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So apparently the top choices for Bilbo are James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black
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Registered User

May 29 2008, 9:55pm

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Holm and McAvoy [In reply to] Can't Post

I can imagine McAvoy as a hobbit, probably because of the influence of LotR and the four main hobbits who all had rather boyish looks. But as Bilbo, he would be very young! He's not even thirty, right? I can't say much else about him, because I've only seen him briefly in the first Narnia movie.

I am only beginning to accept the idea that we'll have to let someone other than Ian Holm play this part. He made an impression in FotR that was wonderful and will be hard to let go of. Unsure

Registered User

May 29 2008, 10:08pm

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Okay... [In reply to] Can't Post

I think the 'McAvoy is Bilbo' story is more wishful thinking that got a huge jumpstart. That's not to say he'd be a bad choice. He looks relatively like a younger Bilbo.

Those thinking Holm can still do it: Are you joking? In FOTR's flashback to the cave, Holm looked, well...to paraphrase W.S. Gilbert's lyric in Trial by Jury. 'He could very well pass for forty-three in the dark with a light behind him.' Simply put, he was way too old then and was put in there for continuity only. It would've made no sense at the time for them to hire someone else for that ten second clip. Now he's ten years older and you seriously think even CGI's going to make it work?

McAvoy has been in an awful lot of stuff lately. I think he could work - the things he's been in have been greatly varied, so no one will be likely to think of him as just one character - but it's a bit early to count on it.

Jack Black was my pick, actually, and the amount of people against this idea is surprising. I thought people actually had some understanding of acting. Amazingly enough, Jack Black can act serious roles and personally, I think he would do a great job 'if' he played it straight.

Radcliffe brings too much baggage along as Harry Potter. He'll never be cast for that reason alone.

Registered User

May 29 2008, 10:13pm

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Martin Freeman still the best choice [In reply to] Can't Post

This is my very first posting on this site, although I am an everyday reader of it! I joined the forum because I think it's great that GDT checks up on what y'all are saying, and if he happens to check this thread out a second time, I hope he sees what's written for some extra food for thought.

Martin Freeman, in my mind, is the best recommendation I've heard yet. He's a believable age for Bilbo, and if Hitchhiker's Guide is any indication, he'll be able to do the befuddled-shock-and-awe-underdog-who-eventually-steps-up-to-the-plate better than just about anyone.

The key element is that the ring preserves Bilbo, so even if he starts out "fresher" before his trials, he still can't be that young *looking* (as compared the main hobbits of LOTR). If you do the math in the LOTR appendices, you will see that Frodo and Bilbo were approximately the same ages when they started out on their quests. But Sir Ian Holm set the stage (as far as Bilbo's look went), so why not keep a little film continuity?

James McAvoy is a great actor, I've enjoyed all of his work that I've seen so far. But my vote's for Martin Freeman, for what it's worth. And judging by the fact that GDT actually checks up on what we're all saying...I'd like to think our opinions are actually worth something!

N.E. Brigand

May 29 2008, 10:18pm

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Bare feet? [In reply to] Can't Post

Maybe only from Hobbiton to Rivendell.

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Join us May 26-Jun. 1 for "The Road to Isengard".

The Shire

May 29 2008, 10:31pm

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Not really blithering [In reply to] Can't Post

I tend to post things that sound fine to me and I assume everyone will get it and know are just my wacky humor. I am often wrong.Blush


It's just that we are all getting so excited about this project it's almost like the good old days pre- the LOTR films.
I was here through all that too though I probably had a different name.

We all get our own ideas about what we would like to see and get as caught up in the fun as Pippin in a cake sale.

If I was a Hobbit I would definitely be a Took no matter how much I'd rather be a Baggins.

Registered User

May 29 2008, 10:38pm

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Your probably right [In reply to] Can't Post

I, like your wife am an Ian Holm fan. but if someone who looks like Ian Holm...I.E. Martin Freeman, That would be acceptable.


May 29 2008, 10:48pm

Post #107 of 238 (4355 views)
AMEN. [In reply to] Can't Post

My theory is: there are one of three things going on here.

1) PJ, GDT and Crew are deliberately sowing misinformation to keep both the Studio and the fans off track (I'd believe this might be GDT's idea, giving how easily we guessed the Riddle;)

2) People are right, and the media have gone to a Warner's "source" and found out who the studio is floating around, and reported on that;

3)And Warner's is:

a) putting pressure on them to accept their choice of actor, or
b) HOPEFULLY finding out that PJ and GDT's contract giving them final cut and first choice on everything is not a sop thrown to them to get the project moving at the time, but REAL.

Hopefuly this is not the start of a battle between the studio and the "talent." They can't push Our People around. Laugh

Registered User

May 29 2008, 11:02pm

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I still say that Sylvester McCoy would be a great Bilbo! [In reply to] Can't Post

For those who don't know, he played Doctor Who back in the late 80s. He's now 65 years old, about the same age as Ian Holm when they did the trilogy. Maybe that's older than what PJ and GDT are looking for, but I really think he could pull it off with the right makeup and direction from GDT. He even looks a lot like Ian Holm did at that age!

