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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Main Altaira 58300 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

Collapse Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 37205 3 Mar 31 2009, 10:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by deena900)

**2017 Founders Day and TORn's 18th Anniversary Party Links** grammaboodawg 10 0 35 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)

  TORn's Walk to Rivendell - and Beyond! grammaboodawg 18 0 12:56am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)

  ***FOUNDERS DAY UPDATE! Games in RR and OT grammaboodawg 23 0 Thu, 12:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)

  Collapse ** Founders Day Lord of the Whose Line is it Anyway? SirDennisC 164 20 Wed, 3:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by SirDennisC)
       Collapse These are hard. N.E. Brigand 103 1 Wed, 10:05pm
           Modesty thy name is N.E. B. - SirDennisC 92 0 Thu, 12:12am
       Collapse Oh my! How to choose! grammaboodawg 98 1 Wed, 10:30pm
           Yes, yes, SirDennisC 86 0 Thu, 12:24am
       Collapse Hmm were any of these lines taken out of the book speaker and put in someone else's mouth for the movie? sevilodorf 90 2 Wed, 11:25pm
           Collapse Wanted to do something like that SirDennisC 85 1 Thu, 12:34am
               Okay sador 31 0 Thu, 5:51pm
       Collapse Can we get IEC? Altaira 93 3 Thu, 12:00am
           Collapse No. SirDennisC 89 2 Thu, 12:17am
               Collapse Are you sure about that? Altaira 87 1 Thu, 12:25am
                   Isn't it tradition to ban one member for life every Founders Day? SirDennisC 86 0 Thu, 12:38am
       Collapse If I'm visiting, I'm going to play a.s. 77 6 Thu, 1:58am
           Collapse dang. I guess I need a re-read. :-) // a.s. 69 2 Thu, 2:00am
               Collapse You did very well, SirDennisC 78 1 Thu, 2:19am
                   I looked up #10 and smacked myself upside the head! a.s. 74 0 Thu, 2:23am
           Collapse *waves* Nice to see you here, a.s.! Altaira 64 2 Thu, 4:41am
               Collapse Ditto! Ditto! :D It's great to have you about the place! // grammaboodawg 51 1 Thu, 10:41am
                   Aw thanks guys SirDennisC 38 0 Thu, 5:03pm
       Collapse So this is it? sador 34 1 Thu, 5:47pm
           Yes it is. SirDennisC 23 0 Thu, 6:50pm

  Collapse ** Founders Day 'Crazy Crossover Drabbles' Greenwood Hobbit 223 23 Wed, 7:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Greenwood Hobbit)
       Collapse I love drabbles! :D grammaboodawg 171 1 Wed, 1:44pm
           Sweet! Greenwood Hobbit 110 0 Wed, 10:26pm
       Collapse Keeping Austen weird noWizardme 164 1 Wed, 3:56pm
           Haha! In a world where Greenwood Hobbit 108 0 Wed, 10:28pm
       Collapse JRR Tolkien meets Lemony Snicket Darkstone 166 2 Wed, 4:56pm
           I confess I've never read Lemony Snicket - must remedy that! Greenwood Hobbit 105 0 Wed, 10:30pm
           Bravo! Darkstone's recent footer was also almost an entry too noWizardme 79 0 Thu, 12:06pm
       Collapse I do get all those fantasy-writing Oxford profs mixed up. squire 161 3 Wed, 6:06pm
           Plenty of crossover potential there! Greenwood Hobbit 107 0 Wed, 10:31pm
           Collapse Bravo: Maybe you need a Carroll Diagram!// noWizardme 64 1 Thu, 4:51pm
               Maybe so! squire 53 0 Thu, 6:57pm
       Collapse Drabbling along... Ciars 137 1 Wed, 8:25pm
           Eek - Dementors v Black Riders, who'd win, I wonder? Greenwood Hobbit 104 0 Wed, 10:33pm
       Collapse I figured I should try doing this. Here goes! Ruxendil_Thoorg 100 1 Thu, 2:43am
           Oh, just imagine the mayhem! Greenwood Hobbit 84 0 Thu, 8:27am
       Collapse I was going to try a Star Trek one, but... noWizardme 89 1 Thu, 7:40am
           Beam me up, Scotty! Greenwood Hobbit 84 0 Thu, 8:28am
       Collapse If he took cash, rather than kudos... noWizardme 88 1 Thu, 9:31am
           One Merchandiser to Rule Them All... hah! Greenwood Hobbit 31 0 Thu, 9:40pm
       Collapse The Dr Seuss [strike]Sleep[/strike] Ring Book noWizardme 82 1 Thu, 12:00pm
           I'm having this disturbing mental image Greenwood Hobbit 29 0 Thu, 9:42pm
       Collapse Drabble attempt #2 -Is It Dead? Ruxendil_Thoorg 35 1 Thu, 9:05pm
           No competition for Gwaihir then... classic! Greenwood Hobbit 30 0 Thu, 9:44pm

