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Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 3:21pm

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My favorite scene... [In reply to] Can't Post

I've always had a special fondness for the scene at Edoras, when King Theodin has just buried his son and gives Gandalf the tearful explanation that "no father should have to bury his son". Gets me every time. I too have lost a son and it happened just about the time The Two Towers came out in theaters. I didn't get to the theater (obviously) to see it, but I did cry a lot when I finally saw it on DVD. It's now one of my favorite scenes of all time. Thanks guys!


Mar 25 2010, 3:21pm

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I will win. [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is the one where Gimli falls off his horse and says, "it was deliberate, it was deliberate," because Gimli is awesome. I also like when Gimli says without looking, "Nothing... it's just a wisp of cloud." Gimli is so tight.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 3:26pm

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Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene in the Lord of the Rings is the March of the Ents. When Treebeard sees how so many of his fellow Ents have been killed, you can really feel the pain he is feeling. The moment when the other Ents come marching and they begin their decent on Isengard is pure magic. The way they march, combined with the epic background music creates such emotion for the viewer. I get chills down my spine every time I see this scene.

Delphinium Took
Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 3:42pm

Post #79 of 360 (33432 views)
"The Ring will not save Gondor. It has only the power to destroy." [In reply to] Can't Post

..."Faramir! You must let me go!"

Of all the scenes that I love in the movies, this one haunts me the most. I'm not sure exactly why, especially as it is not in the books and I'm a bit of a purist! Perhaps it's about the passion and the power in Frodo's voice, his frustration, and his desperate struggle to make Faramir understand. It's an emotional nexus, as there is a terrible intensity and conflict in Frodo. He would not willing give up his precious to Gondor (both because he knows that the ring will destroy Gondor and because of his need for the Ring), yet he must long to be safe from Mordor. Overriding all of this is his promise to fulfill his quest, though with no real hope of doing so.

It's very moving. I thought EW was amazing!


Mar 25 2010, 3:46pm

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The Road Goes Ever On And On [In reply to] Can't Post

Like everyone else, there are so many iconic scenes in The Lord Of The Rings that it is impossible to choose a favorite. But when I think of the movie, a particular scene tends to be the first one in my thoughts.

Before The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings came out, I was fervently hoping Peter Jackson got it right. The look, the mood, the feel and mostly the characters. Will his vision match the one I've had in my head my entire life? As we all know, he did match my and most everyones thoughts. Exceeded them, actually. And it only took one scene to immediately put me at ease and squarely into Middle Earth.

You hear the humming of a warm and familiar tune approaching the outskirts of Hobbiton as a bearded old gray wizard rolls along in a rickety cart. He slows and stops as a young hobbit teasingly scolds him "you're late". A turn of the head reveals the face under the hat. And Gandalf replies "a wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to!". An expression-less face replies, a furrowed brow determinately replies in turn. Both break down, lose control and start giggling as Frodo leaps into the cart exclaiming "it's wonderful to see you again, Gandalf!!"

Right then I knew Peter understood the book and the fan's vision. He got it right. Right there WAS Gandalf. Right there WAS Frodo. And that scene not only instantly transports you into Hobbiton and Middle Earth but sets the emotional stage for what truly was at stake once the the story unfolds.

When I go back to watch the movies, I always start with that.

"Do not come between the Nazgul and his prey"

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 3:48pm

Post #81 of 360 (32784 views)
Sam on Mount Doom [In reply to] Can't Post

There were tons of heros in the books/movies but the scene on Mount Doom when Sam carries Frodo was always my favorite. In my opinion he was the true hero of the story. He changed so much throughout the books, being timid in the beginning to end up being the strongest character. He never gave up on his friends and not only persevered in a certain death situation he saved his friends life, showed loyalty, compassion. Frodo was bound to the ring (a vested interest) and his resolve to destroy it, while Sam was there by choice. He chose to do the right thing in the face of death, not only his but everyone he knew/loved. To me there is no more heroic act then this, and him carrying Frodo up the banks of the mountain symbolized this and showed an amazing transformation.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 3:50pm

Post #82 of 360 (32767 views)
RE: My favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is on the slopes of Mt. Doom as Frodo collapses and Sam must carry him the rest of the way up. The scene is powerful emotionally and beautifully shot and composed. The power of their friendship to see them through everything they had to do is amazing to me. Sam's indomitable spirit and hope.

The Shire

Mar 25 2010, 3:53pm

Post #83 of 360 (33316 views)
Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is where the music first starts playing and you see the Shire and Hobbiton for the first time. It's very magical.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 4:19pm

Post #84 of 360 (33625 views)
Definitely.... [In reply to] Can't Post

... Theoden's speech and the Ride of the Rohirrim.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 4:29pm

Post #85 of 360 (35873 views)
Favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

I think my favorite scene is Sam's speech - "there are some things in the world worth fighting for..." It inspires me.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 4:30pm

Post #86 of 360 (33953 views)
Fav Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

I truly enjoyed the scene where Gollum is portrayed as two different beings. There was humor to it, but it showed his internal struggle between good and evil caused by the One Ring. (This of course is a microcosm of the overall story's battle between good and evil.) Jackson depicted this in a way that could not been done through writing alone.

