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Movie Discussion: The Lord of the Rings
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the LOTR Movie Board Altaira 81265 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:21am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Image Posting Guidelines Magpie 30627 2 Jul 14 2008, 7:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by weaver)

Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 38761 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Caption Contest CLXIX (is that correct? :P) zarabia 230 8 Tue, 4:11am Jump to last post in thread (by Alveric)
       Collapse Mine! Mine! Mine! Down! Down! Down! Go! Go! Go! I'm rich! I'm a happy miser! Otaku-sempai 204 1 Tue, 4:42am
           Much obliged, O-s! // zarabia 188 0 Tue, 4:53am
       Collapse I shall name him Ringy and he shall be mine! And he shall be my Ringy. // cats16 185 2 Tue, 5:14am
           Collapse One ringy dingy! Lissuin 188 1 Tue, 5:27am
             LOL // cats16 107 0 Wed, 5:09am
       After hundreds and hundreds of manicures Bilbo is still in love with his fingers. // Bracegirdle 146 0 Tue, 5:15pm
       "Hand, hand, fingers, thumb. Hobbits hum, eat a plum. Ring on finger, ring on thumb." / Darkstone 145 0 Tue, 5:28pm
       OMG! I scored a limited-edition WETA One Ring (tm) colectable with holographic font!!! Alveric 87 0 Wed, 1:38pm

  Moved: Does it ever end lol? ecthelionsbeard - - Nov 15, 1:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by ecthelionsbeard)

  Moved: Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook jlj93byu - - Nov 13, 6:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by jlj93byu)

  Collapse The LOTR Caption Contest CLXVIII Ethel Duath 962 13 Nov 11, 1:38am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse "~Hobbits on my shoulders makes me happy. Hobbits almost always make me high~" // Bracegirdle 828 4 Nov 11, 9:56pm
           Collapse Yep, although that ol' Misty Mountain high Ethel Duath 823 2 Nov 11, 11:46pm
               Collapse And there we laid cool in the shade singing songs and making love... squire 805 1 Nov 12, 2:31am
                   Well, it does make me think of Madrigals Ethel Duath 656 0 Nov 13, 3:42pm
         bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha swordwhale 114 0 Mon, 6:25pm
       Have you ever seen that deleted scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? Crazy stuff, I mean Grandpa Joe & Charlie smoke Wonka's stash of Old Toby and turn into trees! // cats16 810 0 Nov 12, 12:51am
       Collapse Treebeard the Ent chats with Pippin the contortionist.// zarabia 798 3 Nov 12, 2:39am
           Collapse The winner, by [ahem] a foot! Ethel Duath 401 2 Nov 16, 9:55pm
               Collapse Yay! Glad I made you laugh :) zarabia 244 1 Sun, 1:57am
                   :) Easy decision! Ethel Duath 241 0 Sun, 2:18am
       Did you know Peregrin Took was three foot eight and could ride a tree? Well, he could!/ L. Ron Halfelven 792 0 Nov 12, 3:25am
       "And a little family of Hobbits that climb up sometimes and it tickles me awfully. They're always trying to get somewhere —" / Darkstone 636 0 Nov 13, 7:49pm
       Sorry to complain, but Merry says he's getting Dutch Elm Disease on his toes. Alveric 503 0 Nov 15, 2:26pm

  Collapse The Faramir Experience Darkstone 249 1 Nov 8, 3:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       That's positively smeggy! // Meneldor 233 0 Nov 8, 3:48pm

  Moved: LOTR's influence on live to projection concerts tiamy - - Nov 7, 2:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by tiamy)

