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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Main Altaira 61430 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

Collapse Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 40559 3 Mar 31 2009, 10:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by deena900)

Sticky: **2017 Founders Day and TORn's 18th Anniversary Party Links** grammaboodawg 2207 0 Apr 28, 3:13am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)

  Hobbit BotFA BR Dipling 47 0 Sun, 6:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)

Collapse It's time for some BS! grammaboodawg 81 3 Fri, 12:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
     Collapse It's time for some more BS! grammaboodawg 48 2 Sat, 5:42pm
           And... Otaku-sempai 40 0 Sat, 8:13pm
         TIME - November 19 grammaboodawg 17 0 Sun, 5:27pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Christopher Tolkien renounces as a director of Tolkien state Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 105 2 Fri, 11:22am Jump to last post in thread (by Eledhwen)
       Thread Locked You might want to look here Arannir 89 0 Fri, 11:58am
       Thread Locked Locking this thread Eledhwen 69 0 Fri, 4:39pm

Collapse Walk to Rivendell... and Beyond! November 16 grammaboodawg 182 7 Thu, 11:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Well met, gramma. :) tinkermarm 170 1 Fri, 1:35am
           Starting the day with a Walk grammaboodawg 152 0 Fri, 12:25pm
       Collapse I've made up my mind BlackFox 137 4 Sat, 10:25am
           *high five* Thank you :D grammaboodawg 107 0 Sat, 5:46pm
           Collapse Cool, let us know if you find any other fun waling things! tinkermarm 89 2 Sat, 8:52pm
               Collapse I swapped Middle-earth for Earth BlackFox 79 1 Sat, 10:39pm
                   Brilliant!!! Just Brilliant!!! :D // grammaboodawg 43 0 Sun, 4:26am

  Andy Serkis Q&A cats16 75 0 Thu, 6:01pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

  Collapse Scenes From The Hat Darkstone 296 20 Thu, 2:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lissuin)
       Young Aragorn will be re-imagined as female... // Ettelewen 232 0 Thu, 4:21pm
       Collapse It's morning. We see an unclad Aragorn in bed. He rolls over and... Otaku-sempai 242 3 Thu, 4:27pm
           Unfortunately.... Darkstone 223 0 Thu, 5:46pm
           Collapse it gets worse... noWizardme 79 1 Sun, 5:53pm
               Ouch! [groan] Otaku-sempai 63 0 Sun, 7:48pm
       Collapse Beren's wisecracking fox sidekick, voiced by Eddie Murphy./ L. Ron Halfelven 224 2 Thu, 5:10pm
           Collapse Or Gwaihir voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Just keep flying... // grammaboodawg 164 1 Thu, 11:57pm
               "Mr. Eagle's my faaather duude!" // cats16 152 0 Fri, 4:18am
       Opening action scene Ataahua 221 0 Thu, 6:25pm
       Collapse "Yo! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo! Rhymes like a dragon's fire, boots dressed to kill-o!"/ L. Ron Halfelven 205 2 Thu, 7:09pm
           Collapse "Now let the song begin! Let us sing together Darkstone 203 1 Thu, 7:26pm
               Rap Music - the c is silent, like 'indictment'? noWizardme 73 0 Sun, 6:16pm
       Collapse At the Ivy Bush. The Gaffer explains Frodo's relations to Noakes et al. And then - sador 194 1 Thu, 9:02pm
           Uh-oh...would the more ignorant among them mistake BotR for LotR? dernwyn 172 0 Thu, 11:45pm
       Argh... Greenwood Hobbit 107 0 Sun, 11:21am
       Collapse Shelob is played by a Hollywood producer noWizardme 73 1 Sun, 6:38pm
           And the hobbits sador 37 0 3:19am
       A major character will have to be incestuous, of course noWizardme 71 0 Sun, 6:41pm
       Everyone has lots of cats... noWizardme 71 0 Sun, 7:15pm
       Gandalf, like most wizarding folk, Lissuin 25 0 4:55am

