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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Main Altaira 39784 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

Collapse Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 18608 2 Mar 31 2009, 10:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by tolkiennerd)

  Collapse New trailer Axeman21 30 4 5:46am Jump to last post in thread (by Ereinion Nénharma)
       Collapse You do know... Ereinion Nénharma 16 3 7:59am
           Collapse Angry rams Axeman21 9 2 57 mins ago
               You, sir... Ereinion Nénharma 6 0 15 mins ago
               A bighorn sheep for example... Ereinion Nénharma 3 0 2 mins ago

  Collapse Size of the dwarves Axeman21 70 5 Fri, 7:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by Axeman21)
       Collapse I think it has to do with the actual size of the actors Elarie 46 2 Fri, 8:38pm
           Collapse Middle-earth heights Bracegirdle 28 1 1:19am
               Size of dwaves Axeman21 11 0 5:42am
       Collapse I think the dwarves look a little too diminutive in the films.... Bladerunner 18 1 3:42am
           Size of dwaves Axeman21 11 0 5:43am

Collapse It's time for some BS! grammaboodawg 30 3 Fri, 4:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bracegirdle)
     Collapse It's time for some more BS! grammaboodawg 19 2 Fri, 4:40pm
         Collapse It's time for some MORE BS! grammaboodawg 21 1 Fri, 4:41pm
               An inconsistency? Bracegirdle 5 0 3:39am

Thread Locked Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Week! DanielLB 14 0 Fri, 12:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)

Collapse The Hobbit Movie Promotions kernul 467 3 Fri, 11:00am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       The Denny's Promotion Otaku-sempai 128 0 Fri, 2:30pm
       Double Triple Tolkien TWednesday! Lol! Yes! ozasaurus 112 0 Fri, 3:14pm
       Hi kernul. Ataahua 38 0 Fri, 8:20pm

  Collapse Walk to Rivendell and Beyond: There and Back Again Challenge! Arandiel 26 3 Fri, 4:12am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Everything is awesome! Delrond 19 1 Fri, 3:55pm
           Woohoo!!! and WOW! :D grammaboodawg 19 0 Fri, 4:57pm
       Hi weaver and all!! *waves enthusiastically* :D grammaboodawg 12 0 Fri, 4:52pm

  Collapse I visited the biggest Tolkien museum in the world themadhobbit 125 5 Thu, 3:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kristin Thompson)
       Collapse "Page Not Found" // BlackFox 63 3 Thu, 4:52pm
           Collapse Me niether // Bracegirdle 43 2 Thu, 11:27pm
               Collapse Try this Glassary 53 1 Fri, 1:38am
                 Thanks, that works. Looks like a SUPER museum...// Bracegirdle 39 0 Fri, 3:02am
       For more on the museum, Kristin Thompson 21 0 2:28am

Collapse Caption Contest! stormcrow20 172 15 Thu, 8:23am Jump to last post in thread (by SirDennisC)
       Collapse "The odds are a million-to-one -- we can't lose!" Otaku-sempai 90 2 Thu, 3:45pm
         Collapse Does that make Bard a member of the Night's Watch? // Arwen's daughter 46 1 Fri, 1:24am
               We're gonna to need a bigger bow." Otaku-sempai 30 0 Fri, 1:13pm
       Oh man, I forgot the hose // grammaboodawg 77 0 Thu, 4:44pm
       "I AM FIRE. I ... DanielLB 88 0 Thu, 4:46pm
       Collapse That's it. If you won't behave, I'm calling Farmer Giles. // Aunt Dora Baggins 70 1 Thu, 7:03pm
           Lol! Na Vedui 56 0 Thu, 11:22pm
       "Anyone got marshmallows for roasting? / Ataahua 66 0 Thu, 7:40pm
       Bard: You want me to do WHAT to this guy?? Rembrethil 66 0 Thu, 9:06pm
       "Black Arrow! Black Arrow! you have never . .Oh poop, I'm outta here! // Bracegirdle 52 0 Thu, 11:22pm
       KHAAAAAAA - oh, never mind, I got my impending-doom images mixed up.// Arandiel 38 0 Fri, 4:14am
       Clearly you've never been to Singapore. // cats16 33 0 Fri, 9:33am
       I knew I shouldn't have eaten all those spicy tacos// sherlock 27 0 Fri, 12:49pm
       "Pardner, this town ain't big enough for both of us!" Darkstone 25 0 Fri, 4:41pm
       Forced perspective doesn't work in 3D they said, shoot it in 3D anyway they said.... // SirDennisC 12 0 1:39am