  Collapse The LOTR Caption Contest CLXVII L. Ron Halfelven 763 24 Nov 4, 1:26am Jump to last post in thread (by zarabia)
       Collapse "OOOOk-lahoma, where the wraiths comes sweepin' down the plain!" / Ataahua 678 5 Nov 4, 2:04am
           Oh my, oh my . . . can't get my breath, laughing! / Ethel Duath 490 0 Nov 5, 10:42pm
           LOL! // Loresilme 275 0 Nov 9, 2:18pm
           Collapse I thought it was spelled Orclahoma. // Meneldor 135 1 Nov 11, 12:04am
               It's sung that way when the play is held by the Gorgoroth Repertory Society. Ataahua 129 0 Nov 11, 1:00am
         Haha! Love it! // zarabia 100 0 Nov 12, 2:44am
       "Give thanks, men, to Leonidas and the brave 300. To victory!" // cats16 657 0 Nov 4, 7:24am
       "But I don't want huge tracts of land. I just want... to sing! // Meneldor 620 0 Nov 4, 5:21pm
       "Ware! Ware! Bracegirdle 626 0 Nov 4, 5:32pm
       Collapse "What's so jaw-dropping about that?" "I don't know, Mr. Frodo. Gondorean sports are just stupid." // sador 560 1 Nov 5, 9:50am
           Mods up. :D // Ethel Duath 490 0 Nov 5, 10:42pm
       An exaltation of alate naturists swoop in attempt to rescue the little naked guy. // Bracegirdle 545 0 Nov 5, 1:17pm
       When Peter Jackson lost his temper: Alveric 548 0 Nov 5, 2:06pm
       Collapse Stone of Erech II, about to make landfall.// Ethel Duath 491 2 Nov 5, 10:44pm
           Collapse Winner! L. Ron Halfelven 170 1 Nov 10, 8:54pm
               How about that. :) I'm shocked (shocked!). I think your footer Ethel Duath 137 0 Nov 11, 12:24am
       "Leaping from tree to tree! In the mighty forest of Ithilien! With my best girl by my side! I’d sing! Sing! Sing! ‘I’m Gondorian and I’m okay…’" / Darkstone 429 0 Nov 6, 2:42pm
       "Oooo - Here she comes and she's still practically perfect in every way . . ." Bracegirdle 421 0 Nov 6, 6:24pm
       Collapse Gollum: "Faramir's opera solo scares me more than burnt fishes! Give me ear plugses, or feed me to Shelob." Sam: "Who?" Gollum: "Oops."// CuriousG 401 2 Nov 6, 9:41pm
           Collapse Wait until he marries Eowyn and the spontaneous duets begin./ L. Ron Halfelven 394 1 Nov 6, 10:21pm
               More seriously, you made me think of the musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" CuriousG 314 0 Nov 8, 2:25pm
       "The eagles! The eagles are coming!" Lissuin 393 0 Nov 7, 12:15am
       Wizard's Pupil Faramir forgets one of Gandalf's 3 cardinal rules: Never put the Ring on, never utter Black Speech, and never, ever do the Tarzan Yell backwards // Loresilme 188 0 Nov 10, 1:47pm
       The Osgiliath Jumbotron oft brings news to near kindred, 'tis said./ L. Ron Halfelven 159 0 Nov 10, 8:54pm

  Collapse The LOTR Caption Contest CLXVI Loresilme 1228 11 Oct 22, 12:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by L. Ron Halfelven)
       Alls I asked was if wese could stops for ice cream, my Prescious! // Otaku-sempai 1174 0 Oct 22, 2:10pm
       Collapse "No, your other left!" / Ataahua 1145 2 Oct 22, 8:55pm
           Good 'un! / Darkstone 1070 0 Oct 23, 6:06pm
         Ha, Ataahua! Lissuin 830 0 Oct 26, 11:25pm
       Simon says, "Look west!" Score = Skins 0, Shirts 2 // Bracegirdle 1130 0 Oct 22, 11:14pm
       "Alright, which one of you two farted? Sam? Smeagol? Own up to it!" // Arwen's daughter 1079 0 Oct 23, 5:03pm
       "O Faramir, Faramir! Wherefore art thou Faramir?" Darkstone 1076 0 Oct 23, 6:05pm
       Collapse Rangers to the left of me, Oliphaunts to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you./ L. Ron Halfelven 840 3 Oct 26, 9:37pm
           Collapse Winner! Loresilme 773 1 Oct 27, 1:07pm
               Thanks! I'll post a new one soon./ L. Ron Halfelven 292 0 Nov 2, 2:01am
           Paging Mr. L. Ron :)! Loresilme 319 0 Nov 1, 7:41pm

  Collapse I hope Jackson releases a ultimate edition of all the ME movies with a new final cut and some new scenes. Victariongreyjoy 1193 12 Oct 13, 4:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by tiamy)
       Collapse Eventual Ultimate Edition jlj93byu 1101 6 Oct 16, 4:50pm
           Collapse List of some deleted scenes jlj93byu 1100 4 Oct 16, 4:59pm
               Collapse Here's some others Darkstone 1100 3 Oct 16, 5:29pm
                   Many Thanks! jlj93byu 1096 0 Oct 16, 5:42pm
                   This one would have been a nice followup note after The Hobbit films. Lissuin 1078 0 Oct 16, 9:36pm
                   And Lissuin 1078 0 Oct 16, 9:41pm
           Deleted Scenes Silmaril 1021 0 Oct 17, 6:44am
       Yes please! Avnar 936 0 Oct 18, 12:18am
       My wishful desire is.. Oscarilbo 642 0 Oct 23, 1:58pm
       Collapse Warner Bros. Mooseboy018 403 2 Nov 4, 6:05am
           Collapse ultimate editions PredatoR 315 1 Nov 6, 7:36pm
               Don't forget.... tiamy 276 0 Nov 7, 2:16pm