Reunited Kingdom
Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:16pm

Post #87 of 360 (32606 views)
favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

The Free Peoples before the black gate - the parley with the Mouth, Aragorn's speech, and amazing music.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:18pm

Post #88 of 360 (32323 views)
Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

Such a hard question for anyone I'm sure!

I'll have to say the forming of the Fellowship at Rivendale. Not knowing what is ahead, yet setting aside the differences of each individual to work towards a common goal. A major theme of the book all contained in one scene.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:29pm

Post #89 of 360 (32368 views)
Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

It has to be during the prolouge and the great battle. More specifically, when Sauron loses the ring and this huge (sound?shock?) wave goes out, knocking flat all things in its path. As soon as I saw this, I was forever and ever hooked into all things Tolkein and Peter Jackson.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:36pm

Post #90 of 360 (32857 views)
Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

When Aragorn is crowned king and all bow to him, even the hobbits and he says, "my friends, you bow to no one", always gives me goose bumps. Sums up the whole trilogy, even the smallest hobbit can change the world.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:38pm

Post #91 of 360 (33073 views)
Favorite Scene - Mines of Moria [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is in the Mines of Moria, when Frodo tells Gandalf he wishes the ring had never come to him. I love Gandalf's reply "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." This is great advice, even for us in our daily lives. And though this was in a different part in the book, I'm glad they included it in the movie where they did.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:42pm

Post #92 of 360 (32663 views)
The Bath Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

I personally love the bath scene in Crickhollow because it's such a lovely light moment with a touch of humor in the midst of the fearful pursuit of the Black Riders. It also has a great song to go along with it, hobbit banter, and a feeling of what C.S. Lewis called "homliness" - the joys of hearth and home. It's great!

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 5:52pm

Post #93 of 360 (32967 views)
Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

The scene after the group loses Gandolf to the Balrog is one of my favorite scenes. The first time I saw FOTR in theaters was my first exposure to Middle Earth and the scene where the group endures the loss of Gandolf was one of the most heartfelt and touching scenes. Typically in movies the death of a character is greeted with "Oh no!" then "We have to move on - now!" and there is no grieving for what was a living breathing soul that was part of your journey and is now gone forever from you and the world. As I said I did not know the story and did not know that Gandolf would be back so that loss was even more of an impact for me. The sorrow that Frodo and the whole group expressed truly transcended the screen and was for me the beginning of my love for LOTR! Heart


Mar 25 2010, 6:16pm

Post #94 of 360 (32348 views)
My Favorite... [In reply to] Can't Post

Or one of my favorites, as there are so many.

I love when the Ents go to war. Treebeard has that moment of realizing that what is going on does affect him and his forest, and then becomes positively "hasty." The way that scene is shot, with the Ents all emerging from the forest, and Shore's stirring music is just beautiful. Every time I saw the film in the theater, that sent up cheers, and it still does for me. There's nothing like seeing the trees fight back.

(This post was edited by Elwen on Mar 25 2010, 6:17pm)

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:17pm

Post #95 of 360 (32291 views)
my favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

in ROTK when gandalf is describing what happens when we die to pippen. i love the gentleness in gandalf's manner and the innocence in pippen's.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:25pm

Post #96 of 360 (33285 views)
My favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

My favorite scene is at the end of Fellowship when Frodo is standing with the ring in his hand and saying "I wish the ring had never come to me". A shot of Gandalf appears and says "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for us to decide. What we must do is decide what to do with the time that is given us".
That scene with the accompaning music is an amazing piece of filmwork. Amazing!!!

The Shire

Mar 25 2010, 6:28pm

Post #97 of 360 (33007 views)
My favorite scene [In reply to] Can't Post

When it was all getting started - spotting the stone Trolls in the woods... the background touches that made it clear that the crew was going to try hard.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:30pm

Post #98 of 360 (32661 views)
Best Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

Is the "destruction of the ring" sequence. After following our heroes for three whole movies, they finally fulfill their goal. The scene is a successful climax that lasts a couple of minutes. All of our waiting has led to this moment. It is the greatest moment.

The Shire

Mar 25 2010, 6:34pm

Post #99 of 360 (33421 views)
My Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

After some serious contemplation I think that my favorite scene is when the fellowship are sitting on the steps of Moria, unsure of which direction to go at the 3 doors. I am forever enamoured with the dialogue between Gandalf and Frodo as they discuss Gollum and the Pitty of Bilbo. The words spoken here are poinent and direct. It is easy for the average viewer to get caught up in the stunning visuals of a battle scene or moving retoric of an "epic speech," all of which were done well. But I think that the true genius of Tolkien is in the little moments like this one where an incredibly powerful truth is so subtly and gently placed into the mind of the audience. Many of these moments were glossed over in the transition from book to screen but this one made it through the process relatively unscathed.

"Many that live deserve death, and many that die deserve life. Can you give it to them Frodo? Then don't be so eager to deal out death and judgment, for even the wise cannot see all ends."

These words are what make this scene so special to me. And the visuals in Moria aren't too shabby either.

Registered User

Mar 25 2010, 6:48pm

Post #100 of 360 (31764 views)
My Favorite Scene [In reply to] Can't Post

There are so many to choose from but if I have to choose one of them, I'd have to pick..Legolas and Gimli competing for highest number of "kills" at Helms Deep during The Two Towers. This movie was primarily dark and their banter gave some much needed light heartedness to their scenes. Smile

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