  Collapse **Founders Day: TORn's "Valaquenta" grammaboodawg 158 15 Wed, 6:29am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Such a delight! Greenwood Hobbit 121 0 Wed, 7:54am
       Beautifully done! // dormouse 114 0 Wed, 8:52am
       Collapse **In Appreciation of the TORn Founders: Learn Now the Lore of the TORnStaff Creatures! dernwyn 120 9 Wed, 10:35am
           *applause with smiles* grammaboodawg 102 0 Wed, 2:31pm
           Collapse *psst, dernie* Kelvarhin 105 7 Wed, 3:10pm
               Collapse What! dernwyn 105 6 Wed, 3:27pm
                   Greendragon the maker of parties and panels./ L. Ron Halfelven 91 0 Wed, 4:04pm
                   Collapse *snigger* makes me think of Treebeard grammaboodawg 68 2 Wed, 10:38pm
                       Collapse Maybe something like... dormouse 34 1 Thu, 8:44am
                           oh yes! I like this! :D grammaboodawg 29 0 Thu, 10:43am
                   Collapse Actually Altaira 69 1 Wed, 10:56pm
                       Hoom, hom, it was a long list./ L. Ron Halfelven 54 0 Thu, 12:10am
       Quickbeam - Cliff Broadway needs a mention sevilodorf 62 0 Wed, 11:28pm
       HOLD UP!! weren't we just discussing the tenth Torniversary, like, yesterday? a.s. 57 0 Thu, 1:41am
       Happy Founders Day! Modtheow 41 0 Thu, 5:44am

  Collapse Fiction rule of thumb Ataahua 159 3 Mon, 9:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by NottaSackville)
       Collapse Shouldn't Shakespeare get a pass, too? // N.E. Brigand 86 1 Tue, 11:42pm
           Excellent point! / Ataahua 69 0 Wed, 4:02am
       Excellent! // NottaSackville 23 0 Thu, 12:12pm

  Collapse Middle-earth movies Ataahua 468 39 Sun, 10:01pm Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)
       Collapse A few from the Westernesse genre: L. Ron Halfelven 411 1 Sun, 10:55pm
           Oh no! Ataahua 398 0 Sun, 11:45pm
       A Few Good Dwarves Otaku-sempai 400 0 Sun, 11:21pm
       -Orklahoma Lissuin 378 0 Mon, 2:42am
       No throwing popcorn, please sevilodorf 373 0 Mon, 3:41am
       The Bridge on the River Anduin Silverlode 351 0 Mon, 6:49am
       Collapse HP & the Prisoner of Isengard // grammaboodawg 322 3 Mon, 11:05am
           Collapse Hmmmmm..... Darkstone 189 2 Tue, 1:18pm
               fersher! grammaboodawg 93 0 Tue, 8:00pm
               You also have the spin-off Smaug the iron 32 0 Wed, 5:27pm
       Thirteen Angry Dwarves Cuwen Maegmacil 272 0 Mon, 7:54pm
       Collapse Full Mithril Jacket ... Simon L. de Paiva 273 2 Mon, 8:01pm
           Collapse And... Lissuin 256 1 Mon, 10:11pm
               Good one! ... Simon L. de Paiva 242 0 Mon, 10:53pm
       Collapse A New Estel Meneldor 232 1 Tue, 12:15am
           Classy combo of fandoms: Lissuin 229 0 Tue, 12:28am
       Saruman and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.... sevilodorf 223 0 Tue, 12:58am
       The Erufather Trilogy... Ruxendil_Thoorg 216 0 Tue, 1:39am
       Collapse The Second Breakfast Club.... Ruxendil_Thoorg 197 4 Tue, 4:47am
           Collapse Alternately... Otaku-sempai 184 3 Tue, 2:03pm
               Collapse Yes to Pippin in Pink! Ruxendil_Thoorg 80 2 Wed, 2:15am
                   Collapse Ringu Otaku-sempai 75 1 Wed, 3:10am
                       That's exactly why Ruxendil_Thoorg 66 0 Wed, 3:59am
       Collapse Ringu a/k/a the Ring.... Ruxendil_Thoorg 190 5 Tue, 12:40pm
         Collapse It's fun when (I assume) you have time off, Rux. Lissuin 97 4 Tue, 7:54pm
               Collapse It's fun for me for to see you here as well, Liss! Ruxendil_Thoorg 81 3 Wed, 2:41am
                   Collapse More than a few of us got it! dernwyn 62 2 Wed, 10:25am
                       Collapse Thank you dernwyn :) Ruxendil_Thoorg 60 1 Wed, 11:56am
                           And nowadays dernwyn 55 0 Wed, 12:52pm
       My Neighbor Bombadil.... Ruxendil_Thoorg 182 0 Tue, 1:35pm
       Collapse Hmmmmm..... Parte Deux Darkstone 172 1 Tue, 2:53pm
           Hmmmmm..... Parte Trois Darkstone 162 0 Tue, 3:45pm
       Collapse Iron Dwarf... Ruxendil_Thoorg 137 2 Tue, 6:55pm
           Collapse You forgot Smaug the iron 137 1 Tue, 7:33pm
               Ah yes... Guardians of the Galathilion Tree (and .." . Vol 2) // Ruxendil_Thoorg 77 0 Wed, 2:37am
       Collapse The Land Before TIME! ;) // grammaboodawg 84 1 Tue, 8:59pm
           The Land Before a Timeless Land // grammaboodawg 83 0 Tue, 9:02pm
       Gondorians of the Galaxy noWizardme 87 0 Tue, 9:04pm
       Wonderful! I can't believe Greenwood Hobbit 60 0 Wed, 12:53pm