  Collapse Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories Darkstone 352 16 Wed, 7:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by SirDennisC)
       Will get Royd out of their hair for the better part of the next decade.// squire 292 0 Wed, 7:18pm
       Cash balbo biggins 283 0 Wed, 8:49pm
       If you can't beat them, join them// malickfan 275 0 Wed, 8:58pm
       They miss-heard Ataahua 272 0 Wed, 9:15pm
       Cameos for All! Otaku-sempai 256 0 Wed, 10:33pm
       WHAT! There's gonna be a Middle EARTH television series? Bracegirdle 251 0 Wed, 11:02pm
       They wanted to raise money to research and manufacture a line of fashionable taking purses// malickfan 241 0 Wed, 11:09pm
       The 'Gamgee Ninja Cookware' infomercials were getting too few sales and too much law-enforcement attention./ L. Ron Halfelven 213 0 Thu, 3:10am
       They did it for me Qweniden 218 0 Thu, 3:16am
       Collapse It is an altruistic effort Lissuin 219 2 Thu, 3:18am
           Collapse Brexit Arannir 175 1 Thu, 12:42pm
               *heh // SirDennisC 64 0 Sat, 2:51am
       Royd finally got through to them :) // grammaboodawg 200 0 Thu, 3:51am
       The market price for legitimately appropriated cultures went through the roof. // sador 126 0 Thu, 8:47pm
       Smaug's daughter "Ozonée" demanded reparations for publishing video Ethel Duath 105 0 Thu, 10:20pm
       Plastics. // cats16 96 0 Thu, 10:33pm

  Collapse Thread Locked In historic move, Christopher Tolkien resigns as director of Tolkien Estate NewsfromBree 293 5 Nov 15, 5:50am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Collapse Thread Locked What a week. DanielLB 270 2 Nov 15, 11:50am
           Thread Locked Well said. Aunt Dora Baggins 232 0 Wed, 1:37pm
           Thread Locked "My bookshelf would look a lot different without Christopher Tolkien." dernwyn 188 0 Wed, 5:14pm
       Thread Locked The end of an era indeed... Greenwood Hobbit 183 0 Wed, 5:26pm
       Thread Locked As we've got two threads on the same topic, Ataahua 170 0 Wed, 6:08pm

  Moved: TORN Tuesday - 14 November 2017 - Chat Room Issues treehouse31 - - Nov 15, 1:37am Jump to last post in thread (by treehouse31)

  Moved: Lord of the Rings' TV Show Gets Mutli-Season Order At Amazon Victariongreyjoy - - Nov 14, 4:47am Jump to last post in thread (by Victariongreyjoy)

  Moved: 'Lord of the Rings' TV Series Being Considered By Amazon Victariongreyjoy - - Nov 14, 2:49am Jump to last post in thread (by Victariongreyjoy)

  Collapse Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook jlj93byu 155 1 Nov 13, 6:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Good Questions! grammaboodawg 57 0 Thu, 12:52pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Regarding Dialogue between Gandalf and Frodo just_a_guy 220 5 Nov 12, 8:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Collapse Thread Locked Foul! Trick question! Otaku-sempai 195 3 Nov 12, 9:05pm
           Collapse Thread Locked There's also the "Quick Post" when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight. -- (Priority Express?) Bracegirdle 168 2 Nov 12, 10:29pm
               Collapse Thread Locked "What if it has to be there last night?" asked Frodo preposterously./ L. Ron Halfelven 164 1 Nov 12, 10:46pm
                 Thread Locked Lol . . . Can't stop eh? Bracegirdle 156 0 Nov 12, 11:05pm
       Thread Locked Hey there. I'm locking this thread Ataahua 150 0 Nov 13, 2:19am

