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Hobbit Production Diary #3: Transcript - corrected


Jul 21 2011, 7:34am

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Hobbit Production Diary #3: Transcript - corrected Can't Post

What have I done? In the style of Graham McTavish, the words 'rod', 'own', 'back' and 'made' spring to mind! Wink

If you spot any errors, please post a reply to say what they are, and perhaps a mod can edit them in (assuming that I won't be able to).

Any errors aside, there's a little bit (at around 05:00 in the blog) where Mark Hadlow and Aidan Turner are saying something to each other on set, but I'm unable to make out what it is. It comes immediately before the 'Kili short beard, sexy dwarf' part, so it may have something to do with that, but I've written something in that sounds phonetically similar to what they're saying, but it doesn't make much sense. So... if anyone has any ideas...

Anyway, now that I've done that, I'm off to actually WATCH the video blog, and in real time! Laugh

Without further ado:

Peter Jackson: Hello, and welcome to our next video blog. I thought it would be good to carry on talking to Andy Serkis about some of the fun and games we had during our first block of shooting. Andy... Andy? Where is he? Andy? What is this place? This isn't Wellington! Where am I? Isn't this where James Bond crashed his Aston Martin in 1964? And isn't this where Red Grant trained to be an assassin at the beginning of From Russia with Love? You know what, I think we should run the blog anyway. So, what we did is we asked cast and crew to tell us a few of their favourite memories from the first three or four months of shooting. So, please enjoy that and I'll go figure out where I am!


Interviewer: What're the things that stand out for you the most from the first block?

Ants Farrell (Best Boy): I think for me, my favourite stuff we've done so far has been Gollum's cave.


Gollum: What's that, precious?


Ants Farrell: The way that Pete did that scene. It felt like I was watching a play. It was sort of like you could just sit back and was these amazing guys do their thing. Him and Martin together were fantastic. It was really cool.


Gollum: [Laughs] Time's up!


Andy Serkis: Trying to get back into the head of Gollum. I don't know if I ever told you, but it felt like kind of doing an impersonation of a character that I'd played a long time... It was weird because, like, you know, having to re-own it again.


Gollum: No!


Peter Jackson: It was pretty cool.

Andy Serkis: It was a nice way of starting.

Peter Jackson: I felt sorry for Martin because he was suddenly thrust into having to find the character of Bilbo and have to deal with you for a whole week, going at him the whole time. It must've been intimidating.


Gollum: Bless us and splash us. That's a meaty mouthful... Gollum! Gollum!

Peter Jackson: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Unknown: It's gonna be a good movie. Check it out.


Dan Hennah (Production Designer): After two years of, 'Oh my God, when're we ever gonna shoot this film?', we have thirteen dwarves and a hobbit, and we might've had a wizard as well! And suddenly, it's real!

Stephen Hunter (Bombur): Seeing the sets were, like, amazing.

Jed Brophy (Nori): That was true.

Stephen Hunter: I mean, like, coming to Bag End for the first time, and walking through. Because that was our first day, wasn't it?

Jed Brophy: It was, yeah.

Stephen Hunter: First day on the job. That was amazing.


Interviewer: Can you name them?

Ian McKellen (Gandalf): Name the dwarves?

Jed Brophy: Ori, Nori, Dori, Bifur, Bom... Bifur..

Stephen Hunter: Bifur, Bombur, Bofur... Ori, Nori, Dori...

Mark Hadlow (Dori): I can never remember. You see, that's the problem. You can't even remember who they are!

Stephen Hunter: You have Fili and Kili...

Ian McKellen: There's, er, Thorin, and there's Gloin, er, and there's Oin, and, er, Dwalin and Balin. And there's Bifur, Bofur and Bombur, and then there are the three, er... Dori, Nori and Ori. I think that's it, isn't it? Ah, I think so.


Peter Jackson: Thirteen dwarves was one of the reasons why I dreaded The Hobbit, and why I really didn't think I was going to make it for such a long time. The irony is that it's turned out to be one of the joys of the film.


Peter Jackson: Oh my God!

Ian McKellen: What a challenge. I mean, thirteen heroes. Fourteen with Bilbo. They all have to be differentiated in a way that isn't necessary in the book. But if you keep seeing them, you want to know who they are, and, er... specifically what their attitude is, and why they're on this journey.


Thorin: We need to move now! Come on!


Tami Lane (Prosthetics Supervisor): Some of the best memories were, uhm, getting the dwarves ready. Everybody has helped these actors kind of find their way through lots of rubber and lots of hair.

