugs*

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Sr. Staff

Feb 25 2007, 6:58pm

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thank you for the advice! [In reply to] Can't Post

I really should try and get the whole thing scanned in at some point - then I wouldn't have to chop Bilbo's feet off! Smile I might take you up on your offer of help, if I can get round to scanning everything else into L.Ron's scanner. Thank you!

I'm pretty sure the texture on the mountain was intentional - as far as I recall! I was very into doing wax rubbings at the time, to create different effects on paper, and I often used a crayon 'rub' to make the background colour of a picture, but sometimes with a texture. I think it was just screwed up paper used to try to give the effect of the rocky mountainside! Like I say, I used wax rubbing in loads of drawings I did at the time - it was just luck that it turned out quite well in this one!

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

L. Ron Halfelven
Grey Havens

Feb 25 2007, 7:48pm

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That's what I ended up doing with the battle picture. [In reply to] Can't Post

I didn't know it would work as well as it did, so I played it safe with the others and did a centered scan. The smart thing would have been to do the sections and the center just in case-- but (IIRC) we had LOTR DVD marathon to get on with. Maybe next time!

Fight for us! And regain your honor, learn valuable technical skills, and qualify for up to four years' college tuition! What say you?


Feb 25 2007, 7:55pm

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Those are amazing! [In reply to] Can't Post

Lots of detail and action. I noticed that the orcs throwing the rocks off the mountain look very smug, but the orc in the grip of the eagle looks appropriately terrified. Your mathom reminds of when my nephews were small and would occasionally present me with Hobbit or LoTR artwork. I'm glad your mom kept up with yours.

You deserve a great birthday!


A day without sunshine is like, you know, night


Feb 25 2007, 8:43pm

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Those are real and worthy mathoms. But should we wish you a happy birthday, or should you wish us one? [In reply to] Can't Post

If we are following the hobbit custom of giving birthday presents on our birthday, who wishes a happy birthday to whom? If the present givers wished a happy birthday to the present receivers, we would get both presents and wishes pretty much every day of the year!

Oh well, I'll cover myself and wish you a happy birthday anyway. But what I really want to do is thank you for the lovely presents, which are true mathoms, but also wonderful gifts. Count on mothers to keep those old sketch books, and other childhood mathoms!


Feb 25 2007, 8:44pm

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Happy happy birthday! [In reply to] Can't Post

And what a marvelous mathom! Great fun. You must have started on your geeky path the youngest of any of us - six! Fantastic.

Thank you, and happy birthday - and I especially Heart Bilbo.

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Feb 25 2007, 8:47pm

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Happy Birthday! [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for the mathoms :D

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Feb 25 2007, 9:12pm

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The best of birthdays to you! [In reply to] Can't Post

What wonderful mathoms! I love the eagull.

ink drawing by JRRT


Feb 25 2007, 9:29pm

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HBDay :) And congratulations [In reply to] Can't Post

that's excellent artwork. It's a bit John Howe meets a stiff Pablo Picasso, and it's great. Thanks for sharing :)

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Feb 25 2007, 9:29pm

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Happy Bithday / [In reply to] Can't Post


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Forum Admin / Moderator

Feb 25 2007, 9:46pm

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What a wonderful treasure [In reply to] Can't Post

for your mother to have turned up!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Greendragon.

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Feb 25 2007, 10:59pm

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Happy Birthday to you [In reply to] Can't Post

The illustration of Bilbo is wonderful. Honestly, I think it captures his character better than any of the professionals ever do. The smile on his face is priceless.


Feb 25 2007, 11:05pm

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that's the "cry of the tourist!" [In reply to] Can't Post

In Reply To

('The seagulls! The seagulls are coming!')

Say, that's the cry around here whenever a tourist unpacks their picnic lunch on the beach! In fact, some of us think the evil crebain are just in reality black seagulls...

GREAT mathom, thanks for sharing.


"an seileachan"

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Feb 25 2007, 11:57pm

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Happy Birthday greendragon! [In reply to] Can't Post

That is so neat being able to share something like this. No one has been able to this yet i think. It must have been a fun time delving back to almost forgotten times taking all of this in. I hope you had a good day!Smile

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Sr. Staff

Feb 26 2007, 12:08am

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I think my Star Wars obsession began even before my Hobbit one... [In reply to] Can't Post

Or perhaps around the same time! I remember Empire Strikes Back had been on at the cinema BEFORE I became a fan so I must have been about five or six when my obsession - and massive Luke Skywalker crush! - began! Laugh I think my mother has been hoping I'd grow out of my geekiness ever since - just like she hopes I'll stop wearing black all the time! Another birthday rolls around and these things just don't change - sorry Mum!! Wink

'There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of my fridge...'

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Registered User

Feb 26 2007, 12:39am

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Ha! [In reply to] Can't Post

Those are great!!! Cool

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