  Collapse Game - Tolkien 'Tom Swifties' noWizardme 462 85 Nov 11, 10:06am Jump to last post in thread (by noWizardme)
       Collapse "I can't believe Beorn let me ride him into battle," said Bilbo overbearingly./ L. Ron Halfelven 334 1 Nov 11, 12:42pm
         Nice! // noWizardme 327 0 Nov 11, 1:22pm
       "So how do you like not having a head?" Gimli axed the orc. / Darkstone 326 0 Nov 11, 1:28pm
       'You would die before your stroke fell," Legolas said pointedly.. Darkstone 327 0 Nov 11, 1:29pm
       Collapse “The two trees have been extinguished!” cried Yavanna, delighted. // noWizardme 320 1 Nov 11, 2:41pm
           We drove the Mûmak... [a long one] noWizardme 319 0 Nov 11, 3:29pm
       Sam tried to hold his tongue at the Council of Elrond; 'Should I speak up?' Sam debated. // grammaboodawg 316 0 Nov 11, 3:06pm
       "I can always rely upon my sister," said Thorin, distrustfully noWizardme 317 0 Nov 11, 3:13pm
       Collapse “But I am holding a Silmaril,” said Beren offhandedly. // noWizardme 312 1 Nov 11, 3:47pm
           "Couldn't have done it without my ride," Beren added doggedly. // Annael 140 0 Nov 12, 3:35pm
       "So Eorl founded a new kingdom here in Rohan," Theoden remarked./ L. Ron Halfelven 308 0 Nov 11, 3:57pm
       "I have lost Galadriel's gift!" cried Gimli, utterly distressed. // noWizardme 302 0 Nov 11, 4:43pm
       "Leave my hill woodja!" barked Treebeard. // Bracegirdle 283 0 Nov 11, 5:44pm
       While Milo burrows for carrots, Peregrin took his tea and mushroom break. // Bracegirdle 275 0 Nov 11, 6:22pm
       "And the Hobbits lived happily after." said Cliff Notes. // Bracegirdle 273 0 Nov 11, 6:24pm
       Collapse "Yo, Ironfoot, yo' mama's a ho," said Bolg disdainfully./ L. Ron Halfelven 261 1 Nov 11, 7:44pm
           "This man-flesh is spoilt!" gagged Shagrat. // Bracegirdle 250 0 Nov 11, 9:25pm
       "I beg to differ," pleaded Frodo.// sevilodorf 240 0 Nov 11, 11:08pm
       "The courtesy of your hall is somewhat lessened of late, Theoden King !" Exclaimed Gandalf, angrily. Simon L. de Paiva 227 0 Nov 12, 12:52am
       Collapse "First it was Ard-galen, then Anfauglith, now it's under the sea," Tom explained./ L. Ron Halfelven 218 1 Nov 12, 2:09am
           "I don't suppose those lands will ever be thrust up again as uplands," said Treeeard, hilariously noWizardme 196 0 Nov 12, 10:14am
       "It's a windy ride on these eagles," Bilbo bellowed to Gandalf. grammaboodawg 186 0 Nov 12, 1:19pm
       "Here's your second breakfast, Pippin," Aragorn tossed off. // Annael 176 0 Nov 12, 3:23pm
       "Now is the Quest achieved and my doom full-wrought." said Beren offhandedly. / Darkstone 176 0 Nov 12, 3:24pm
       "Should I look into the mirror?" Frodo reflected. Annael 175 0 Nov 12, 3:24pm
       "If I was after the Ring, I could have it - NOW!" he said stridently. / Darkstone 145 0 Nov 12, 3:27pm
       "Forth Eorlingas!" cried Theoden hoarsely. // Annael 143 0 Nov 12, 3:31pm
       "Get out, you old Wight! Vanish in the sunlight!" sang Bombadil cryptically. Darkstone 139 0 Nov 12, 3:37pm
       “Who’s the fairest of them all?” queried Boromirror. // Bracegirdle 137 0 Nov 12, 3:44pm
       "Anduril has been remade!" said Elrond sharply. // Annael 137 0 Nov 12, 3:47pm
       Collapse "Should we roast them or mince them fine?" queried Tom swiftly. // Bracegirdle 136 1 Nov 12, 3:47pm
           "You shall leave on Christmas Day." said Elrond merrily. // Bracegirdle 134 0 Nov 12, 3:54pm