  Accent expert on Elvish and other fictional languages AshNazg 132 0 Apr 20, 11:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)

  Collapse TORn's History Mathom-house - going offline in early May Magpie 344 6 Apr 11, 1:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Magpie)
       TORn Image Posting Guide Magpie 302 0 Apr 11, 1:25am
       Various footer, etc. images Magpie 301 0 Apr 11, 1:36am
       Collapse Sorry to hear it, Magpie NottaSackville 277 1 Apr 11, 11:30am
           Yes, what he said Lily Fairbairn 265 0 Apr 11, 2:17pm
       Collapse The Wayback Machine has archived at least parts of your sites. N.E. Brigand 220 1 Apr 12, 10:12pm
           Their captures of the soundtrack portion are sketchy Magpie 177 0 Apr 13, 10:31pm

  Collapse Two years ago this day... Simon L. de Paiva 529 11 Apr 10, 4:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse I was NYC in 2015 entmaiden 465 1 Apr 10, 11:18pm
           Thanks as well to entmaiden for replying! Simon L. de Paiva 353 0 Apr 12, 6:24pm
       Collapse I attended at Ravinia in Chicago cats16 395 1 Apr 12, 5:45am
           I've heard great things about Ravinia. Simon L. de Paiva 354 0 Apr 12, 6:20pm
       Collapse I saw FotR in Philadelphia in 2015 I believe. Imladris18 345 3 Apr 12, 7:33pm
           Collapse There is a performance or ROTK scheduled for June of this year... Simon L. de Paiva 325 2 Apr 13, 2:33am
               Collapse Yep! Imladris18 290 1 Apr 13, 1:55pm
                   Awesome! Simon L. de Paiva 267 0 Apr 13, 6:18pm
       Collapse *hand shoots up* :D grammaboodawg 304 2 Apr 13, 11:52am
           Collapse Hi Gramma! :-) Simon L. de Paiva 273 1 Apr 13, 5:57pm
               Oh.... it's easy to get carried away ;) grammaboodawg 245 0 Apr 14, 2:13am

Collapse It's Party Time... Founders Day Cometh! grammaboodawg 1057 10 Apr 9, 3:22am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Collapse Woohoo! Finding Frodo 984 1 Apr 10, 1:09am
           HI!!! :D Hi, Hi!! grammaboodawg 975 0 Apr 10, 2:43am
       Collapse How about a crazy crossover drabble? Greenwood Hobbit 815 1 Apr 13, 10:10pm
           Sweeeeet! grammaboodawg 806 0 Apr 14, 2:16am
     Collapse *climbs up on table* Hear ye, Hear ye... grammaboodawg 605 2 Apr 19, 1:29pm
           Collapse *raises hand* I'd like to add a challenge! dernwyn 461 1 Apr 22, 2:04am
               Oh You Tease!! :D grammaboodawg 423 0 Apr 22, 8:48am
     Collapse LAST FD PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT! JOIN THE FUN! :D grammaboodawg 195 2 Tue, 9:16pm
         Collapse **FD Party: I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! grammaboodawg 160 1 Wed, 1:58am
               Woohooo! Altaira 138 0 Wed, 5:28am

  Moved: An evening with Alan Lee imin - - Apr 8, 8:56am Jump to last post in thread (by imin)

  An Evening with Royd Tolkien - Roxy Cinema Wellington, 12 April 2017 NewsfromBree 182 0 Apr 8, 3:11am Jump to last post in thread (by NewsfromBree)

  The Champion of Middle-earth March Madness 2017 is... NewsfromBree 192 0 Apr 7, 6:51am Jump to last post in thread (by NewsfromBree)
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