I for one hope they don't go with an actor that is younger just to get the young crowd to buy tickets. I think they flubbed a bit with Elijah Wood being too young for the part (though he did a great job, regardless.)

Anyway, check out the photo or Google Sylvester McCoy's name and see for yourself!Smile

Registered User

May 29 2008, 11:05pm

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Sylvester McCoy [In reply to] Can't Post

Your right. he wouldnt be a bad choice. He does look like Sir Holm.


May 29 2008, 11:13pm

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Speaking of Dr. Who how about David Tennant? [In reply to] Can't Post

I think whoever plays Bilbo needs to have very large eyes. I found it interesting that they all wanted the same person to play Bilbo.

May your beer be laid under an enchantment of surpassing excellence for seven years!
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May 29 2008, 11:16pm

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I also forgot to mention . . . [In reply to] Can't Post

that Sylvester McCoy also just did a play with Ian McKellan in England recently. I'm not sure what the part was, something like a court jester or fool of some sort. But since they already know each other, why not pair them up again as Gandalf and Bilbo??

Also, I read somewhere recently that Sylvester had been considered at one point to play Bilbo when they were casting for the trilogy. But they went with Ian Holm instead, which was their first choice. So it would only make sense for them to go with Sylvester this time around! Wink


May 29 2008, 11:29pm

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That sits well with me ... [In reply to] Can't Post

Nice one Deagols Bane Wink

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!


May 29 2008, 11:33pm

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Thankyou! [In reply to] Can't Post

.. for reiterating that ... Smile

Cheers Elven

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!


May 29 2008, 11:41pm

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Two Words: Martin Freeman [In reply to] Can't Post

That's all that needs to be said and the only name that needs to be on Guillermo, Peter, Fran and Phillepa's lips.

I'll say it again:

Martin Freeman IS Bilbo Baggins.

No McAvoy, No Iam Holm (who is ancient), no Radcliffe (that alone makes this whole rumor sound ridiculous), and certainly no Jack Black (which proves this list has no validity)!

Martin Freeman! Say it with me people!


May 29 2008, 11:55pm

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Pssst Artanis.... [In reply to] Can't Post

here's a clue, since I see you haven't been on the Boards too long:

if you want to see GDT's other posts on here, go to "View Threaded",(if you're not already on it), and when you have the Threaded list, click on his name and when you are on his Profile page, go down to the lower left and click on "show user's posts" (I think it says.) Believe me, some of us are STILL getting used to the incredible coolness of his posting on TORN! He has had some great things to say!

BTW, what does everyone think of his new quote that Bilbo will be in "a large part" of Film 2? How can this be, if Film 2 --presumably--jumps ahead to the time of Aragorn capturing Gollum? Bilbo is enjoying a peaceful, low-profile existence in the Shire at that point. The mystery deepens!


May 30 2008, 12:26am

Post #116 of 238 (4688 views)
Thankyou Guillermo ... [In reply to] Can't Post

I was afraid I would be reading this somewhere else other than here Smile


appearing in every scene of the HOBBIT film and a large portion of the second and exposed to elements,

Its nice to hear that Bilbo will have so much exposure over these two films! That I find intruiging and quite awesome and something I was hoping for - very cool!

Cheers Elven

Were off to Hobbiton finally!

Tolkien was a Capricorn!!
Russell Crowe for Beorn!!


May 30 2008, 12:52am

Post #117 of 238 (4030 views)
I still feel Hugh Bonneville would be an excellent choice ... [In reply to] Can't Post

... demeaner, acting chops and appearance. Google his website and look at his photo.


May 30 2008, 1:18am

Post #118 of 238 (4126 views)
Choices, choices [In reply to] Can't Post

James McAvoy doesnt sound that bad. It would be interesting to see him as Bilbo. Danielle Radcliffe, no. He doesn't have the right feel about him. He doesn't look like hobbit material. Jack Black doesn't seem right either. So far, McAvoy sounds pretty good. It'll be interesting to see who they pick or if they have any other choices.


May 30 2008, 2:39am

Post #119 of 238 (4354 views)
Martin Freeman [In reply to] Can't Post

Martin Freeman is BY FAR the best choice. I really don't understand how any fan of the films could want anyone other than him. He is the perfect age, the perfect body type, and from what I can tell from his part in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, he has the perfect personality to play the role. He's not to funny that he cant be serious, and he's not to serious that he can't be funny. I really hope, for the movies sake, that this is the name that both Jackson and Del Toro said at the same time. If they pick someone else, I guess I can respect that. I just think he is such an obvious first choice that if he wasn't cast it would seem almost ignorant.

Forum Admin / Moderator

May 30 2008, 3:35am

Post #120 of 238 (4053 views)
Yes! [In reply to] Can't Post

Those are points I've thought about, and of course it's the most important casting decision for these movies. I look forward to hearing who you choose to play the role.