       "No boat can survive Sarn Gebir!" said Boromir rapidly. // Annael 134 0 Nov 12, 3:49pm
       "You'll never jail us!" shouted Tom, Bert and Bill, uncontrollably // noWizardme 134 0 Nov 12, 3:52pm
       "‘Say no more! It is plain enough what you are pointing at. Bilbo the silly hobbit started this affair, and Bilbo had better finish it, or himself. When ought I to start?" Bilbo requested. Darkstone 129 0 Nov 12, 4:26pm
       "You'll leave when winter first begins to bite," said Elrond, frostily. // Ethel Duath 127 0 Nov 12, 5:42pm
       "Have you seen my daughter?" gurgled the River Woman absently. // Bracegirdle 123 0 Nov 12, 6:52pm
       "This is why this place never causes me to be board," said Altaira, catching onto the thread of the discussion // Altaira 121 0 Nov 12, 7:10pm
       "I'll bite you," Shelob said venomously.// sevilodorf 119 0 Nov 12, 7:13pm
       Lossst! The Precious is lossst!' howled Gollum through the cave, in ringing tones. Greenwood Hobbit 118 0 Nov 12, 7:29pm
       "Here's your new fell beast. Try not to have this one shot from under you," Sauron remonstrated./ L. Ron Halfelven 117 0 Nov 12, 7:56pm
       "Quite the Ring you've got here." Bombadil clearly said. // Bracegirdle 87 0 Nov 12, 11:26pm
       Collapse " You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. ... Simon L. de Paiva 92 1 Nov 12, 11:36pm
           “Hello? I’m over here, standing stock still,” said Treebeard, post-impressionisticaly. // noWizardme 60 0 Nov 13, 7:45am
       "Fly, you fools!" said Gandalf graspingly. // Bracegirdle 83 0 Nov 12, 11:41pm
       "Thus passes Denethor," said Gandalf crisply. // Annael 64 0 Nov 13, 5:27am
       "But fear no more! I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway," Faramir declaimed. Darkstone 43 0 Nov 13, 2:37pm
       "You are thirsty I expect. Perhaps you are also tired. Drink this!" the Ent said tremendously. Darkstone 43 0 Nov 13, 2:49pm
       Collapse “Take now this Ring for thy labours and thy cares will be heavy, but in all it will support thee and defend thee from weariness, " Cirdan adamantly insisted. Darkstone 43 1 Nov 13, 2:54pm
           brilliant! Annael 85 0 Nov 13, 3:06pm
       "Someone get me a box!" said Gimli shortly. // Annael 83 0 Nov 13, 2:55pm
       "I must get this palantir to use a Microsoft ^(TM)^ search engine," thought Saruman, probingly.// noWizardme 84 0 Nov 13, 2:58pm
       "My favorite pub is the Green Dragon," Pippin said frequently. // Annael 83 0 Nov 13, 3:00pm
       "We knows the way across the Dead Marshes," said Gollum crossly.// Annael 82 0 Nov 13, 3:04pm
       "Now THIS will make your hair curl, Treebeard," said hairdresser, permanently.// noWizardme 82 0 Nov 13, 3:06pm
       "Will you look into the mirror?" Galadriel asked portentously. / Darkstone 80 0 Nov 13, 3:14pm
       "The mountain’s sides were green with woods and all the sheltered valley rich and pleasant in the days when the bells rang in that town,” Balin told the others. Darkstone 83 0 Nov 13, 3:21pm
       Collapse "Yes, we're leafing," barked Fimbrethil. // Bracegirdle 79 1 Nov 13, 3:30pm
           "Curses! Defoilaged again," dropped Quickbeam. grammaboodawg 79 0 Nov 13, 3:40pm
       "I cannot depart before gazing upon the Mirrormere." reflected Gimli. // Otaku-sempai 58 0 Nov 13, 6:09pm
       "But we call it lembas or waybread, and it is more strengthening than any food made by Men, and it is more pleasant than cram, by all accounts," the Elves said with unleavened pride. / Darkstone 56 0 Nov 13, 6:28pm