Jed Brophy: Walking through WETA and getting to see our designs, and going, 'Actually, God, I look amazing. I look the most amazing of anyone.' That was probably the best day, wasn't it?

Stephen Hunter: Uh-huh, hmm... yeah.

Jed Brophy: When you all said, 'Gee! Jed is amazing. That's an amazing--'.

Stephen Hunter: Yeah, we did. Yeah.

James Nesbitt (Bofur): Some of them actually look pretty bad before they get into the prosthetics. In fact, for some of them, the prosthetic is making them look better, to tell you the truth. Er, which says something, er... Mark Hadlow, for example, springs to mind.

Mark Hadlow: I have this lovely bit down here, and then this moustache that comes up here. I look stunning. I should be in a centrefold.

Graham McTavish (Dwalin): One of the things that quite early on we discovered was that, uhm, Mark Hadlow likes to dress up in costumes. Uhm, mainly, sort of, military types things... And the really weird thing about his sailor outfits is that, uhm, below the waist, nothing.

Adam Brown (Ori): Then again, you know--

Graham McTavish: He's a nice bloke, though.


Mark Hadlow and Aidan Turner: [Can't make out what they're saying but it sounds a little like]: A cup, a little bits of cup. [Whatever that might mean -- could what they're really saying be some reference to Kili's relative lack of beard?]


Interviewer: One of them doesn't have to wear a beard.

William Kircher (Bifur): Yeah, well we're all very, very jealous of that.

James Nesbitt: Actually, yeah, Aidan Turner, he's the sexy dwarf. I don't even think he's got a beard actually. Mainly because he's not old enough to grow one.

Graham McTavish: He's the hot one, I suppose. If you like that kind of thing.

Adam Brown: But if you like knitted cardigans and knitted mittens, then I'm your fella!

Stephen Hunter: If there was a boy band in Middle-earth, he would probably be the Robbie Williams of, er, the dwarf world.

Jed Brophy: Whereas you'd be...?

Stephen Hunter: A roadie. Bombur would be a roadie.

Peter Hambleton: I think when people see the beards, beards are gonna come back in big time.

William Kircher: They are.


Oin: Give us a kiss!


[Khuzdul language/pronunciation coaching]


Richard Armitage: We all learnt, er, a bit of the dwarf language, Khuzdul. So we all have a, er, kind of selection of words to fall back on, er, curses and battle cries.

Graham McTavish: I mean, we speak dwarvish to each other most of the time when we're on set.

Adam Brown: All the time.

William Kircher: Okay, here goes. [Clears throat] And Peter can guess what it is and tell people. [Speaks a little Khuzdul] Peter?

Peter Hambleton: Er... [Laughs]

William Kircher: It means, 'mighty dwarf'.


Andy Serkis: Then we had, uhm, Trollshaw.

Peter Jackson: You got to do all the fun stuff in the Trollshaw. I had to shoot dialogue and things, and he got to do all the good, fighting-troll stuff. The great thing about the dwarves is that, even though there's this comic element to some of the characters, not all of them, but some of them, when they fight, they really fight.


William Kircher: We started with three months of intense training. We did stunt fighting. We did horse riding. We did the gym four times a week. We did dwarf movement intensely.

Jed Brophy: They were trying to get us to the point where they could actually kill us, bring us back from the dead, kill us, bring us back from the dead, all the CPR and stuff like that because that's what it's gonna be like on set.

William Kircher: They did it by breaking us down. They did it by essentially reducing us to the absolute amoeba stage, and then building us up again as dwarves.

Peter Hambleton: We've come through it as better dwarves, I feel.

William Kircher: I do too.

Peter Hambleton: I mean, I know that William's discovered his inner dwarf.

William Kircher: I have. We all have actually.

Peter Hambleton: That's a frightening thing, but, er, it's the job that had to be done.


Richard Armitage: If I could say key moments, er, in block one, arriving in Rivendell and meeting Elrond and dining at his table. It really feels like you're stepping into Middle-earth.


Hugo Weaving [rehearsing]: There are some who would not deem it wise. What do you mean? You're not the only guardian to stand watch over Middle-earth... I remember it now, but, whoo, later on!


Peter Jackson: I love working with Hugo and Cate. Back in Rivendell again. That was fantastic. I still can't quite get over being on set with Ian as Gandalf, and with, you know, Cate Blanchett with Galadriel, and Hugo as Elrond, and you just feel like you've stepped back into a movie again. Kind of weird.


Cate Blanchett: This is a new one? This is different.


Ann Maskrey (Costume Designer): High point really, I think, was getting Cate Blanchett with the long train.