  Collapse Sad news about JRR's favourite tree - geordie 239 15 Wed, 5:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Monumentally sad. Ethel Duath 140 0 Wed, 7:30pm
       Collapse We can't let this happen! DaughterofLaketown 117 7 Wed, 11:25pm
           Collapse Unfortunately, it's probably dying, and peoples' safety is at stake Altaira 115 6 Thu, 2:47am
               Collapse From the original article Altaira 113 4 Thu, 2:54am
                   Collapse believe it or not, someone caught the moment on video - geordie 78 1 Thu, 5:16pm
                       Oh dear! Altaira 40 0 Fri, 3:20am
                   Collapse That quote brings another to mind BlackFox 69 1 Thu, 6:23pm
                       Perfect, BlackFox Altaira 38 0 Fri, 3:34am
               Branch fall in Kew Gardens recently Ataahua 104 0 Thu, 3:24am
       Collapse Our Treebeard... grammaboodawg 88 2 Thu, 10:19am
           Collapse This is a beautiful idea DaughterofLaketown 53 1 Thu, 10:12pm
               During the crusades, it was said Meneldor 44 0 Fri, 1:41am
       Collapse This might cheer us all up a bit. Aunt Dora Baggins 69 1 Thu, 7:08pm
           Brava, Aunt Dora! Altaira 37 0 Fri, 3:37am
       How sad. DanielLB 35 0 Fri, 6:13am

  Collapse Make "The Silmarillion" Happen!! Hobbit Istari 232 9 Wed, 11:59am Jump to last post in thread (by Eowyn of Penns Woods)
     And MARIETTE HARTLEY as AR-PHARAZON the GOLDEN // Bracegirdle 121 0 Wed, 1:50pm
       Unfortunately... Otaku-sempai 144 0 Wed, 3:21pm
       Collapse fortunately - geordie 145 3 Wed, 5:12pm
           Collapse lol... Magpie 82 2 Thu, 11:42am
               Collapse Oh, I did it on purpose.. // :-) geordie 49 1 Thu, 5:19pm
                   I never doubted it for a second! ...Or disagreed, either. ;) // Eowyn of Penns Woods 31 0 Fri, 1:19am
       Collapse I am so on board for this! DaughterofLaketown 106 2 Wed, 11:29pm
           Silmarillion Petition Hobbit Istari 75 0 Thu, 11:27am
           psst Daughter of Laketown Magpie 78 0 Thu, 11:44am

  ***The Fellowship of the Ring 60th Anniversary ALL THE PARTY FAVOUR LINKS*** grammaboodawg 66 0 Tue, 1:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)

  Collapse Happy Birthday "The Lord of the Rings" Arannir 212 4 Tue, 9:21am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Hear! Hear! BlackFox 56 0 Tue, 10:00am
       What a wonderful day! DaughterofLaketown 50 0 Tue, 1:28pm
       *raises mug* To the Good Professor :) // grammaboodawg 20 0 Wed, 10:15am
       Huzzah! cats16 21 0 Wed, 12:44pm