Thanks for giving us the straight info. From the look of this thread, I think you've saved a few people from heart attacks with this post! WinkLaugh


"Of all faces those of our familiares are the ones both most difficult to play fantastic tricks with, and most difficult really to see with fresh attention. They have become like the things which once attracted us by their glitter, or their colour, or their shape, and we laid hands on them, and then locked them in our hoard, acquired them, and acquiring ceased to look at them.
Creative fantasy, because it is mainly trying to do something else [make something new], may open your hoard and let all the locked things fly away like cage-birds. The gems all turn into flowers or flames, and you will be warned that all you had (or knew) was dangerous and potent, not really effectively chained, free and wild; no more yours than they were you."
-On Fairy Stories


May 30 2008, 3:39am

Post #121 of 238 (3818 views)
Thank you for confirming that [In reply to] Can't Post

did hope that we'd get to hear it "first" here on the boards so it's great to have you letting us know that will happen.

And at least it's stopped me swearing at the screen LOL.

Cheers Kelvarhin x

There he stood
Proud and solemn
Yet happy and gay
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Registered User

May 30 2008, 3:52am

Post #122 of 238 (3907 views)
F2 [In reply to] Can't Post

I actually went back to GDT's post a second time and realized I hadn't noticed that bit (Bilbo having part in F2) the first time. I'm very surprised, after getting the impression that they hadn't decided yet what was going to make it into the second movie! I'm going to have to look at the timeline in the appendices, since I haven't done that in a long while. Curious.


May 30 2008, 4:20am

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How bad a** is it... [In reply to] Can't Post

..that the director of one of the most anticipated films to come jumps on here from time to time and chills out for a bit? Dang ya'll, now that's what I call being grounded...


May 30 2008, 4:26am

Post #124 of 238 (3967 views)
Here you go. I did a bit of editing out the births and deaths. [In reply to] Can't Post

Appendix B
The Tale of Years

Bilbo returns to the Shire with the Ring. Sauron returns in secret to Mordor.

Bard rebuilds Dale and becomes King. Gollum leaves the Mountains and begins his search for the 'thief of the Ring.

Gandalf and Balin visit Bilbo in the Shire.

Sauron declares himself openly and gathers power in Mordor. He begins the rebuilding of Barad-dűr. Gollum turns towards Mordor.

Sauron sends three of the Nazgűl to reoccupy Dol Guldur.

Elrond reveals to 'Estel' his true name and ancestry, and delivers to him the shards of Narsil.

Arwen, newly returned from Lórien, meets Aragorn in the woods of Imladris. Aragorn goes out into the Wild.

Last meeting of the White Council. They debate the Rings. Saruman feigns that he has discovered that the One Ring has passed down Anduin to the Sea.

Saruman withdraws to Isengard, which he takes as his own, and fortifies it Being jealous and afraid of Gandalf he sets spies to watch all his movements; and notes his interest in the Shire. He soon begins to keep agents in Bree and the Southfarthing.

Mount Doom bursts into flame again. The last inhabitants of Ithilien flee over Anduin.

Aragorn meets Gandalf and their friendship begins.

Aragorn undertakes his great journeys and errantries. As Thorongil he serves in disguise both Thengel of Rohan and Ecthelion II of Gondor.

Aragorn enters Lórien and there meets again Arwen Undómiel. Aragorn gives her the ring of Barahir. and they plight their troth upon the hill of Cerin Amroth. About this time Gollum reaches the confines of Mordor and becomes acquainted with Shelob.

Balin leaves Erebor and enters Moria.

Balin perishes, and the dwarf-colony is destroyed.

The shadow of Mordor lengthens. Saruman dares to use the palantír of Orthanc, but becomes ensnared by Sauron, who has the Ithil Stone. He becomes a traitor to the Council. His spies report that the Shire is being closely guarded by the Rangers.

Bilbo's farewell feast Gandalf suspects his ring to be the One Ring. The guard on the Shire is doubled. Gandalf seeks for news of Gollum and calls on the help of Aragorn.

Bilbo becomes a guest of Elrond, and settles in Rivendell. 3004 Gandalf visits Frodo in the Shire. and does so at intervals during the next four years.

In the autumn Gandalf pays his last visit to Frodo.

Gandalf and Aragorn renew their hunt for Gollum at intervals during the next eight years, searching in the vales of Anduin, Mirkwood, and Rhovanion to the confines of Mordor. At some time during these years Gollum himself ventured into Mordor, and was captured by Sauron.

Elrond sends for Arwen. and she returns to Imladris; the Mountains and all lands eastward are becoming dangerous.

Gollum is released from Mordor. He is taken by Aragorn in the Dead Marshes, and brought to Thranduil in Mirkwood.

Gandalf visits Minas Tirith and reads the scroll of Isildur.

May your beer be laid under an enchantment of surpassing excellence for seven years!
Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!

Finding Frodo
Tol Eressea

May 30 2008, 4:38am

Post #125 of 238 (3935 views)
Agreed [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome, beleg!

Where's Frodo?

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