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**Founders' Day -- Favourite Thread a/o Post Collection**


Apr 26 2011, 5:29pm

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**Founders' Day -- Favourite Thread a/o Post Collection** Can't Post

Hello party people. If you are not feeling rushed off your fingers yet it's time to mine TORn for Mithril! -- for discussions or single posts that really stand out in your memory. These can be from the past year or before -- if your memory stretches back that far ;). Here's how to do it:

1. Open TORn in a new window (keep this window open as well);
2. Use the search function to locate the discussion or post in question;
3. For discussions, copy the URL; or
4. For individual posts, either use the "copy shortcut" tag under the poster's name or copy the entire post;
5. Back in this window hit "Reply"; and
6. Paste what you got into the reply window along with a description, for instance "why I remember this post:"

Just a note: You will have to do the copy paste maneuver a couple times for posts if you want to include the subject line (which you should) and a link back to the post so we can see it in its original context. Please include the author's name as well!

Let this thread be a treasure hoard of wit, wisdom and fond rememberies from TORn.

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Ethel Duath

Apr 26 2011, 6:35pm

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A favorite subject line challenge response by Aranelthehobbit22: :D [In reply to] Can't Post

Here's the challenge by Weaver, and below it is Aranel's respone. (Re)Enjoy!


**The Return of the Subject Line Challenge**

Below are six subject lines randomly selected from the posts on the board right now...the challenge is for you to put them together in a creative way -- a story, a joke, a poem, a song, a drabble -- wherever your creativity takes you!

Your choices are:

"On the back of Legolas's shirt..."
"The music! The hairstyles!"
"Sneaky! I like it!"
"Ah, but why would she be a danger to airplanes?"
"What could we do to get him to "appear" here?
"The younger one..."

See how many you can work into your creation -- bonus points if you use them all!


Let's see what we can come up with, precious . . .

"I wonder if we'll ever be put into songs or tales."
"I wonder if people will ever say, 'Let's hear about Frodo and the Ring.' And they'll say 'Yes, that's one of my favorite stories. Frodo was really courageous, wasn't he, dad.' 'Yes, my boy, the most famousest of hobbits. And that's saying a lot.'"
"You left out one of the chief characters. Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about Sam."
"I was thinking the same thing, Mr. Frodo. But you know what I'd like more than stories or songs? A movie!"
*puzzled glance*
"If only we had a director and a film crew, that Mr. Peter Jackson is a good one, he'd need to follow us around to document it well though, what could we do to get him to 'appear' here?"
"Sam, this is ridiculous."
"Now, Mr. Frodo, you shouldn't make fun, I was being serious. We could have a trailer just for us hobbits to chill out and get our hair and makeup, think of it! The music! The hairstyles!"
*rolls eyes*

(cut to Gollum/Smeagol)

"Master betrayed us! Wicked, tricksy, false! We ought to ring his filthy little neck!"
"But the fat hobbit. The younger one. He knows. Eyes always watching."
"Then we stabs them out. Put out his eyses. And make him crawl."
"Yes! Yes! Yes! No! No! too risky!"
"Yes! kill them!"
"No! too risky!"
"Yes! kill them!"
"No! too risky!"
"Yes! kill them!"
"No! too risky!" . . .

(cut to Frodo and Sam)

"And we'd all have T-shirts saying we were part of the crew, we'd even have our names on them. On the back of Legolas's shirt it'd have his name on it and mine on mine and yours on your etc."

(cut to Gollum/Smeagol)

"SHE could do it . . ."
"But wouldn't she be a danger to airplanes?"
"Ah, why would she be a danger to airplanes, precious? What are airplaneses?"
"Whatever they are she's dangerous and would be a danger to them, precious, my love"
"No she wouldn't!"
"Yes she would!"
"No she wouldn't!"
"Yes she would!" . . . .

(cut to Frodo and Sam)

"But one thing, Mr. Frodo, if they made movies and they weren't true to what we did would we be contradicting them or would they be contradicting us? Or would we be contradicting the stories and songs that were contradicting the movies? Or would we all be wrong? Or would the songs and --"
"Oh give it up, Sam. It's hurting my head."

(cut to Gollum/Smeagol)

"Alright, if she agrees to be good to nice airplaneses she can do it."
"Yesss . . . . then we take the precious and we be the master!"
"Sneaky, I like it precious."
"Thank you, precious"

*Gollum's Song plays in the background, show depressing shot of Mordor, but audience is not depressed or worried, only confused*

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Apr 27 2011, 7:11am

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Pun threads - any and all. [In reply to] Can't Post



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Apr 27 2011, 9:34am

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Any and All Pants threads! :D [In reply to] Can't Post

Pants Jan 09

Pants Jan 09

Pants Sept 09

and MORE Pants May 2009

GREAT idea for a Party Post, Sir! I'm gonna find some more :D Thanks so much!

sample sample

I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

TORn's Observations Lists
Unused Scenes

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 27 2011, 10:40am

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Ah, finally found it [In reply to] Can't Post

Couldn't find it yesterday, but here it is, the creation of the very popular TORn word: femine.

It made me laugh so loud that day. Also follow the links that pop up in the thread for even more fun threads at that same moment.