       "But no living man am I!" cried Eowyn with undisguised disdain. / Darkstone 55 0 Nov 13, 6:30pm
       "To you I shall loan nary a penny," said the silver-tongued Dunlending banker. // Bracegirdle 51 0 Nov 13, 7:24pm
       "I will now sing to you of Frodo of the Nine Fingers," the minstrel crooned. // grammaboodawg 50 0 Nov 13, 8:09pm
       “I think I may have a carbuncle!” erupted Lotho (Pimple) SB boilingly. // Bracegirdle 45 0 Nov 13, 8:20pm
       “I have a beak-ache,” said the eagle, impeccably. (Or is that one illegal?) // noWizardme 38 0 Nov 13, 9:32pm
       “That’s the second time I’ve lost my clothes!” cried Frodo, rebuffed. // noWizardme 38 0 Nov 13, 9:41pm
       “This key is a family heirloom: I’ll show you what it does,” said Thorin, kinkily. // noWizardme 38 0 Nov 13, 9:47pm
       “I’ll tidy these ropes away,” Sam recoiled. // noWizardme 37 0 Nov 13, 9:51pm
       “Hey! Ted Sandyman has dug up my garden,” cried Sam, deflowered. // noWizardme 36 0 Nov 13, 9:59pm
       “No, we sailed downwind all the way to Minas Tirith,” said Aragorn, tactlessly. // noWizardme 36 0 Nov 13, 10:02pm
       “Giving lifts to hobbits?....” (long one) noWizardme 39 0 Nov 13, 10:07pm
       “I missed that orc’s neck and got him in the teeth,” said Gimli, accidentally. // noWizardme 36 0 Nov 13, 10:10pm
       "This is Glorfindel, who dwells in the house of Elrond," said Strider confusingly. / Darkstone 32 0 Nov 13, 10:18pm
       “I have no respect for this short treatise about elvish religion,” said Elrond, distractedly. // noWizardme 112 0 Nov 13, 10:20pm
       “But who knows what she spoke to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all her life seemed shrinking, and the walls of her bower closing in about her, a hutch to trammel some wild thing in?” Gandalf said cagily. / Darkstone 109 0 Nov 13, 10:25pm
       "Down in a clearing in the woods not far below. We got a sight of them through the tree-trunks. They are very large!" Pippin trolled. Darkstone 110 0 Nov 13, 10:33pm
       Collapse “Now I know what a piece of bacon feels like when it is suddenly picked out of the pan on a fork and put back on the shelf!” Bilbo said seriously. / Darkstone 110 1 Nov 13, 10:36pm
           “Do you think Gollum went into the burning lava because of his past immoral acts?” asked Sam, sincerely noWizardme 102 0 Nov 14, 9:16am
       “That hobbit hit me with a sooty skillet!” yelled the orc with panache. // noWizardme 102 0 Nov 14, 8:53am
       "What are those?" asked Pippin heatedly. "Those are the Beacons of Gondor," fired back Gandalf lightly. // Bracegirdle 87 0 Nov 14, 4:50pm
       Collapse "I confess, I tossed the pebble into the well," dropped Pippin // grammaboodawg 26 2 Fri, 12:44pm
           Collapse Gimli plunged in, "You tossed WHAT!?" // grammaboodawg 25 1 Fri, 12:44pm
               "Fool of a Took!" hurled Gandalf. "Throw yourself in next time!" // grammaboodawg 26 0 Fri, 12:44pm
       “Granted, we’ve lost track of the Ringbearer... [long one] noWizardme 29 0 Fri, 1:33pm

  Collapse RIP Faith Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien's first wife, and acclaimed sculptor squire 231 2 Nov 11, 1:11am Jump to last post in thread (by N.E. Brigand)
       A page turns... grammaboodawg 205 0 Nov 11, 3:53am
       Thank you for sharing this. N.E. Brigand 122 0 Nov 13, 3:59am
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