  Collapse ***Guess the Phrase Game: The Fellowship of the Ring Edition*** DanielLB 430 38 Tue, 7:39am Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse ROUND 1 DanielLB 255 11 Tue, 7:41am
           Collapse Bear in mind that it's really late here :P Here goes. .. zarabia 170 1 Tue, 8:58am
               #4 hit me while I was trying to get to sleep zarabia 122 0 Tue, 10:03am
           Collapse My answers BlackFox 145 1 Tue, 9:53am
               No. 7 BlackFox 105 0 Tue, 9:55am
           Let's try... Rembrethil 88 0 Tue, 4:39pm
           Collapse Oh, I love these, thanks! weaver 74 1 Tue, 6:24pm
               Love your answers! LOL! // zarabia 42 0 Wed, 1:00am
           Stopping in during lunch to try one! Ainu Laire 57 0 Tue, 8:28pm
           Answers Round 1 Kim 52 0 Wed, 3:42am
           These are so cool! grammaboodawg 42 0 Wed, 2:46pm
           Here goes... Silverlode 31 0 Wed, 11:12pm
       Collapse ROUND 2 DanielLB 210 9 Tue, 7:43am
           Collapse I think I have all but one of these zarabia 130 1 Tue, 9:03am
               Way off on 9 zarabia 47 0 Wed, 12:57am
           Hmm.. Rembrethil 78 0 Tue, 4:41pm
           Uh oh... weaver 66 0 Tue, 6:27pm
           4/6 certainly. Ainu Laire 58 0 Tue, 8:32pm
           These seem doable SirDennisC 46 0 Wed, 12:58am
           Answers Round 2 Kim 56 0 Wed, 3:44am
           Okay... I was better with these :) grammaboodawg 38 0 Wed, 4:35pm
           Hmm... Silverlode 30 0 Wed, 11:15pm
       Collapse ROUND 3 DanielLB 194 8 Tue, 7:45am
           Hmmm zarabia 124 0 Tue, 9:13am
           Movin' on... Rembrethil 87 0 Tue, 4:43pm
           oh dear... weaver 68 0 Tue, 6:33pm
           4/5! Ainu Laire 64 0 Tue, 8:35pm
           Hmmm SirDennisC 50 0 Wed, 1:10am
           Answers Round 3 Kim 61 0 Wed, 3:46am
           Tripped and fell on a couple of them grammaboodawg 41 0 Wed, 4:34pm
           Giving Round 3 a try... Silverlode 31 0 Wed, 11:26pm
       What a fun idea, thanks DanielLB Bracegirdle 106 0 Tue, 11:31am
       Collapse Answers, results and prizes! DanielLB 24 5 Fri, 6:23am
           AHA! Silverlode 18 0 Fri, 7:09am
           Yay! BlackFox 15 0 Fri, 9:17am
           Thank you Sir! SirDennisC 16 0 Fri, 4:11pm
           Collapse So, I have a question Kim 6 1 4:34am
               Tricksy! DanielLB 4 0 7:15am

  Collapse ***The Tolkienia Times: 60th Year of Fellowship Celebration Edition!*** DanielLB 345 9 Tue, 6:38am Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse ***Page 2: Tolkienia Weather Service Special Report and Ads!*** DanielLB 74 4 Tue, 6:49am
           Collapse ***Page 3: Crossword, Nerdsnorts and 'Answers from the Hall of Fire'*** DanielLB 70 2 Tue, 6:57am
               Puzzle me this and nerdsnort me that! grammaboodawg 20 0 Wed, 4:50pm
               Have you completed our crossword yet? DanielLB 11 0 Fri, 6:25am
           Omg! We even have a weather map! grammaboodawg 20 0 Wed, 4:44pm
       Once again, great job, everybody! // BlackFox 51 0 Tue, 8:50am
       Bravo! Here's to the good ship Melloncirya weaver 40 0 Tue, 6:10pm
     Thanks for the fun read, everyone. And Happy Anniversary!!! // The Grey Elf 30 0 Tue, 10:18pm
       *applause* Bravo! *snigger* lack of weather ;) grammaboodawg 20 0 Wed, 4:39pm

  Collapse ***Fellowship of the Ring Anniversary: Bilbo's Brainteaser! dernwyn 365 19 Tue, 2:41am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
     Collapse #1 Bracegirdle 107 2 Tue, 3:44am
           Can you figure out the others? dernwyn 102 0 Tue, 3:46am
         Oh, for now Bracegirdle 99 0 Tue, 4:24am
       1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 Meneldor 117 0 Tue, 3:57am
       Collapse Still missing some... Angharad73 98 1 Tue, 5:41am
           No. 3 Angharad73 90 0 Tue, 6:52am
       Answers! Silverlode 123 0 Tue, 7:19am
       Alright, let's give it a try! BlackFox 89 0 Tue, 8:45am
       My brain could use a workout! weaver 76 0 Tue, 5:32pm
       Collapse Most of them Ruxendil_Thoorg 65 1 Wed, 2:45am
           Doh! Ruxendil_Thoorg 42 0 Thu, 1:31am
       Here goes... zarabia 65 0 Wed, 6:13am
       Here goes! I know I missed 2 of them :( grammaboodawg 49 0 Wed, 2:26pm
       Collapse I'm not sure about no. 8 sador 38 5 Thu, 8:05am
           Collapse Silverlode, BlackFox, Rux, and you got them all correct! dernwyn 35 4 Thu, 10:29am
               Woohoo! BlackFox 31 0 Thu, 12:59pm
             Thanks for a fun clever quiz dernwyn Bracegirdle 23 0 Thu, 1:45pm
               Woohoo! Well Done :D // grammaboodawg 18 0 Thu, 4:46pm
               Yay! Silverlode 14 0 Thu, 9:05pm
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