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Tolkien vs. Rowling
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ring master
The Shire

Jul 4 2009, 5:29pm

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Tolkien vs. Rowling Can't Post

It the battle of the authors! Pen vs. Pen, Imagination vs. Imagination! Whose fantasies do you like better? Harry Potter or LOTR? I assume that since all of you have joined a Tolkien fan club that you will pick him but we will just have to find out. Now you have to decide!!! Evil

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Ring Master

Arwen's daughter

Jul 5 2009, 7:33pm

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Tolkien every time, for me. // [In reply to] Can't Post


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Jul 6 2009, 9:11am

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Depends [In reply to] Can't Post

A work colleague of mine and me have argued about this many times. From the perspective of their books, Tolkien wins every time, and that is always my position, in an effort to avoid the discussion straying into any other territory.

Sadly, he always drags the conversation into the gutter, as to which one would I rather spend the night with. At which point I cave and have to go with Rowling.



PS Me and Rowling would be reading to each other obviously......

Fruit of Laurelin

Jul 7 2009, 1:51am

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I dunno... [In reply to] Can't Post

On one hand, Harry Potter's much easier to get into than LOTR, IMHO at least. But LOTR totally holds you for a long long time while Harry Potter, though it'll always be a great read, lets go after a while. I'm going to go with the politically correct way and say it's a draw.

Fruit of Laurelin

Jul 7 2009, 1:54am

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If it was a physical battle [In reply to] Can't Post

Then Tolkien could come back from the grave as an immortal ghost and kick Rowling's ass.

ring master
The Shire

Jul 7 2009, 2:45am

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LOL [In reply to] Can't Post

I never thought of it that was but OKAY...

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Ring Master


Jul 7 2009, 3:25am

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Deep-Delving or Delightful? [In reply to] Can't Post

These might be fighting words, though I don't intend them in that way, to be politically correct.

I think Tolkien is a better... for lack of a better phrase, world-weaver. He had an intuitive sense of how mythologies, languages, and geographies would fit together, and he used them to great effect. He also had a good grip on how to build characters, playing with archetypes while instilling enoguh personality for them to be unique but well-constructed. His detailed nature suits me, and I probably even like his faults. There is a lot of wonder in his works, a lot of awe, a lot of beauty, and a lot of terrible things.

Rowling creates delight, fear, and a good deal of wonder as well. Because it's all superimposed on the muggle world, it's more fanciful. She doesn't have the same gift of naming, but that's never irked me so much. I love how she plans meticulously as well, giving names to all of the students and making sure there's an equal number of boys to girls, and so on. Her characters are fantastic, and though I think her archetypes are a bit more flat, I love their personality. She is exceedingly inventive, and can tell a good story. Her writing is certainly more accessible. Better? I want to say no, but only in the sense that I think she writes in a more colloquial style, and I prefer Tolkien's for richness. But at the same time, I also love Rowling for its delight, and the riches that are also hidden there. .


Jul 7 2009, 3:08pm

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Hands Down...Tolkien [In reply to] Can't Post

LotR (and all his works) have so much more depth and history. HP is a quick (not quick...but not as thoughtful) read that seemed to fade quickly in my mind.

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Tol Eressea

Jul 7 2009, 10:49pm

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I just can't see Tolkien winning this. [In reply to] Can't Post

Talent portion:

While Rowling has no public reputation as a performer, she has said she enjoys music by the Smiths and the Clash. She sings a painful medley of “Train in Vain” and “How Soon is Now”. The judges are trading looks.

Tolkien, also not given to the performing arts, does a reading of “Beowulf” in the original Anglo-Saxon.

The judges vote for Tolkien. One judge interviewed after the competition, said, “We didn’t know what he was saying, but at least he didn’t hurt our ears.”

Swimsuit portion:

The lovely, slender Jo sports a sexy red bikini with high-cut leg. Lookin’ good for a forty-something woman who’s had children.

Tolkien has chosen a 1930s-era swimming suit, daringly baring his arms and even his legs (up to mid-thigh).

Geh. Tolkien loses.

Evening wear portion:

Jo is elegant in a low-cut, black, sleeveless gown with a flowing skirt. The contrast with her blonde hair is stunning.

Tolkien’s choice of a red satin gown with ruffles on the neckline, sleeves, and skirt is…unfortunate.

Said one judge after the competition, “He didn’t seem to fill it out very well at all.”

Onstage question:

The judges ask Jo her opinion of current events in Honduras. Jo responds with a poised analysis of the legality of the Supreme Court and Congressional decisions in the South American country.

Tolkien steps up and fields a question on the relative importance of marital fidelity among political candidates. He mumbles and speaks too fast, and the judges are clearly at a loss.

Miss Rowling takes home the crown!


The TORNsib formerly known as Galadriel.

Fruit of Laurelin

Jul 8 2009, 10:15am

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yay for the humourous approach [In reply to] Can't Post

GalTX, you just made my day Sly Tolkien in a swimsuit! The images I'm getting!


Jul 10 2009, 7:33am

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Tolkien [In reply to] Can't Post

The Hobbit/LOTR/Silmrillion are far superior. So much more depth and fantasy. I have read ONE HP book, the sixth one, which was very boring. LOTR is just pure awesomeness. The movies are also much better than HP films.

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Tol Eressea

Jul 10 2009, 12:22pm

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Tolkien for me [In reply to] Can't Post

I tried the HP books, but could never really get into them.


