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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Main Altaira 38440 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

Collapse Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 17874 2 Mar 31 2009, 10:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by tolkiennerd)

  Richard Armitage, Sean Bean and Andy Serkis at Wondercon News from Bree 5 0 1:28am Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Parody time...(Party 'Til It's) There And Back Again Ruxendil_Thoorg 30 2 Fri, 11:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       You've outdone yourself, Rux! The Grey Elf 15 0 1:00am
       Excellent! Kim 9 0 2:48am

  Collapse Anybody near Petoskey, Pennsylvania? Lissuin 68 10 Fri, 11:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lissuin)
       Collapse Don't think *anyone* could be. ;) Eowyn of Penns Woods 53 9 12:17am
         Collapse Not the brightest bulb in the room! Lissuin 44 6 12:42am
               Collapse I had a "what the" moment too! entmaiden 37 1 1:16am
                   I take full responsibility for the exhaustion no doubt Lissuin 24 0 2:02am
               Collapse Blame it on Legolas! Eowyn of Penns Woods 33 3 1:32am
                   Collapse These should be called Petoeskeys. Lissuin 24 2 2:30am
                       Collapse Oh, I've seen what *they're* doing! Eowyn of Penns Woods 17 1 3:16am
                           "Rich started knitting as a way to relieve stress." Lissuin 15 0 3:37am
           And Penns Woods is not in the Midwest. I know. I know. Lissuin 32 0 1:27am
           lol Magpie 30 0 1:46am

  Collapse Has anyone here seen the musical version of LOTR? BlackFox 63 4 Fri, 6:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Hamfast Gamgee)
       Yes, I saw it in Toronto. SirDennisC 49 0 Fri, 7:00pm
       Yup, in London. DanielLB 42 0 Fri, 7:16pm
       Oh yes! grammaboodawg 19 0 12:49am
       One that I missed Hamfast Gamgee 3 0 8:44am

Collapse It likes a Quiz, praps it does? Bracegirdle 80 4 Fri, 1:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Fear not, Bracegirdle! BlackFox 43 0 Fri, 6:31pm
       Collapse Neither do I! Elanor of Rohan 37 2 Fri, 6:50pm
           Collapse comme ci comme ca Bracegirdle 21 1 Fri, 10:49pm
               Aw! BlackFox 6 0 9:10am

  Collapse EXCLUSIVE - Peter Hambleton (Gloin) chats with TheOneRing.net News from Bree 92 8 Fri, 7:46am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Great interview, greendragon The Grey Elf 70 0 Fri, 1:43pm
       I met him at the Wellington party he mentions entmaiden 64 0 Fri, 2:44pm
       very interesting interview Elanor of Rohan 49 0 Fri, 7:23pm
       Collapse Always fascinating... Donry 38 1 Fri, 10:04pm
         GADS ZooKZZZ? ...Gloin in the Flesh! Bombadil 38 0 Fri, 10:53pm
       Collapse Photos and fan events Lissuin 28 1 1:50am
         What a Burden he must Bear? Bombadil 21 0 2:44am
       Great interview Kim 19 0 2:37am

  Walk to Rivendell and Beyond: There and Back Again Challenge! Arandiel 25 0 Thu, 8:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandiel)

  Collapse Oakentoon #52 - His Grandfathers Bearing, Oakentoon #53 - The Desolation of Thranduil, Oakentoon #54 - More Desperate Measures News from Bree 49 1 Wed, 8:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       #52 Kim 35 0 Thu, 5:28am

  Happy Hobbit: Chicks (Easter Special) - Episode 39 News from Bree 77 0 Wed, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