  Collapse What does the Ring say? noWizardme 880 8 Oct 13, 2:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse Maybe nothing we are supposed to understand? squire 844 4 Oct 13, 6:22pm
           Collapse Could be noWizardme 829 2 Oct 13, 7:57pm
               Collapse Hmmm... what could the film's writers have meant by "the Black Speech"? squire 821 1 Oct 13, 9:43pm
                   So perhaps they just got the actor to make “sound effects” noWizardme 773 0 Oct 14, 7:45am
         Maybe it make more sense played backwards...? :) noWizardme 669 0 Oct 15, 11:08am
       Collapse Maybe we should as the fox what the ring says. Meneldor 718 1 Oct 14, 11:27pm
           OMG! Darkstone 517 0 Oct 17, 1:36pm
       "Are we there yet?" // Loresilme 412 0 Oct 19, 4:57pm

  Collapse The LOTR Caption Contest CLXV Alveric 987 29 Oct 11, 2:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       The Gondorians forget the second part of their mission when ordered to search 'high and low' for the missing Hobbit. / Ataahua 868 0 Oct 11, 6:22pm
       Collapse When we said 'Gondor calls for aid!' we didn't expect some doofus on the parapet throwing paper towels noWizardme 873 1 Oct 11, 7:16pm
           Love it!! Darkstone 871 0 Oct 11, 7:32pm
       "It's a wraith!" "It's crebain!!" "No, it's SuperSteward!!!" "Er, is he supposed to be on fire?" / Darkstone 868 0 Oct 11, 7:50pm
       Look! It's the grim reaper! It's a Dementor! No it is a Nazgul!!! Smaug the iron 863 0 Oct 11, 7:55pm
       "They sure grow their mosquitoes big 'round here!" Otaku-sempai 859 0 Oct 11, 8:03pm
       Collapse "SURRENDER FRODO" Lissuin 845 14 Oct 11, 9:14pm
           Collapse "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little Sam, too!" / Darkstone 838 12 Oct 11, 9:21pm
               Collapse "It's all right! You can get up now. He's gone!" / Lissuin 840 11 Oct 11, 9:44pm
                   Collapse The yellow brick road goes ever on and on./ L. Ron Halfelven 712 10 Oct 12, 11:38pm
                       Collapse "It's a dangerous business, Toto, going out your door." / Lissuin 679 9 Oct 13, 8:39am
                           Collapse "Somewhere with a pale green glow..." / Darkstone 659 8 Oct 13, 1:52pm
                               Collapse GO GREEN! Lissuin 652 7 Oct 13, 3:45pm
                                   Collapse "The world is changed. I smell it in the air. I feel it in the earth. I feel it in the wat... I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!" / Darkstone 647 6 Oct 13, 4:13pm
                                       Collapse Mo--ri--a. Mo--ohhhh--ri--a.// L. Ron Halfelven 638 1 Oct 13, 5:41pm
                                           "If I take one more step, Mr. Frodo, I've a feeling we won't be in Kansas any more." / Darkstone 637 0 Oct 13, 5:56pm
                                       Collapse - "Who would've thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness!" Lissuin 638 3 Oct 13, 6:59pm
                                           Collapse Have you run out of those nice shiny hearts?/ L. Ron Halfelven 620 1 Oct 13, 7:47pm
                                               G: "My gift for you, Legolas, is a bow." Lissuin 615 0 Oct 13, 9:26pm
                                           "Well, you didn't have to go and hit me, did ya? Is my nose bleeding?" ? Darkstone 620 0 Oct 13, 8:16pm
           LOL! // Silverlode 822 0 Oct 11, 11:55pm
       "Is that a woman on the set? You mean, we have a female character in this movie? How did that happen?"// CuriousG 810 0 Oct 12, 1:28am
       Simon says, "Look up/Mouths open!" Bracegirdle 738 0 Oct 12, 6:01pm
       "I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings / coming down is the hardest thing." // sador 656 0 Oct 13, 1:41pm
       NO! I'm not a Munchkin, I'm a Hobbit! // Bracegirdle 482 0 Oct 14, 5:09pm
       Collapse And all gazed with awe upon the beauty and majesty of the strange black bird with white wings soaring far above them, and in that shining moment there upon the shores of Anduin, was created the Avatar of Alveric // Loresilme 400 3 Oct 19, 4:55pm
           Collapse winner! Alveric 385 2 Oct 20, 6:20pm
               Ah, so not Oz then? How about this re terrifying flying things in the sky? Lissuin 362 0 Oct 20, 9:24pm
               Thank you, O Great Feathered One! Loresilme 220 0 Oct 22, 12:02pm