Jul 10 2009, 4:27pm

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Tolkien, hands down. [In reply to] Can't Post

Although it's sort of apples and oranges in my opinion.

Perhaps a more fair comparison might be Rowling vs. some of the other authors who wrote fantasies specifically for a younger reading population. (My mind is blanking on their names...Lloyd Alexander, Madeleine L'Engle, Ursula LeGuin, Patricia McKillip, etc.)

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Jul 12 2009, 2:01am

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Tolkien [In reply to] Can't Post

I tried reading Harry Potter when it was first coming out and I was unable to finish the second book because it scared me too much. (I was 9 or 10 at the time) I have never been able to read them after that.LOTR was so good I finished it over Thanksgiving weekend.

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Fruit of Laurelin

Jul 12 2009, 7:58am

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If it was so believable and exciting... [In reply to] Can't Post

it scared you, shouldn't that make you read them all quickly and like them?


Jul 12 2009, 9:42am

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I liked this very much! [In reply to] Can't Post


"Such a fool deserves to starve." - Bard.


Jul 12 2009, 7:52pm

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Well...... [In reply to] Can't Post

Let's just say i was reading them in the middle of the night while at my Grandma's house and the whole scary element combined with the dark and unfamiliar kinda of scared my for life. Blush

What happened when Legolas and Aragorn road with Eomer in the van.
Aragorn: Eomer, Legolas has his bow on my side of the seat!
Legolas: Well Aragorn keeps slapping me while practicing his "heroic" poses.
Eomer: Don't make me turn this van around.

Forum Admin / Moderator

Jul 13 2009, 4:09pm

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LOL! [In reply to] Can't Post

Maybe Tolkien should have borrowed silneldor's pink swimsuit?

No - the red satin gown would still have done him in.

Those Oxford dons have simply no sense of style...


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"It struck me last night that you might write a fearfully good romantic drama, with as much of the 'supernatural' as you cared to introduce. Have you ever thought of it?"
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Fruit of Laurelin

Jul 16 2009, 3:20am

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Aww [In reply to] Can't Post

That's a shame. I think they are really enjoyable books, but if can't read them without thinking there's a monster under the bed or what not, your choice. I would recommend giving them another go though. Smile


Jul 24 2009, 12:58am

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Rowling with reservations [In reply to] Can't Post

I like J.R.R.T's writing better. i can and do reread his works.
Rowling are nice once read and then dust gatherers.

but in a war consisting of imagination I would say Rowling

J.R.R.T's world was well researched. much of his work has a base in older pre existing culture. he has such a weight of thought and planning behind his books. Rowlings work just seems to me to be more light airy with no deeper hidden meanings. since it is not think as deeply writing it is by default more fantasizing, imagination.

Pansy Bolger

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The Shire

Jul 30 2009, 7:53am

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Read The Green Books [In reply to] Can't Post

have you read the green book(s) published by TheOneRing.net?? Smile try to find and read 'More people's Guide to J.R.R Tolkien' it includes lot of articles that will be useful when determining who's better when comparing Tolkien with some other author.

Every line in those thousand pages (in LOTR alone) includes delicacy,alertness and detail far more than anyone would expect.
Few authors got that 'Talent' When it comes to carefully crafting a mythology. like creating Languages that reflects particular race's characteristics and not using Greek or Latin derived words when necessary to keep the character's identity.
For example Every word that Sam utter in LOTR is Free of Greek or Latin Derived words. so his speech remains closely descended from Anglo-Saxon speech as possible.that because Tolkien wanted to show that Sam haven't had no influence whatsoever outside Shire that could change his Natural Hobbit-Like Nature. (No Greek or Latin influence when it comes to speech)

Everybody can't keep consistency through out a massive number of pages like that..

Now just think what HP have in common with LOTR even to compare...people try to compare stuff when there's two or more things very much like each other but not the same..they want to keep them side by side and determine what to choose or what looks better to them. I don't think anybody can compare LOTR to HP. They are totally different from each other. (in my view)

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One Ringer
Tol Eressea

Aug 12 2009, 7:35pm

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Tolkien, 'nuff said. // [In reply to] Can't Post


Registered User

Aug 18 2009, 11:01pm

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Hmmm [In reply to] Can't Post

Rowlings better at making a really gripping story, but tolkiens got an amazing imagination. Rowling stole loads of Tolkiens ideas as well.

You shall not pass!

(This post was edited by gandalf_the_awesome on Aug 18 2009, 11:02pm)

Registered User

Aug 21 2009, 3:57am

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Hmm.. [In reply to] Can't Post

I've considered this question SO many times.. mainly cuz all my friends keep asking me.. and I just can't decide. There are times when I'm all, LOTR is THE best EVER, but then I reread HP, and I'm like, this is awesome as well. There are good and bad on both - HP is interesting from the start, whereas the beginning of LOTR is quite slow (I didn't read the books until I watched the movies) - but there are so many aspects of HP that are obviously taken from LOTR... so.. hmm.. I'd say they were both tied.

LOTR *movies* are a thousand times better than the HP ones, though, no doubt, even though HBP was really cool ;)

Fool of a Took

Aug 23 2009, 12:58am

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The Family Dynamic [In reply to] Can't Post

I've always seen Tolkien as the grandaddy of fantasy. Rowling is the talented precocios granddaughter running around the house Tolkien built while he sits back in his old leather armchair.

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