Collapse Now taking reservations! The pun lines are open! weaver 281 28 Wed, 1:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse I've been cooking! On the table includes: DanielLB 172 1 Wed, 2:13pm
           What a Smaugasbord! weaver 155 0 Wed, 2:26pm
       Collapse I suck at making puns BlackFox 152 3 Wed, 4:39pm
           Collapse how about... Magpie 140 1 Wed, 4:50pm
               Would either of you like some Rhadagasts with that? weaver 125 0 Wed, 5:35pm
           Bean pie would be quite heavy. A Cumbersome batch for sure. Ethel Duath 123 0 Wed, 5:36pm
       Collapse Hahaha! I'll send my ideas by Shadowfax. Here's some below-- Ethel Duath 131 4 Wed, 5:32pm
           Collapse That's quite an order -- you are going to need a Baggins to put your leftovers in! weaver 126 3 Wed, 5:39pm
               Collapse Ha ha! Ethel Duath 123 2 Wed, 5:43pm
                   Collapse I got that last one from Gandalf the Grape// weaver 112 1 Wed, 6:15pm
                       And all this time I tought it was Gilbert. I'm Rad-aghast at the thought!// Ethel Duath 112 0 Wed, 6:21pm
       Collapse I like my Balrog wings rare and shadowy Arwen's daughter 129 8 Wed, 6:02pm
           Add in some T-Aragorn if you like them hot!// weaver 115 0 Wed, 6:14pm
           Collapse Ouch. DanielLB 121 4 Wed, 7:01pm
               Collapse Sounds like you need to go to the Entist! weaver 93 2 Thu, 1:19am
                   Collapse Is it worth it for a mere 6 teef? // SirDennisC 58 1 Fri, 1:26am
                       yes, but maybe not worth getting Bracegirdles on them...// weaver 18 0 Fri, 9:04pm
               *groans* I think I just got pundegestion!// Kelvarhin 41 0 Fri, 7:17am
           Collapse Somehow I'm always hungry shortly after eating them // NottaSackville 107 1 Wed, 7:41pm
               I find they are better if you smote them first.// weaver 89 0 Thu, 1:29am
       Collapse Roasted Maggoty Mushrooms and fried glHAM-RINGS // grammaboodawg 65 1 Thu, 4:55pm
           "Gaffer it", gramma!// weaver 17 0 Fri, 9:01pm
       Collapse The menu of the day will be as follows: Lissuin 53 4 Fri, 7:46am
           Collapse Can we get an Ear-o'-corn for a side? Rembrethil 39 1 Fri, 3:06pm
               Apologies from the kitchen, Lissuin 33 0 Fri, 8:09pm
           Sauronkraut! Ha! weaver 22 0 Fri, 8:59pm
           Can I share the Turin of salmon recipe? DanielLB 3 0 7:49am
       I can't decide between Salmon Frodo and Salmon Rosie.// L. Ron Halfelven 9 0 2:34am

  Moved: Wondercon starts on Friday in Anaheim News from Bree - - Wed, 1:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

Collapse How do you show your Love of Tolkien? Bombadil 137 6 Wed, 1:35am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       That is a fine question Bomby. silneldor 79 0 Wed, 4:34am
       By taking the positive things demnation 76 0 Wed, 5:14am
       Collapse Try to show respect and tolerance towards my fellow Tolkien fans. Darkstone 95 1 Wed, 5:16am
           Now, that's an eye-opener, and no mistake. Lissuin 72 0 Wed, 10:59am
       Well I have RangerLady23 52 0 Wed, 4:50pm
       ooooo That's so cool, Bomby-one! grammaboodawg 7 0 Fri, 10:53pm

  Collapse Top ten or twenty favourite scenes in the PJ's Middle Earth saga so far? TheImaginator 558 17 Tue, 4:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Top Ten Elutherian 353 1 Tue, 4:55pm
           I like most of these, too Glorfindela 197 0 Tue, 11:50pm
       Ohh that's a tough one Skaan 297 0 Tue, 5:37pm
       My favorites DaughterofLaketown 278 0 Tue, 6:09pm
       Mine: NecromancerRising 158 0 Wed, 10:16am
       Collapse In no particular order... Eleniel 158 1 Wed, 10:48am
           some great moments in your list! Nuradar 67 0 Thu, 2:15pm
       My top 20 (in no particular order): FaramirAndEowynMorningStar 140 0 Wed, 2:52pm
       My top 20 (in chronological order) Nuradar 124 0 Wed, 4:54pm
       Collapse In no particular order... RangerLady23 128 2 Wed, 4:55pm
           Collapse ooh, I love that one Nuradar 71 1 Thu, 2:12pm
               Agreed! Bernard Hill is a King. Rembrethil 50 0 Thu, 11:53pm
       Great Question rangerfromthenorth 66 0 Thu, 3:36pm
       In no particular order: VeArkenstone 43 0 Fri, 2:34am
       Collapse Hmmmmm.... Darkstone 29 1 Fri, 1:53pm
           I see a pattern there... BlackFox 28 0 Fri, 2:50pm
       *spasm* Questions like this make me *twitch* grammaboodawg 5 0 Fri, 11:22pm