  Collapse The LOTR Caption Contest CLXIV Loresilme 2405 12 Oct 4, 2:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Alveric)
       A: "Hmm, not to bad, but have you got anything with a little less heft?" // Bracegirdle 2315 0 Oct 4, 5:39pm
       Collapse Hang on--right here--it says, "made in China." Alveric 2283 2 Oct 4, 10:24pm
           Collapse Winner! Loresilme 1737 1 Oct 9, 3:02pm
               Ah the sweet smell of success Alveric 1706 0 Oct 9, 10:16pm
       Ooh, shiny! // Meneldor 2261 0 Oct 5, 2:33am
       "Henceforth I shall be known as Captain Fantastic!" // cats16 2250 0 Oct 5, 4:05am
       "Dad, the LotR Happy Meal toys are super realistic! Look!" // cats16 2249 0 Oct 5, 4:07am
       "Um, I said I wanted something 'sordid' for my birthday, you know, kinda x-rated for a bachelor party?" // CuriousG 2184 0 Oct 5, 9:31pm
       "But can I really expect to wield supreme executive power just because some grumpy Elf shoved a sword at me?"/ Darkstone 2155 0 Oct 6, 1:51am
       "Hmm...the inscription reads, "This blade, no other, is made by the Elves..." // dernwyn 2065 0 Oct 6, 5:08pm
       Mine! Lissuin 1910 0 Oct 8, 4:22am
       "It's nice. But when I said I could use a new razor, this isn't really what I had in mind." // Otaku-sempai 1838 0 Oct 8, 3:35pm

  Collapse The LOTR Caption Contest CLXIII Darkstone 2239 12 Sep 26, 3:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Merry: "If this is what they mean by 'meat's back on the menu' then I'm becoming a vegetarian!" // Otaku-sempai 2164 0 Sep 26, 5:57pm
       That'll teach Merry and Pippin to not search for Christmas presents in Sauron's holiday cottage. / Ataahua 2163 0 Sep 26, 6:10pm
       Merry: "Let's just hang a sign on him and then git." Bracegirdle 2148 0 Sep 26, 10:44pm
       "i triple-dog dare ya!" Maciliel 2142 0 Sep 26, 11:54pm
       "Jerryy! Elainee! Ya gotta see the babyy!" // cats16 2114 0 Sep 27, 4:51am
       Collapse Let's get Mikey! He won't eat it, he hates everything./ L. Ron Halfelven 2077 1 Sep 27, 3:11pm
           LOL! Silverlode 2051 0 Sep 27, 10:02pm
       Pippin: "I tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen!" // sador 2070 0 Sep 27, 4:38pm
       Collapse PJ (filming three movies at once and after 57 consecutive days of no sleep), offscreen: "Ok guys, Scene 9,852 .... Merry and Pippin get into Farmer Crop's maggots. Action!" // Loresilme 1888 3 Sep 29, 9:27pm
           Collapse The winner! Darkstone 1650 2 Oct 2, 2:01pm
               He forgot to moisturize! jlj93byu 1629 0 Oct 2, 4:57pm
               Thank you! Loresilme 1594 0 Oct 2, 11:59pm

  Collapse LOTR Caption Contest CLXII cats16 1798 8 Sep 16, 6:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       Théoden: "Not tonight. I have a headache!" // Bracegirdle 1710 0 Sep 16, 10:16pm
       "He rode north. Actually, sent me a picture. Now where did Grima hide my phone?" // sador 1683 0 Sep 17, 4:37am
       Collapse "...His condition was listed as stable! Where do ponies go when they're sick? To the horsepital! Which side of a horse has the most hair? The outside! What did the horse say when it..." "Okay, you win. I'll ride to Gondor." / Darkstone 1530 2 Sep 18, 7:13pm
           Collapse A winner!! cats16 1271 1 Sep 22, 2:52pm
               Cool! Darkstone 880 0 Sep 26, 3:55pm
       Gimli entertains the King with the 'dying swan' scene from Swan Lake... Alveric 1505 0 Sep 19, 10:36pm
       Arrrr! Excedrin headache number 717: Wizards, Dwarves, and Stinky Rangers! / CaptainMorgan 1486 0 Sep 20, 3:26am
       "Oh, Gandalf, I ordered these tapestries online via palantir.com, and I had no idea how silly this overdone horse motif would turn out." // CuriousG 1262 0 Sep 22, 2:42pm

  Collapse Dead Things in The Marshes Cuwen Maegmacil 806 7 Sep 14, 3:15am Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)
       Collapse Allan Smith Darkstone 789 1 Sep 14, 4:20am
           ...And there you go. Silverlode 780 0 Sep 14, 4:44am
       Collapse The answer to this sort of depends... Silverlode 781 4 Sep 14, 4:42am
           Collapse Ah that makes sense! Cuwen Maegmacil 774 3 Sep 14, 5:08am
               Collapse Well, even in the books.... Silverlode 768 2 Sep 14, 6:24am
                   Collapse Legolas' disowned brother? Semi-redeemed orc? Darkstone 753 1 Sep 14, 1:20pm
                       Scene Smaug the iron 720 0 Sep 14, 4:12pm
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