Unknown: Ah, Cate. That's beautiful. They're all gonna want one.

Cate Blanchett: Just don't ask me to walk anywhere


Peter Jackson: One of the things that I like is that we're getting a little bit of the music into the movie too. The songs. Tolkien wrote quite a few songs for The Hobbit.

James Nesbitt: I got to sing a song.

Interviewer: You wanna hum a few bars for us now?

James Nesbitt: Oh, it's a classic song. You know, it's after, sort of, Cole Porter and Gershwin, that type of thing: There's an inn, there's an inn, there's a merry old inn beneath an old, grey hill...


Stephen Hunter [rehearsing]: He squeaked and sawed and quickened the tune, while the landlord shook the Man in the Moon. It's after three, he said...

Aidan Turner: [Laughs]

Stephen Hunter: I think it'd be great if Dwalin just yelled the whole thing... So the cat and the fiddle...

Graham McTavish: Awrrh! The ostler had a tipsy cat!

Stephen Hunter: [After playing air guitar and drums] That's the Metallica version.

James Nesbitt: Whether I'll be singing at the Oscars is a different matter, but, uhm, hopefully some people might sing it in the shower.


Mark Hadlow: I think this is a Peter Jackson question: Which dwarf would you like to invite to dinner? Well, you know, I wouldn't invite any of them except myself.

Ian McKellen: Hmm... I'm afraid their table manners aren't of the best.


Dwalin: You get your fist, and you do that!


William Kircher: They would not want Bifur over for dinner. He would be, like, the bottom of the line.

Adam Brown: Ori, because he'd be very polite.


Ori: Excuse me.


Stephen Hunter: Well, it'd be me obviously, because I'd cook.

Mark Hadlow: Stephen Hunter does pretty well with the bad table manners. I mean, he just eats... have you seen the size of him? I mean, oh, good Lord! He's enormous. I've tried to talk to him about cutting down his cholesterol, and his butter intake.

Jed Brophy: I don't think you'd invite Nori because he'd steal all the silverware. You'd never invite Graham McTavish because he would sit there and glare at you, and show his forearms.

James Nesbitt: Dwalin's a real warrior, but when he parties, he goes completely mad like so many Scottish people.

Graham McTavish: Well, the words 'kettle', 'black', 'calling', 'pot' come to mind.

Jed Brophy: I don't think you'd invite any dwarf to dinner actually.

Ian McKellen: I wouldn't have them all together, no. Not thirteen. Maybe a couple at a time.


Peter Jackson: Special person to meet here: John Rhys-Davies!


Peter Jackson: It was fun on one of the days we were in Bag End with the dwarves that John Rhys-Davies came to visit.

Andy Serkis: Oh, yeah.

Peter Jackson: And, er, it was great to introduce him, not only to Gloin, who's his father in the story, but also to all the other dwarves.


John Rhys-Davies: Daddy!

Gloin: Hello, my boy!

John Rhys-Davies: It's just like coming home to family!


Peter Jackson: I predicted what John would say, and he pretty much did it word for word. I could just imagine, you know, oh, you poor bastards! That's pretty much what he went on to say.


John Rhys-Davies: You poor buggers. When he gets you running up the hill in full armour, you'll enjoy that. You are going to be spectacular! And you'll be chased by women all around the world.

Peter Jackson: But only if you're in costume and makeup!


Richard Armitage: We've been here since January the 13th, so, what is that, five months? And we haven't even scratched the surface.


Unknown: Who are you doubling, Pete?

Peter Jackson: I'm doubling Stanley Kubrick.


Richard Armitage: One of the biggest moments was when we all put our gear on, and we all stood together, sort of looking around at each other into the character's faces. To stand in a circle and look at the guys that were going on the quest. I got a real tingle up my spine.


Peter Jackson: Lovely. Thank you, that's terrific. I think we can check the gate on that... Thank you very much. Thanks, guys. Thank you very much.

Jed Brophy: A bitter-sweet moment, but it's time to leave. Hasta la vista... and driving off...

Driver: I'm waiting for somebody, sorry.

Graham McTavish: Just go.

Driver: Aw, really?

Graham McTavish: We've had enough. Go.

Jed Brophy: Are you wrapped?

Graham McTavish: No, I'm not wrapped. They're keeping the good people.

Jed Brophy: It's a bitter-sweet moment, but it's time to leave. Hasta la vista.


Peter Jackson: Well, I hope you enjoyed that. I don't know whether there'll be any more, because I have to find New Zealand which... I've lost. I think it's over here.

Christopher Lee as Saruman: Who is that odd little fellow?

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