  Collapse Just how do you make the One Ring? News from Bree 85 4 Tue, 2:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       With a lot of balls.\\ silneldor 46 0 Wed, 4:37am
       This is a great video Elarie 28 0 Wed, 3:22pm
     Too too late! There was just ONE One Ring- It's toast // Bracegirdle 21 0 Thu, 4:40pm
       Fantastic! :D grammaboodawg 4 0 12:45am

  Collapse Mikael Persbrandt (Beorn) sentenced to 5 months in prison macfalk 2063 33 Tue, 9:37am Jump to last post in thread (by sherlock)
       Holy jeez... Annatar598 1031 0 Tue, 10:18am
       Voice-work will be affected undoubtedly Annatar598 1020 0 Tue, 10:23am
       Collapse If he starts now.... TheHutt 1011 1 Tue, 10:34am
         PJ Assembled such a "Family-Friendly" Cast.... Bombadil 1030 0 Tue, 10:55am
       Collapse I'm genuinely Thranderz 955 2 Tue, 11:26am
           Forgot about the ADR... macfalk 496 0 Tue, 6:17pm
           They have appealed the sentence... DeadRabbits 192 0 Wed, 7:57am
       Collapse Here's a report in English... Eleniel 967 3 Tue, 11:53am
           Collapse Exactly Ingmar 854 1 Tue, 12:21pm
               Not only that shadowdog 550 0 Tue, 5:04pm
           That sounds very strange shadowdog 557 0 Tue, 4:58pm
       Collapse My translation of the article... DeadRabbits 841 2 Tue, 12:56pm
           Its not his first cocaine offense. Moahunter 748 0 Tue, 2:08pm
           Thank you for the translation MirielCelebel 672 0 Tue, 2:28pm
       Collapse woah book Gandalf 692 1 Tue, 2:44pm
           Cocaine... sauget.diblosio 676 0 Tue, 2:52pm
       Now I'm wondering what sort of secret ingredients - Hanzkaz 611 0 Tue, 4:02pm
       Collapse hey, who is going to mess with Beorn in prison? MouthofSauron 590 1 Tue, 4:20pm
           Hahaha! Thranderz 571 0 Tue, 4:21pm
       Collapse Ugh... Elutherian 564 2 Tue, 4:57pm
           Collapse That all depends on whether he's an addict... Salmacis81 460 1 Tue, 6:57pm
               Question mark Ingmar 187 0 Wed, 7:51am
       Not shocked one bit CathrineB 563 0 Tue, 5:29pm
       Collapse I actually found a picture of Beorn with cocaine? Is this real? *language warning in image* Wauntaun 493 1 Tue, 7:06pm
           Funny!// sherlock 22 0 Fri, 10:00am
       Getting caught could save him EomundDaughter 421 0 Tue, 7:47pm
       We should start imprisoning people for eating too many cream cakes. Bumblingidiot 380 0 Tue, 8:28pm
       Yumm.. I can't 'bear' it.... Bracegirdle 268 0 Tue, 10:59pm
       Oh Mikael... stick to honey, Honey :( // grammaboodawg 169 0 Wed, 9:33am
       Collapse It's like déjà vu all over again! Darkstone 177 2 Wed, 1:54pm
           Collapse Lol, I totally forgot I wrote that thread too, 3 years ago! macfalk 122 1 Wed, 6:40pm
               It seems it's harsher this time... Eleniel 94 0 Wed, 9:32pm
       He doesn't like dwarves, but... Eldorion 95 0 Wed, 10:35pm
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