Aunt Dora Baggins

Apr 27 2011, 1:24pm

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That's my all-time favorite too :-DDD // [In reply to] Can't Post


"For DORA BAGGINS in memory of a LONG correspondence, with love from Bilbo; on a large wastebasket. Dora was Drogo's sister, and the eldest surviving female relative of Bilbo and Frodo; she was ninety-nine, and had written reams of good advice for more than half a century."
"A Chance Meeting at Rivendell" and other stories

leleni at hotmail dot com


Apr 27 2011, 11:21pm

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OMG, gramma, I'm in tears! Thank you! // [In reply to] Can't Post


Apr 28 2011, 2:11am

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Do threads ever go off topic at TORn? [In reply to] Can't Post

Back in late 2008 Compa started a thread called "BIG NEWS: ďWe donít even call it the bridge movie, we just call it ĎThe Movie.í"- GDT."

Ataahua, funny gal that she is, sent the thread reeling OT with her post: "Hobbit IX: Revenge of the Wool-Pated Fools."

What followed was one of the longest digressions I can remember. It was brilliant. Just as amazing is the thread somehow returned to topic before slipping beneath the waves.


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Superuser / Moderator

Apr 28 2011, 2:39am

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I have no memory of this thread. [In reply to] Can't Post

Which is a worry as it was only three years ago!

Thanks for digging it up SirDennis - it was fun to revisit it! (Although is it really a 'revisit' if I don't remember it from the first time around??)

Celebrimbor: "Pretty rings..."
Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
Men: "Pretty rings..."
Sauron: "Mine's better."

"Ah, how ironic, the addictive qualities of Sauronís master weapon led to its own destruction. Which just goes to show, kids - if you want two small and noble souls to succeed on a mission of dire importance... send an evil-minded b*****d with them too." - Gandalf's Diaries, final par, by Ufthak.

Ataahua's stories


Apr 28 2011, 5:13am

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Pure gold from November 2010: [In reply to] Can't Post

After a run of many tumultuous months in mid to later 2010, this discussion, for me at least, marked a turning point on "The Hobbit Board."

Called "The Hobbit as LOTR prequel" it was kind of like the fascinating The Aesthetics of Middle-Earth thread currently in progress on the HB. People demonstrated wit, profundity, and genuine interest in each other's ideas. Through it all a sense of mutual respect and respect for the material made their way back to the board.

I encourage you to (re)visit the thread, especially if you are enjoying the aesthetics one... a taste of the November 2010 thread follows.

The topic and lead post:


The Hobbit as LOTR prequel

Marshall Pynkoski of Opera Atelier paraphrasing film director Jean Cocteau: ď... every scene has a bullís eye, and thatís what a director tries to hit Ė the reason why that scene is there... Style is not the bullís eye. Style is what we use to take aim, but if style gets in the way of the story, then somethingís wrong.Ē

Such an idea has implications for The Hobbit movies. Consider: LOTR movie fan expectations; PJ back as director; Avatar; the decision to shoot in 3D; and the expectations of "book purists" or people who count themselves as "Tolkien enthusiasts" more so than LOTR movie fans.

Que pensez-vous?

a post from the thread by LordMaximus:


My Equation

You know what they say about assumptions.

This is my equation on how the movies would be made if PJ listened to what Fans of LOTR.

((Dork Factor)^2 *(Pre-exisitnig Media))/(Fan Fiction)) = Same Thing as LOTR!

Because of the fact (Dork Factor) is squared it has the most influence over the overall outcome.

Come on, if you were PJ would you want to make the same movie again? I donít think so. Why do you think he got GDT on board to direct originally? PJ has never done the same thing twice, and he knows that if he copies large amounts from LOTR, it will be seen as a failure on his part. That just isnít his style. Have we got any original ideas here?

and another, by Squire:


Very perceptive comments!

You make very well-thought-out arguments for a Hobbit carefully graduated between its most juvenile elements and its most epic moments. I probably don't exactly share your vision of The Hobbit films, but it is a pleasure to discuss them with you.

As far as the language goes: some of us do put a lot of weight on Tolkien's exact word choices, for the obvious reason that he did. So for instance to call Bilbo "jolly" - when he clearly isn't - may suggest to some that you have not read The Hobbit very perceptively. This last post of yours puts paid to that. You've made clear that the word choice was just a humorous exaggeration of your impression of The Hobbit's more childish side. And it is true that "jolly" as an adjective occurs fairly often in The Hobbit (though never in reference to Bilbo in any way, it's the Elves and Beorn who are jolly) -- and also in the first few chapters of The Lord of the Rings -- but never thereafter, so that the word does say something about the difference between the two books.

But what would be a better word? Would you say that Bilbo (in the beginning of the book) was not so much jolly, as a bluff twit? A thoughtless dilettante, in over his head? A genteel but overgrown and spoiled only child? A desperately insecure society bachelor with a heart of gold, nerves of steel, and the soul of a somewhat lazy angel? Is there any point to characterizing Bilbo with a single word, whether in jest or in genuine inquiry?

ps the fact that I started the thread is purely coincidental. I had forgotten about that when I was searching for some posts that had made a lasting impression on me.


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Apr 28 2011, 5:19am

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Ah thanks for these [In reply to] Can't Post

I love when a pun sub thread springs to life, especially when a diversion is needed.


Apr 28 2011, 5:20am

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It's great when someone really puts their back into it! // [In reply to] Can't Post


Grey Havens

Apr 28 2011, 5:41am

Post #13 of 14 (673 views)
Love it! [In reply to] Can't Post

That was quite an interesting thread you posted. A part of me wishes things weren't so edited, so I could have seen more. Gave me several cases of the giggles!


Apr 28 2011, 5:49am

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Heh, they ganked that noob. Total pwnage XD // [In reply to] Can't Post


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